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Fall 2011

OLSH Spirit!

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ON THE COVER: OLSH students and teachers show their Charger spirit. Photography by Harry Giglio Productions, Inc.

"A community spirit does not just happen of itself.

It flows from people who share a common tradition and strive for a common goal outside themselves." ~Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska, Foundress of the Felician Sisters

Through the halls of our school, on the fields and courts of our games and in the community itself, it’s clear – OLSH Spirit is at an all time high! Traditions and goals of education of the whole person, a strong commitment to faith, and a compassion for others have inspired the spirit which all associated with OLSH have come to know and love. Defining this OLSH Spirit in words has proven to be difficult but is undoubtedly displayed in the daily lives of members of the OLSH community. As told in this edition of OLSHighlights, the story of OLSH Spirit is one of pride, passion and commitment. Flourishing from our community, OLSH Spirit proudly adorns us with purple and gold, encourages us to help our neighbors, stands with us as we cheer on our Chargers and joins us in celebrating our accomplishments. As you read our stories, we invite you to reflect on the ways OLSH Spirit has touched your life.


OLSH Has Spirit, Yes We Do! E

veryone at OLSH knows that school spirit is running high, and we had the opportunity to show everyone in the Pittsburgh area just how proud we are to be Chargers! John Fedko from the local NBC News affiliate presented OLSHwith the WPXI Spirit Award! The OLSH Pep Band and Cheerleaders led the crowd to show off our Charger spirit. OLSH school spirit was featured on a segment of the evening news. Coach Michael McDonald (Mac), OLSH teacher and coach, summed up the renewed OLSH Spirit best: "The students have worked hard at promoting spirit and pride by making it known throughout the school and getting as many kids as possible involved in the process, and they got the right person (Christine Glatz '68, former OLSH cheerleader and all around fun person!) to be the spirit coordinator. You mix that with our sports teams doing well and you get a vibe that is really great. I think the students have bought into the idea that school spirit and pride can be a 'cool' thing and they can be an important part of that. And it's not just for one team or group-ALL of the groups or teams have gotten involved and received support from each other-and that has been missing for the last few years. More kids are getting involved, and it's making school a lot more fun for everyone."

OLSH Spirit is Better than Ever! W

hat are people at OLSH saying about the spirit felt around campus? We asked some of the faculty and students what they thought and here's what they had to say...

"OLSH has some of the best, most dedicated fans you could ask for. Our spirit is always high and supportive. It brings us all closer as a family." -Emilee Gallagher '13 "As both a teacher and a coach, I have been impressed with the spirit here at OLSH. It has never been higher in the time I have been here." -Phil McCarren, Religion Teacher, OLSH Baseball Coach "OLSH spirit is better than ever this year! Each grade seems more united as a class and as a school. It's really great to see everyone excited about OLSH activities!" -Hannah Devlin '12 "OLSH spirit is great! Everyone is attending the games and supporting every team equally. The school spirit has brought the entire school together." -Jared Hall '12

" I'd have to say that the biggest indicator of OLSH spirit is the consistent turnout at sporting events. As a coach, it's hard to ignore the cheering and chanting from the student section while you're standing on the sidelines." -Dave Parks, Social Studies Teacher, OLSH Football Coach "It is exciting to be part of a school that rallies together to support their sports teams." -Cora Saftner '15


OLSH Football in the News! L

ast fall we told the story of the fledgling OLSH football team, taking to the field for the first time in school history. In their inaugural 2010 season, the boys went 1-8. The team’s first win came in the last game of the season against West Greene, a non-conference opponent. The 2010 season record was expected because not only was it the first time that the boys played together as the OLSH team, but also for many it was their first time ever playing football! Regardless of their performance on the field, the school rallied behind the new team. What a difference a year makes. When Coach Daniels and the OLSH Chargers took to the field in September for their second season, they had a new outlook on things. OLSH running back Isiah Neely summed it up by saying, “Last year we hoped we would win. This year we knew we could win.” And win they did. The Chargers went 5-4 in their sophomore season. Congratulations to the OLSH Football team on their first ever winning season!

ESPN Recognizes Running Back, Isiah Neely T

he October 7, 2011, OLSH football game against Riverview will be a game that Isiah Neely will not soon forget. OLSH's, 5-foot-9, 170-pound junior running back, rushed for 370 yards on 32 carries and scored six touchdowns in the 41-21 win over Riverview. Isiah’s dominating performance earned him quite a bit of recognition. The local ABC affiliate, WTAE, honored Isiah as their student athlete of the week. At a full school rally, Bill Meyer, WTAE news reporter, officially named Isiah the WTAE Action Sports Clearview Federal Credit Union Student-Athlete of The Week for his performance on and off of the field. He was then named the Trib LIVE Radio High School Football Athlete of the Week. Isiah was honored to learn of these awards, saying "It was aweson!" The big news came a few days later when he was honored nationally by ESPN. Each week ESPN identifies five students from across the United States to honor as the ESPN High School Football Players of the Week. One player is chosen from each of the five regions and Isiah represented the Eastern region. Congratulations Isiah!

Steelers Name Bill Daniels High School Coach of the Week C

oach Bill Daniels was selected as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ High School Coach of the Week Award recipient for the Week 7 Charger victory over North Catholic!

This October 14th matchup against North Catholic was heralded as the biggest game in OLSH’s short football history. Last year when the teams met, North Catholic dominated in a 44-6 win. Going into this year’s game the Chargers had won three straight and were aiming for a fourth in an attempt to keep their playoff hopes alive. Isiah Neely scored for OLSH on the first drive of the game. The OLSH Defense held the score to 7-0, until North Catholic scored with 1:19 left to play. North went for the win, but Neely tipped the two-point conversion pass and OLSH hung on for a 7-6 victory. Coach Daniels was honored at the two-minute warning of the first half of the October 30th Steelers game against the New England Patriots. Coach was also featured on the Mike Tomlin show,, and the USAFootball website, The OLSH football program received a $1,000 donation from the NFL. Daniels was quoted in a 2009 Scout article as saying: "I want to build a program that kids can be proud to be part of, and we have the opportunity to build that. I don't know how long it will take, but I'm looking forward to getting it started.'' In two short years, coach has built such a team and one thing is certain, OLSH is proud of both Coach Daniels and his football program. OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOL • 3

