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FALL 2009

Rooted in Tradition

Forward in Hope

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OLSHighlights Fall 2009

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ON THE COVER: Sr. M. Augustine Grajewski '36, Sheila O'Sullivan '10, Vincent Smith '12, & Sr. M. Pulcheria Saukaitis '38 stand in OLSH's Tisch Family Library.

Rooted in Tradition Forward in Hope Dear Friend of OLSH, That cool, crisp air means that fall is upon us, and school is back in session. Certain traditions mark the beginning of every new school year: buying new clothes, learning locker combinations, following a new routine. More specific to us are the fall traditions at OLSH: the opening blessing service on the front lawn, Meet the Teachers night, and the fall sports pep rally. Many OLSH traditions were established by the Felician Sisters. For example, Ring Day, which you will read more about on page 13, dates back at least to 1954. Others, like Charger Challenge, have evolved as the school has changed and grown. Firmly rooted in tradition, we tackle the challenges that face Catholic education today: sustainability, financial stability, viability, affordability, and commitment. We look to the future with a great sense of hope. As it always has been for OLSH, the way is led by our Felician Sisters. After 135 years of operating within a multi-provincial structure in North America, they step boldly into their future as a consolidated province. Their faith and courage give us confidence to advance our mission. On November 21, 2009, the eight Felician provinces in North America consolidate to one, called Our Lady of Hope. The new North American headquarters will be located in North Sewickley Township, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. More than 850 Felician Sisters will populate the new province, and the provincial council will be composed of one sister from each of the eight existing provinces: Coraopolis; Buffalo, NY; Chicago, IL; Enfield, CT; Livonia, MI; Lodi, NJ; Mississauga, Ontario; and Rio Rancho, NM. In April of this year, Sr. Mary Christopher Moore, CSSF, was elected provincial minister of the new province. With our own Sr. Chris at the helm, we know to expect great things from Our Lady of Hope province. Consolidation gives the sisters more than 20 sponsored ministries, one of which is OLSH. The sheer number of sponsored ministries caused the sisters to ask OLSH to become financially independent. We are making great strides toward meeting this request and have pledged to the sisters that we will continue their good work without decreasing their balance sheet. We are able to accomplish these goals because you, our constituents, have partnered with us. As you read in our recent Advancement Review, last year in the worst economy since the Great Depression, you increased your annual giving to OLSH by 142%. We thank you for your tremendous response to our call to take an ownership stake in OLSH, and we look forward to your continued support. Holding firm to our traditions, it is with great hope that we look forward to our future, one in which the Felician Sisters play a very important role and one in which OLSH stands on its own two feet.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, pray for us!

Elizabeth Santillo President


Three Generations

Keeping an OLSH Tradition Alive was best and supported her desire to attend Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. In the fall of 1946, Anne and several o f h e r f r i e n ds f r o m t h e Coraopolis neighborhood began making the daily climb up Montour Street to arrive for morning prayers and the start of the school day.

OLSH had a vastly different population then as an allgirls school with many graduates joining the Felician Sisters. Anne was one of seven who received a diploma as the class of 1950. Anne chose not to pursue a religious vocation, but did choose to continue her formal education after OLSH by attending Robert Morris University. Anne’s favorite Anne (Lapore) Korowitz ‘50, & grandson Alex Truzzi ‘12 subject in school was English and she shared her writing talents as a member of The Clarion staff. It’s not surprising that BY THERESA LONG ‘86 her first career ambition was to become n a tradition usually reserved for an English teacher. However, she took colleges, one family sees OLSH through the advice of her parents and attained a business degree. In her eyes it all turned three generations with a story that begins out well in the end because she met her in 1946. husband while working in the human resources department at Pittsburgh Coke In the years that followed WWII, many Americans sought a place where they and Chemical. could feel safe again. Having experienced the war through the deployment of her Anne and her husband stayed in the area to raise a family. As family took brothers, ANNE (LAPORE) KOROWITZ precedence, Anne’s high school days ‘ 5 0 wa s l i k e w i s e faded further from memory until it looking for a was time for her daughter, SUSAN s a f e h a v e n , (KOROWITZ) TRUZZI ’84, to choose a high school. Anne was surprised that a peaceful OLSH had continued to thrive and place to spend h e r h i g h decided to take Susan there for a tour. In school days. 1980 when Anne and Susan toured Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the school’s Raised in a f a i t h - f i l l e d , enrollment had greatly increased as a result of the recent change to coed Italian home, Anne’s family status. Anne was secretly hoping Susan believed that would choose to attend her alma mater. However, Susan was of a different Anne (Lapore) Korowitz ‘50 a C a t h o l i c e d u c a t i o n mindset, thinking perhaps it was time for



a change after nine years of Catholic school at S t . J o s e p h ’s Grade School. Therefore, she agreed to visit b u t d i d n ’t expect to attend. While on the tour, Susan met a Susan (Korowitz) Truzzi ‘84 number of her mother’s schoolmates who were current faculty members and enjoyed listening to them share stories of their time at OLSH. In the end, the familiarity, comfort, and closeness of the school won out and Susan became the second generation in the family to call OLSH home. Susan excelled academically at OLSH and had many extracurricular hobbies and interests of her own. Although she enjoyed her English classes, Susan’s gift was in the areas of math and science. A fascination with pharmacy began for Susan at a young age when she was introduced to the field through a neighbor and family friend, Ralph. Susan remembered that Ralph was “such a nice guy and my parents sought and trusted his advice.” “I could do that,” she thought and with the support of her parents whose career advice was to do something you like, Susan headed to Duquesne University to major in Pharmacy. After graduating, Susan worked many years as a store pharmacist and it was the career she loved. Susan says her experience at OLSH influenced that choice. Furthermore, OLSH’s distinctive atmosphere provided for a very unique high school experience, one that lives on through friendships and community bonds: “Small and close enough to be family yet spread out over the districts. It also allows opportunity to broaden  continued on page 3

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School

Legacy Students 2009-2010


n the 2009-2010 school year a number of OLSH alumni gave the school their greatest gift … they gave OLSH their sons or daughters. OLSH would like to thank these alumni for entrusting OLSH to educate their sons or daughters. We encourage all area alumni to give their children what they received years ago … an OLSH education. If you are interested in your child pursuing their education at OLSH in the Classes of 2014, 2015, or 2016, contact the OLSH Admissions Office at (412) 262-3300 or

Class of 2010 Alexandra Colteryahn . . . . . . . . . Melissa Price-Colteryahn ‘85 Sapata Pessiki. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jennifer (Hamer) Imasher ‘88 Cody Petro. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tina (Maggi) Petro ‘78 Class of 2011 Rebecca Bosetti . . . . . . . . . . . Patrick & Kim (Logue) Bosetti ‘83 Nathan Duncan . . . . . Todd & Danette (Colantoni) Duncan ‘86 Erika Pentland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael Pentland ‘76 Michael Phillips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tonya (Betzler) Phillips ‘91 Jim Pifko. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jim & Kathleen (Hetzer) Pifko ‘80 Class of 2012 Kacie Colteryahn . . . . . . . . . . . . . Melissa Price-Colteryahn ’85 John Mottiqua. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diane (Willcock) Mottiqua ‘86 Alex Truzzi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Susan (Korowitz) Truzzi ‘84 Jackie Weisser. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raymond Weisser ‘78

OLSH Alumni Kathy (Hertzer) & Jim Piffko ‘80 with children Kelly ‘07 & James ‘11

Class of 2013 Blaze Campbell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kym (Blasko) Campbell ‘86 Alexis Clark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Melissa (Hober) Clark '89 Dominic DeSalle . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rosanna (Pitassi) DeSalle ‘78 Sarah Duncan. . . . . . . Todd & Danette (Colantoni) Duncan ‘86 Collin Fanelli . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dr. Neal Fanelli ‘77 Nicholas Mulvay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rebecca (Gasper) Mulvay ‘91 Morgan Osheka . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jeff Osheka ‘82 Rachel Petro. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tina (Maggi) Petro ‘78

Three Generations: Keeping an OLSH Tradition Alive  continued from page 2 your horizons and having friends in different neighborhoods was a fantastic experience. The size also lets you get to know personally the classes ahead of and behind you, which is part of the reason that you run into familiar OLSH faces everywhere.” Anne and Susan agree the familial feel, the sense of connection and caring was important to both of them and is what makes OLSH a special place.

