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Winter 2020

News from the Humane Society of Broward County

Volunteers: The Heartbeat of the HSBC Pages 12 - 15

The Humane Society of Broward County is a nonprofit organization funded by friends like you who care about animals.

From Your Board Chair A s we begin another new year, I’m excited, as always, about the opportunities ahead of us for the shelter and the animals we care for. Reflecting on 2019, I realize the organization is very fortunate to have such tremendous support from so many, including our corporate sponsors. The support the HSBC receives comes from an array of sources and in many forms – from individuals (on average, an individual donation is approximately $40), local businesses, major corporations, and foundations, all of which provide the shelter with monetary and in-kind donations. Additional support comes from the shelter’s many programs and services that are offered to the public…everything from kids’ camps to birthday parties to Snuggle Deliveries to Yappy Hours to low-cost clinic services to dog obedience classes. Our #1 invaluable in-kind donations come from the 625 HSBC Volunteers who support the shelter’s mission day-in and day-out through numerous ways. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, we have been able to fulfill our mission, deliver our message, and expand our programs and services.

Chairman of the Board Thom Bambenek and his dog Sofie

Another invaluable source of support comes from our Legacy Club members. These are individuals who have chosen to include the Humane Society of Broward County in their estate plans, for which

On the Cover: Pyewacket was surrendered because someone in the family was

Board of Directors Thom G. Bambenek Chairman of the Board John R. Squitero Vice Chairman of the Board Melody Saleh Secretary Matt Katz Treasurer Barbara Brush Ted Christie Christine Forman Bryan S. Greenberg Christy Gumberg Michelle Howland Steven W. Hudson Carolyn Lee Margaret Meldeau David North Susan Penrod Ingrid Poulin Jennifer J. Robinson Susan A. Smith Jamie Taylor Stiles Julie Strauch Eugene (Huey) Vanek Jennifer Edwards White Nikki Worsnop Winchester Board of Trustees Arnold Grevior Barbara Grevior Marti Huizenga* Elaine Levine Al Sorensen President and CEO Christopher Agostino *Deceased

Last but not least, the HSBC’s many fundraising events play an enormously important role in the shelter’s success. The largest of the events is the annual Walk for the Animals which will take place on Saturday, March 7th. This is a fun event that you can enjoy with your family, friends, and co-workers. A Walk registration form and information are included in this issue of Paw Prints, and I hope to see you there! The Calendar of Events is always posted on the back page of Paw Prints so be sure to check it out and join in the fun! On behalf of the thousands of furry friends who depend on the Humane Society of Broward County…Thank You for your support and commitment to our mission of advocating for and improving the lives of animals by providing adoptions, community services, and education. Together, we are building a humane community! Kind regards, Thom Bambenek


allergic. They'd purchased him from a breeder, who said he was a Maine Coon, though he looks more like an Angora. He's now a member of the Henry family and is providing them with a bounty of kitty antics. (During his photo shoot, it took 30 minutes for him to settle down for the camera; all he wanted to do was play!)

Humane Society of Broward County: Building a humane community together.

the shelter will be a beneficiary. We honor these members once a year at the Legacy Club Luncheon, which you can read about on page 25.

HERE'S THE SCOOP! ....................................... 3 ABC'S OF EDUCATION ................................. 4-5


ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY .........................6 BIG DOG GOLF TOURNAMENT ......................7

Our Mission:

CLINIC CORNER ............................................... 8

Advocating for and improving the lives of animals by providing adoptions, community services, and education.

TRAINING AND BEHAVIOR............................ 9


No portion of this magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission of the Humane Society of Broward County.


PAWS AUXILIARY NEWS .......................... 10-11 FEATURES: - HEARTBEAT OF THE HSBC ...................12-15 - X-RAY MACHINE IMPACTS LIVES ........16-17 WALK FOR THE ANIMALS FORMS..........18-19 FROM THE MAILBAG ............................... 20-21


MEMORIALS AND HONORS.................... 22-24 LEGACY CLUB ..................................................25

facebook.com/browardhumane Issue 20-1 Paw Prints is a quarterly newsletter published by the Humane Society of Broward County, Inc., a private, nonprofit 501© (3) animal welfare organization established in 1944. We are not a branch or affiliate of any national or local organization, and we do not sell or exchange our donor list. Amy Bloom Clough Paw Prints Editor Cover photo by: Bea Morell beamorell.com

BLACK FRIDAY ADOPTION EVENT ............ 26 HAPPY TAILS ................................................. 27


EVENTS AND INFORMATION ...................... 28 F.Y.I. You can make a lasting commitment to the Humane Society of Broward County by naming the Humane Society of Broward County, Inc. in your will. We recommend working with your private attorney to ensure that your wishes are carried out. For the purposes of a bequest, our legal name and address are:


Humane Society of Broward County, Inc., 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. For more information, please contact Kathy Tricomi at 954.266.6845.

The Paw Prints newsletter is sent to all supporters donating $15 or more per year. To ensure that you continue to receive your issue of Paw Prints, please use the enclosed envelope to make a minimum donation of $15. The animals need your help, and we don’t want your mailing to be interrupted! The Humane Society of Broward County directly receives 100% of contributed funds. Solicitation no. CH656.


Friends at Local 10

For more than 12 years we’ve been fortunate to feature a pet every Saturday morning on ABC Local 10 during their 9:30 show. We also get to visit one or two Tuesdays each month to feature an additional pet in need of a home. Little Petey, pictured here when he visited with the Local 10 gang, stole the show and wanted to become the fifth face at the table!

Delivering Snuggles for Adoption Month There was a very special Snuggle Delivery in November at the Broward County Courthouse, celebrating National Adoption Month and the finalizing of many adoptions – of the human kind! Eight puppies joined in on the joyful day, offering cuddles and playful energy to the kids and their new families. If you’re interested in scheduling a snuggle delivery at your special event or workplace, call Darlene at 954.266.6838.


Clinton Kelly and Mary Lend Their Walk Support The 30th annual VCA Walk for the Animals welcomes its 2020 Honorary Chair, Clinton Kelly, the Emmy awardwinning daytime co-host of ABC's The Chew and TLC's long-running reality makeover series What Not to Wear, along with his beloved companion, Mary, as Honorary Mascot. The two stopped by the HSBC over the holidays to record some promotional spots for the Walk, and enjoyed a tour of the shelter. Follow them and their adventures on our social media.