OLSH Students Share Time With Our Neighbors

by rebecca mulvay '91


ometimes, the greatest opportunities – even service opportunities - lie in our own back yard! During the 2010-2011 school year, when the National Honor Society students were considering new service opportunities, Katie Withrow ’11 decided to take advantage of the opportunity to serve the elderly right next door to OLSH, at the Woodcrest Retirement Residence. A group of students began visiting the residents and hosting activities, and the activity proved to be so popular with the NHS students, that Miss Karen Runtich offered to be a faculty moderator and opened the activity to all OLSH students for the 2011-2012 school year. “I have gotten such a good feeling from watching the interaction that has taken place so far,” says Miss Runtich. “You can really see bonds forming.” The group visits the Residence during the designated school activity period, and also hosts activities after school. Juniors Rachel Rattay and Grace Quigley have taken charge of the group this year, and handle planning the activities for each visit, which include crafts, games, socials and parties for special occasions. “Every week more residents show up to participate in our weekly craft and game,” says Rachel. “I enjoy seeing that our program makes their day. We have formed a special bond with them individually, which makes me look forward to coming again.”


“My favorite part about coming is talking to everyone and getting to know them better,” says Grace. “Once we were playing Loaded Questions, and everyone was joking and finding out new things about each other and just having a great time.” OLSH graduate Peter Wojtechko ’11 enjoyed the Woodcrest Visitor program so much during his senior year that he now takes time out from his college schedule at St. Vincent to participate in events. His favorite memory of the program shows how the bonds have developed between the students and the residents. “At the end of last year, we had a going-away party for one of the residents who was moving to a new building. It was sad, but wonderful to have all of the residents and students come together to see her off,” he says. “You could see how much we had come together from the initial awkwardness to really caring about each other. It was great.” Sophomore John Wojtechko counts the going-away party as one of his favorite memories as well. “We had snacks, drinks, games, karaoke, balloons, gifts and warm, heartfelt reminiscing. It was a very fun and happy occasion,” he says. Sophomore Marisa Sparbanie and Junior Alexandra George also agree that getting to know the residents is the best part of being a Woodcrest Visitor. ”This program has helped me develop relationships with the residents. It is really a fun, enjoyable time,” says Marisa. Alexandra agrees, saying, “I have really learned a lot from being with them.” Senior Vincent DeChellis has discovered a true enjoyment of working with the elderly through the program. “I am very loving and caring toward the elderly,” he says. The residents, for their part, enjoy the opportunity to share their stories and lives with the young people. One regular attendee of Woodcrest Visitor events is Mr. David Rosinsky, a resident of Woodcrest for three and a half years, who has been named Poet of the Year in an international poetry competition in 1999 and 2000. Mr. Rosinsky has shared his poems and experiences with the students,

and says he “enjoys the camaraderie of older people and younger people being together. It’s a great experience for all of us.” Mr. Rosinsky feels so welcome on the OLSH campus that he takes advantage of many OLSH events, attending the spring musical, pasta feasts and volleyball games. Other Woodcrest residents expressed their appreciation of the Visitors program at a recent gathering. “I enjoy being with the students. They are always so nice,” says Mary Ann Protch. “It gives us here at Woodcrest the opportunity to be among young people which I would not otherwise have,” says Joan Kerlin. Resident Mary B. says the activities “remind me of my kids at this age. I feel fortunate that these students give up their time for us.” One resident, Doris Dobies, attended the event even though she had been living at Woodcrest for only five days, and as a newcomer, found it “nice to mingle with the students and residents.” Pat Schwartzmiller also appreciates the activities the students plan and bring. “I enjoyed planting flowers this summer. It’s great to be creative and keep busy,” she says. Miss Runtich says that one of the challenges of the program is to get as many residents to participate as possible. “We try different things to see what will draw them out,” she says. The group hopes to get the attention of more residents by improving their advertising approach and making flyers to put in each resident’s mailbox, to serve as a more personal invitation. “We are trying to coax as many residents to participate as we can, and that means trying different things and finding out what they like to

do,” says Miss Runtich.

Christmas parties.

Judging by resident feedback, the efforts are paying off. “When the program first started, I thought it would be a waste of time,” says resident Betty Harris. “Since then, I have come to look forward to the visits. They are very interesting and delightful children.” The residents are learning from the experience as well. “Not being very creative, I am surprised and pleased at the things we make and do,” says Mary Pat Fratangelo, who has lived at Woodcrest for three years.

The Woodcrest residents who participate regularly in the Woodcrest Visitors events, however, need no extra incentive. Resident Enrico Berardi simply enjoys seeing and talking to the students. “I am proud of them,” he says. Joan Rossi '60 finds the “interaction with young adults uplifting and refreshing to the mind. All of the students are very patient and compassionate. It’s fun and makes you feel young!” Frances Tustin says, “The students are nice to be with. They are very nice, polite kids. They are always willing to help us. We enjoy the variety of things they bring for us to do, and the time goes so fast when they are here!”

Miss Runtich says that the Woodcrest Visitors are full of ideas to make the program bigger and better, and reach

out to all residents. Future plans include monthly birthday parties, game days, bingo, taking residents to OLSH sporting events, and having Thanksgiving and

The OLSH Chaplain Chimes In: Community Life BY father michael yaksick '86 OLSH chaplain he Lord gave me brothers.” In these simple words, St. Francis of Assisi described the beginnings of the communities we now call “Franciscan”. From this small group of St. Francis and a few “brothers” grew a vision of religious life which has enriched the Church throughout the world. We at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School have inherited that Franciscan legacy through the Felician Sisters. When Blessed Mary Angela founded the Felician Sisters in nineteenth-century Poland, her spiritual director was a Capuchin-Franciscan priest, Fr. Honorat Kozminski. Blessed Mary Angela and the first Sisters chose the Rule of St. Francis to be their way of life, and so OLSH is an expression of the Franciscan ideal in the Felician tradition.

time and space. The years we spent together in this Felician-Franciscan place formed us in ways which continue to bind us to this family.

Reflecting on the almost eighty years of OLSH’s existence, we could echo the words of St. Francis—the Lord has truly given us “brothers and sisters” in abundance: Felician Sisters, Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Parents, Board of Directors, and all who make up the OLSH family in every way! This past August, my OLSH class of 1986 celebrated our twenty-fifth reunion. It was wonderful to see former classmates, and wonderful also to recognize how the OLSH community really does transcend

Now a new generation of young people are experiencing this precious gift—sharing in the life-giving community of OLSH. Many things may look externally different from previous times. Yet for these young people, as for all of us, foundations are being laid, day by day and often imperceptibly, which will endure far beyond the years they walk these halls.