Susan (Korowitz) Truzzi ‘84 & mom Anne (Lapore) Korowitz '50 at the Legacy Gala

That sense of connection continued, and the family strengthened that bond by staying updated with OLSH news and always reading OLSHighlights. In 2002, Anne and Susan decided to attend the alumni tour of the OLSH campus following the Green Renovation. Both were impressed with the “new” OLSH,

and Anne was again struck by the school’s longevity and success. The visit gave mother and daughter a chance to reminisce, sharing favorite OLSH memories and running into classmates and friends who likewise had tales to tell. This sense of connection, comfort, and family impressed Susan’s young son, ALEX TRUZZI ’12, who was along on the tour and who, unknown to all, decided at that moment to carry on the family OLSH tradition. When the time came for Alex to choose a high school, Susan suggested he explore all the options, concerned that she and Grandma represented too much of an OLSH presence. However, “he didn’t even want to look at the others. It was his only choice” Susan said. Alex’s alumni mother and grandmother are thrilled to share their alma mater and know that Alex is already making many wonderful OLSH memories that he may share with generations to come. 


Legacy Gala and Auction

Celebrating the OLSH Legacy as a Community

by Taylor Belloma ‘11


n May 9, 2009, the Legacy Gala and Auction was held at the Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Airport. The event was held to celebrate the mission of OLSH and to honor two special individuals who have greatly influenced our school. The enjoyable night was planned by the OLSH Advancement Team and the Gala Committee Members. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was asked to be a student volunteer at the Legacy Gala. I expected there to be many parents and teachers in attendance but I was surprised! People came from everywhere to celebrate the OLSH legacy. In addition to the many parents and teachers were three tables of Felician Sisters, a table of Sisters of St. Joseph, coaches, staff, alumni, and many more members of the OLSH community. The alumni in attendance admired the OLSH memorabilia on display. The display featured yearbooks, OLSH apparel, and photographs from as early as the first graduating class of 1935. Some of the alumni took great pride in pointing out their photographs to me. I thought it was interesting to see how the school and uniforms have changed over the years. After a sit-down dinner, the bidding opened! Raffles began and included Steelers tickets, the senior quilt, a Wii, an afghan made by Sister Pulcheria, and chocolate truffles. A silent auction featured over 133 baskets and gifts. Popular items were a reserved parking spot for a student in the upper lot and reserved seating at the 2009 graduation ceremony. When the silent auction came to a close, Ms. Santillo, our president, proceeded to honor two significant figures in OLSH history with the Legacy Award. The first recipient, Sister Christopher, has served as a teacher, principal and provincial minister of OLSH. She was principal when the Angela Activities Center was


built and was on the planning team for the green renovations. In April 2009, Sister Christopher was elected as provincial of the new Our Lady of Hope Province. As an OLSH student, it was amazing to learn of the many contributions she has made to our school community. Sister Christopher has played a huge part in making the school what it is today.

Gala volunteers: Taylor Belloma '11, Luke Collie

The second recipient, Bill Wolf, was a long time-friend and benefactor to OLSH. He created Youthtowne Young Scholars and the class mentor program. He also owned Youthtowne, where many of our sports teams play. As a Youthtowne Young Scholar, it was nice to see Mr. Wolf honored for all that he has done for OLSH. He devoted his life to ensure that a quality Catholic education was accessible to all students. Mrs. Mary Wolf accepted the Legacy Award on his behalf and gave a loving speech in memory of her husband. The night was concluded with an exciting live auction. Parents, faculty, and friends raised their paddles to bid on items such as a hot air balloon ride, Walt Disney World tickets, and lunch with the mayor. When the plans for the new Angela Activities Center were revealed, Sister Christopher was pleasantly surprised and honored to learn that the concession area in the renovated gym will be called the Sister Christopher Café. Many alumni, parents, and friends then had the opportunity to sponsor the purchase of tables and chairs to fill the Café. The evening was an incredible success, with many items won and a good time had by all. After not knowing what to expect, I really enjoyed volunteering at the Legacy Gala. Meeting alumni, parents, and friends of our school was a rewarding experience because it helped me to better understand the mission of OLSH. I’m sure all Gala attendees will agree it will be hard to top such a wonderful and entertaining event. 

OLSH President Elizabeth Santillo, Legacy Award & Sr. M. Christopher Moore '63, and OLSH Princip




d Winners Mrs. Mary Wolf, pal Sr. M. Francine Horos '68

Sa a y id ol ac 路H 10 , 20 Leprig l 17

er '11, & Sierra Hooge '11

G e Dat e! y a In l n Pi a tts bu 2 0 r 1 gh A

Current OLSH Parents Amy & Dr. Neal Fanelli '77

Jim & Joan Michel with Mary Wolf and her son, Ron Wolf


irpo rt

The New Angela Activities Center

The Sister Mary Christopher Moore Café


r. Mary Christopher Moore ’63 became principal at OLSH in 1977 and held that position until 1995. When she left the principal position to become Provincial Secretary, student enrollment was at its highest p o i n t i n s c h o o l h i s t o r y, and that growth trend has continued through current times. A visionary leader, Sr. Chris established myriad programs in the school, a l wa y s w i t h a n e y e f o r meeting the students’ needs. She is a faithful champion of keeping tuition costs affordable for all families. There are few aspects of today’s OLSH that were not influenced in some way by Sr. Chris’ strong leadership.

To honor her legacy in our school, OLSH announced at the Legacy Gala that the gathering and dining space at the renovated Angela Activities Center will

be known as the Sister Mary Christopher Moore Café. Legacy Gala attendees responded in droves to “Fund the Vision,” sponsoring tables and chairs to outfit the new space. Each donor’s name will appear within the Sr. Chris Café, a lasting tribute to one of our most faithful and faith-filled leaders. I f yo u a r e i n t e r e s t e d in honoring Sr. Chris by funding this vision, please visit www.olsh. org/cafe.htm 

Architectural rendering of the Sister Mary Christopher Moore Café

Blessed Angela Society T

he Blessed Angela Society was created to honor the individuals who have shown uncommon commitment to OLSH through gift planning. Individuals or foundations are eligible for membership in the Blessed Angela Society if they choose OLSH to be the recipient of gifts when they become available in the future by way of various occurrences; for example, through a retirement plan, IRA, or life insurance policy.

