UT Health Science Center Presidential Awards 2016

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AWARDS March 22, 2016 Welcome

President Henrich

Presentation of Awards Employee Excellence in Service Clinical Excellence Teaching Excellence Junior Research Scholar Distinguished Service to the Institution

Distinguished Scholar Award Closing

A Message from the President Every day it is an honor for me to lead our Health Science Center. Today, I am especially proud to recognize you—the men and women who make our university one of the nation’s finest academic health science centers. As recipients of the Presidential Awards, you represent exceptional achievement in your fields. Through your creativity, perseverance and leadership, you elevate our Health Science Center as a beacon of hope for the sick, the exciting home of healing discoveries and a stimulating environment for students. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Sincerely,

William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP President and Professor of Medicine UT Health Science Center at San Antonio

Employee Excellence The Presidential Employee Excellence in Service Award honors Health Science Center employees who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the university. These individuals regularly and consistently exceed expectations. Their overall performance reflects a high level of service, trustworthiness and respect. By developing new processes or improving existing ones, these individuals have significantly improved productivity and cost savings for the university.

Richard Gallardo, M.B.A.

Michael Hamilton

Senior Payroll Manager, Payroll Services

Work Control Coordinator Associate, Facilities Management

Richard is not afraid to jump in and improve processes when necessary. His commitment to making things better in our office is immeasurable to us and countless others. He implemented our current process in the submission of our child support payments to the State of Texas Attorney General’s Office. This new process expedited our outgoing payments and has ensured that support payments reach target families in a timely manner. –– Serena Brooks, Director, Payroll Services

Mike’s unique distinctiveness is that he is the employee every employer wished they had working for their organization. From weeklong recruitment activities, to commencements, to employee picnics for 3,000, he has been instrumental in the success of these events, diligently working behind the scenes. He remains calm even in the midst of chaos and earns the respect of his colleagues and university clients through his quest for excellence in all that he does. –– Janice Smith, Assistant to the Dean, Office of the Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Employee Excellence

Wendy Malone, B.A.

Robert Merrill

Quality Assurance Analyst, Graduate Medical Education, Office of the Dean, School of Medicine

Manager, Video Production/Photography, Creative Media Services, Marketing, Communications and Media

Wendy alone has the uncanny ability to find out mission-critical information. On numerous occasions, she has far exceeded the normal job expectations of providing information and research to accommodate our needs to ensure that residency programs maintain their compliance within the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. She genuinely enjoys her job and is an incredible asset to this institution!

Bob provides the highest-quality video and delivers it in a timely fashion to meet the demanding deadlines of communicating and marketing the university’s vital brand and mission. His work can be seen throughout the university’s campuses on everything from Web pages to ads, to magazines, to newsletters and social media channels. He has saved the university thousands of dollars and produces highcaliber creative products for these particular projects.

–– John Toohey, M.D., Professor and Laura B. Flawn, M.D., Endowed Professorship in Diseases of the Spine and Spine Trauma; Associate Director, Orthopedic Residency Program; Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education, School of Medicine

–– Nancy Place, M.S., Director of Health Education Center, Creative Media Services, Marketing, Communications and Media

Sam Pardo Senior Research Core Facility Technologist, Biochemistry, School of Medicine

Sam and I worked on a challenging project to identify phosphorylated residues in nitric oxide synthase in skeletal muscle using mass spectrometry. Sam’s advice and attention to detail were invaluable as he found an error in a GenBank submitted sequence that misidentified a mouse sequence as that of a rat. If not for his perseverance in tracking inconsistencies, we might have concluded that this method was not suited for our protein. –– Linda J. Roman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biochemistry, School of Medicine

Clinical Excellence The Presidential Clinical Excellence Award honors full-time faculty of the Health Science Center who provide clinical services as part of their appointments. These clinicians have distinguished themselves through exemplary and sustained expertise, and they represent the very finest in quality patient care. By building relationships with patients, family members, professional colleagues, residents, students and staff, these awardees demonstrate collaborative teamwork, independent leadership and compassionate care.

Ildiko Agoston, M.D., FACC, FASE

Katy Dondanville, Psy.D., ABPP

Associate Professor/Clinical; Medical Director, Cardiology Clinic at the MARC; Medical Director, Women’s Comprehensive Health Institute; Cardiology, School of Medicine

Assistant Professor/Research, Behavioral Medicine, Psychiatry; Director of Research, Chief of Psychology– Fort Hood Site; STRONG STAR Research Consortium, Consortium to Alleviate PTSD, School of Medicine

After a casual conversation with Mary Henrich, I found myself in Dr. Agoston’s office. Her questions were spot on and she did not run a bunch of tests I recently had; she took the time to study the results and connected all the dots. She educated me on what I could expect and what I needed to pay attention to. When I left my first appointment, I could tell that I was in extremely capable hands with a physician who not only cared about me, but also her community and profession.