Currently, I have the humbling and tremendous blessing to witness the life of

this community as Chaplain. With you I rejoice in the appointment of Mr. Timothy Plocinik as our new Principal! Mr. Plocinik came to OLSH when I was a Senior, and so he has dedicated himself to the mission of OLSH for over twenty-five years. In addition, we are blessed with a Faculty and Staff who devotedly keep the FelicianFranciscan spirit alive and cultivate this charism in every aspect of school life. St. Francis recognized that he could not live the Gospel life in isolation, and neither can we. As members of this unique family (OLSH is the only co-ed Felician High School), we support one another on our journey of faith and the pursuit of truth. The Eucharist is the heart of our community life. The whole-school Masses anchor our months. We also have the great privilege of being close to the Blessed Sacrament in the OLSH Chapel, where we can always spend time in personal prayer. With the strength of the Eucharist, we pray that our love may ever more “be like Christ’s love, revealing itself not only in feelings but in deeds” (Blessed Mary Angela). Thanks be to God for making us “brothers and sisters” in this amazing family!


OLSH Haunted Hallway: Then and Now scale Haunted Hallway where mummies rose a n d wa l k e d , t h e d e a d escaped their coffins and more than a few ghosts and ghouls got a rise from victims. Dracula, aka Fr. Michael, and his ghastly crew used a variety of black and strobe lights to create stunning visual effects while tubes of fake blood oozed and ghosts whisked overhead on a skyline. “How so many people worked together and in a matter of hours Father Michael helped to bring Hanted Hallway back to life. transformed a part of the school into something not seen BY Theresa Long '86 before; was truly amazing" reminisced OLSH teacher Fr. Michael. The focus of the event was community and the magic and mystery enerations of OLSH remember the wasn’t over after the haunted hall. If small, dark corridor that formerly visitors survived their ordeal with the provided passage to the auditorium. It’s low ceilinged, narrow and windowless undead, they could stay to enjoy a movie in the auditorium where Vincent Price’s walk was both ominous and eerily inspiring. This spooky space became House of Wax shown from 8mm film, (look that one up kids) was sure to leave the host of the long-lived and loved OLSH holiday tradition… the Haunted them with nightmares. Hallway. Haunted Hallway endured for decades and many OLSH students participated In 1985, the event made its public debut in its production as family and friends when Fr. Michael Yaksick '86 thought to turn the OLSH only event into a Student Government fundraiser by inviting the community to join in the fun-filled fright and thus Haunted Hallway came to life. However, this was not the first such haunting of OLSH’s hallowed halls. Sr. Melanie Marie Bajorek '66 then moderator of Student Government, shared her own experiences coordinating Halloween festivities during her student days at OLSH when grape ‘eyeballs’ , orange peel ‘skin’ and spaghetti ‘guts’ grossed out guests. Taking these touchy terrors and implementing the special effects inspired by the era, which seemed scary at the time, students provided a full



played the part of victim. The Haunted Hallway had become one of OLSH’s favorite traditions. Junior, Phoebe Kristek, remembered attending with her older siblings over the years. “I remember Haunted Hallway” she said “I cried every year but I always got a sucker at the end so I loved it.” However, with the renovation in 2001/2002, the aweinspiring hallway was eliminated and the HH event was laid to rest, gone but not forgotten. For 10 long years its spirit lingered, waiting to be awakened. Breaking the spell was a Clarion article exploring OLSH Halloween traditions. Motivated and inspired, the Clarion staff along with the support of faculty created a new monster. In keeping with tradition, there are still some ghastly ghouls haunting the hallways but more was in store for the brave and unsuspecting. Mr. Schuster of the Math Department engendered a maze that trapped its victims in terror while Mr.Brasko of the Social Studies Department, sharesdsome harrowing history but more than just macabe was offered. Haunted Hallway included the making of monsters with face painting sponsored by Campus Ministry while Mrs. Stubna played a trick by turning cardboard boxes into

Jack-o-Lantern luminaries and the Theater Arts Department thrilled with a throwback as they channelled Michael Jackson for a Thriller performance in the auditorium. In addition to the fun, Haunted Hallway supported two worthy causes, The Clarion (OLSH’s st u de n t - p r o d u c e d n e w s p a p e r ) and the Make-a-wish Foundation. S e n i o r , G r e g G a r b e r a , wa n t e d to give something back to the organization that fulfilled his wish when a heart defect threatened his life. “I really like to do service and Make-a-Wish is such a good

cause” commented Greg as he explained his family’s contribution. The Garbera family provided a vast array of foodstuff as well as a Chinese auction, no water torture involved. The Clarion, which hoped to raise the funds needed to continue its professional printing as well as to purchase some additional e q u i p m e n t t o s u p p or t i t s n e w Charger Chatter weekly webzine. All involved were excited about the event. With new blood surging through its veins, the tradition returned to stun, startle and thrill. Haunted Hallway…. It’s baack!


OLSH Pilgrims travel to Madrid for WYD BY Jessica Cerchiaro Academic & YYS Mentor


-shirts from Italy, Brazil, and Croatia; flags from Papua New Guinea and Italy; Romanian earrings; an Angolan scarf; bracelets and pins from Paraguay, the Philippines, Sweden, Africa, Spain and France – just a few of the material items OLSH students brought home with them from their pilgrimage to Madrid, Spain for World Youth Day 2011. But what will stay with them forever are the memories of hundreds of thousands of Catholic youth uniting to celebrate their faith with Pope Benedict XVI. This past summer’s trip to Spain marked OLSH’s eighth trip to the international Catholic event. This year’s OLSH group was made up of 11 students and was led by Principal Tim Plocinik with Director of Technology Katie Bartus, parent Ruth Ann Laffey, and alumni and seminarian Dan Gallagher '02. All of the students in the OLSH group were attending the event for the first time and were excited to experience the culture of a new country and grow in their faith.


