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HSC Warriors take on The Stampede

The Warriors – Sandy, Mitch, Petrea and Barry

Barry Dewar, Sandy Lam, Petrea Pritchard and Mitch Bocking – The HSC Warriors! Took on the “Stampede” – 10kms of varying terrain (uphill, downhill, flat, muddy, wet and dirt followed by dirt and wet) with 30 ‘obstacles’ for the Warriors to tame. In preparation Sandy offered words of advice such as hydration, polyester clothing, spare clothes, “you’ll be fine Mitch” and Barry uttered the 5 most comforting words ever … “we won’t leave anyone behind!”. The first noticeable thing, other than a Superman outfit and a guy in a wedding dress, was the beer tent disappearing behind us into the distance as we headed forth. We hit the “Stampede Stagger”, a mud filled creek that Barry was straight into and up to his neck in – as if searching for a lost survey marker of the titanic! Sandy and Petrea, being girls were ‘smarter’ and took the route along the bank – soon finding out that was goat country as they were funnelled straight back into the mud with a screaming splash. A long jog uphill toward the “The Esky’s” an ice filled water tank. The team all took Barry’s lead and went straight in (against his and our better judgement). Petrea screamed “Barry!” at the top of her lungs. I was underwater and still heard it

and I thought 2 things (a) how ‘bloody cold’ the ice was, and (b) if girls often scream out Barry’s name unexpectedly? Straight out of the ice bath (dripping wet) and intentionally placed was the 10,000 Volt “Bug Zapper”. Best described as ‘it hurts’ we stumbled through electrified ‘tentacles.’ Strange how the inevitable jolts render various muscles inoperative during, and the brain seemingly inoperative prior! “Demolition Derby” crawl under, through or over some car wrecks – choice? Barry did all 3. The “Bus Stop” climbing over a double decker bus followed by a rather high “Fireman’s Pole”. Petrea seemed to really enjoy these obstacles as she ‘described’ the height of them with such passion! The “Aqua Lily Pads” floaty mat things in a dam – sounds so ‘cute’. You wouldn’t believe the distance that Sandy didn’t make on her attempt! 7 down and 23 to go as we powered on through Tyre Tumble, Muddy Meadows, Water Cannon and Slip & Slide. The worst obstacle “Stuck in the Mud” – high suction modelling clay. Barry blasted across it like Jesus on the water. Sandy…well she didn’t, and got well and truly stuck! Mitch and Petrea were now the ‘smart girls’ and simply bypassed that nasty muddy mess (and the obstacle too).

OurChat April 2014  
OurChat April 2014  

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