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Preservation 2012

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Preservation Trend Introduction

For many the recession has been a step too far. Hence we are witnessing the rise of revivalist thinking, and a nostalgic yearning for all things past and comforting. Preservation is an inquisitive expression of our current economic and social climate, it is a direct reflection of the environment we live in. And the overall desire to connect our past and history with our future. Preservation is a call to embrace the wonder of nature and the rhythms of its changes. The journey along the way becomes as important as the outcome. We are enlightened to move forward towards a kaleidoscopic vision for a sustainable future.

Contents Heritage : Our Past Process - Our Journey Protection : Our Vulnerability Enlightenment : Our Future Reference

Heritage : Our Past

Our Heritage There is a comfort that comes from preserving our own history and the heritage of our world. This movement explores ancient methodologies through 21st century eyes, hand made counter blasts to the homogenization of mass production. Rediscovering ancient forgotten skills, crafts and materials. This nostalgic yearning for all things past and comforting means the pure and unadorned are celebrated.

Embellishment and embroidery were mankind’s first indulgent luxury. These traditional crafts were not only a high art but a royal one, a token of status. Embellishments and embroidery threads were fashioned from any colourful discard of nature. Rhinestones, pearls and beads were the sartorial equivalent of a modern day luxury. This distinctive craft will prosper, giving individualistic and authentic characteristics back to the nostalgic yearning consumer.

Materials High-octane fabrics and handcrafted embellishments made from pearls, sequins, beads cut glass, French knots, resham and kamdani are all reflecting the preservation style and evoking nostalgia and authenticity. Combining colors and patterns with abandon, blends cultural heritage with local craftsmanship, innovation and tradition. The trend facets how unconventional detailing, expressive, artistic design and graphics can generate energy and vitality for our heritage.

The Color Palette

The colours that speak true to this comforting trend include the sophisticated palette of metallics. Which have a more saturated and rich take on neutrals for 2012. As well as the pearlescent pigments which represent the beauty of simplicity and the heritage of this trend. Pale tones in fitting shades like soft rose and vanilla stand for fragility and a renaissance of nature. These colours symbolize the flourishing of the first heralds of spring. Like a veil is being lifted from the cold nights of winter, the darkness is slowly pushed back, thus awakening and raising the spirits of life.


Indulge in a myriad of metallic shades and gild your work of art. Sensual sun dance represents a variety of bronze and metallic shades to help free a person’s spirit, sense of fun and positive energy. The colour range glows with harmonious tones to provide warmth and sun throughout the summer days. Colours appear to be an eruption of brightness and sophistication. Inspired by a revival of craftsmanship design from a bygone era.

Hair Heritage and craftsmanship dominate this trend. Hence why we see the rebirth of embellished headpieces and the need to reconnect with what we once lost. Intricate detailed designs, which are marked by imperfection not perfection, create timeless designs, which create a hint of nostalgia. Hair takes on the elegant, feminine role. With curves to give it volume and rolled fringes that look like scrolls of paper. This vintage remake will be adorned with handcrafted headpieces enclosed in multitudes of ornate decoration.


The Process - Our Journey

Our Journey Process applies to evolution – The Journey…. The “Ah Ha” moments along the way of the expedition that is life. It’s being open to cues from nature, and accepting mind-bending concepts. It’s proactive and fluid. A real move towards functionality and a self-sustaining lifestyle.

The Color Palette

Our path in life is set out before us; the journey we take to enlightenment is a stark and beautiful collaboration in this trend. A juxtaposition of nature meets nurture. We see this represented in the colour palette of The Process – Our Journey. Modern neutrals, a staccato of process colours in bold digital hues, layered greens represent the rise of organic and modern influences.

Materials Reminiscent of the natural world, materials and textures are distinguished by cool reflective surfaces, blue prints and maps. They represent the journey we take through life and the ongoing mystery we face each day, it also includes graphics and unique faรงades featuring transparent and opaque materials reflecting the new organic look which nature captures in all its forms, characteristics and materials.