Planned giving builds the endowment fund for the school, therefore the donor is supporting tuition assistance, faculty support, and the expansion of academic and extracurricular activities. The success of the endowment fund ensures continued and increased vitality of OLSH from one generation to the next. Without such gracious benefactors, the long future that is paved in front of OLSH 6 • WWW.OLSH.ORG

would not be as secure. OLSH values the members of the Blessed Angela Society, considers them as very dear friends, and actively keeps them very involved with the school. If you qualify for membership, but are not yet listed as a member in our records, please let us know! To learn more about creating a planned gift to help continue OLSH’s legacy of excellence for future generations, please contact Cheryl Karashin, Director of Advancement at (412) 2697726 or 

“ We k n o w t h a t , w i t h o u t a d d i t i o n a l s u p p o r t , t h e e x c e l l e n t C a t h o l i c e d u c a t i o n p ro v i d e d a t O L S H w i l l s o m e d a y n o l o n g e r b e a v a i l a b l e .  We believe that excellent Catholic education is vital to our Church, our community, our nation AND our world. That is why we offer continuing support to OLSH.” Douglas & Angela Marvin Alumni Parents of Mariangela (Marvin) Peters ’92 and Teriangela (Marvin) Abbett ‘96 Blessed Angela Society Members

Barbara Desman:

Sowing Seeds for Future Success

by taylor duncan ‘03


ince 1987, Barbara Desman has been a catalyst for learning at OLSH – provoking thought, challenging perceptions, and igniting a passion for the written word in her students. Bold and idiosyncratic declarations resound through her classroom:

“Fantazmagoria! Fabulash! Dénouement!” These words echo off the walls and lastingly lodge themselves in students’ brains, taking up permanent residence like the ficus tree in the corner of her classroom. Barbara Desman was originally drawn to teaching because she found that the structure of the school year made it possible for a woman to work and raise a family. Coupled with her love of literature, teaching English was a natural choice. After graduating from Marygrove College in Detroit, Mrs. Desman taught for five years, and during that time, obtained her master’s degree. She has been married to her “wonderful husband, Bob” for 35 years this November and they reside in Upper St. Clair. Mrs. Desman took ten years off to raise their two children before returning to teaching and accepting a position at OLSH. Her children are grown, live in Chicago and New York City, and work in the banking industry. Mrs. Desman’s involvement at OLSH has always incorporated the classroom and beyond. She has taught Freshman English, reading, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, AP Literature and Scholar, speech, journalism, and broadcast journalism. At the beginning of her OLSH career, she moderated The Clarion, the school newspaper, as well as OLSH Only Originals, the school literary magazine, now known as OLSH Echo.

Dinner of the Seven Fishes, to the Polish Easter Celebration with blessed baskets, and on to the Indian Festival of Lights. She also remembers one particular student who as a freshman in reading class never picked up a book. Mrs. Desman then observed that same student as a senior – completely enthralled by a book chosen for her senior paper, discussing a multitude of ideas for the project, and producing an inspiring, thoughtprovoking essay. Mrs. Desman’s years of inspirational teaching also bring to mind a student of AP British Literature who composed and performed an original piece of piano music as a creative response to a poem. The music captivated Mrs. Desman and the student’s fellow peers. Today, that student works in New York in off-Broadway productions. Mrs. Desman fondly notes that a number of her former students are now teachers themselves. Her innate ability to foster a love for learning and literature, ignite the imagination, and cement a foundation for future success has imprinted itself on many who have long left OLSH’s classrooms behind. As an OLSH alumnae and former student of Mrs. Desman, I can personally attest to her extraordinary skill as a teacher and mentor. The inspiration behind my pursuit of two master’s degrees – Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh and Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University – in addition to a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Duquesne University all began in Mrs. Desman’s Freshman English class as various literary works and expansive vocabulary terms were planted in my head, firmly taking root like the omnipresent ficus. When asked about her plans for the future, Mrs. Desman intends to teach for as long as it makes her happy and students provide rich soil for personal and professional growth: “I feel like I am a gardener of sorts, only my flowers are these wonderful human beings who do not see their own beauty, intellect and power. I plant, prune, and nurture their brains to help them blossom into the human beings they were meant to be”. 

Mrs. Desman continues to oversee OLSH Echo in addition to teaching World Literature, AP World Literature, and WCHR Talent and Reading. However, her responsibilities do not stop there. Mrs. Desman had served on the Discipline Board at OLSH and currently presides as Chair of the Academic Council. Additionally, she holds title as Middle States Coordinator, deeply involving herself in the Middle States accreditation process for OLSH. When asked about her crowning achievement as an English teacher, Mrs. Desman proudly proclaims that her greatest success has been “bringing students to a level of intellectual activity and achievement that they thought they could never attain”. She recalls the many senior project presentations where students created everything from the Italian Christmas Eve

Mrs. Desman chats with her students during class.


Jane Lucci

The Story of Our Alma Mater

by Cheryl Karashin, Director of Advancement


very student and faculty member that has walked the halls of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School during the past fifty-five years has taken part in an OLSH tradition, the singing of the school’s alma mater. The words are sung at events throughout the year, from school assemblies to Ring Day. The alma mater may arguably have the most significance when sung by the senior class on their graduation day. The words remind one of times gone by and memories experienced at OLSH. For each, the song may provoke different memories, but for one graduate of the class of 1954, the alma mater holds special meaning and memories.

When I called Mrs. JANE (Wojtkowski) LUCCI ’54 a few months ago requesting her permission to write her story of the alma mater for OLSHighlights, I received a much different response than I ever expected. She responded, “I am totally surprised to hear that this song is still being used as the school song. I thought by now, some other musical OLSH student would pen something far better than I did in 1954.” Although a little uneasy about being recognized for her place in OLSH history, Jane agreed to tell her story of the song she wrote so many years ago and left behind to the school without any intentions or ambitions of its becoming the alma mater. Pope Pius declared that 1954 would be a Marian Year, the first in Church history. The year would be spent honoring the Virgin Mother, and would include sermons and discussions geared at deepening Catholics’ devotion to Mary. While the Blessed Virgin Mary was always central to the teachings at OLSH, Sr. Cecelia, principal of OLSH at the time, wanted to pay homage to her in a special way. When all of the day students and boarders were called to the Lecture Hall by Sr. Cecelia, there was concern over the impending fate of the young women present. Much to their surprise and relief, that particular morning’s discussion 8 • WWW.OLSH.ORG

would not involve any punishment or words of reprimand. Instead, Sr. Cecelia announced that a contest would take place to write a song to the Blessed Virgin Mary in honor of t h e M arian Year. The song would be sung at an assembly later in the year and on graduation day.

Across the hills and valleys Resounds this blessed name. Of Mary Queen and Mother Whose virtues we proclaim. To follow her example Is something we wish to do, So listen lovely maiden, We dedicate this song to you:

bells would ring in the morning, at noon for the Angelus, and at 5:00 for the Benediction. T h e b e l l s wo u l d resonate throughout much of the neighboring area, and Jane and the other young women at OLSH knew the bells tolled in honor of Mary. It was in that time of reflection that the words came to her, “Across the hills and valleys, resounds this blessed name, o f M a r y, Q u e e n and Mother, whose virtues we proclaim.”

