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At Wayland Academy,

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Discovering knowledge and building character. Together.

“You have to work hard, put the time in, and you have to talk to your teachers. But you can do it. It takes a lot of work, and it’s worth it. I can feel myself getting better, I know that I’m learning a lot, and I know the transition to college will be easy.” – Haley Fiegel

Haley Fiegel Senior Prefect, Junior Classical League Competitor, plays varsity basketball and volleyball, works on the Student Activities Board, and still plays keyboard in the pit for the fall musical. will be


Over the course of your high school career, Wayland will teach you critical thinking and quality writing in every discipline, not just English classes. The school offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement classes, as well as electives across the disciplines that allow students to explore subjects rarely offered before college. Wayland’s faculty is composed of experienced teachers who will push you to learn and succeed academically, and they’ll care about you beyond the classroom. You will work hard, but the rewards will be worthwhile and evident.

“In sports, since there are fewer people at Wayland, you get more chances to play and bond with your teammates. There’s not too much competition for one spot and so there’s less animosity. As a member of the a capella group, we were invited to sing the National Anthem at a Milwaukee Brewers game. That was really cool because you were under the dome and you look around at the 35,000 people around you, and you’re representing your school.” – Ed Foote

Ed Foote Plays football, runs track, sings in the choir and the a capella group, and still makes time for the Junior Classical League.

…you will be


Your average school day at Wayland is packed from breakfast to lights out. With Wayland’s rotating class schedule, every day is a new experience. Athletics fill the afternoon, and after dinner you can relax or participate in theater, clubs and other extracurriculars until study hall. Wayland offers everything from Model United Nations, to Thespians Club, to Cooking Club, to Ecology Club, just to name a few, and if you have an interest beyond what’s offered, you can be the founding force behind the next big thing.

“I went from a school of over 1,000 kids to less than 200 at Wayland. I wasn’t really known for anything at my old school. Everybody’s known at Wayland because we’re at a small school and we’re from everywhere. Because we’re all from different environments we bring something different to the table.” – Milo King

Milo King Junior Prefect, runs cross-country, competes on the swim team, and plays guitar in his band, Monument 45.

‌you will be


Wayland Academy’s student body comes from 20 different countries and from big cities, mid-sized suburbs and small towns around the United States. This diversity will allow you to engage with different cultures and viewpoints in a way that few schools can replicate. Our small size insures that there are no cliques. Most of our teachers live in houses and apartments on campus and serve many roles beyond the classroom. They will be your coach, your dorm supervisor, your club advisor, and perhaps most importantly, your mentor. Your mentor will help guide your personal and academic growth and help insure that you are known and valued.

“I find fun in the little things. Being in the dorm at night and experiencing dorm life, the random running down the hallway laughing your heads off, and chair races. The ability to walk everywhere off campus is really nice, too. And there are also the weekend trips, like to an amusement park, sporting events, mall trips… Wayland’s really good at giving you the regular opportunities like capture the flag, ultimate Frisbee, and the gym is always open. ” – Allie Bruning

Allie Bruning Plays basketball, soccer and volleyball, participates in drama, Junior Classical League, and selected as a member of the Chapel Committee.

‌you will have


As a boarding student at Wayland, you will live with your best friends just down the hallway. Though the days are packed, the evenings and weekends are times when you’ll have plenty of flexibility for fun. There’s always someone to hang out with on campus, whether that means video games, Frisbee golf, watching a movie in the dorm lounge, or just talking into the evening. Shopping, restaurants and a movie theater are all within walking distance, and the school arranges trips on the weekends for concerts, laser tag, professional sporting events, and a wide variety of activities. During Spring Break, the school offers student trips abroad including, over the past few years, travel to Ireland, Germany, Belize and Guatemala.

Nick Derr Wayland Academy ’10; University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Engineering ‘14

“When I look back on my first year of college, I used the habits, skills and knowledge fostered by Wayland. More importantly, Wayland’s college counseling staff helped me decide to enroll in UW-Madison’s strong undergraduate engineering program rather than attending Yale. If I hadn’t graduated from Wayland, I might not have lived up to my full potential.” – Nick Derr

L a u r a B a c hm a n Wayland Academy ’10; Boston University ’12; Currently enrolled in the University of Wisconsin Law School

“Wayland prepared me for college in two ways. First, I was completely prepared to live in the dorms. I owned dorm life freshman year. I had the hang-out room and knew how to make all the great dorm food. The second way was in academics. I had 52 credits from AP classes, and I was able to graduate in two years.” – Laura Bachman

…you will be


Time and time again, returning Wayland Academy graduates report the same thing: “I was ready for college.” With the experience of living in a diverse community and the rigorous academic training, you will have the skills, the knowledge, and the preparation necessary to succeed at the next level. Wayland’s college counseling staff helps you prepare for higher education from your first day on campus. You will receive guidance in test preparation, finding the right college, the application process, and ultimately, making your college decision. All of our graduates are accepted into a college or university, including some of the most outstanding in the country.

Wayland Academy Mission: Wayland Academy prepares each student for college and beyond through a liberal arts curriculum and campus programs devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and the development of character.

Office of Admission 101 North University Avenue Beaver Dam, WI 53916-2533

Toll Free (800) 860-7725 Outside United States (920) 356-2120

Discovering knowledge and building character. Together.

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