Natural hair symbolises honesty and quality. The need to go natural is what will push this trend. From soft and sleek to big and Afro. Embracing what nature gave you will create an effortless mantra of simplicity. Beachy texture and sea salt-sprayed tresses reign supreme next spring and summer, while brassy sun-bleached slices with creamy, vanilla hues define cool colour. The key is to be free.

Makeup Nature is the underlying key factor for the colour palette of this trend. Bold digital hues will highlight and accentuate the need to feel closer to nature and explore innovative ways to engage with this trend. Elegant and unique with a good balance of wearability this trend is set to becomea phenomenon due to the number of elegant and feminine features that it helps create and accentuate.


Protection : Our Vulnerability


The protection trend speaks to our need to feel safe in an uncertain time. It’s a quest for structure and isolation mixed with longing. There is an underlying nonverbal play of seduction represented by inspiration from the female body. It’s about being protected outside so you can be vulnerable inside. This trend is a step forward from previous Fear-based trends. It is an active trend. Consumers today have lost faith in the ability of the establishment or technology to protect them. Trust levels for governments and brands alike are at an all time low. Today individuals know they need to protect themselves.
 The Protection trend is about being strong, taking back control, making do with what you have around you, and bonding with family, friends and neighbours over common threats.

The Color Palette

The palette for Protection – Our vulnerability is fragile yet strong. Black is the new black. Deep undertones and monochromatic blends of purple an mauve paired with cool neutrals such as slate gray and silver are the empowering attributes to the protective elements of this trend. The distinguished colours reflect a hint of masculinity, luxury and sophistication.

Materials Body armour, padding, quilting, knitting, pleating and metamorphism mirror the need to feel protected and build on a structured self-image. Materials and textures are reflected through embodying the contemporary masculine vein. The incredibly diverse materials unite style, innovation and functionality which translate into strong statement pieces that are full of life and curiosity.


The quest for structure in this trend reflects greatly into challenging conceptual hair designs with an underlying nonverbal play of seduction. Protecting all parts of the body from vulnerability is a reflection of our current state of mind. The aim is to protect and empower thus cultivating the impression of elevated confidence and of a head fashionista who never takes submission or dominance easily.

Makeup Powerful and enigmatic colours underline the dramatic peak of mysterious moments occurring in the shadows of the night. The combination of luxuriously sparkling lashes will enforce the desire that makeup is like armour used to defend against the world and its regime. High intensity makeup with profound layering components create the illusion of power. There is no contrast between the soft aesthetic of femininity and the tough manner of masculinity in this trend.


Enlightenment : Our Future

Our Future

Enlightenment speaks to our future. It’s being open to stretch your mind. Celebrating the excitement of rebirth. Shaping our vision of the future beyond what we seen. It’s a feel freedom of thought and expression, and a long-term attitude towards life. There is an interesting relationship between reality and discovery, and it is celebrated in this trend. Escaping from the everyday into a place of wonder and distraction. This tend is becoming a compellin g force and provides an opportunity to innovate new ideas.

The Color Palette High contrast and oxidized shine will energize the use of mysterious tones to set the mood for this trend. Cloud whites and vaporous tones will signify the sense of change throughout this trend. The colours reflect a style, which is more ambitious and consistent, hard working and determind. Not satisfied for minimal luxury this colour palette of aquatic blues, grape purples and fuchsia’s will evoke innovative experience.


Enlightenment speaks to our future, the relationship between reality and discovery will embrace futuristic design. Augmented reality and technology will inspire collections. Textures taking influences from the orbital spheres and mirrored images will dominate. Digital print design and art pieces will blend textures into stark architectural garments. Experimental 3D textures will create modern structures.


Hair will take on a unique style with the rise of futuristic updo’s and more experimental colour choices. Translating into strong statement pieces that are full of life and curiosity. Sculpted ornate baroque shapes will dominate the catwalk. Multi Tonal shades will seperate the loud and proud from the mundane and ordinary. This trend is all about individualism.


A futuristic and rebellious approach to makeup will take place. Bold fresh colours incorporate carefree amusement and a lust for life. Tangerine margarita, Tuscan pier and Turquoise lagoon evoke memories of a kaleidoscope of vivid colours, clear tones and high coverage, that only a futuristic trend could represent. Moods, attitudes and styles will be expressed through this unique statement of colours.


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