A huge lesson that all first-time World Youth Day pilgrims learn shortly after arriving is the realization that they are pilgrims on a spiritual journey. A pilgrimage is not the same as a vacation and there is certainly some sacrifices they have to make! This year’s accommodations housed the students in a large gym with air conditioning and indoor showers. While sleeping in the gym was like a big sleepover to the students, the communal showers took a little more getting used to. Food choices in Madrid weren’t always appetizing to the group, but sometimes they were so hungry, it really didn’t matter! What seemed to impact the students more than the sacrifices is the sheer magnitude of people present for this international celebration. Everyone who attended commented on how crowded it always was. This gave students a different experience than they may have expected as they met individuals from all over the globe. As sophomore Becky Kazmierczyk shared,

“I didn’t think I would have so much fun meeting new people!” Besides trading items like t-shirts and pins, the students learned about other cultures just from having conversations and were even treated to an impromptu performance of traditional Spanish dance. World Youth Day really gives attendees a sense of the global Catholic community and how that one commonality can truly bring people together. Senior Sarah Rozman got to experience a taste of this community when she and OLSH alumni Dan Gallagher got separated from the group during the walk to the overnight vigil. They eventually found another Pittsburgh group who shared food, pillows, blankets, ponchos, and kindness with the lost pair. “It was very caring,” Sarah remembers, “and it really shows how WYD brings people together.” The culminating event of the WYD experience is always the overnight vigil and Mass with the Pope. After a lengthy walk, pilgrims stake out a spot in a large field and sleep out under the stars. Junior Briana Gonsar reflects, “I’ll remember the overnight vigil forever. It was so cool seeing all the people travel to the field where we slept. It was a nonstop celebration with music and chanting about our faith.” While conditions weren’t always the most comfortable – heat so intense that fire trucks drove

around spraying water for people to cool down; a horrible rain storm during the night; over-crowding in the field and less than ideal spots for viewing the event – the vigil was still a positive experience for many of the OLSH pilgrims. What impressed senior Mary Kate Gallagher was “when the Pope came on the Jumbotron and 1.5 million people were quiet. It was amazing!”

they don’t always get to encounter the pope other than viewing him as a speck on a stage miles away and watching video projections on screens. Mary MacPhail, however, was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when Pope Benedict rode by her group in his pope-mobile. The long hours standing in the hot sun paid off as she got video from only about 10 feet away!

In addition to the OLSH sponsored trip of 11 pilgrims, several other Chargers made the journey to Madrid with other groups and had some different experiences to share. Juniors, Sarah Pa c e , E r i c a B e l l o m a , a n d C a r o l y n Grant and sophomore, Victoria Grant, we n t w ith Vic to ria and C aro lyn’s uncle. Their group was hosted by a Spanish gentleman and the five of them stayed in his apartment. They enjoyed getting to know their host, who cooked them breakfast and took them out to eat. Junior Mary MacPhail made the pilgrimage with St. Alphonsus parish. Their group participated in the Days in the Diocese program in the town of Ciudad Rodrigo before going to Madrid. They had the opportunity to experience religious, cultural, and social programs with the people of the town.

All of the students that made the WYD Madrid pilgrimage learned and grew a lot in their time away. Pope Benedict XVI challenged the students at the closing Mass: “The world needs the testimony of your faith.” Our OLSH student pilgrims certainly took this to heart. The huge smiles that cross the faces of those students sharing about their faith is that testimony; the stories these students shared in front of the entire student body at a school Mass is that testimony and have shared their spirit with the entire OLSH community, encouraging their classmates to attend the next WYD Celebration in Rio!. Briana Gonsar summed it up by saying, “The trip was what I expected and more. I got to experience my faith in a different way by participating in WYD.” And she and her fellow pilgrims have the memories, new friends, spirit (and international t-shirts) to prove it!

Probably one of the most surprising things for students on their trip is that


Christine Glatz '78:

Leading the Spirit of OLSH

BY Deena (Newsom) Swank '92


alk through the doors of OLSH this year and you will feel a renewed sense of school spirit, and it’s led by a familiar face, Christine Glatz '78. An alumna and, for many years, one half of the dynamic mother-daughter duo that ran the main office, Chris is this year’s Spirit Coordinator, and it’s clear that she’s perfect for the job. Chris knows what it’s like to wander the halls of OLSH as a student. She remembers a time when OLSH didn’t even have its own gym. All of the games were played away. Students had to take signs with them to each game and take them down again right after. OLSH had nothing like the home court advantage that they now enjoy in their new athletic facility, but the spirit of the students survived, and Chris brought that school pride with her when she returned to OLSH. For 25 years, Chris has been one of the first smiles that greet each person who


walks into Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Most of that time, was spent alongside her mother and mentor, Eleanor Plucinski, a woman who came to be like a mother to the entire school. Chris speaks lovingly of the influence her mother had on her. She feels strongly that “the skills I learned were from the mentoring by my Mummy.” She calls her mother “a matriarch of this place.” Her absence is felt every day, especially by her daughter and longtime sidekick. “The hardest thing was the day she left,” says Chris. “It was just she and I in the parking lot… and she said, ‘Well, it was fun while it lasted." Though her mother had perhaps the biggest influence on her, Chris counts herself lucky to have had other mentors at OLSH. Among these are Sr. Mary Christopher Moore '63 and Sr. Mary Francince Horos '68. She hopes they know how very thankful she is to have worked with them and learned from them. Working with OLSH’s new principal, Mr. Tim Plocinik has also been exciting since he shares Chris’ passion for working with the students, having been there for over 25 years himself. All the skills Chris has learned and all of her incredible energy seem devoted this year to her role as Spirit Coordinator.

H e r m o s t r e c e n t p r o j e c t wa s t h e planning of Homecoming. Students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities all week, from themed dress up days to the creation of a spirit table with special snacks at lunchtime. The highlight of the week was the Homecoming Dance, which featured, among other things, VIP tags for each student, commentators greeting students on the “red carpet”, and amazing Hollywood-inspired cakes and decorations. According to Chris, much of the credit for the success of homecoming and other efforts to increase school spirit goes to the students and volunteers who have come to her aid. “When you’re surrounded by good people,” she says, “it’s easy to do good things.” The members of student government are among those whom Chris praises. She shows off the minutes of their meetings and pictures of their hard work at homecoming with pride, and calls this group of kids “amazing”. The teachers and administration have also risen to the challenge to increase school spirit. Before the school year started, students gathered to paint signs to welcome students. The teachers have