Clinton Kelly and his dog Mary had a visit with HSBC mascot Digger while spending time at the shelter.

Radio Host Joins the Ranks

Under Dogs and Under Cats

Many perfectly wonderful animals are overlooked, especially large dogs and adult cats, and they may need a little extra help to get adopted. We’ve started a new awareness program dedicated to dogs and cats that have been with us for 100 days or more. Often all it takes is a little extra light shined onto a cat or dog, so that he or she gets noticed. To do this, we place inserts in our welcome brochures listing current “Under Dogs” and “Under Cats” so that when adopters come in, they can easily find these pets. We also put a special sticker on each pet’s ID card. We’ve found that these little nudges often do the trick in helping a potential adopter to first notice their future family member.

Pet Project and Senior Claws

The Pet Project, located in Wilton Manors, assists their members with pet food and medical care. We recently developed a new program with them to help promote the adoption of senior cats. The Senior Claws program will feature two felines each month, with their adoption fees underwritten by the Pet Project. The adopter will then become a member of the Pet Project, which will provide food and other goodies for the lifetime of the cat. Stop by and fall in love with one of our wonderful mature cats.

Paw Pathway Commemorative Bricks

(Photo by Brett Hufziger)

Here’s The

Pay tribute to a loved one while supporting the HSBC! For a $300 donation, your custom message will be etched into a brick and placed in the pathway of our on-site Reflection Garden. Your name will also appear in this newsletter. To order, call Sandy at 954.266.6869. Paw Pathway brick donors for September, October and November are: Laura Adams Kitt Kelleher Diane Bader Ozzie Oswald Cassie’s Cause Randi Valdes Chris & Laurie Karamat

Donations Aid Bahamas Efforts

93.9 MIA’s Letty B is now officially an HSBC volunteer, and she loves spending time with the dogs. Follow her on Instagram at iamlettyb to see which pets she’s helping us find homes for, and listen to her radio show, Mack in the Morning w/ Letty B, weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Meet Our Sweethearts February 14, 15 and 16 is Adopt a Sweetheart weekend at the shelter. Select pets will have their adoption fees underwritten by Brightstar Credit Union, and lots of other fun will be happening. Stop by and see if Cupid’s arrow hits its mark!

Cinthya and Andy Rubenstein from the Plantation Pickle Ball Players stopped by to present the HSBC’s Anthony Priore with a huge amount of donations gathered by the players. The items assisted our efforts in the Bahamas.


We're happy to report the following new homes found during September. October and November:

Cats: Kittens: Dogs: Puppies: Other: Total:

245 239 455 224 51 1,214


Let's get together! . . .

Spring into Camp

Teens Clean Up

ey kids, what’re you doing on your school Spring Break? We have a great idea -- come join our team at the Humane Society and learn all about animal care and how animals communicate. And while you’re at it, help us get some dogs, cats and rabbits adopted! Of course, you'll spend lots of time getting up close and personal with our furry friends as well. Spring Camp is held the week of March 23, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Space sells out fast, so go to humanebroward.com to get registered now.

een Club members had a great time with their October dog wash fundraiser! The teens spent a weekend bathing dogs of all sizes at TY Park’s Castaway Island. Their hard work paid off, raising over $1,400 for their Walk for the Animals 2020 pack.



(Planning ahead? Summer Camp registration starts on Monday, March 2. We have eight weeks of camp and something for every age group. Check it out online!)

The Teen Club with a happy (clean) customer!

Camp time is fun time at the HSBC!

Furry Friends Bandana Project


irl Scout Cadette Sophia Jansen of Troop 10863 earned her Silver Award over the summer with her project of making bandanas for the shelter animals. Dubbing it the “Furry Friends Bandana Project,” Sophia came in to tell campers about her plan, and they pitched in to help on several occasions.

Elementary School Initiative: Kindness to Animals


lorida recently passed a statue mandating that five critical social subjects be covered in Florida classrooms. One of these is Kindness to Animals. While we’ve always had lesson plans that coordinate with character education traits, our Education Department wanted to provide teachers with activities and lessons that are easier to use in the classroom, working around time constraints and limited materials. Also, classroom instruction must be state standards-based, and character education is not. Two standards-based center activities (K-2nd and 3rd-5th grades) are now emailed to Broward County elementary school counselors each month, for teachers and students to utilize at reading centers. These activities will cover various subject areas pertaining to humane treatment of animals and humans alike.

Campers pitched in for Sophia's Bandana Project. 4

. . . To arrange for a FREE Humane Education school visit or shelter tour call us @ 954.266.6848!

Dear Chester Education Mascot Chester is now on hand to answer your animal-related questions. He’ll use his best doggy wisdom to address whatever you may throw his way – so don’t be shy! Write to him at the HSBC, ATTN: Education Department, or email him at ccrane@hsbroward.com. Dear Chester, I have a beautiful cat and I really want her to have kittens. Her name is Princess Patty and I know she would make beautiful babies. My mom said it isn't a responsible choice and that she should be spayed instead. I don't understand. Can you explain it to me, Chester? Your friend, Samantha Dear Samantha, I understand how you feel. I love kittens, too. They smell so good and they’re totally cute. My human Mom fosters them sometimes and I get to clean them. She told me the reason she "fosters" them (which means takes care of them until they are old enough to find a forever home) is because there are so many kittens that don't have homes. Did you know that there are MILLIONS of homeless cats in the USA? Mom says it's very sad and the responsible thing to do is to have them spayed or neutered (girls get spayed and boys get neutered) so they can't make babies. It's a simple operation that also helps to keep them healthy and better-behaved, too. Samantha, tell your mom if she calls the Humane Society at 954.463.7729 she can set up Princess Patty's appointment. And if you do ever want to have your own kitten, then foster or adopt a homeless one. How does that sound? WOOF! WOOF! Your buddy,

Snowman Doggy Toy

Materials • Tube socks • Tennis balls or stuffing • Black marker or orange marker

• Red material ribbon • Thin sisal rope • Scissors

Directions: 1. Take a sock and put a tennis ball or stuffing in the bottom. Tie a piece of sisal rope at the top in a tight knot. Add the next tennis ball or stuffing and tie another piece of sisal rope at the top of the ball leaving the top of the sock loose. 2. Fold the top of the sock over the top of the ball to make the snowman's hat. 3. Tie the red ribbon around the snowman's neck. 4. Draw the face and buttons to finish off your snowman dog toy. Now give it to your doggy to play with and enjoy!


