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欣 宇

Hsin - Happiness also meaning interest or appreciate Yu - The world, universe, or outerspace

Together meaning to keep interest to the new world and as well as to enjoy the life of the present. I have enjoyed life to the fullest and given the best of myself during my living. Always in good mood with a sparkling personality. My education and experience so far has equipped me with the skills and confidence to face a wide range of design problems. I like the whole process, from getting into the mind of the consumer to presenting a refined, innovative solution. This portfolio shows a wide range of work, and hopefully proves that I am a creative thinker, with the ability to add intelligence to any designings.


Kevin Tsaih

蔡欣宇 (Tsaih Hsin-Yu)

1991.01.21 Taichung, Taiwan Email: Phone: 0920582118, (04)-23765691 Address: 8F.-1, No.288, Lequn St., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 台中市西區樂群街288號8樓之1


Mandarin/ English/ Taiwanese

-The language and speech, especially the jargon, slang, or argot, of a particular field, group, or individual. Designing is like a language spoken inbetween people and designs or people to people. It might not be as direct or as intuitive, can be cultural or experience difference. So to communicate is what design does.

Mandarin (Taiwan) English (US), Toiec 850 Work experience 2012-2013 Map editor -SportsNote(WalkingNote) , Taipei

A story told, An experience spoken, A culture passing down could all be it.

Education 2010Department of Industrial Design, Shih-Chien University (Taipei, Taiwan) Exhibition 2013 ‧ Master Design Exhibition, Beijing Prize 2013 ‧ Recognition Award (Present), 15th Master Design Award, China Computer Skills Sketchbookpro AutoCad Alias ProE Keyshot Illustrator Photoshop AfterEffect MovieMaker

Project_ Lines - Playing with Products airflow



Changes_ Transfer streamlines



Lengthen_ Extend Fluidty_ Shifting


ABS/ Metal/Arcylic transparent

windblow wave







Vision transform_ Shadow& light, energy, sound Speed and stream_ Shadow& light, curves Virtual Solid extend_ Transmission, projection

Taking physical and virtual with connecting between projection of light and shadow as concept. Combining with the smoothness placed in a space (room). Also projecting speed with lines. The changes would let the space extend in one direction.

Concept: Remove the heavy weight like looking, by changing the outershell, exposing some parts of the projector. Turning it more fluent look like and less weighted. Also able it to be more efficient in heat cooling. Using an outlook of floatness, creating changes of virtual and visualize. 360 degree spin projection, maginifying the light movement motion.





Cubic X Culture

300x300x600 (mm) Pine wood/ Steel Concrete/ Rock Concept: Dongshih town culture and humanities convey the evolution of the city. Local architectural changed from traditional wooden structure to modern steel and concrete, and the specialty of the local Hakka Earth God's Temple is made by pebbles. Between the historical temples and the culture of Hakka's festival, it symbolize the crowds and what's more is that it shows the humanities and civilization of Donshin. 300mm



450x450x1800(mm) Peak wood/ Aluminum/Acrylic

栱 斗 柱

Concept: In Eastern culture, the stable of a temple could also be meaning of gathering, surrounding it would be mostly our everyday life. Worshiping and celebration, the lights inside never gets put out, implying the continuously of human, also symbolizing the heritage of generations. Far away from collapse and weaken; built from ebony, solid and incorruptible, adding both smell and looks. On the structure, "Dougong", a kind of eastern latch, giving the temple a strong support and steadiness when earthquake hits. Taking these ideas developed into an Eastern floor lamp, making the characteristics of the structure as well as the light transmittance much appealed. Last using entity and emptiness to enlarge the structure.

Making parts modular. Easy to pack, both materials easy to disassemble and as well as assembled.

No nail needed, conection by wood latch only.



Hakka Chair

700x400x450 (mm) Pine wood/ Hakka Fabric

Concept: In Miaoli, Taiwan, the Hakka is the main race. In their culture life style, Hakka Fabrics (Fabric with flower printings) could symbolize their hard working and every New year they would use rice mold stools make food to symbol the hard working of the younth. Taking both ideas creating a combination shifting the culture of the Hakkas on to the furniture.

Tic Tac Rack

1400x300x1400(mm) Wood

Concept: Tic Tak Toe is a world wide game played by people of every age. Taking this world know image creating a shelf that could be modified by the user. A simple act to a game play conecting a childhood image to everyone.


1.Squish fruits 2.Pectin added on bottom 3.Fruit added in 4.Slice butter 5.Heat& Stir for a while 6.Add in sugar 7.Heat& Stir again

180x180x250 (mm) Abs/ PVC/ Arcylic

Concept: A homemade jam is joy to people who enjoys cooking and also great pleasure for family. Normally the amount in making jam is huge which makes it have to be refrigerated for a long time. By shrinking the size, the amount made could be squeezed and by redesigning the jar which could remove the procedure needed in dispensing. Using this treats fun thought, combining with a bubblegum ball machine, turn it into a special figure.

time heating cooling 140mm


Zealot Razor

240x100x80 (mm) ABS/ Plastic/ Arcylic

Concept: Shaving beard is mans everday job, but there are many different kinds of razors and everyone of them have there best qualities in differnet areas of our faces. Combining this simple idea making a razor with multiple changeable heads so that you could shave your beard in best condition.


Concept Design


Nikkon D90

Map Making

運動筆記(散步筆記) 地圖繪製

Redrawing maps with overlayers making it more simple for hikers to find route, direction, landmarks and also fiting with the main ideas for the company. This job experience not only improved my Illustrator skill, but also expand my view to the country I live in.

Portfolio of Tsaih  

Works of designs during school time at Shih Chien Industrial Design

Portfolio of Tsaih  

Works of designs during school time at Shih Chien Industrial Design