Thanks to Mrs. Glatz's Spirit Committee and OLSH Student Government, all OLSH students, faculty and staff were given an "I Believe...That we will win!" t-shirt in their class color to wear for intramurals. Pictured above a group of students and faculty cheer for their respective teams in the quest for spirit points. (Photo by Harry Giglio Productions, Inc.) also asked to take part in the spirit point challenge this year, and have even gone so far as to join in a competition to see how many cheese puffs they could stick to Mr. Miller’s shaving cream-covered face. Events such as these have helped to “build an energy of wanting to have school spirit and be proud.” As part of an OLSH dynasty, Chris has what she refers to as a “heart connection” to the school. Her sister, Mickey ’80, and her brothers, Eddie ’82 and Tim ’91, all shared the OLSH experience, and both of her brothers have been inducted into the OLSH Hall of Fame. Though he is not an OLSH graduate, Chris met her husband, Tim, while she was a student at OLSH. Chris and Tim now have two sons, Greg and Gary, and she is grateful for the

support of her family. She especially thanks her “very patient husband” for allowing her to devote so much time and energy to her alma mater. Her approach to the role of Spirit Coordinator is much like her and Tim’s approach to parenthood: “Do whatever you can to make a memory for kids and they come alive.” Our Lady of the Sacred Heart has been through plenty of changes over the years. The staff, the students, and even the buildings have evolved as the school faces each new year and new challenges. So what has helped to keep the spirit alive in this place? According to Chris, it is the “foundation laid by the Felician Sisters.”

The stress on Felician Values this year is evident. In addition to the traditional “pink slips” given to students for violations of the school code, “gold slips” are being handed out to students who emulate the Felician Core Values. Teachers now have the opportunity to reward students for their positive behavior, and students who earn these “gold slips” also earn spirit points for their class. The spirit of OLSH appears to be alive and well, and with people like Chris Glatz and the band of dedicated students, teachers, administrators, staff, and volunteers keeping watch, it will likely survive well into the future.


OLSH Dedicates Coach Mac Fitness Center BY Cheryl Karashin Vice President of Advancement weight room in the AAC as the Coach Mac Fitness Center.


n the morning of November 19th, OLSH students were surprised with a special announcement from principal Mr. Tim Plocinik - a proclamation officially declaring it Coach Mac Day at OLSH, in honor of OLSH physical education and health teacher and volleyball coach Michael McDonald. The students would come to understand the reason for that proclamation later that day, when they would attend a celebration dedicating the

The assembly began with cheerleaders leading special “Thanks Coach Mac” cheers and students dressed as Coach Mac sharing some little known facts about the school’s long-time teacher and coach. The students then brought out a special cake (pictured lower left), inspired by Coach Mac’s unique style. Mr. Jack Hinds, alumni parent, shared some remarks on why OLSH was honoring Coach Mac in such a special way. To many students, Coach Mac is just their P.E. or health teacher, and to others, their volleyball coach, but most students did not realize the role Coach Mac had in making the AAC Renovation a reality. The naming of this facility was years in the making. The school community gathered in a similar way in December of 2006 for the ground breaking of the Michael S. McDonald (Coach Mac) Fitness Center. The 2006 celebration was in anticipation of a much smaller addition to the AAC which was being funded through the “Strong Mind, Strong Bodies Campaign.” This campaign, spearheaded by Jack Hinds, then President of the Athletic Boosters Organization, and Coach Mac, then OLSH’s Athletic Director, began in 2005, shortly after the renovation of the school building. The new school facilities provided a


wonderful learning environment that promoted both academic achievement and faith development; however it had become apparent that in order to remain a strong leader in the total education of young people attention needed to be placed on physical fitness. The Angela Activities Center, built in 1984, had served the school well for over twenty years, yet the space needed renovations to meet the changing needs and size of the OLSH student body. While many changes were made to the original renderings and to the scale of the project, the fact remains that Coach Mac was the impetus for the renovated AAC completed and dedicated last fall. Many members of the original campaign committee joined in the Coach Mac Fitness Center dedication, including Jack Hinds, Coach Bob Bankert, and Louis Gilberti (alumni parent and the facility’s architect). Coach Mac was humbled by the recognition and in his remarks illustrated the scope of the renovation project to the student body, most of whom never experienced the old AAC. OLSH Chaplain Fr. Michael Yaksick '86 blessed the weight room and unveiled the new sign as the school day came to a close and students prepared to use the new facilities that Coach Mac was so instrumental in inspiring.

OLSH Cheerleaders: Cheering for a Cause E

Above: OLSH Cheerleaders don pink shirts, pom poms and even pink wigs as they cheer for a cure.

xcitement was in the air as the OLSH Community gathered to support not only our OLSH Chargers, but also Breast Cancer awareness. We all know someone who has experienced Cancer in some form, a mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, niece, someone we love, and to the OLSH Cheerleaders, it is a cause near and dear to their hearts. Currently three OLSH Cheerleaders have mothers who are breast cancer survivors. Noelle Cook, breast cancer survivor and mother of OLSH Cheerleaders Christina and Catrina, mentioned to Cheer Coach Cathy Cochran, that she had received support from Hair Peace Charities. This faith-based non-profit organization raises money to help women buy wigs while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The Cheerleaders decided to design and sell t-shirts to raise money for this worth while cause. Christina said, "Students and teachers were so willing to give, it meant so much, especially having watched my mom push through it all. To know that the money we raised would help support so many other women fighting this disease in our area, really made me tear up!" At the October 29th game against West Greene High School, Charger fans were encouraged to Go Pink for the cause by flooding the stands with all things pink for a Pink Out, and they did not disappoint. Even the football players got involved by accessorizing their uniforms with pink socks, gloves and shoe laces. The Cheerleaders sold refreshments during the game to help raise more funds for Hair Peace Charities. The Cheerleaders were able to raise $1,600 for the organization. At halftime, the Cheerleaders presented the check to Bonny Diver, from Hair Peace Charities.

The Cheerleaders pose with Bonny Diver, of Hair Peace Charitites.

OLSH Advancement News... Chargers Challenge OLSH Community on the Day of Giving E

ach year, OLSH students participate in Charger Challenge, the student-led portion of our annual OLSH Fund. The money raised goes to fund school programs and their class treasuries, which sponsor big events like the prom and junior ring day. Last year Charger Challenge raised over $26,000 for OLSH.

OLSH had the opportunity to benefit from the generosity of the Day of Giving, generating $15,610 in donations to OLSH. With the incorporation of the $.145 match from The Pittsburgh Foundation, OLSH brought in a total of $17,873.45, with 134 donors designating their gifts to OLSH.