Career Days? Call Us!


Pet Project

ur education team is available for Career Day school visits, where we’ll teach students all about the jobs and career opportunities available when working in the animal welfare industry. Many children think that if they love animals, the only career path is to become a veterinarian. While this is one excellent option, there’s a variety of other possibilities that may fit their talents, skills and passions, such as Humane Educator, Marketing Director, Social Media Specialist and Adoption Counselor, to name a few! Call us to arrange a time and date to come out to your Career Day this spring. Don’t delay; we fill up fast! Call 954.266.6848.

Celebrate Your Birthday with the Animals! Call 954.266.6875 to find out how to have your birthday party at the Humane Society! Here are the birthday celebrations held at the shelter in September, October & November: Nico Aguiar Kennedi Beranger Ileana Callahan Bethany Harper Mackenzie Larson

10 9 10 10 9

Emily Morely Miranda Natera Addison Vago Addison Whitney

10 10 10 11 5

In Action at Broward Health Coral Springs


s community partners, our therapy teams are frequently on site at BHCS showing support for their events, their patients and our community. The services provided are varied, and sometimes unique, as pictured here. Therapy dog Jackie and volunteer Susan recently provided comfort to a patient who was very nervous about having an

Jackie helps take the edge off of a patient's nerves.

MRI, while therapy dog Karma did her thing with some much-needed stress relief during ER Nurses Week. For the 2nd annual Broward Health Coral Springs Pumpkin Fest, 10 of our therapy teams came out to join in the fun and show support. There were nearly 3,500 people at this event and it was a fabulous day out for all!

Pumpkin Fest fun at BHCS.

Walk to Cure Alzheimer's

The ER nurses love Karma!

Showing Seniors Love


herapy dog Bentley and his mom Pamela walked in honor of all the sweet residents they have met during visits to various memory care facilities. They stopped to give the band from Saint Andrew's School some love between music sets; Bentley’s teenage human plays the trumpet.


Bentley checks in with the band at the Alzheimer's walk.

Therapy dog Toby visits with Raymond and Rosemary, providing love and comfort during Rosemary's stay at Golfcrest Healthcare and Rehab.

Big Dog Golf Tournament



Corner Heartworm Disease:

One Shelter Dog’s Story


The Clinic has the following wishes. Should you have medical items to donate that are not listed, please call 954.989.3977 to see if these are items that can be used. Any dollar amounts listed are given in case you’d like to contribute funds to purchase the item(s). • Rubbing alcohol • Cotton balls • Pill Pockets • Rebound • Anxitane (L-theanine) tablets • Surgical staple remover • Ear cleaner • Velcro - industrial strength - low profile 1” • KMR – kitten milk replacer • E-Collar donuts – all sizes • Wooden tongue depressors • Disposable surgical gowns • Oster clipper blades (new & gently used) • New nail clippers for cats • Latex exam gloves • Calmkeen 225 mg • Large Wee Wee Pads • New suture removal scissors • 3M Littman stethoscope • Heartbeat/comfort toys ($25-$30) • Stethoscope, std-finish chestpiece, 27” ($163. We need 9) • Elite Exam Lift Table ($7,500)

Makes us Smile

eartworm disease is a dangerous condition for any dog and, left untreated, it can kill. While it exists throughout the world, because it’s an infection caused by a mosquito-borne worm called Dirofilaria immitis, heartworm is most prevalent in areas that are humid and hot. Living in South Florida means year-round prevention for your dog, and annual bloodwork is necessary prior to renewing a prescription. Unfortunately, heartworm disease is easily contracted through the simple bite of an infected mosquito. The worm larvae grow over a period of about seven months, then lodge in the heart, lungs, and nearby blood vessels where they reproduce. The worms can grow up to a foot in length and may live for half a dozen years. Treatment is costly and difficult, becoming more complicated based on the severity of the disease. When the HSBC took in 23 animals from the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, all but one dog tested positive for heartworm. One of these Bahamian dogs, called “potcakes,” was named Peoples. She arrived at the shelter in September.

dedication it would take for Maisie to get her health back. She went home with several medications and detailed instructions; heartworm treatment would take place after she’d stabilized and gained some weight. Because of Maisie’s various cardio and pulmonary issues, a team of veterinarians devised a highly individualized and delicate plan for heartworm treatment. Special medications were used because Maisie could not safely undergo standard sedation. She was closely monitored at all stages of treatment, and her loving family made sure she was kept extremely calm and quiet at all times, with movement restricted. Amazing Maisie now has her own Instagram page if you’d like to follow her: maisies.amazinglife. We couldn’t be happier for our Bahamian girl as she goes forward to live the life she so deserves, with her very special family!

Radiographs showed that Peoples had a severely enlarged heart, along with some other irregularities. An echocardiogram revealed significant pulmonary hypertension, due to advanced heartworm disease; she also had a hole in her heart. Everyone in the shelter had fallen in love with this super-sweet girl, and was ecstatic to see Peoples - now named “Maisie” because she’s so amazing - go to her forever home. The family was informed about the seriousness of her condition, and the extra patience, care and

Peoples and her new dad, ready to head home.

We have a wish list on Amazon that makes it easy to donate much-needed items and have them sent directly to the shelter. Visit Amazon.com/gp/clpf to find our Charity List under "Pets & Animals." And by joining AmazonSmile and selecting the HSBC as your charity, we will receive a percentage of all your purchases -- at no extra cost to you!

Clinic Statistics September, October and November:

Spay/Neuter surgeries for our low cost programs, SNIP & Surrender Prevention: 1,880 Dogs treated for heartworm: 20 Animals in foster care: 272 8

Staff from the mobile sonogram company SonoPet came in to provide the necessary ultrasound for Peoples. We brought them in because we do not have our own ultrasound machine.

TB &

From our Training and Behavior Department Specialist Stephanie Rodgers, CPDT

Training and Behavior the Positive Way

Stress and Your Pet nimals experience and express stress in different ways, and some have more issues with stress than others. It’s important to understand the various factors involved, for the benefit of your entire family – both human and animal.


