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How To Construct A Pizza Oven With A Kit It may seem like an overwhelming task to make a pizza oven for some, but that might be because they don't understand just how easy it will be. There's no need to hire a professional to come in and complete the task when you're perfectly capable of doing it yourself, with a little help, of course. Understanding how to build a pizza oven can be a whole lot easier than you ever thought possible when you have a pizza oven kit to help you with the project. The Base Of The Oven To function properly, your oven needs to be raised up on an insulated base. The base includes a slab of concrete on which your whole oven will sit. For those in frosty climates, you might be required to build your base slab to the frost line, based on your area’s requirements, so be sure of regulations before you begin. The rest of the base will include three walls that will act as the support beams for your oven, and the hearth slab. The height of the completed base is generally not very important with regards to function, but structural safety is always a concern, so be sure you follow all directions and stay within the safety levels the kit manufacturer suggests. The Pizza Oven The kit will certainly come in handy when it comes to the actual oven. It usually takes a master craftsman to be able to build the beautiful domes and barrels of a wood fired pizza oven, but a handy kit will simplify the process so practically anyone can make a beautiful oven. You can begin laying the brick that will make up the upper base and walls of the oven, after you have the base and hearth slab in place. When you begin laying the brick for the outside of the oven's cooking surface, you might find it easier to start from the center of the hearth slab and work from the center towards the outside. This can create an even, pleasing view for the most commonly viewed areas of the oven. Through the entire project a level will be your best friend. Making everything level is essential to the structural stability of your oven. The oven may not function as well as it should and can even cause hazards to you and your family if you cut corners and don't level it out. You can begin to build the oven's walls after you've laid the oven's cooking surface. Depending on the type of kit you have, you'll have to either pour concrete into your kit’s molds, or the form may already be provided to you. While working according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it is essential that you use the proper type of brick. When firebrick is necessary, it needs to be kept wet at all times. Until you've covered the whole outer surface, you'll lay the brick along the lines and form the mold that is provided. The next phase is when you will have to use the insulating layer of ceramic fiber blanket, and then on top of that a layer of metal lathe. On top of the metal lathe will be a layer of stucco, with some of the lathe showing through. After it has dried, you will have to add a second coat. From here, you may choose to leave the oven as is, or cover it in a decorative veneer. BrickWood Ovens

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How To Construct A Pizza Oven With A Kit

With such an easy process, you will be able to teach everyone you know how to construct a pizza oven. It has never been cheaper or more of a possibility for people to complete, with the help of the appropriate tools and amazing products. It may seem like an overwhelming task to make a pizza oven for some, but that might be because they don't understand jus...

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How To Construct A Pizza Oven With A Kit