For this year’s Charger Challenge, students asked friends and family to make donations on the Day of Giving. On October 4, 2011 participants expressed their love and support of the OLSH Mission by participating in this day of philanthropic giving. During the 24-hour event, sponsored by The Pittsburgh Foundation, individual gifts benefitted from a portion of the available matching funds. This year marked the second time

With still a month left for donations, Charger Challenge has already secured over $25,000. We are confident that we will surpass last year’s total raised of $26,785. Thanks to our students, Charger Challenge helps to advance OLSH’s Mission. “Intense love does not measure, it just gives.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Moment for Mission: A Reflection on our Felician Core Value Justice & Peace A

lthough we cannot all set aside a week of our life, like our OLSH pilgrims participating in World Youth Day, we can each make moments in our life for meditation to remind us of God’s presence. Below is a new segment entitled “Moment for Mission” which will provide readers a topic for reflection.

Look beyond: Justice & Peace BY Erin Donoghue '07 Campus Minister, Religion Teacher


e live in the midst of a very busy world. Surrounded unceasingly by media and all its friends, it can be difficult to stay focused on what is truly important in our lives. Our smartphones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players and televisions cry out for us to stay distracted, and it is easy for our minds and our hearts to get lost in the noise. As a Felician Community, we must be ever mindful of our call to be “set apart” from this mentality. We are called to set our standard of living higher. We are called, as one body, to look beyond ourselves and respond to the needs of others. The words “justice” and “peace” are often used in a global context, and can be intimidating for this reason. As participants in the Felician Mission, however, we must begin to recreate justice and peace by embracing these values in our day-today lives. Our Foundress, Blessed Mary Angela, entrusted us with actively building a community that promotes justice and peace. “A community spirit,” she said, “Does not just happen of itself. It flows from people who share a common tradition and strive for a common goal outside themselves.” We must, as a living community, strive towards the common goals of forging right relationships, re-creating a sustainable environment, and promoting the common good. In seeking these things, we hope that our community will be a model and advocate of peace. At OLSH, we continue to grow together in practicing justice and peace, and we invite you to join us. As a community whose spiritual heritage is firmly rooted in the Eucharist, we believe in the power of prayer. To this end, every First Friday of the month, we invite all students, faculty, and staff to fast and pray for a particular intention regarding justice and peace. One of the goals of fasting is to minimize distraction in our day so that we can better communicate with God. For example, if it is difficult to hear someone over the phone with static or a broken

connection, we often try to move to a window or a different spot in the room. Sometimes, we even block the sound in our opposite ear or look down at the ground to focus on what the person on the other end of the line is saying to us. In the same way, fasting takes us away from our usual routine, and places us in a better position to hear God speak to us. When we fast, we are refocusing. We pause, move to a quieter place in which we can hear God clearly, and communicate with Him through prayer. A fast does not have to include eliminating food from your day entirely; rather, some students choose to sacrifice spending time on Facebook, choosing silence over the radio in the car, playing video games, watching television, or eating their favorite snack after school. You may have seen the expression “No God, no peace; Know God, know peace.” Through fasting, we gain not only “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding,” (Philippians 4:7), but we believe that God renews our strength to promote peace in the world. It is our hope that these prayers will not only aid in transforming the hearts and minds of leaders in our world, but also that they will motivate each of us to creatively respond to the needs of those experiencing poverty and marginalization in our world. As with any journey, we will reach our destination one step at a time. There are many practical applications of the Core Value of Justice and Peace, but the very first step is simple: we must open our eyes. Let us, as a Felician community, look beyond our smartphones, our computers, our busy-ness… let us look beyond our socialized perspectives, our biases, our prejudices… let us look beyond ourselves, and into the eyes of our brothers and sisters in this world. Through prayer, fasting, and a daily nurturing of justice and peace in our hearts, may we participate in the spiritual renewal of a hurting, busy world. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me!”

Felician Core Value: Justice & Peace Forging right a sustainable environment...promoting the common pursuit of peace


OLSH Boys Soccer Competes in WPIAL Finals & State Playoffs BY Eva Floreak '12 and alyson sved '12


year worthy of the record books, the OLSH Boys’ Soccer team had their best season ever. After the graduation of several seniors, the team lost some of their most reliable talent and entered this season not knowing what to expect. Both as a team and individually, the players stepped up to the challenge. Senior captains Evan Johnson and Stefano Ceccarelli confidently led the team while keeping spirits high even when the competition got tough. Making a name for himself, Matt Sangermano became one of the standout players of the season. Scoring 28 goals, 7 of which were scored in the playoffs alone, Matt has truly proven his position as a varsity player. The road to playoffs was not an easy

one. By working endless hours, the team poured their hearts into each and every game. OLSH Boys beat 3 section champs on their way to the WPIAL Championship, including a victory over the undefeated Neshannock and a thrilling overtime win against Greensburg Central Catholic. Fans from all over the OLSH community showed their spirit by supporting the boys at the WPIAL Championship. Alumni, teachers, and some very spirited students painted the bleachers with purple and gold from the start of the game until the final seconds. The boys made valiant efforts but fell short against Seton La Salle. The opponents scored off their penalty kick in the final two minutes of the game. Regardless, the score did not matter. The

boys’ soccer team played a fantastic game and continued on to states, another first in OLSH soccer. The team traveled two and a half hours to the first ever state playoff game. With 3 assists and one goal, Matt Sangermano had a strong showing in the 4-2 victory over Bishop McCourt. Sophmore Guiseppe Michelone wowed fans with a hat trick. Unfortunately, in the quarter finals, the boys lost 3-0 to Sewickley Academy. The boys worked hard to adapt to all of the changes and challenges that they were faced with throughout the year. We are all so proud of them.

OLSH Introduces its First Ever Pep Band C

harger Football opened up its secondever season with one major new addition – when fans were asked to stand for the National Anthem, they were treated to a live rendition from OLSH’s first Pep Band! The 30-member ensemble, under the direction of music teacher, Karie Jarvis, plays at home football games. The group spent a week in the summer at band camp learning and practicing the National Anthem and pep songs

in addition to their regular concert music. Junior flute player Alexandra George shared, “I’m really excited about pep band! All of the hours of work this summer have paid off. It’s been a great bonding experience for all of us in band.” Songs like “The Flintstones” theme and “Blitzkrieg Bop” were chosen to help get the fans excited as they cheer on the Chargers. The cheerleaders have learned a dance to one of the pep songs and students are learning the cheers that come in the middle of several of the songs. They even added the song “Celebration” in response to many OLSH touchdowns during the season. The Pep Band has also played at all school pep rallies, adding to the fun of these spirit-building events. Mrs. Jarvis commented, “It is my hope that pep band contributes to the whole school community, that we might inspire some much-needed school spirit. The pep band is for everyone’s enjoyment, to promote school spirit and OLSH pride.”