Stress is not always a bad thing. Simple stress could be brought on by feeding time being a little late or some other everyday routine that has been interrupted. These small daily stressors help our pets learn to cope and function within our busy lives. It’s when stress turns into distress that you can begin to see problems. An animal in distress or under the constant pressure of stressors will often develop behavior issues. A cat that has always faithfully used a litter box suddenly starts having accidents in the house. A dog that has always been friendly with house guests starts to avoid company and may even growl or snap. If your pet is exhibiting behaviors that are not normal for him, or if he seems to develop behavior problems “out of the blue,” then a good hard look at how his environment is affecting him (once medical issues are ruled out) can help solve problems before they become bad habits.

Managing Your Environment Creating a safe place for your pet, such as a crate or a quiet space where his resources are, is an important part of providing a mentally healthy environment. Your pet may even choose his own safe place that he likes to sleep or rest. The entire family should respect the sanctity of this safe place, and when your pet goes there to rest or chew a favorite toy he should be left alone. Practicing calming exercises and observing quiet time if your pet becomes overly aroused during play will interrupt the behavior and allow your pet time to calm himself. This can be critical to reducing or avoiding stressful situations like redirected aggression (rough play turning into a fight).

Recognizing Stress It is important to be familiar with your pet’s normal routine and behaviors so that you’ll readily notice when something is wrong. Stress can be brought on by many things: • • • • • •

There are also very subtle body postures that are signs of oncoming stress: • Avoiding eye contact / frequent glancing away • Yawning • Displacement behaviors / sudden interesting smell on the ground, grooming • Lip / nose licking Watch your pet the next time you visit the veterinarian and you will probably see some of these behaviors. Recognizing the signs of stress and understanding your dog’s or cat’s reactions to it will give you the tools necessary to help him overcome and avoid behavior problems that can be associated with distress.

Avoiding the Pitfalls Never punish your pet for having stress-related behavior issues; that would only cause problems to escalate. Using a desensitizing process will gradually help your pet to be less frightened and more confident in his environment. See our online “Fearful Cat” and “Fearful Dog” behavior modification handouts for more information on desensitizing training. • Always make sure the behavior problem is not related to a medical condition, and review your pet’s problem thoroughly with your vet. • Never force your pet to interact with something he is afraid of. • Providing a safe place for your pet allows him to have a comfortable refuge. • Avoid any new stimulus if your dog is already fearful, and keep his routine as normal as possible. • It’s natural to want to comfort your pet if he becomes frightened, but that may cause a scratch or bite. Better to remove the frightening stimulus and allow your pet to calm down before handling him. • Exercise can help to reduce stress. Find an activity your dog or cat enjoys and take time to play a fun game with him.

House guests Moving Any change in routine New baby in the house Illness of a pet or family member New stimulus in the outside environment – new neighbor moves in with outside pets, construction, yard maintenance company.

Being able to identify triggers will be helpful in resolving and avoiding constant stressful situations. Some signs that your pet may be stressed are: • • • • • • •

Excessive panting / drooling Pacing / restlessness Loss of appetite Excessive shedding Hiding / avoidance behaviors / escape behaviors Decreased social behaviors / doesn’t want to play or be petted House training accidents Some animals experience stress while riding in the car.


Always in Fashion


eiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale hosted the ever-popular Fashion Forward for PAWS in October, with event chairs Christy Gumberg and Julie Strauch announcing a sellout event and more than $45,000 raised.

Join us On www.facebook.com/PAWSBroward

Andrew Heller, Julie Strauch, Jamie Stiles, Ingrid Poulin & Susan Smith, Dawn Dellapina & Sheryl Maher, Shooters Waterfront, Meghan Leckey, Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale, Lifestyle Magazine, Breakthru Beverage Florida, Sara Sears and Ann’s Florist.

The fun was kicked off with wine and champagne upon arrival, where guests enjoyed posing in front of Lifestyle Magazine’s step and repeat backdrop for a photo opportunity. While mingling and sipping, attendees could purchase prize drawing tickets for the chance to win a beautiful pair of Eternity Collection 20kt Gold and Diamond Slice Earrings, courtesy of Coomi, as well as a $1,000 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale or an amazing Jo Malone basket. Jackie Howe, Erica Morse and Christina Haligman were the three lucky winners that day. While the attendees enjoyed a lovely luncheon, they viewed the gorgeous fashions presented by Neiman Marcus. Of course, no PAWS event would be complete without mobile adoptions, and several puppies that were looking for new homes not only attended Fashion Forward, but also joined the models in their final walk. Sponsors included Christy Gumberg, Lorraine Thomas, Christine Forman & Margaret Meldeau, ACURE, Jeannie Hudson, Tanya &

Julie Strauch, Christy Gumberg, Bibi Siegel, Lauren Johnson and the HSBC’s Christopher Agostino


Molly Thomas and the late Lorraine Thomas

Sheryl Maher with Tanya and Andrew Heller

Models bringing the puppies out on the runway is always a highlight of the event!

Marlene Aguero, Liz Brown and Margaret Meldeau

Jackie Howe and Christina Haligman

Golf Tournament Features

“Wizard of PAWZ” Theme


he 21st annual Marti Huizenga PAWS on the Green Women’s Golf Tournament, Presented by The Howland Group, Compass Realty, raised more than $115,000 for the Humane Society of Broward County’s programs and services. The event took place November 4th and 5th at Grande Oaks Golf Club and was chaired by Pamela Baynes and Lois Schmatz, along with Honorary Chair Ursula Scott. Themed “Wizard of PAWZ,” the tournament included two days of golf, a silent auction, a dinner reception and an awards luncheon. Players participated in on-course contests including a hole in one contest for the chance to win a $5,000 cash prize, a $750 Visa gift card, an Apple Entertainment package and a set of Callaway clubs. In addition to a putting contest, golfers competed for the longest drive, straightest drive, and closest to the pin. There was also a prize for the Best Dressed Team. A prize drawing was held for the chance to win a beautiful Freida Rothman Metallic Imperial Wide Bangle Bracelet, donated by Matthew’s Jewelers, and a Lottery Ticket Tree. The lucky winners were Carrie Bolf and Jeannette Engelmann. Adorable adoptable puppies and kittens were in attendance both days, and a couple of furry friends found their forever homes. Blue Martini was also there both days, offering delicious cocktail samplings as the ladies passed by on the course. Drew James Aveda Salon attended on Monday evening to treat ladies to some pampering and hair blow-outs. Monday night’s festive event welcomed everyone to travel somewhere over the rainbow to the city of “Oz” where the dining room was transformed into the Emerald City. There was even a spectacular photo backdrop for guests to take selfie shots in front of. Guests were encouraged to dress with the theme in mind, and a costume contest was held. Several guests joined in the fun, and three foursomes and one individual were awarded prizes. Hosting the live auction were radio personality Kenny Walker from 102.7 The Beach, and Scott Baynes. Entertainment was provided by saxophonist Michael Kennedy. The event concluded with the Awards Luncheon on Tuesday where the winners were all announced. The Overall Low Net winners were Lucia Cohn, Monica Correll, Deborah Day and Carol Loiacono and the Overall