Jane, a senior at the Dear Lady of our high school, time, had always We pledge our loyalty, loved music. She often spent her free To follow your example time, especially on Sundays when Of truth and purity. n o v i s i t o r s we r e Through all the years allowed, in the choir loft practicing Ahead of us, the organ or in the We never wish to part, OLSH holds music room on a very special the piano. It was From you, p l a c e i n J a n e ’s only natural that our Leader and our Patron, heart. Attending s h e wo u l d w r i t e “the academy” is a song to present Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, something that to Sr. Cecelia. She Our Lady of the Sacred Heart she feels cannot remembers being be explained, in the music room but is only understood by the other pounding out the notes on the keys of the young women who shared the special piano. “It was just what came out at the experience. After singing the song with time. It came so quickly,” she recalls. her seven classmates at their graduation, Jane first composed the refrain. The J a n e l e f t t h e s o n g t o O L S H . S h e admittedly did not think about the song Blessed Virgin Mother was central to much after that. She went on to pursue the teachings of the Felician Sisters. a bachelor’s degree in music education at Therefore, Jane and her classmates were Duquesne University. She taught for nine always being taught to have Mary as a role model: to dress like Mary, to act like years in various Catholic schools, before deciding to stay at home to raise her two Mary, to model themselves after Mary. sons. She remembers being repeatedly told by the Sisters, ‘if you need something from Jane has stayed connected with OLSH Jesus, go to His Mother, He will not deny since her graduation. Over the years her. Those experiences are echoed in the refrain. She then needed to compose a s h e h a s a l w a y s e n j o y e d r e a d i n g suitable introduction. Jane’s inspiration OLSHighlights, although never filling out for the introduction was all around her. the alumni update portion, thinking “no one would be interested in hearing that She looked out the window of OLSH over the landscape and heard the chapel  continued on page 9 bells ringing. This too was a regular occurrence of her life while at OLSH: the

Where in the World T

his month, OLSHighlights magazine traveled across the globe from Philidelphia to Brazil. The question is: where in the world can you take OLSHighlights? Our alumni live and travel across the country and around the world. Now it’s

Director of Admissions & Communication MICHAEL CERCHIARO ‘96, OLSH President Elizabeth Santillo, and Director of Advancement Cheryl Karashin pose at Fenway Park while attending a conference in Boston, MA.

ROGENE (FALBO) CLARK ‘63 and OLSH Principal Sr. M. Francine Horos ‘68 in front of the Liberty Bell in Philidelphia, PA.

your chance to show us the places you live, work, and visit. Send a photo of yourself holding your OLSHighlights and a description of the location and why you are there to alumni@ We can’t wait to see all the places you’ve been! 

Sr. M. Cabrini PROCOPIO ‘59 with the Kenyan Felician Sisters who minister at the hospice for AIDS victims in Nanyuki, Kenya.

Sr. M. JUSTICE PRZYBoCKI ‘54 with children from the “favella” in Uberaba, Brazil.

Jane Lucci - Alma Mater  continued from page 8 she was happily married with two sons and a grandson.” Jane and her classmates regularly get together and they celebrated their 55 year reunion just this past spring. She visits OLSH from time to time, most recently for the prayer service for Sr. Jeremiah, her homeroom teacher, who passed away on July 13, 2009. While reflecting on the words she penned so long ago for an all girls school taught solely by Felician Sisters, Jane considered the relevance of her words to the new generation of OLSH students and alumni. Although OLSH has changed in appearance, size, and diversity of the student population, the philosophy, values

and tradition in which the school is rooted remain the same. The Blessed Mother has remained a role model and a significant figure in Jane’s life, as she had hoped when writing the words: “Through all the years ahead of us, We never wish to part, From you our Leader and our Patron.” Jane’s prayer for the students and alumni of OLSH is that they “will never part from either the memories of being at OLSH or from the protection and guidance of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.” To hear the OLSH alma mater, visit html. 


New on Campus

AAC Renovation Update


s you walk through the front doors, you stop at the concession stand for a snack before heading upstairs to the Sr. Mary Christopher Moore Café. You take a seat and bask in the sunlight pouring through the windows. After some refueling and rest, you reflect on what to do next. How about lift in the new weight room? Practice Pilates in the fitness room? Study for a bit in one of the classrooms? Maybe head downstairs and stake a spot on the expanded bleachers, gearing up for the upcoming playoff game? Or catch any number of sports practices going on in the auxiliary gym? This is not an elite health club and no membership is required. This is the newly renovated Angela Activities Center. Construction of the Angela Activities Center began in July 2009. LF Gilberti Architects are responsible for the architectural design and Sota Construction Services, Inc. is the general contractor. Sota is also responsible for the major renovation of the high school completed in 2003. The original project earned LEED GOLD certification through the United States Green Building Council for its green construction elements. The project now serves as a model for green renovation, and the Angela Activities Center will soon fit this mold as well. In fact, the completion of the AAC green renovation will serve as the final step to making the entire OLSH campus environmentally friendly. Construction is still in its infancy, having only begun this summer. Yet so far, the 10 • WWW.OLSH.ORG

right side wall of the gym has been moved back 15 to 20 feet to allow room for more bleachers. As construction continues, three sections of the roof will be raised to accommodate natural daylight, a green feature. New heating, ventilating, air conditioning, electricity, safety and sprinkler systems will be installed. Behind the gymnasium, a twostory auxiliary gym will be attached to the main gymnasium. The auxiliary gym will also house four new locker rooms and three to four new storage rooms. A second floor mezzanine will lead to a weight room and fitness room directly above the gymnasium. Additionally, the front of the AAC has been torn down to accommodate a two-floor addition. The first floor will include a new concession stand and offices, and the second floor will feature the Sr. Mary Christopher Moore Café as well as two classrooms. Once renovation is complete, the building will be a very vibrant structure throughout the day and into the evening. Students will be encouraged to use the AAC for their personal physical fitness. Students will be able to come and use the weight room or study in a classroom during free period. It is a space for students to play, learn, and grow both physically and mentally. The $5 million renovation is a joint venture between the Felician Sisters and t h e O L S H c o m m u n i t y. Funding from alumni and friends of OLSH will help secure not only completion of construction, but the a c h i e ve m e n t o f a t o t a l l y

green campus. Additionally, the newly renovated AAC will offer many options for physical education classes, allow more flexibility for sports teams, and provide ample space for assemblies, graduation ceremonies, and playoff games. Coach Mac, whose excitement regarding the renovation is palpable, elaborated upon the numerous benefits the new facility will offer for the OLSH community. Physical education will take on a new, open-ended meaning. Coach Mac intends on offering something that is an attraction to every student, whether it is a sport or non-sport: “Just as long as it’s a physical activity, it’s fair game. Whatever your activity of choice is…for some it’s rollerblading, dancing, running, fitness walking, bicycling, Pilates, aerobics, football. It doesn’t matter what activity it is as long as it promotes lifelong fitness and health.” Aside from physical education classes, the renovation will obviously impact athletics at OLSH. With the addition of the auxiliary gym, two to three teams may now practice at the same time. As a result, student athletes will finish practice and get home sooner. Another benefit of the renovation will be increased seating capacity, allowing for the comfortable accommodation of 625 people in the gymnasium. For the first time, OLSH will be capable of hosting playoff games. However, sports will not be the only event provided proper accommodation. Graduation ceremonies

will be much more comfortable as will other events such as school assemblies, talent shows and pep rallies. Completion of the AAC r e n o va t i o n i s s l a t e d f o r Summer 2010. In the meantime, excitement continues to build over the new facility and all of the opportunities it will provide. Now, you may be wondering what the school is doing regarding athletics and physical education while construction is underway. Coach Mac fills us in: “Right now, I have to be flexible, as do the

students. It is very open ended and students are coming up with their own ideas, asking if they can bring in their bikes or rollerblade. They’ve already asked what we’re doing if it’s snowing outside. We’re sled riding of course. We have to adapt. But really, in the words of President Santillo, what we’re doing is dealing with a temporary inconvenience for the sake of permanent

improvement.” Next year will certainly be a huge year for OLSH: a new facility, a new football team, and the achievement of a completely green campus. 