After serving in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, my daughters were murdered by my husband who then killed himself. Five months later, I met Dr. Dondanville, who helped me tremendously to overcome fears and understand symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. She introduced me to cognitive processing theory, which helped me take my life back. Thanks to her unconditional attention and care, she helped me believe I can trust again and that I have a future with my new husband and newborn son.

–– Harriet Marmon Helmle, Patient

–– Grateful Patient

Clinical Excellence

De De Gardner, Dr(c)PH, RRT, FAARC, FCCP Chair, Respiratory Care; Chair ad interim, Clinical Laboratory Sciences; Stephen Lloyd Barshop Endowed Professor in Respiratory Care, School of Health Professions

De De represents a true community health care partner. Her partnership with the North East Independent School District has allowed the district’s Asthma Awareness Education Program to achieve its community outreach objectives as well as provide clinical internships for her students. Her involvement in these outreach events has allowed the district to achieve many “firsts”: the American Lung Association Asthma-Friendly Campus Initiative Gold Champion Awards and the EPA National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management. –– Diane Rhodes, RRT, AE-C, Assistant Director, Health Services, North East Independent School District

Lizette Gomez, M.D. Associate Professor/Clinical, General Pediatrics, School of Medicine

When I was little, I was excited to go to the doctor because I liked seeing Dr. Gomez, who always had a smile for me. Every time I saw her, she treated me and my sister with the best care, and we consider her family. Dr. Gomez has inspired me to become a pediatrician, and it is because of her that I am interested in medicine. I am so lucky to have had Dr. Gomez as my pediatrician! I know that she will be there for her patients and will continue to inspire other people like me. –– Sharmin Bootwala, Patient

Steven Venticinque, M.D. Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Surgery; Program Director, Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship; Director, TRISAT Critical Care Consortium; Director, Audie L. Murphy VA Surgical ICU; Anesthesiology, School of Medicine

On April 22, 2011, I felt like I was having a heart attack. However, it was discovered that I had an aneurysm near my heart. A surgical team with Dr. Venticinque was quickly put together, and for 11 hours they worked to replace six inches of my large blood vessel damaged by an aortic dissection, an uncommon and often fatal condition. God placed Dr. Venticinque on that surgery team which kept me alive against all odds. Since then, he has been present at other hospital admissions and surgeries, and holds a special place in my heart. –– Richard Kresch, Patient

Teaching Excellence The Presidential Teaching Excellence Award is presented to outstanding full-time faculty members who exhibit the finest principles in education. They possess extensive knowledge of their subject material, maintain an awareness of current developments, and incorporate examples from recent literature or clinical experience in the classroom. These faculty members have distinguished themselves not only through teaching methods in the classroom, but also by serving as role models and mentors to students outside class. They have made a significant contribution to the education and development of future health care professionals.

Adelita Cantu, Ph.D., RN Associate Professor, Family and Community Health Systems, School of Nursing

Daniel Lawrence Dent, M.D. Clinical Professor, Surgery, School of Medicine

Passionate and compassionate people like Dr. Cantu make a difference not only in the San Antonio community, but also in the Health Science Center’s. She not only takes care of her class, but also the wellbeing of her students, knowing that education has to transcend throughout the new generation of nurses. Inspired by her diligent work and her humble attitude toward life, I am in the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program.

One of my most impactful teaching moments occurred when I was barely an intern. I was tasked with deciding whether my patient needed to go to surgery. Dr. Dent transformed the conversation into a sentinel teaching moment, asking me what I wanted to do. Recognizing my reluctance and fear of being wrong, Dr. Dent patiently encouraged me, capitalizing on my reasoning skills to think critically for myself. That was the first time I felt like a surgeon.

–– Giovanni Com, RN, Graduate Student, School of Nursing

–– Grace Hsiung, M.D., Research Fellow and General Surgery Resident, School of Medicine

Teaching Excellence

Kristy Kosub, M.D.

Andrew Muck, M.D.

