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Grade Thre e

Jump (Horizontal) Good jumpers can play:

Good jumpers:



1. Reach their arms back. 3. Explode off the floor 4. Land on their with both feet! Push heels, with both 2. Bend their knees (it’s like pushing down on a coiled spring ).

off with their toes and swing their arms upward. Soar like Superman!

Try a Rhyme

Good jumpers coordinate the arm and spring action for power. Swing your arms up as you spring off the floor for a powerful jump.

to help get the rhythm Diving


Helpers Say: “Try two or three swings to get a rhythm before you take off.” “I can’t believe you can jump so far!”

feet at the same time, shoulder width apart.

“Swing my arms and bend my knees and like a rocket... one, two, three!”

It’s fun to jump! H

the length of your body - lie down, have a partner mark the distance from head to foot try to jump that distance.


try to jump from one sidewalk crack to another


continuously for different distances like a frog jumping away different heights short and high long and low


long short

Grade Thre e

Jump (Horizontal) Create An Activity Family Tree! Invite relatives and/or other adults to tell you about the activities they enjoyed as a child. Try to ask different ages/generations.

When I was a child I liked to play .... (adults’ response)









Physical activities I like to play .... (child’s response)

Helpers can assist you to write their names and activities.

Word Search! H H H H H H H H

Bend knees Reach arms back Swing arms forward Explode up + forward Push off with toes Swing arms upward Stretch your body out Land softly

Secret Word:


Words may be written forward, backwards, up, down or diagonally. Find the highlighted words and put a line through them. Unscramble the remaining letters to find the secret word.

Jump For Joy! Something I think about, or picture in my mind that helps me jump high and far is ...

Write a story about an animal or person that likes to jump.