OLSH Athletic Boosters

2009 Hall of Fame Induction


he OLSH Athletic Boosters welcomed four new members into the OLSH Hall of Fame on Saturday, August 8th at an honorary dinner held at the school in Founders Hall. Inductees and coaches were given the opportunity to reconnect, and the event proved to be an emotional and memorable occasion. The evening began with a welcoming address by OLSH President, Elizabeth Santillo. The event then proceeded to individually recognize each inductee and his or her athletic achievements.

THOMAS V. GOODWIN ‘92 overcame physical handicaps to join OLSH’s cross country team his freshman year, eventually serving as team co-captain in his senior year and receiving the 1990 Golden Crutch Award. After graduating from Muskingum College, Tom returned to Pittsburgh and served as assistant coach of the OLSH team for a year. He currently works as a senior accountant for Cronimet Corporation and resides in Avalon, PA with his wife and two children.

KATIE JAROCKI ‘03 spent her four years at OLSH running cross country and track and EDWARD PLUCINSKI as a cheerleader, serving ‘82 was an OLSH trias captain in her senior athlete, playing soccer, year. Katie received the basketball, and baseball Jack Hinds, OLSH Athletic Booster President, Katie Jarocki, Edward Plucinski, OLSH Scholar Athlete during his years at Thomas Goodwin, Michael Pungock, & Elizabeth Santillo, OLSH President of the Year and OLSH OLSH. He was awarded A t h l e t e o f t h e Ye a r the Scholar Athlete awards in her senior year. Her successful high school running Award as a sophomore and the Scholastic Sport Award as a career allowed her to run cross country for Mercyhurst College, junior and senior. After graduating in 1982, Ed earned a degree in civil engineering from the Virginia Military Institute. He and she continues to run in local and regional races today. She currently teaches Spanish and French at Middleborough School currently resides in Newport News, Virginia with his wife and District outside of Boston, MA. two children. TIMOTHY PLUCINSKI ‘91, like his brother, was an OLSH triathlete, playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. Tim was named WPIAL Finest 15 in Soccer and WPIAL All-Star in Baseball. In his junior year he received the OLSH Male Athlete of the Year Award. Tim graduated from La Roche College and later received his master’s degree in environmental science from Alaska Pacific University. He currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife and two children. Tim’s award was accepted on his behalf by his nephew Michael Pungock.

In her remarks, President Santillo summed up the spirit of the event as well as the faith-driven mission of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart: “At OLSH, our mission is to challenge our graduates to cooperate with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world, and these four fine inductees demonstrate that they are up to that challenge.” 

From the Archives F

rom time to time in OLSHighlights you will see pictures of items from our school archives. In this edition you can find an image of an original invitation to the 1954 Ring Day, an original hand written copy of our school’s alma mater, as well as several photos from the

school’s earlier days. We are always looking to add new treasures to our archives. If you have any items that you would like to contribute to the OLSH archives please contact Cheryl Karashin, Director of Advancement at (412) 269-7726 or c1932


Then and Now:

OLSH’s Ring Day Through the Years 1957-The Sophomores’ rings arrived late in November of the following year. At this time the students were well into their junior year! This outcome was pivotal for the Ring Day ceremony: the event would from now on occur during junior year and be held in November, close to the 21st as a tribute to the day the Congregation of Felician Sisters was founded in 1855. 1967-Principal and class of 1968 alumnae, Sr. M. Francine Horos recalls: “The reception was also open to sophomores so they would know what to expect the following year. Families were not included at that time.” 1977-Staff member and OLSH alumnae of 1978, C hristine M. Glatz, remembers a very unique roller skating Ring Day experience, where all the juniors would head to the local roller skating rink for the day. She remembers it as an event in which friends and fellow classmates bonded. Ring Day was held during the day, and classes were cancelled in honor of the celebration. It was a momentous occasion and Christine recalls to this day the outfit that she wore in honor of the celebration.


ur Lady of the Sacred Heart is ever e vo l v i n g , b u t t h e u p h o l d i n g o f tradition has set our high school apart and strengthened its reputation as a loving yet challenging Catholic community. Our Then and Now section will reflect on past traditions and demonstrate how these practices carry on into OLSH’s future. In its debut edition, Then and Now will take you on a journey through OLSH’s past to celebrate Ring Day – a tradition that began in 1954. This year marks the 55th anniversary of Ring Day which will take place on November 19, 2009. 1954-Our first records of Ring Day appear. At this time, it was known as “Sophomore Ring Day” and the event was held at the end of the school year, usually in May.

was really special to me because it meant I was an upperclassman at OLSH; it meant that I was growing up and would soon be ready to branch off into college.” 2009-Class of 2011’s Ring Day Ceremony will be held on November 19, 2009. During the Ring Day ceremony, students are instructed to turn their rings. The turning of the ring often symbolizes a rotation from its inward position to an outward reflection upon the world, showing that, as graduation draws near, the student is ready to take on the responsibilities of an upperclassman. At OLSH, Ring Day symbolizes more than “blessing and giving class rings”. It is a day that marks a transition from youth to adulthood. Now that you’ve heard from us, we want to hear from you! For the next segment of Then and Now, we are taking a look at uniforms throughout OLSH’s history. Do you remember what your school uniform or gym uniform looked like? We would love to hear your stories and see pictures. E-mail your experiences and memories along with your name and class year to Feel free to suggest themes or events for future installments of Then and Now. 

1985-Class of 1986 & OLSH Faculty Member, Theresa Long remembers her Ring Day as the first opportunity to dress up and enjoy a sit-down dinner with fellow classmates and friends. At the time, dances were not held as frequently as they are now so this was the first time Theresa and classmates truly felt like upperclassmen. 1999-Class of 2000’s Ring Day Ceremony was planned by the seniors (class of 1999) along with the help of a faculty member. After receiving their class rings, the juniors gathered together in singing the OLSH Alma Mater. Following the ceremony, the seniors planned a dinner and dance for the juniors. 2005-Kathleen Berarducci, OLSH alumna of 2006, states that, “Ring day OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOL • 13

What’s Happening Around OLSH New Faces at OLSH


ith the start of the 2009 - 2010 school year, there are several new faces joining the ranks of OLSH’s faculty. Additionally, OLSH has created two new positions as we continue to grow and position ourselves for the future. Provided are brief biographies highlighting each faculty member’s professional background and newly-acquired job functions at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School: A nita B erar d i takes on a new role at OLSH as Adaptive Curriculum C o o r d i n a t o r. S h e will be meeting with teachers, students, and parents, observing classes and serving as a resource for the school community. She has a bachelor ’s degree in Education from Edinboro University. Anita has over 20 years of experience in the field of education as a teacher and administrator.

Jacob King teaches the Latin classes and is also teaching two freshman religion classes. He graduated from Franciscan University in May 2009 with a B. A. in Theology and a minor in philosophy. He plans to continue his studies at Duquesne University, working towards a master ’s degree in theology. Jacob also spent a semester abroad in Austria and had the opportunity to visit Rome, Assisi, Paris, and Poland.

OLSH’s Newest Faces: (L to R) Jacob King, Katie Bartus, Anita Berardi, Nathan Dean (behind), & David Parks. Not pictured: Bill Daniels & Heather Schmuck

K atie B artus i s our Director of Technology, and she will be responsible for the vision, implementation, and support of the technology program on our campus. Katie brings to OLSH a very strong background in the use of technology in education from her work both at Elizabeth Forward School District and most recently at Carlow University. Katie graduated from Robert Morris University in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She is currently working on her master’s thesis and, once completed, will earn her master ’s degree in education from Carlow University. Bill Daniels joined the OLSH family in May as the first head coach for OLSH football. A former Pitt football star, Daniels continues to hold the record as the last quarterback in Pitt history to run and pass for 100 yards in one game, a record unbroken since 1973. Although he and the OLSH players collaborate with the Cornell football team this year, OLSH will field a varsity team in the 2010 season. It will be the first football program to be established in western PA in 45 years.