What’s Happening Around OLSH New Faces at OLSH


LSH has added a few new faces to the family and some familiar ones too!


alerie Bayer joins the OLSH Advancement office as the Advancement Assistant. She is a Graduate of Gannon University with a BA in Business Administration. Prior to joining the OLSH family, Valerie was employed at ServiceLink in Moon. Valerie is an active member of Holy Trinity Parish in Robinson and currently resides in Heidelberg.


rin Donoghue joins the Religion department, teaching ninth and eleventh grade Religion. Erin also serves as the OLSH Campus Minister. After graduating from OLSH in 2007, Erin earned a BA in Theology and Spanish from Duquesne University. Erin is an active member of Holy Trinity Parish and serves as Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, focusing on middle school ministry. Erin recently got engaged to Carl Stuvek and is planning a July 14, 2012 wedding.


dam Griffith joins the OLSH Faculty in our Foreign Language department, teaching Latin I, II and III.. Adam is a graduate of Westminster College where he earned a BA in History and Latin. This is Adam’s first teaching job since graduating from Westminster. Adam resides in New Castle.


r. Deborah Deakin joins OLSH as the Curriculum Coordinator. Deborah earned her Bachelors and Masters degree in Secondary Education from Edinboro University and her Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh. She has many years of teaching experience at both the middle and high school levels. Her most recent position was with the Quaker Valley School District as the Director of Professional Services. Deborah resides in Sewickley with her husband and daughter.


he OLSH Community extends a warm and heartfelt welcome to our new colleagues.

Summer Internship Opportunities for Students BY Swati Rajprohat '12


ust like many of my fellow classmates, last spring, I searched online for a summer interenship that would be both educational and fun. There were a lot to apply for, and this particular one interested me so I applied. The Internship was with the Hillman Cancer Center In Shadyside. The application process consisted of submitting academic records, recommendation letters, SAT scores, and an essay. Each day, I arrived at the Hillman Cancer Center and the other 12 interns and I listened to lectures by doctors, postgraduates, graduate students, and medical students about cancer. The curriculum was based in the Robert A. Weinberg Textbook, " The Biology of Cancer". After the lecture we were free to go to our laboratories. Each of us were assigned a mentor who had studied in the field of medicinal biology, and together we worked on a project in the labs. 16 • WWW.OLSH.ORG

I worked with Dr. Anthony G. Brickner, an Immunologist at the Department of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. My project was to find the localization of a specific protein that links to proliferation of cancer, specifically Lymphoma. At the end of the internship, all of the participants were required to present their work to families, and various doctors. Each intern delivered a power point presentation, and participated in the poster session. The interns made scientific posters based on their projects and were then asked questions about them. The Hillman Cancer Center internship was an incredible experience. I learned so much about biology, cancer, and about myself. I realized that I really want to pursue a form of medicine as my career, either as a practicing doctor, or a researcher, or maybe even both! Moreover, the students that I worked with were great people, and I definitely made some lifelong friends. This made the internship even more memorable and fulfilling. I strongly encourage students interested in biology and medicine to apply to programs like this one. The Hillman Cancer Center internship provided me with an incredible opportunity to grow intellectually and educate myself about the complexities of cancer. For more information on summer internship opportunities for OLSH students, please contact the OLSH Guidance office at or at 412-262-6420

What’s Happening Around OLSH Cross Country Team Members Make States


he Boys and Girls Cross Country teams did very well this fall, finishing with 4-4 records. Both teams moved on to the WPIAL playoffs where the girls finished in 17th place and the boys finished in 7th place. Mary Hannon, Matt Haupt, Nick Kocent and Ryder Ballou advanced to the PIAA State Championships in Hershey, PA. At states, the runners competed against over 550 of their peers and finished as follows: Hannon - 174th, Haupt - 112th, Kocent - 148th and Ballou -226th. What a great way to end a successful season. Congratulations!

Girls Soccer Team Makes History


inishing off their regular season with a 12-4-1 record, the OLSH Girls Soccer Team advanced to the WPIAL playoffs. The team, under the direction of Coach Alison Chimenti '00, was the first in school history to achieve such a feat! After beating formidable opponents such as Quigley Catholic and Seton La Salle, the girls began their playoff run on Saturday, October 22nd with a win against South Allegheny at Thomas Jefferson High School. With players like Eva Floreak and Alyssa Wolfe being selected for WPIAL All Section, it's no wonder the team made it this far! The Team fought hard and made it through the first round of the WPIAL Playoffs. Way to go Lady Chargers!

Girls Volleyball Celebrates Stellar Season


he girls volleyball team finished with a section record of 10-2, and an overall record, including the playoffs, of 12-5. The girls team qualified for the WPIAL playoffs for the 13th consecutive season. The girls were ranked as high as 4th in the WPIAL Class "A" rankings during the season, and were ranked in the top 10 most of the year. The following players were selected to the All-Section First Team: Mary Kate Gallagher, Lauren McDonald, and Kristi Chenarides. Selected to the Second Team: Michelle Mazza and Lexi Yoho. Mary Kate Gallagher was secelcted for the ALL PIAA Second Team and Lauren McDonald was also selected to the All-WPIAL Third Team for Class "A". Congratulations Lady Chargers!


Snapshots 1. On Friday, October 14th, members of the WCHR Morning News tech crew participated in the TVT 24 Hour Film Challenge, sponsored by the Television & Video Teachers Consortium (TVT) at Robert Morris University. The students who participated for OLSH were: junior Stephanie Ruggiero, and sophomores Jen Haseleu and John Wojtechko. On Sunday, October 23rd, all qualifying entries were screened at RMU. The WCHR Charger crew did not disappoint. They won first place!


2. On August 14, 2011 the OLSH Class of 1986 gathered on the campus of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart to celebrate their 25th reunion. The class began their morning with a breakfast and Mass celebrated by fellow classmate and OLSH Chaplin Fr. Michael Yaksick '86. The class then took a tour of the school given by OLSH Student Ambassadors. The tours concluded with a visit to the newly renovated Angela Activities Center and a question and answer session with Sr. Francine.