Carol Loiacono, Lucia Cohn, Deborah Day and Monica Correll

Michelle Howland and Christopher Agostino

Low Gross winners were Pat Case, Ann Fulginiti, Debe Schwedler and Karen Waltz. A BIG thank you to tournament sponsors and underwriters, which included The Howland Group, Compass Realty, Michelle Howland, Lorraine Thomas, Huizenga Family, City Furniture, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, Nancy Bailey & Anthony R. Abraham Foundation Inc., Holy Cross Hospital, Rick Case Automotive Group, Nova Southeastern University, Thomas Family Foundation, The Cawley Family Dog Foundation, United Capital - A Goldman Sachs Company, Craig Jaffe, Elbo Room, D & B Tile Distributors, Annette Yarborough, Pamela and Scott Baynes, Publix, Julie Strauch and Christy Gumberg, Lisa Kitei, Stiles, Zand & Fernandes, PA, US Brick & Block Systems, Suria Plastic Surgery, Jamie Stiles, Runyon's, Mary Dwors, Miranda Perez, Anthony Tortoriello, Kathryn Glenewinkel, Matthew's Jewelers, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Stephen's Distributing Company, Drew James Aveda Salons, Blue Martini, Tharanco Group, Bombshell Productions, Red Bull, ROMAX Communications and Grande Oaks Golf Club.

Debe Schwedler, Pat Case, Karen Waltz and Ann Fulginiti

Natasha Coats, Jan Joyce, Cherie Marshall and Melody Saleh

2019 Paws on the Green players

Event Chairs Pamela Baynes and Lois Schmatz

Penny England, Julie Strauch, Ellen Gertz and Kat Latham


The Heartbeat of the HSBC


he definition of the word “voluntary” relates to an act that “proceeds from the will or from one's own choice or consent” without personal gain. Yet if you ask any Humane Society of Broward County volunteer, he or she will tell you that the personal gain is enormous. They’ll say it’s delivered in abundance, through wags and purrs, cuddles and wet kisses, and a sense of pride in having helped a homeless animal to feel happier, cleaner, and more content. It’s in the feeling of accomplishment in knowing that you’re making a difference in the community, for both animals and people, in small ways and in big.

and spans every single department within our framework. The nearly 57,000 hours they contributed last fiscal year amount to the equivalent of 27 full time positions! Since we’re such a large animal shelter with myriad ministrations, it’s easy to grasp that we really couldn’t manage successfully without the help of these dedicated and skilled individuals. In highlighting the people who give of their time and talents for the animals, it was difficult to decide whose smiling faces we’d be able to show off on these pages. Every volunteer is so very important and so greatly appreciated, we wish we could include them all!

Our volunteer workforce numbers 625, ranges in age from 14 to 87,


Keeping it clean: Bathers Sandra Freedman, Sharon Nelson and Zohe Hernandez

Cattery Crew: Bob Burke and Sandy Maloney

Education Volunteer June True and Chester enjoy teaming up for the kids.

Alex Wolf keeps dogs happy and exercised.

The Heartbeat of the HSBC (continued)

Kennel volunteer Raymond Hung tackles a tough job.

Greeter Evy Dee’s smile is always ready!

Linda Royo is a huge help with our Spay & Neuter Program.

All Committees are Volunteer Our committees, including those for the Walk for the Animals, all PAWS events, Big Dog Golf, and our Board of Directors, are all made up of hardworking volunteers whose sole aim is to help the animals. Nick Handley lends his skills in the Clinic. 13

The Heartbeat of the HSBC (continued)

One of our amazing Photography Teams: Robin Hoffman, Rhonda Ervine and Jan McMillan.

In Good Company


Some volunteers particularly enjoy working together as a group. The photography crew pictured above has known each other for 30-plus years; they meet up at the shelter with their cameras every other week to capture the best of our furry guests.

Jennifer Eklund and Chloe team up for Animal Assisted Therapy.

Judy Perez is a star in the Pet Boutique!

Cattery volunteer Pauline Walter makes every cat purr!

The Heartbeat of the HSBC (continued)

Safe and secure: Tony Romano works in Security.

Sandy Allen, Dog Pal, gets hands-on with the dogs.

Kennel Guide Stephanie Johnson helps direct visitors to meet potential new family members.

Maintaining a Connection

Customer Service volunteers David Hoenig and Sandra Heppenheimer

We have several ways to keep in contact with our volunteer corps, including a bi-monthly newsletter called the Critter Crier, annual focus group meetings with representatives from all areas, and our annual Volunteer Appreciation Party. We celebrate anniversaries by posting those celebrating one year, five years, and then five-year increments, and the person receives a special pin at each of those levels. Volunteers of five years or more are awarded a custom shirt with their name on it.