Nathan Dean joins us to teach Spanish. He graduated from Franciscan University in December 2008 with a major in Spanish and a minor in German. Nathan spent time working as a missionary in Peru and practicing the Spanish language. He was given the opportunity to teach English to Peruvian students and so brings this unique experience to the classroom.

Davi d P arks i s teaching 11th grade world history and 12th grade honors U.S. Government this year. He graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in secondary education and a concentration in social studies. David spent two and a half months student teaching in Rome and had the opportunity to travel to Spain, Germany, Poland, and Ireland. He hopes to incorporate his unique experiences into his teaching here at OLSH. Heather Schmuck joins the Advancement Office as the Advancement Services Manager. Heather will be responsible for the general operations of the office, and will serve in a support role for both the revenue and non-revenue components of Advancement. Heather completed coursework at both ICM School of Business and CCBC in the areas of business and computer technology. She brings to the team over five years of experience in office administration from her work at Junior Achievement of Western PA. The OLSH community extends its warm welcome to our new colleagues. 

What’s Happening Around OLSH G20 Clean Up/ Adopt a Highway


h e P i t t s b u r g h G - 2 0 Pa r t n e r s h i p sponsored a day-long cleanup on Saturday, September 12 in preparation for the G-20 Summit. The cleanup took place at many locations throughout the region and numerous organizations, including OLSH, volunteered their time to aid Pittsburgh in “welcoming the world”.

OLSH’s Adopt a Highway Group

The OLSH students who pitched in for the G-20 Summit cleanup are also responsible for the high school’s Adopt-A-Highway program. Members of National Honors Society and OLSH’s environmental group, TreeHuggers, together adopted a stretch of Ewing Road from Coraopolis Heights Road to Business 60. The Adopt-

A-Highway program maintains goals which strongly align with the values of OLSH and the Felician Sisters. Adopt-AHighway strives to raise awareness about the environment, and through its cleanup efforts, forms a partnership with citizens to enhance and beautify our world. Likewise, the Felician Sisters believe we must be responsible stewards for God’s earth while we live in it. O L S H ’s A d o p t - A - H i g h wa y g r o u p decided to take on that responsibility with their cleanup efforts in preparation for this momentous meeting of leaders from around the world. The students not only showed their commitment to the Adopt-A-Highway initiative and G-20 cleanup efforts, but also exemplified the values of OLSH and the Felician Sisters, demonstrating their care and reverence for God’s earth. 

Fr. Michael Yaksick ’86 Returns to OLSH as Chaplain


n Thursday, September 10, 2009, OLSH held its annual Opening Mass. This year the mass not only welcomed back OLSH students, faculty and staff, but also OLSH alumnus, Fr. Michael Yaksick ’86, who takes on the role as Chaplain at OLSH. Sr. Francine recently wrote a letter to Bishop Zubik requesting that the school be assigned a chaplain given that OLSH has been without one for the past three years. She received a prompt response from Fr. Harry Bielewicz ’78, who is responsible for placing priests within the Diocese of Pittsburgh, indicating that Sr. Francine’s request would be given the utmost consideration. When Sr. Francine heard back from Fr. Harry, she was excited to learn that not only would OLSH have a chaplain, but that the new chaplain was an alumnus of the school and Sr. Francine’s former student over twenty years ago. Bishop Zubik assigned Fr. Michael as part-time chaplain at OLSH as well as part time chaplain at Robert Morris University. He serves these schools in addition to performing his duties as pastor at St. Blaise Parish in Midland. Fr. Michael stated in the Opening Mass that he is very excited and honored to have the opportunity to be at OLSH. He has

Fr. Michael Yaksick ‘86 celebrates the Opening School Mass.

much to share with the school in terms of his ministry. During his homily he reminded the students that we all have gifts. However, it is not about the gifts we have been given, but rather what we choose to do with those gifts. OLSH is honored to welcome Fr. Michael back in his new capacity as chaplain, sharing his message, vocation, and Godgiven gifts.  OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOL • 15

Notre Dame Vision:

Discovering Ourselves and Our God-Given Gifts

“One of the most important things we learned was that, these gifts don’t have to be used for personal gain, because your life isn’t about you, it’s about serving others" SIERRA HOOGE ‘11


ver the summer, 13 OLSH students embarked on a mission to recognize God’s call in their lives and to respond to that call with faith and courage. These students gathered with hundreds of other high school students at the University of Notre Dame’s campus to take part in ND Vision – a five-day conference consisting of large and small group experiences, guest speakers, liturgies, and music. ND Vision strives to influence students to ask questions about their faith, their lives, and their own gifts.

With scholarships graciously funded by the Tisch family, these 13 OLSH students actively participated in ND Vision and came back this school year with a new, faith-filled perspective of themselves and their God-given gifts. Before leaving for the conference, students were asked to reflect on the gifts that they already possess. Then they were asked to consider how these gifts were enhanced after attending ND Vision. Did they learn how to give back to the community using their gifts? Sierra Hooge gives to the community by singing at mass and by listening to others. At ND Vision, she learned that along with listening, responding and helping others with challenges is a God-given gift. SEAN FITZPATRICK ’11 identified his gift to be a steward of God’s Word, and during a youth 16 • WWW.OLSH.ORG

group meeting this summer, taught younger students the things he learned at the conference. A few other students mentioned utilizing their gifts and experiences from ND Vision to start a mission trip at OLSH. In addition to the gifts they already have, students were asked if they learned of any new gifts that they possess during the conference. SANDY CAHALAN ‘11 discovered her capacity for compassion and desire to help others. She is now considering pursuing a career in pediatric psychology or some other form of therapy. Sarah Molka learned about forgiveness, the ability to forgive yourself as well as others. When certain circumstances came up over the week, SHERRY GREEK ‘11 took on a leadership position. She now knows that she can act as a leader with confidence and plans on holding future leadership positions within the community. Many of the students formed indelible memories over ND Vision and were struck by the beauty of Notre Dame’s campus. When asked about their most unforgettable memories, several students referenced the “Call to Self-

Love” talk. The speaker encouraged everyone to look at themselves and to love who they saw, just as God does. Another memorable moment for everyone was dancing in the fountain on-campus and singing “Lean on Me” with a large group of ND Vision attendees. Aside from creating collective memories and bonds, ND Vision endeavors to deepen students’ faith and bring them closer to God. All of the students felt that the conference enhanced their relationship with God. Simply being at the conference and collectively experiencing the power of faith with their peers brought God closer to all. Everyone was told to “encourage the storm” or the emotions that stir within us and determine what God is calling each of us to. This is truly what ND Vision is all about – helping students recognize God and His gifts within themselves and shining them outward for the benefit of the community. God wants everyone to encourage the storm within us, but let the light shine through for all to see! ALENA CHETOKA ’10 summed up the power of the event, saying, “I had the best week of my life.” 

Toni Luchini '10, Jon Lach '11, Brandon Adams '11, and Mike DuBois '10 at morning program.

