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Modus Operandi Pr Floor 6 Quadrant House, 4 Thomas More Square, London, E1W 1YW, United Kingdom Registered in England & Wales. Company no: 06631838. VAT Registration Number: 946 1874 89

Mission Statement Modus Operandi Pr Modus Operandi Pr a vibrant, creative, flexible and successful agency has found international acclcaim by delivering quantifiable results. We offer focused, dynamic Public Relations, Effective and motivational training, strategic and creative Advertising and Marketing and holistic and inspirational Brand Development. Modus Operandi Pr communicates your message perfectly. Our Clients include Esteemed Fashion and Lifestyle brands, leading jewellery and accessory houses, and the most prestigious in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

Clients Holistic Silk Unique brand, Holistic Silk, is a covetable collection of Luxury Relaxation , Lifestyle & Travel Accessories; elegant and effective, designed to enhance your well being! So whether you’re traveling, relaxing or practicing Yoga or Pilates then Holistic Silk’s range of products are simply a ‘must have’.

Jasper Garvide Jasper Garvida was born in the Philippines and

lived in Toronto from the age of 12. As chief designer, Jasper created collections for two seasons before taking up an opportunity to further his knowledge in all aspects of the fashion industry by moving to the High Street to design for Monsoon & Miss Selfridge.

NYLA NYLA was set up by Amandeep and Navdeep Badyal. Spending time styling in LA and New York they developed a passion for seeking out the hottest new designers. Each collection is hand picked to best reflect the season’s trends, whilst bringing relaxed west coast fashion from LA and edgy rock inspired looks from New York.

Tara Starlet Picture the glory years of the 1940s and 50s and immerse yourself in the fantastic vintage inspired fashion brand. Tara Starlet started its journey with a mother and daughter team who are passionate about vintage taking inspiration from original pin up paintings and silver screen starlets such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Clients LSA For over 30 years LSA International has created beautiful and practical products for the home, combining the traditional materials of porcelain and glass with strong contemporary design. The entire LSA range consists of over 900 covetable pieces and encompasses all aspects of home design hand made glass and porcelain.

EC One Jewellery Husband & wife team Jos & Alison Skeates set up EC One in 1997, on Clerkenwell’s vibrant Exmouth Market. EC One has always enjoyed a reputation as London’s leading jewellery boutiques; championing forward thinking jewellery design which is on-trend, desirable and quality led.

Gilda & Pearl A stunning range of beautiful lingerie. Every piece is handmade – ensuring not only does every piece look fabulous but feels it too. Unique designs draw inspiration from glamour whilst embracing the modern temptress for a collection that will make you feel like you own a beautiful piece of something very special.

Upper Street Upper Street is a new online shopping experience that allows women to design their very own pair of unique hand-made designer shoes. With hundreds of different style combinations in an extensive range of beautiful and exclusive materials, colours and embellishments from sizes 2-10, there is a pair of heels to suit every woman’s passion for shoes.

PR and Marketing Plan In order to catapult our online launch event our client and P.R Agency into the media spotlight we have created an online launch event, which will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Our aim is to create an online launch event with clothing company NYLA in which they will host a series of online blogs, an insight to there day to day live and working lives. These series of blogs will give fans the chance to correspond with the duo and find about the latest collection and what as a creative pair makes them tick what they take inspiration from and where they get there passion for there love from. Along side this will be a face book competition where fans, we have suggested a limit of 5,000 can like the page and each one will receive a free t shirt from the new collection. We are hoping this will create a vast amount of buzz around the brand and people will start to trend the name. We have a vision that this will create allot of hype around this brand thus creating a snow balling effect for the brand to go global. The strategies that we have implanted for this launch to work are as follows. We plan to create allot of gorilla marketing round the brand, placing large banners and creating vast amounts of online branding through the use of social networking sites such as face book and tweeting about the free online give away. These social media tools will be our keys assets. Creating an online application in which the fans can download in order to see the online blogs will be the key aesthetic forour strategies. The technology market is under going rapid transformation in today’s exciting environment of open sourced creation and customization these trends are how we shall impellent our plans. Today’s consumers are seeking products that evoke an emotional response and offer an engaging response taping into this we will be offering a flexible and fluid approach to how we approach our customers.

The teen market is important segment as they are disproportionately powerful in terms of being trendsetters and early adopters this means our teen market has never been more important. Teens are now using flash mobs, guerrilla activism and mass action to make their point and these are some of the ways we can influence them through social media and provide our launch as a platform for expression. The more courageous we are with social media means the bigger our marketing campaign will become.

Launch Event Modus Operandi Pr and NYLA are collaborating for an online launch event, which sees behind the scenes into the production of the handmade east coast inspired clothing and a look into where the inspiration behind the collection came from. Offering generous proportions of never seen before innovative materials technology and craftsmanship this essential new brand has a commitment to anticipate customers needs and to continue to innovate and excite and inspire. Catapulting them into the main stream viewers will be able to have an online discussion with the duo to find out why they think the way they do and how Modus Operandi has helped create there brand. The Facebook campaign allows fans to sign up for free samples of the new t shirts through a special section on its page. By simply NYLA page, you gain access to the offer. But act fast, because the limited supply of 5,000 may run out quickly.

News Release Modus Operandi Pr Floor 6 Quadrant House, 4 Thomas More Square, London, E1W 1YW, United Kingdom Registered in England & Wales. Company no: 06631838. VAT Registration Number: 946 1874 89

The Facebook campaign allows fans to sign up for free samples A free online giveaway sees the launch of the new behind the scenes collection of NYLA. By just liking the face book page fans can sign up and receive not only free samples of their work but an insight look into how to duo work and the craft each item from hand by an internet blog. But act fast, because the limited supply of 5,000 may run out quickly. If you’re too late, you may have wait two weeks for the full line to hit counters.

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Modus Operandi Pr Floor 6 Quadrant House, 4 Thomas More Square, London, E1W 1YW, United Kingdom Registered in England & Wales. Company no: 06631838. VAT Registration Number: 946 1874 89

The Facebook campaign allows fans to sign up for free samples Clothing line NYLA have a new collection about to hit stores in under a few months’ times. The Duo have collaborated with Modus Operandi P.R to create an online blog which will allow fans to have an insight into there every day working hand crafted lives. The duo will be answering question about there inspiration behind the new collection and what makes them so sure that there east coast trend clothing line will be the next big thing. Alongside that a free give away for the first 5,000 fans via face book will receive a free t-shirt from the new collection. The online launch is to take place on 29th of august two weeks before the clothing hits stores. By signing up to their mailing lists fans will also receive an invitation where they will be able to watch live streams of the duo, these invitation will be distributed via email two weeks prefer to the launch. An App will be available to download in order to access and download new information.

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Quotes From Clients Below are some quotes written by genuine customers giving you their opinions on the level of service they have received: Allan Milburn “...Thank you for the many ways you have helped, I have looked long and hard for a company I can trust implicitly, now I can sleep much better at night knowing you are on board!” Alan Easter-Robinson - Arkom Ltd “...Just a short thank you for the exceptional services provided. We have searched long and hard to find a company to look after our mission critical servers, I am glad to say that the search is over! The professional way your staff deals with us from a customer service point of view is excellent. They are courteous, listen to our requirements and only propose a solution when they fully understand our needs. Your technical solutions are second to none, the knowledge and skill of your staff are easily able to provide our server requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend Modus Operandi Pr to anyone requiring mission critical technical support services.”

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