Help Wanted! We’re always in need of experienced positive reinforcement dog trainers, administrative assistance people, outgoing personalities for the Walk for the Animals committee, and fans of domestic duties to help with our 26 daily loads of laundry! 15

Funding for X-Ray Machine Impacts Many Lives


aving quality, up-to-date medical equipment can be extremely important in the animal sheltering business. It is especially gratifying to be able to provide crucial diagnostic procedures for the animals in our care, and to treat them accordingly once diagnosed. When the HSBC was remodeled half a dozen years ago, we made sure to include space for a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine. Previously, we had had to rely on a local VCA Animal Hospital for this service - which was a wonderful help, but transporting an injured dog or cat causes unnecessary stress to the animal, and we still had to pay for the use of the equipment. Annually we were spending more than $10,000 for the needed procedures, and our doctors were limited to two radiograph views; if they were blurry or we needed additional viewpoints, the patient would have to be transported again. Thanks to two very generous donors, we purchased our X-ray machine following the renovation completion. The total cost of $50,000 covered all the necessary lead gowns, lead gloves and thyroid shields to protect the veterinary staff from radiation. With the installation of the new machine, all the veterinary staff were trained to operate it. Although all walls were not required to be leaded, we choose to do so for safety purposes. Our staff also must wear a dosimetry badge when taking an X-ray. Each staff member is assigned a personal badge that

keeps track of radiation exposure, and the badges are sent to a company that tracks the information. New badges are sent every three months. This extremely important piece of medical equipment has helped save more lives over the years than we can count. We are also able to take multiple X-rays for an animal throughout treatment to ensure the pet is recovering properly. On average, more than a dozen animals are Xrayed each week, most with multiple views taken. This includes shelter animals in our care, as well as those in our surrender prevention program. When requested, we also provide X-rays at no charge to Broward County Animal Care & Adoptions; often, we will keep the dog or cat from the county facility, performing the necessary surgery and then finding it a home through our own adoption program. Like any other medical facility in the state, the HSBC is inspected by Florida’s Department of Health, as well as by the County Health Department, Biomedical Waste, Hazardous Waste, Transporter Storage, the DEA and State Pharmacy Division. The machine is serviced and inspected bi-annually. On these pages, we’ve given you a small sampling of the animals whose lives have been saved, thanks to our two benevolent donors and this important piece of equipment.


Bella's bladder was packed with stones that required surgical removal.

This sweet dog was brought in to be euthanized at the request of her owner because she had bladder stones. When we asked if the family wanted to keep her if we could help, they declined and surrendered her to us. X-rays revealed an enormous number of stones, varying in size, including several in the urethra. Poor Bella was in a lot of pain. After surgical removal of the stones, Bella recovered for several weeks in a foster home and then found her permanent home through a local rescue group that we work with. Bella vists with Vet Tech Kelly McLeod before surgery.

Nirvana Injured and frightened, Nirvana was transferred to us from the county facility in September. While we are not sure what happened to her, we did know she was very sweet and craved attention despite her injuries. She had significant bruising to the abdomen with open wounds, as well as wounds on the left forearm and right foreleg. There was subcutaneous emphysema on the top of the head (air trapped under the skin) and crepitus noted by the spine. Radiographs, under sedation, showed that a few spinal processes were broken off. Her left elbow had an open wound over the tip, but no fractures were seen, and her right rear foot sustained multiple superficial abrasions and tissue swelling but no fractures. Nirvana received the medical treatments that she needed, and after three weeks of care and TLC she went home to a new family and a happy life. 16

Nirvana came in to the clinic for several bandage changes while recuperating in foster care.

X-Ray Machine Impacts Lives (continued) Esme One-year-old Esmerelda (a.k.a. Esme) was brought to us from VCA Wiles Road Animal Hospital. A good Samaritan had found the injured dog when she’d been hit by a car, and took her to VCA; once the hospital had her stabilized, they brought her to us. She had lacerations and a serious open fracture of the tibia and tarsus of her right hind limb. Full-body X-rays (while sedated) showed no obvious pulmonary contusions or edema, but bone fragments were present in the fracture area and the decision was made that amputation was the only viable option. Dr. Singh performed the surgery the following day, and upon recovery Esme was placed for adoption. The photo here shows her happy ending!

Esme’s X-rays showed the severity of the fracture to her right leg.

Esme visits with Dr. Singh, who performed her surgery.

Minus one leg but with a definite “plus” in the happiness category, Esme and her new family now live together in Plantation.


Bambi, now Frida

When Maggie came to the shelter, our veterinary staff noticed the frisky two-year-old was having issues walking. X-rays showed evidence of osteoarthritis of the right hip. Femoral head osteotomy (FHO) surgery was performed by Dr. Cabrera, and Maggie happily enjoyed short strolls with our volunteer dog walkers while she recovered. The next stop for Maggie was adoption, and her new family!

Teeny little Bambi came to us in October with an injured forepaw, surrendered by her owners. X-rays revealed a distal complete radioulnar (forearm) fracture. Dr. Cabrera later performed surgery, placing a plate and four screws to repair the damage. After three weeks of bandage changes and a total of six weeks of strict confinement in foster care, Bambi became Frida when she was adopted by an adoring family.

Arthritis in Maggie's right hip was evident from her radiographs.

Maggie, post-surgery and on her way to recovery.

Tiny Bambi is X-rayed by Vet Tech Christopher Thompson.

Frida's family dotes on her!

Another piece of medical equipment that the animals would greatly benefit from is an ultrasound machine. If this is something you would like to help underwrite, please contact Mary Steffen at 954.266.6874. 17

Ready to Walk the Walk? Register today at Walk4theAnimals.com When is the 2020 VCA Walk for the Animals? Saturday, March 7, 2020, rain or shine. Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. Walk begins at 10:00 a.m.

Where is the Walk held? Huizenga Park-32 East Las Olas Boulevard, Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Is there a cost to register? There is no registration fee, but the VCA Walk for the Animals is our shelter’s largest fundraiser of the year. The donations and sponsorships we receive allow us to continue caring for the animals at the shelter, our Humane Education programs, and low-cost services to our community.

Who can attend? We welcome people of all ages to come support this event through attendance and donations. Friendly, wellbehaved dogs are also welcome.

How far is the Walk? The walk itself is 1.25 miles, but it is optional. You are welcome to skip it and stay at Huizenga Park to enjoy all of the festivities.

What’s a Pack? A Pack is a team of family, friends or co-workers that joins together to raise money for the Walk. Participating as a group is fun! You can get into the Walk Day spirit by theming your team.

Raise money. Receive awesome S’Wag. $150 — Official 2020 T-Shirt* $300— Official 2020 Baseball Cap and a $50 exam certificate from VCA Animal Hospitals $500 — Complimentary VIP Parking on Walk Day; Name recognition on our Top Fundraisers Walk Day Banner and Walk Website; and VIP Access on Walk Day to the Jimmy John's tent for a courtesy meal $1,000 — Illuminating Orange USB Cable and an additional $50 VCA Animal Hospitals exam gift certificate $1,500 — Grey Sports Duffle Bag with zippered outside pocket and side pockets $2,500 — Personalized Brick on the HSBC Paw Pathway, a Wireless Fast Charging Pad and Entry into 2021 Cover Dog Contest $5,000 — Wireless Travel Speaker / FM Radio $7,500 — Whimsical Dog and Cat Inversion Umbrella with an inside-out design

PACKS Packs, or teams, that raise $1,500 or more collectively will receive Pack Perks including a team photo taken at the Walk, a personalized Pack Sign and a Pack Prize for each member. All registered Pack Leaders will receive information to keep their Pack motivated and informed right up until Walk Day. Each member of Packs raising $5,000 or more will be rewarded with entry into the VIP Tent on Walk Day to enjoy free food courtesy of Jimmy John’s!