Stories from the Principal:

Sr. Francine Returns to the Classroom M

any know me in my capacity as an administrator at OLSH. But what many do not know is that I used to be a math teacher. I taught for 27 years before fully devoting time to my duties as administrator. I taught Algebra I & II, Geometry, a n d Tr i g o n o m e t r y in addition to taking chorus classes, serving as church organist, and attending college. I was a very young sister when I started teaching, 23 in fact! Now, 37 years later, I have been asked to come back into the classroom and to once again take on a teaching role. This year, I am teaching Algebra II. All of our teachers have taken on additional duties this year. One teacher in particular has been given more responsibility in dealing with discipline at the school. This teacher needed a lighter load in order to accept this new responsibility and so I, being willing and more than capable to take on teaching again, assumed responsibility for the Algebra II course. Our new President/Principal model also aided in this transition as I now have time that I never had available as sole administrator, time I can devote to my first love – teaching math.

not afraid to challenge them. My objective is to boost students’ confidence in math, and if I can achieve that, then I know I have accomplished my duty as a teacher. This has always been my guiding philosophy and it has always been met with success. However, just because my teaching philosophy remains unchanged, does not mean I am unaware of technological changes and their impact on the classroom. There are many expectations placed on teachers in terms of the incorporation and utilization of technology. My challenge is to get comfortable with the new technologies at OLSH such as PowerTeacher, which is our online classroom management system. This is really a learning experience for everyone, me and my students. I am calling them to task, challenging them to go above and beyond their own expectations. When Mr. Plocinik put a bug in my ear about teaching again, I initially said, “I don’t think so.” He then shared with me that the bright part of his day everyday is being in the classroom, stepping away from the administrative side of things, and teaching what he loves. His words resonated with me because teaching is truly what I enjoy, being involved in the classroom and making a positive impact on students. The most gratifying experience of teaching for me is hearing from students years later and knowing that I made a difference in their lives. It is an even greater accomplishment for me to see children of my former students attending OLSH and having the opportunity to teach them as well!

It may or may not be in the genes, but I come from a family of math whizzes. I have brothers who are mathematicians and nephews who are engineers. I first discovered my love of math in 7th and 8th grade through my math teacher, a Sister, who instilled a passion for the discipline in me. After graduating from OLSH in 1968, I went on to pursue a B.S. in Mathematics from La Roche College and a master’s degree in education in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh. My first teaching experience was in junior high school, but I discovered then that I was destined to teach high school. Therefore, I came back to OLSH as a full-time math teacher in 1982. As a math teacher, my teaching m e t h o d h a s a l wa y s r e m a i n e d constant just as the rules that govern Algebra remain the same. I have a lot of patience with students who may have a phobia about math, but I also have high expectations of my students and am

Sr. Francine reviews an Algebra II equation with a student in her class.


Alumni News & Notes 1954



SISTER MARY JUSTICE PRZYBOCKI visited Curitiba, Brazil in March 2009 for a Directors of Ministry meeting held at the Provincia Nossa Senhora Aparecida. She met with the children from the “favella” who were being taught by our sisters at a learning center in Uberaba.

Under the leadership of President and CEO, DR. NEAL FANELLI, Allegheny Medical for the second consecutive year has been selected for the 2009 Best of Pittsburgh Award in the Health Care Providers category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

KIMBERLY (LANDRY) KENNEDY married John Kennedy on June 8, 2002. They have four wonderful children Alexis, Riley, Gaige and Chelsi. Kim is currently a restaurant manager for the Holiday Inn North.



FLORALEE (HANSON) BARTON recently retired and moved to Michigan from Kansas. She is enjoying life and spending a lot of time with her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

TOM REINSEL married Karen Benitez on July 18, 2009 at St. Joseph Church in Coraopolis, PA. Tom was also named 2009 Professional of the Year by the University of Pittsburgh Information Sciences College for his industry insight and ongoing collaboration with the school.

1968 ROSEMARY J. CAIN received her B.S. in Interior Design from La Roche College in 1985. She has been living in San Antonio for the past ten years and is currently teaching architectural drafting and design at a community college.

1985 MELISSA COLTERYAHN graduated from the Heritage Valley Sewickley School of Nursing Class in June. She received the Faculty Award for the highest academic achievement with a 4.0 QPA.

BETH ANN ROLAND-STUDENY and her husband ANDREW have an 11 year old son, William. Andrew works for LockheadMartin and Beth is a supervisor for the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City of Manassas Park, Virginia.

1990 MICHAEL CHAVEZ married Helen Chavez on June 10, 2009. Helen is originally from Danang, Vietnam. They are happy to announce that they are expecting their first child.

1994 BUNCHEAT PRASEUT married Melissa Connor on July 25, 2009.

Class of 1954 Reunion Tuesday, June 16, 2009 was a day of celebration for the Class of 1954. The group of six women met at the Red Lobster in Robinson Town Centre to celebrate their 55th class reunion. There had been eight proud graduates that year from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School. One classmate, HENRIETTA (KOLASA) DROZD, passed away in 1970 while JESSIE (FUCHS) GLENNN lives in California and could not make it. Pictured are (left to right, first row) JANE (WOJTKOWSKI) LUCCI of Ross Township, PA, MARGE (MARY MAXIN) CURCIO of Manchester, New Jersey, (second row) JUNE (STASKO) WALKER of McKees Rocks, PA, SR. MARY JUSTICE PRZYBOCKI of Coraopolis, PA, DEE (HUNDENSKI) TAYLOR of Hermitage, PA and JEAN (MAKOWSKI) PETERSON of Ligonier, PA. These classmates have had periodic reunions over the years, so they are able to watch families grow. June and Dee are greatgrandmothers already. Cheers and the sharing of joy were, as always, the menu of the evening.


Alumni News & Notes 1995 BRIAN PATTERSON earned his M.A. in Curriculum Design and Management in 2008. He has worked in the Orange County School District for ten years, and is currently working at Jones High School in Orlando, Florida. He married Susan Yepez on June 13, 2009 and they honeymooned in the Greek Islands and Italy.

Primary Care Physicians. Sarah is engaged to marry Marty Matko, Jr. of New Eagle on April 24, 2010.

lives in Robinson, but plans to move to Enid, Oklahoma later this year for Daniel’s Air Force pilot training.

JEFFREY PATTERSON earned his B.A. in Spanish with minor in Criminal Justice from California University of Pennsylvania and plans to earn his master’s degree in education.

WILLIAM A. GRAFF recently received the Master Automotive Technician Certificate which is the highest award given to an automotive technician. He is employed at his family owned and operated business, Graff Service Station in Coraopolis.


1997 MICHELE SEMOVOSKI married Robert Matich of Aliquippa on June 7, 2008. Michele graduated from Edinboro University and is employed by Heritage Valley Health System. REBECCA (BOZYM) PITTS is currently a postdoctoral associate at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Cell Biology & Physiology. She is studying mechanisms of virus entry that allow viruses to cross the blood brain barrier.


BETHANY (KURINA) marek married Michael Marek on July 18, 2009. Bethany is employed at Sewickley Valley Inpatient Psychiatric Unit and is working on her doctorate in counseling psychology at Carlow University. The couple lives in Sewickley. JOHN ANTHONY SMITH received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and his master’s degree in Instructional Leadership with honors from Robert Morris University on May 9, 2009.


AMY L. PASTORAK earned her master’s degree in special education from Shippensburg University in December 2008. She is a special education teacher for the Chambersburg Area School District working with 8th grade students with behavioral disorders.

JENNIFER (LESTER) Neff married Ronny Neff on April 24, 2009. They are currently living in Atlanta, Texas, Ronny’s hometown.

