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EDITED BY HERMIAN JOY ROSIE YANAN Central Saint Martins BA Graphic Design

Intro to Graphic design

BA Graphic Design equips you to become a versatile practitioner in a wide range of media and professions by offering you a choice of specialisms in design and interaction, advertising, illustration or moving image. You can also study related subjects including photography, printmaking, letterpress, typography and writing. You’ll belong to a vibrant design student community in London, one of the world’s great capital cities of design.

5 great reasons to apply to BA Graphic Design

1. Choose from four subject routes : Design & Interaction, Advertising, Illustration and Moving Image. 2. Experience opportunities for integrated studies in Typography & Letterpress, Photography, Printmaking & Bookbinding, and Interaction Design. 3. You’ll enjoy regular opportunities to engage with client-led live briefs featuring brands, such as LVMH, Samsung and Sony. 4. You’ll have regular opportunities to participate in national and international student design competitions, such as RSA, Lloyds TSB, and D&AD. 5. Design groups and companies formed by or currently employing our graduates include Aboud Sodano, FUEL Design, GTF, Mark & Anna, Moving Brands, Multistorey, Pentagram, REG Design, Sans+Baum, Tomato, and Wolff Ollins.

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Alex Spiro is an impressive guy, really intense and strong. You can tell he is his own man from the first handshake. His work is a breath of fresh air and he appears to be a real force of nature behind Nobrow, an illustrator’s collective set up with Sam Arthur. When you walk in the East London shop you first get a strong sense that the image is king.

What was it that you learnt from your time at CSM? I was here from 2003-2007 and I spent the first half of the four years, mainly focusing on graphics, I learnt a lot at CSM, but I have to admit that much of what I learnt was self-taught. I think that’s what’s quite good about Saint Martins, it forces you to teach yourself things that you’re scared of, things that you aren’t comfortable doing, because there’s only so much help you can get from the technicians when you aren’t a third year! But I think that it was an encouraging and very creative atmosphere. It helped having a lot of talented students around to inspire and collaborate with, it pushed you to keep inventing and innovating to compete. Video interview: watch?v=e7z09wJEg2Y

Marcos & Christopher Villabla Lawson make an interesting combination. The dry humour of shrewd Chris Lawson seems an unlikely match for fiery Marcos, they now have a studio together after going their separate ways after leaving Central Saint Martins graphics. They received worldwide attention when they won a prestigious live brief competition as students, which saw their winning work on display in Paris, New York and London and in Vogue magazine. They were in the graphic studios to meet current third years and student Jordan grabbed the opportunity to talk. What is it from CSM, specifically, that you find makes it distinctive and unique? The technicians tend to be great, when you want to do something. The tutors, some are good, but often, they are not there enough because some are parttime. Then, you learn a lot from your classmates, you learn the most. We were talking about it with some fellow graduates; it’s like, if you hang around with the right people, like-minded people, in the right cliques: you learn a lot.

Find more information http://www.marcosvillalba. com/start_index.html

Seb Lester Did your time at CSM play a part in that or was something that came along later? SL:What I did get out of CSM was a sense that you could do anything, that the world is your oyster. I remember, there were students when I was studying here, going off - third year students here doing photo-shoots with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell - which was amazing, I mean, they were students. There were people really high-flying and they hadn’t even left college, so there was that atmosphere that instilled a certain amount of confidence in you, in which you could go out and do whatever you l wanted if you set your mind to it. So, did CSM help you get into the job market, or did you have to find your own way to break into that? SL: The best thing about CSM for me, was they had a degree show in central London; that makes a big difference. I mean, having a degree show in London, literally a thousand agencies, you know, in Central London – lots of people are going to see your work. That was the biggest factor for me because I was very….well I got a Rolling Stones tour book when I left college, which was the first job. And I wouldn’t have got that necessarily if I was studying somewhere else. New work interview:

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