Professor, Director of Student Education, Medicine, School of Medicine

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine; Associate Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency; Director, Global Health Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine

Dr. Kosub’s dedication to education is clear not only in her lecturing, but also in her ability to help students achieve their goals. During my transition from a medical student to an internal medicine resident, she was invaluable and I do not believe I would be as confident without her expertise. Time and time again, in my own experience and in speaking to my peers, she has led students to achieve their potential. –– Alison Wiseman, M.D., Resident, School of Medicine

Conferences are a notoriously boring and monotonous requirement of most residency programs, but not in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Our conferences are well thought out, multifaceted educational experiences that go beyond just sitting through lectures. This is largely thanks to Dr. Muck, who has championed our relatively young program’s formal curriculum and invested substantial amounts of time into coordinating our conferences. –– Duncan Hansing, D.O., Resident, School of Medicine

Y.W. Francis Lam, Pharm.D., FCCP Professor, Pharmacology, School of Medicine

Brent Shriver, Ph.D.

The student reviews for Dr. Lam’s classes are phenomenal, and they echo into the professional realm. My brother, a pharmacist, studied with me in the basement of the library, and stressed that the main points emphasized in Dr. Lam’s lectures were things that should always stick with a health care professional. I feel my skill as a clinician was invigorated by having learned from him. He not only has gratitude and admiration from me, but also my entire dental class.

Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator, Physician Assistant Studies, School of Health Professions

–– Brian Ross, Second Year Dental Student and Class of 2018 President, School of Dentistry

Dr. Shriver gives 100 percent in the classroom and in the community. From nutrition to genetics and behavioral medicine to pathophysiology, Dr. Shriver’s fount of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. My classmates and I learned so much in his classes while having lots of laughs along the way. Although the majority of my time now is spent away from campus on rotations, I haven’t forgotten about one of my favorite and most memorable professors and the many things he taught me. –– Rayna Wied, Second Year Physician Assistant Studies Student, School of Health Professions

Jr. Research Scholar The Presidential Junior Research Scholar Award honors remarkable investigators at the Health Science Center who began their independent research within the past five years. These scientists demonstrate mastery in their fields and show significant potential for continued success. The award recipients have made major contributions to theory, research and practice, and they have earned national recognition for their outstanding achievements.

Patti Grota, Ph.D., CNS-M-S, CIC

Helen Parsons, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Assistant Professor, Infection Prevention and Patient Safety Consultant, Health Restoration and Care Systems Management, School of Nursing

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Medicine

Dr. Grota has accomplished an incredible amount of achievements in a very short time on limited intramural funding. She has truly maximized resources by her sheer commitment and competence, and has become a national and international leader on infection control research. In her short time as a researcher, she has made highly recognized contributions to theory, practice and research. She is poised for major external funding, and has enormous promise. ––Elaine S. Marshall, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, Bernice Castella Distinguished Professor, Chair (retired), Health Restoration and Care Systems Management, School of Nursing

Helen has developed an impressive scholarly record through her work in cancer and health services research that has helped to shift the dialogue on disparities among vulnerable cancer survivors. She has focused her research on examining how health policy and quality guidelines affect appropriate treatment and outcomes for cancer, and has made major contributions to the underlying theory behind these recommendations for cancer survivors. Additionally, she has developed a national reputation for her contributions to cancer health policy. –– Amelie G. Ramirez, Dr.P.H., Professor and Chair ad interim, Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Director, Institute for Health Promotion Research, School of Medicine

The Distinguished Service to the Institution Award honors a Health Science Center employee who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the university. Through dedication of time, talent and leadership, the individual serves as a role model and mentor to students, residents and colleagues. The award recipient has made major contributions to the growth and development of the Health Science Center and the education of the next generation of health care professionals who will serve San Antonio, South Texas and the world.

Distinguished Service to the Institution

Gary Guest, D.D.S. Associate Dean, Patient Care, School of Dentistry

Gary’s extraordinary leadership role in the completion of the new Center for Oral Health Care & Research is responsible for our acknowledging him with this award. Most of us can’t comprehend the myriad details related to the building’s mechanical, structural and functional components that he had to digest in order to provide guidance to both the contractors and his colleagues who were anxious to occupy their new clinics. Through it all, he managed to keep everything top notch for the record-breaking move from the old building to the exquisite new facility that is the home to UT Dentistry. –– William W. Dodge, D.D.S., Dean, School of Dentistry

Distinguished Scholar

The Presidential Distinguished Scholar Award represents the very best in academic achievement. This award honors an individual who exhibits superior scholarship and maintains the highest standards of professionalism. This award also recognizes significant contributions to theory, research and practice, a national or international reputation, a sustained record of extramural support, and major additions to scientific literature and health advancement.