2000 EMILY (VEROSTEK) Warnock and JEFFREY WARNOCK were married on May 9, 2009.

2001 SARAH OKRASZEWSKI graduated from ICM School of Business and Medical Careers in 2003 and is employed as a Certified Medical Assistant for Preferred

LAURA (NESAW) RHODES married Ryan Rhodes on May 23, 2009 in New Jersey. The couple now resides in Redding, California.

2005 KELLI BAGATINI graduated magna cum laude from the Duquesne University School of Nursing. She accepted a position at Allegheny General Hospital in the medical intensive care unit. KELLY (GASIOR) Pittner married Daniel Pittner on July 25, 2009 at Saint Rosalia Parish in Greenfield. Kelly’s sister, KATIE GASIOR ’11, was the maid of honor, and OLSH alumni ERIN DONOGHUE ‘07 and DAMIAN METCALF ‘08 shared their musical talents during mass. The couple currently

2006 ERIC CHIMENTI is a senior at Washington & Jefferson College majoring in accounting. He was inducted into Pi Gamma Mu, an international honorary for the social sciences. Eric also received the Michael P. Rettinger award for his senior year, an award presented to the top accounting student by Ernst & Young. Eric is on the varsity baseball team and has earned the PAC Academic Scholar Award for the past two years having a GPA of 3.6 or higher during the season. KIMBERLY LYNN GRAFF completed her cosmetology education at Bella Cappella School and received her PA state license in August 2007. She currently is employed at CJ’s Salon Spa in Moon Township. KRISTA LEE MICHAYLO is attending Robert Morris University and will be graduating in 2011 with a degree in journalism/public relations. She is engaged to Donald Fitch, a U.S. Airman stationed in Mississippi. The couple plans to marry in 2011. DANIELLE SCIULLI recently got engaged to Ryan Kacsur and is planning an October 23, 2010 wedding.


Alumni News & Notes 2007 Jillian Babish, member of the Westminster College Track and Field Team, finished 2nd in the Discus (throw of 36.50 meters) and 4th in the Shotput (throw 10.79 meters) at the 2009 Presidents Athletic Conference Championships. She was named All-PAC 2nd Team. The Westminster Women’s Track and Field team took first place in the 2009 PAC Championships.

BIRTHS KIM (ULIZZI) COONEY ’99 and SEAN COONEY ’98 celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Hayden Grace, born March 27, 2009. The family lives in Connecticut. MARGARET (SANVITO) HARKINS ’96 and her husband Scott welcomed their first son, Maxwell Anthony who was born on October 31, 2008.

JANE (STUBNA) IRWIN ’02 and her husband Mark, welcomed their first child, Mark Lucas, born on July 11, 2009 and weighing in at 8 lb. 7 oz. The family lives in Finleyville, PA. KEVIN PATTERSON ’98 and his wife, Dr. Nicole Dudley, welcomed their first son, Lucas Joseph, on May 20, 2008. Kevin is a team leader at Target and Nikki teaches P.T. at Western PA College. They reside in Carlisle, PA. BRIDGETTE (WRIGHT) TRUNZO and her husband Jarod welcomed their second daughter, Sophia Gabrielle born June 18, 2009. Big sister, Gianna Marie, is 18 months old.


In Memoriam Charles Betz July 14, 2009 Father of CHELSI BETZ ’03 and CASSIE BETZ ‘05 Twyla Brasko May 18, 2009 Mother of RJ BRASKO ’96, JENNIFER BRASKO ’97, Wife of Bob Brasko, Faculty Member AUDRY (KARDELL) CASSEL ‘65 August 26, 2009 Frank Cavicchia September 3, 2008 Father of MARIA (Cavicchia) ROKICKI ’79, Grandfather of MARIA LYNN PACELLA ‘02 ESTHER CIANCHETTI ‘47 August 31, 2009 SR. M. ROBERTA DEBSKI ‘38 July 13, 2009 Faculty Member 1960-1965,1984-1989 John L. Fitzurka May 21, 2009 Grandfather of BECKY (GASPER) MULVAY ’91 and ADAM GASPER ’93,Great-grandfather of NICHOLAS MULVAY ‘13

Mary A. Martin July 3, 2009 Mother of the late MARY (MARTIN) CALDWELL ’60, Grandmother of the late JOHN WHITE ’05, and Grandmother of REBECCA WHITE ’10 and DANIEL WHITE ‘11 Deborah A. Mendoza June 30, 2009 Faculty Member 1995-1997 Philip Scally, Sr. June 15, 2009 Father of PHYLLIS (SCALLY) SILVESTRI ‘79 Elsie Stasko April 25, 2009 Mother of JUNE WALKER ’54, the late MARY ANN FEHL ’57 and JOYCE HARBAUGH ‘66 Harold J. Stoll June 25, 2009 Friend of OLSH, Member of the Blessed Angela Society Elizabeth Weaver August 31, 2009 Mother of KEVIN WEAVER ’78, Grandmother of LISA WEAVER ’06 and JACKI WEAVER ‘09

Barbara Gilberti April 29, 2009 Mother of ALYSSA GILBERTI ‘07

Tim Williams July 22, 2009 Faculty Member 1986-1989

Timothy Joyce Father of SUSAN JOYCE ’02, SHANNON JOYCE ’03, and KATIE JOYCE ‘08

Sr. M. Jeremiah Wisniewski July 13, 2009 Faculty Member 1954-1959, Principal 1976-1977

Elizabeth Lammie Karas June 3, 2009 Mother of TOM KARAS ‘85

Things sure have changed over 77 years. We’re sure you have too.

Why don’t you tell us about it? OLSHighlights is looking for class news from all OLSH alumni. Promotions, weddings, babies, get-togethers with other alumni, retirements – don’t be shy. We want to hear it all...and we want to see the pictures too!


Send your news to, or enter it at or cut out the alumni news form below and mail it to us!

Name:_ _______________________________________________________ Class of:____________________ Address:_ __________________________________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________________________ State:___________ Zip:____________________ Home Phone:_______________________________ Work Phone:_________________________________ E-Mail Address:_____________________________________________________________________________ Profession/Position:_ _____________________________________________________________________ Employer Name:____________________________________________________________________________ Spouse’s Name:_____________________________________________________________________________ Children’s names and ages:_______________________________________________________________ News Item:_ ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ MAIL THIS COMPLETED FORM TO: OLSH Advancement Office, 1504 Woodcrest Avenue, Coraopolis, PA 15108. Or send your news via e-mail to or fax to (412) 264-4143.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Pittsburgh, PA Permit No. 1715

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School 1504 Woodcrest Avenue • Coraopolis, PA 15108-3054

Upcoming Events  NOVEMBER 1 Open House for Prospective Students & Families (1 - 4 p.m.) 4 Open House for Prospective Students & Families (6:30 - 8:30 p.m.) 19 Junior Ring Day 21 Felician Sisters Founding Day • Inception of the Our Lady of Hope Province • Installation of new Provincial Minister

 DECEMBER 15 Christmas Concert 17-19 Christmas Play

 JANUARY & FEBRUARY January 31 – February 6 Catholic Schools Week

 APRIL 9,-11, 15 & 16 Spring Musical 17 Legacy Gala

 MAY 19 Spring Concert

 JUNE 6 Graduation OLSH Class of 2010

 JULY 24-25 Multi-year class reunion at OLSH, honoring graduation years ending in a “5” or “0”. More information in our next edition of OLSHighlights.

25 Career Day at OLSH

FOR MORE INFORMATION on these events or other upcoming events, contact the OLSH Advancement Office at (412) 269-7726 or

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