* designed by Octavio Guzman, Creative Director, Pace Advertising Prize levels are cumulative so make sure to raise a lot of money for the animals so you’ll receive them all. All items are while supplies last. Sorry, no substitutions. You must have your coupon to claim your prize. No exceptions.

HELP THE SHELTER ANIMALS Have fun while raising money for the homeless animals in our community • Listen to the sounds of the Thunderhead Band •  See astounding demonstrations by the Purina Incredible Dogs and visit over 30 sponsor booths •  Qualify for great prizes as you fundraise for the animals

Visit walk4theanimals.com to join in on the fun!

Questions? 18

Call 954.266.6817 or email info@walk4theanimals.com

SKIP THE LINES ON WALK DAY! Come to an Advance Check–In Day at the shelter and visit some furry friends while you’re here. Turn in your donations, pick up your S’Wag Bag, grab your official T-shirt if you’ve raised $150!

Individual Donation Drop & S’Wag Bag Pick Up: • February 22 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Pack Donation Drop & S’Wag Bag Pick Up: • February 27 from 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. • February 28 from 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. • February 29 from 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

REGISTRATION FORM MARCH 7, 2020 Before you begin fundraising, make copies of this form so you can collect more donations and earn more S’Wag. You can also pick up additional forms at our shelter, VCA Animal Hospitals, or any Broward IHOP. Downloadable forms and additional locations and information are available at

Walk4theAnimals.com. Donor’s Name Example: Peter Poodle

Amount of Cash or Check Collected

Donor’s Contact Information

Amount Donated Online

$25.00 Check 3302 (Checks Payable to HSBC)


Corporate Matching

123 Puppy Dog Lane Fort. Lauderdale, FL 33312

Ruff! Ruff! (Thank you for helping the animals!) Total Money Collected on this Page $__________

Total Collected Online $___________

Grand Total $_______________

To receive prizes, Individual Walkers must turn in registration form and monies collected at Individual Donation Drop Off & S’Wag Bag Pick Up at the shelter on February 22, 2020 OR on Walk Day. Pack leaders must schedule their Pack Donation Drop Off & S’Wag Bag Pick Up on February 27-29, 2020 by appointment only at the shelter OR on Walk Day. Contributions to the HSBC qualify for a tax deduction. You, and the people who sponsor you, should check with employers to see if they have a Matching Gift Program. In order to get credit for corporate matches, a matching gift form must be submitted with the check donation at time of registration. We can do the rest. The more we raise, the more animals we can help. It’s an easy way to double the donation. Please make checks payable to the Humane Society of Broward County. ALL WALKERS MUST READ, SIGN & SUBMIT THIS WAIVER: In consideration of my signing this agreement, I hereby for myself, my heirs and my administrators, assume any and all risks which might be associated with the Walk. I waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages which I may have against the organizers and any others connected with this event, their representatives, successors and assigns for any and all injuries or damages of any kind whatsoever suffered by me or my pet as a result of taking part in this Walk and related activities. I also understand and agree to permit HSBC and the Sponsors of this event to use for publicity or promotional purposes my name and pictures of me and/or my dog without liability or obligation to me.

Your Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Doggone it! I can’t participate, but here’s my donation of $ ________________ to help the animals. ❏ My tax deductible gift is eligible for a corporate match and I have attached the necessary paperwork. Two-legged Walker: _______________________________________________________________

T-shirt size: S M L XL XXL XXXL

Four-legged Walker: __________________________________________Age: _______ Breed: ______________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________ City: _____________________ State: _______ Zip: __________ Phone: __________________________ email: _______________________________ Pack Name (If Applicable): _______________________________ A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer services by calling toll-free 800-435-7352 within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state. All proceeds benefit the Humane Society of Broward County. Solicitation CH656

The Humane Society of Broward County

2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

QUESTIONS? CALL 954.266.6817 OR EMAIL INFO@WALK4THEANIMALS.COM Photo: Daisy Mae, 2020 Walk for the Animals Cover Dog


Send your letters and cute pet photos to: 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 Or e-mail photos and letters (photos JPG with a minimum of 250 dpi resolution) to info@hsbroward.com.

Received from an adopter who gave one of our shelter dogs not just a wonderfully loving home for 15 years, but a career onstage as well:


e would like to thank the incredible Humane Society of Broward County for bringing Clyde into our world. He passed this month. Whether Clyde was dazzling audiences as Toto in The Wizard of Oz, or simply strutting the dog park hunting for squirrels, Clyde was hypnotic. Full of spunk and sparkle, Clyde was a local celebrity, he could not walk 10 feet without running into one of his fans! Clyde holds the record for being the "Hungriest Boy That Ever Lived"… Although Clyde could not ride a bicycle, he loved to run alongside as you biked for miles on end. He was the captain of every kayaking trip…Most of all, Clyde loved his family. He would do anything for them, and in return was the king of their world. And he knew it. We are so grateful to have had all those years to spoil our darling boy. The HSBC has truly given us a prize far greater than any lottery ticket. We keep you in our hearts Clyde - today, every day, always.


David Light Aventura

Dear HSBC, fter losing my cat to illness in the spring I decided to adopt an older cat from the Humane Society. About 15 years ago my teenage children and I went to adopt a kitten and came home with a sixyear-old Chocolate Lab. So, I am a repeat adopter.


I first saw Sasha on your website. I couldn't bring a cat home for a couple of weeks because I was having a new roof put on, but I wanted to meet her. When I arrived I met Robin who was volunteering that day… when Robin brought Sasha to the room she was extremely shy and nervous. She hid in the corner and would not let me touch her. Sasha Robin explained cats can be stressed when they first arrive because of the different environment with all the other cats and noise.

