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What the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is doing Risk factor: obesity (age 18+) The Foundation sent out Healthy Weight Action Plan toolkits to 10,000 family physicians across Ontario. The toolkit contained tape measures and information on the importance of measuring waists to determine patients’ cardiovascular risks, the proper cutoff points for healthy waists and instructions on how to measure waists properly. Learn more at Risk factor: physically inactivity The Foundation launched Spark Together for Healthy Kids™ to help Ontario children eat healthy and be physically active. Spark Advocacy Grants provide financial support to individuals and groups who want to champion change in their communities by advocating for greater access to healthy food and opportunities to be active. To date, Spark has awarded 133 grants to groups across Ontario for a total of almost $1.5 million. Learn more at Risk factor: high blood pressure The Heart&Stroke Hypertension Management Program at 11 Ontario primary care centres has produced a 41 per cent increase in the number of patients who now have their high blood pressure under control. The program involved more than 200 healthcare providers and 3,600 patients. The program will be introduced to 25 more primary care sites in Ontario in the near future.

Risk factor: smoking The Foundation has been hard at work in Ontario to help the province become smoke free through our mass media campaigns and key stakeholder partnerships. These efforts have led to one of the most comprehensive anti-smoking legislation in the world, the Smoke Free Ontario Act, which prohibits Ontarians from smoking in all public places. Last year, we advocated for Bill 69, which fines drivers who smoke in cars with children 16 and under. We’re also helping young adults quit with our website featuring age-appropriate tips and support. As well, the Foundation is a partner in the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation – a program that helps every smoker quit who is admitted to any one of 14 Ontario hospitals for care or surgery.