2 3. OLSH Homecoming Court, from left to right (back row) Trevor Wivell, Zander Lyons, A.J. Aubrey, Brandon Duerr, Matt Sangermano, Jay Molinaro, and Gregg Ott, (front row) Erin Slattery, Kacie Colteryahn, Noble Churovia, Sarah Rozman, Mary Kate Gallagher, Alyson Sved, and Eva Floreak. Mary Kate Gallagher was crowned Queen and Greg Ott was crowned King during halftime at the September 30th football game against Leechburg High School.


4 4. The OLSH Football team and their fans celebrate after their win against West Greene High School. The team finished their season with a 5-4 record. Go Chargers!


Alumni News & Notes 1996 M e l e e s a W o h l e b e r earned her Doctorate degree of Health Science from Nova Southeastern University in December 2010.

1998 W i l l i a m S t i c k m a n , I V was appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to serve on the Pennsylvania Civil Procedure Rules Committee. He was named a 2011 Pennsylvania Super LawyerRising Star for appellate practice and general litigation. He is currently a member of the OLSH Board of Directors.

1999 Kim Kurz was promoted to the position of Human Resources and Employee Benefits Administrator for Pine Richland School District in Gibsonia, PA. Samuel Urick III, D.O. completed a residency in Internal Medicine at UPMC Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh. He joined Fatigati-Nalin Associates, a division of St. Clair Medical Services and opened the new Robinson Township office in September 2011.

2000 E r i n J a n e B o n n e r wed David Kennedy on October 1, 2011, at St. Joseph Church in Coraopolis. The couple resides in Ohio.

included a gondola ride for two and a wine tasting.

2002 maureen zi vic has been selected to be inducted into the Fordham University Athletic Hall of Fame.

2004 OLSH alumni joined to celebrate the marriage of Erica Flasco to Nicholas Hollabaugh on May 7, 2011 at St. Joseph Church in Coraopolis. The bridal party was made up of alumni Brianna Flasco ’09 (maid of honor), Elizabeth DiNunno Abbott ’04, Jannell Clements ’04 and Lindsey Feth ’09. The happy couple resides in Moon Township.

2007 Mike Oblinger proudly announced his engagement to M e l i s s a Palermo ‘06. K a r a Va c c a r e l l i happily announced her engagement to Andrew Moore of McDonald, PA. Kara is pursuing a degree at Duquesne University and will graduate in December 2011. The couple plans a Pittsburgh wedding for July 14th, 2012.

OLSH Alumni Stocks Our Lady's Pantry O n October 27th, students in grades K-8 at Propel Montour came together to help those in need by holding a canned food drive for their "I CAN, YOU CAN, WE ALL CAN SAY NO TO DRUGS" Day during Red Ribbon Week. Public elementary schools in the area celebrate Red Ribbon Week in October with a different theme each day to support a drug-free student environment.

R e g i n a W o y n a r '95, K-4 Counselor, started the food drive five years ago, when Propel Montour opened its doors. The pantry is something Regina always remembered from her days at OLSH and is happy to pass on its importance. Regina said, "I believe that it is never too early to teach students to become more altruistic. I specifically donate to Our Lady's Pantry because I know that the food is staying local to help families in the neighborhoods that our students live in." This year, Propel Montour students collected 2,000 cans for Our Lady's Pantry. What an amazing way to give back to the community!

Save the Date

2001 b e n j a m i n j o h n s is currently serving in the Army as a Warrant Officer and is attending Helicopter Flight School. Upon completion, he will become a 152h AH-64D Attach Helicopter pilot. G e o r g e (D a n ) P r a s k o v i c h appeared on the TV show The Price is Right on October 17th and won a diamond bracelet and a trip to Venice, Italy, which

March 31, 2012 Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Airport Join us as we honor


BIRTHS Karen (Miller) Barowsky ’90 and her husband welcomed their third child, Denver Jett Barowsky, on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011. He arrived 6 weeks early and required some time in NICU before coming home to his sisters Tabitha, 8, and Natasha, 3. Denver is now doing well and is a great addition to the family. Beth (Arduini) Ross '92 welcomed her second child, Jacob Michael Ross in June 2011. Jacob joins his 4 year old brother Noah and the family resides in Dormont

Elizabeth (Geinzer) Lim '96 and her husband welcomed their daughter, Olivia Catherin on May 3, 2011. She joins her brother Xavier who turned two years old in October. Jessica (Zerishnek) Sellman '02 welcomed her third child, Elizabeth Catherine, on September 22, 2011. Elizabeth weighed 6lbs. 15 oz. and was 18 inches long. Her brother Zachary and sister Sarah were very happy to finally meet her!

C h e l s i e (B e t z ) F i k e ’03 and her husband Rick welcomed their first daughter, Myriam Grace Fike, on May 25, 2011. She was 7.5lbs and 20 inches long. J a m i e (H u f n a g e l) Z y r o l l ’04 and her husband Nicholas welcomed their first child, Brody James Zyroll on June 29, 2011 weighing 9lbs 7oz. D a n i e l l e (S c i u l l i ) K a c z u r '07 and her husband welcomed their son, Christopher Joseph on June 6, 2011.

In Memoriam Carie Lynn (Zora) Adams ‘90 July 12, 2011 Mary Lou (Sanders) Cross ‘87 July 2, 2011 Sister of Martin Sanders ‘85 Sr. M. Elaine Rosiak '31 August 21, 2011 Carol Yankanich August 22, 2011 Mother of Nick Yankanich '96

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Attention Alumni: Have you 'liked' Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Alumni on Facebook yet? Thanks to Craig Kwasniewski '93 and Jill Ammon '92, OLSH has an updated Alumni page on Facebook, so you can stay up-to-date on happenings with other alumni, reunion information and all things OLSH. 20 • WWW.OLSH.ORG

Anthony A. Pengidore September 25, 2011 Husband of Elisa Piccirilli Pengidore ‘77 Roger LaBarge October 4, 2011 Father of Shane LaBarge '11 Sr. M. David Krasowski '38 October 14, 2011 Joellyn Rae Mihaloew November 2, 2011 Sister-in-law of OLSH teacher, Jack Mihaloew

OLSH Alumni Night Chargers Boys Basketball Friday, January 13th 7:30 p.m. at the AAC More information to come at and on the Alumni Facebook page.

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OLSH junior, Merritt Donoghue, in Lourdes, France this summer as part of the Order of Malta's 18th Annual Youth Pilgrimage and Elizabeth Greggs '09 on San Cristobal Island

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