Alan Peterson, Ph.D., ABPP Professor, Chief, Behavioral Medicine, Psychiatry, School of Medicine

Dr. Alan Peterson earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Central Florida and master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology at Nova Southeastern University. Later, he completed an internship in clinical psychology and a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical health psychology at Wilford Hall Medical Center. As an Air Force clinical psychologist during the Iraq War, he saw firsthand the type of trauma that so many have experienced during post-9/11 deployments. He retired from the Air Force in 2005 at the rank of lieutenant colonel, determined to do his part in national efforts to support and treat a new generation of combat veterans. In 2008, he launched the STRONG STAR Consortium, based at the Health Science Center, with funding from the Department of Defense (DoD). The consortium is developing and evaluating treatments specifically designed to target the unique combat-related conditions resulting from military deployments such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, insomnia, suicide risk and substance abuse. His groundbreaking efforts came to fruition in 2015 with the STRONG STAR Consortium’s publication of the first findings from clinical trials that will guide the DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in the treatment of psychologically wounded warriors for years to come. His work already is saving lives. Findings published in 2015 include a landmark study showing that brief cognitive behavioral therapy for suicide resulted in a dramatic 60 percent decrease in suicide attempts in high-risk service members. Results of that life-saving study already are being disseminated throughout the DoD. Also in 2015, a second consortium directed by Dr. Peterson launched the first of its new studies aimed at easing the psychological suffering of post-9/11 warriors. The Consortium to Alleviate PTSD (CAP) was established jointly by the DoD and the VA in 2013 under an executive order from President Barack Obama. Through a highly competitive process that was part of the National Research Action Plan for Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans, Service Members, and Military Families, the Health Science Center was selected to lead the CAP and direct critical nationwide research collaboration. Dr. Peterson’s vision and leadership have contributed greatly to further solidifying the Health Science Center’s status as a leading research university, as well as San Antonio’s status as the home of military medicine. This monumental research will continue to have a significant national public health impact on military service members and veterans, their families and our nation. –– Steven R. Pliszka, M.D., Dielmann Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine

with APPRECIATION Presidential Clinical Excellence Award Committee Jacqueline Lee Mok, Ph.D. (Chair, at large) Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs

Lee Birnbaum, M.D., M.S. Neurology, School of Medicine

Michael Geelhoed, D.P.T., OCS, MTC Physical Therapy, School of Health Professions

Erica Oliveira, D.D.S., M.P.H. Comprehensive Dentistry, School of Dentistry

Jan Patterson, M.D., M.S. Infectious Disease, School of Medicine

Kathleen Reeves, M.S.N., RN, CNS, CMSRN, CNE Health Restoration and Care Systems Management, School of Nursing

Presidential Employee Excellence in Service Award Committee Maritza Ramirez (Chair) Human Resources

Pam Feagin Medicine, School of Medicine

La Tonya Gaines-Brisco Facilities Management

Patricia Gonzalez Office of Accounting

Jennifer Johnson Facilities Management

Kristy MacPhail Office of the Dean, School of Health Professions

Sherlie Schickedanz Project Portfolio Management and Delivery

Michelle Southwell Office of the Dean, School of Nursing

Lori West UT Medicine

Presidential Distinguished Scholar and

Junior Research Scholar Award Committee Jacqueline Lee Mok, Ph.D. (Chair, at large) Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs

Patricia Dahia, M.D., Ph.D. Medicine - Hematology & Med Oncology, School of Medicine

Anthony Infante, M.D., Ph.D. Pediatrics, School of Medicine

Thomas Oates, D.M.D., Ph.D.

Presidential Teaching Excellence Award Committee Jacqueline Lee Mok, Ph.D. Ex Officio (non-voting) Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs

Archie Jones, D.D.S., M.B.A. Periodontics, School of Dentistry

Lillian Liao, M.D., M.P.H. Surgery, School of Medicine

Linda Smith, Ph.D., MLS, BB(ASCP)

Periodontics, School of Dentistry

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, School of Health Professions

Maureen Simmonds, Ph.D., PT

Barbara Turner, M.D., MSED, MACP

Physical Therapy, School of Health Professions

Basic Science, School of Medicine

Gail Williams, Ph.D., RN, PMHCNS-BC

Gail Williams, Ph.D., RN, PMHCNS-BC

Family and Community Health Systems, School of Nursing

Family and Community Health Systems, School of Nursing