Clyde's face graced the poster for The Wizard of Oz.



emember Roxy? That's Roxy Kissmas, now...I adopted her 12/26/2018. Here's a photo of our 8-year-old Miss who's quite content on a new-found sleeping place. Roxy shares our fur-ever home of cats, 1 dog, 1 human. She's done amazingly well for one who was the only one. And turned out to be a great buddy, busy reminding me what's next to do. Regards, Catherine Kubat

When I returned in two weeks, Robin was once again volunteering and Sasha was still there in one of the “Cat Rooms.” Robin said Sasha was friendlier now, and sure enough, I was able to pet her a little. Robin was very instrumental in my decision to adopt Sasha, she gave me the little nudge I needed to commit and I am so happy that she did! Sasha has been with us now for about a month and has made our home her own. She is such a sweet and loving cat we cannot be happier. I am forever grateful to Robin and the Humane Society for bringing Sasha into our lives. Best, Deborah Seaman Plantation 20






he newest addition to our blended family is a bundle of love and energy named Sammy. Although we were really looking for a dog that was about half her size, Sammy’s 50 pounds just makes more of her for the 4 kids to hug and love! At just one year old, Sammy brings additional energy into our home, and she’s loving the trips to the dog park where her dad lets her run. We’re dealing with some skin allergies, which we hear is typical for goldendoodles, and with the help of our vet we hope to get it all cleared up. Thanks for bringing Sammy into our lives, we really love her! Cheers,

Dear HSBC,


his is Trixie, the cat formally known as Pink. I adopted her on St. Patrick's day of this year. She has been my lucky charm ever since. She had a hard time adjusting in other homes [before me] and was not eating due to stress. I am happy to report she now weighs 10 pounds and lives a stress-free life.


Sincerely, Julie Ft. Lauderdale


Tara, Anders & Kids Delray Beach Sammy This comes from a 12-year employee in our spay/neuter department who retired and moved to England with her dogs, transporting them on a cruise ship:

Hi Everyone,


usan here, greetings from England! We arrived with the dogs on the Queen Mary 2 and have set up house in a rental. I am sure you heard Tillie passed away after only a few days onboard the ship. She had been fine in Brooklyn for the 4 days we were there, but she did have early stages of kidney disease. Of course, we were devastated. I have to say, Cunard were amazing in their efforts to help...letting Tillie stay in my stateroom with me until she passed, organizing for a cremation company to board in Southampton, and generally taking care of me. Tillie was the sweetest beautiful furry baby…she lived a wonderful life (as do all my babies adopted from the HSBC). Take care, Susan Gilfillan


can’t put into words the joy that our beautiful girl Summer, adopted 4/19, has brought to our lives. She is as sweet and kind as she is beautiful! We love her to the moon and back!! She absolutely loves riding in the car and taking walks along the beach! Happy Holidays to all, Connie Metcalfe




hen I was volunteering I saw Nugget; I have had a deaf dog before and knew I could give him a good home. He’s now 45 lbs. and growing like a weed…He is very smart and has learned all hand commands, despite the fact that he is visually impaired. He's very bonded to me and fits right in here! Hugs, Terry Horne

When shelter staff member Susan Gilfillan retired from the spay/neuter department and moved to England, she wanted to give her dogs the most comfortable travel method possible, so she moved them on the Queen Mary cruise ship.




Messages from the Heart

To include a memorial or honor, please send a contribution of $25 or more using the enclosed envelope, or visit humanebroward.com/donate-now/. Donations of $100 and more appear in color; for a $500 contribution, a photo of your pet will be included. We will send an acknowledgment to the bereaved, or honored, upon your request. Your message may be edited due to space, and multiple donations for the same person may be grouped together. Memorials and honors received by December 22 are included here. The deadline for the spring issue is March 22.

In Loving memory of my beautiful little boy, Oscar. You and Romeo are together again in heaven. Mommy will always love you. Until we meet again... From Stefanie Logue.

In memory of my awesome baby, Lulu. From Darlene Fox.

In loving memory of Tyler, my sweet little boy. Love, Mommy Sue. In memory of Meow Underwood. From Shelly, Bill, & Catherine. In memory of Kevin Prascak’s sweet fur babies. From Susan & Irwin Cooperman. In loving memory of Rocky & Rollo, two beautiful, special dogs who were great companions and so lucky to have Jenny as their mom. We are so very sorry for your loss. Love, Barbara & Scott. In memory of Reagan, from Sally Ruttger. In loving memory of Muffin Bubbles Shure. From Danielle Shure. In memory of Delilah Greenspan. Her loving nature and sweet disposition will be missed by all who loved her. From Fran Banner. In memory of Nirvana Rutman. From the Siskind family. In memory of Hayley, from Casey & Benji. In loving memory of Rex, adored companion of Emily, Ryan, Dani, & Ale. From Jennifer Kryshka. In memory of Jake. We miss you! From Joseph Chalom. In memory of Ariel & TJ. From Linda Gordon. In memory of Reba & Garthy Man. From Tony Walsh & Richard Johnson. 22

In memory of Charlie. Dr. S. Berg: Thank you for all the years of your wonderful care. You are a kind, gentle, and special Dr.! From Judy Zipper. In memory of Simon. From Richard & Angie. In memory of Pedro Perez’s beloved dog. From Barbara Wolf. In memory of Molly, a wonderful rescue dog who lived a long and happy life with her owner Susan and her family. From Lea Crestodina. In memory of Kobe, from Angie Radmer. In remembrance of Baxter & Sasha, two wonderful dogs whom we loved and will always remember. From Joseph Edelstein. In memory of Bentley Grapin. From the Siskind family. In memory of Chloe Cohen. From Fellner Fellners, Lorbers, Steinlauf, Mel & Steve, & Alexis Fellner. In memory of Ande, Timmy, Sweet, & Lance. Love Always, Niki. In memory of Syra, China & Austin & Joe Taylor & WC. From Jeff. In memory of Benji “Moose” Coren. From Jackson & Chase. In memory of Sydney, an amazing therapy dog. She will be missed. From Lisa & Lucy. In memory of Max Levine. From ARLS. In memory of Princess, our dog daughter who gave us 15 years of love and happiness. From Paula & Isaac Wachsberger. In memory of Junior Delgado. Rest in Peace, sweet boy. From Carla Spina. In memory of Piper Milos, from Devon Bullmoie. In memory of Mr. Blackberry. You will always be missed and loved and never forgotten. From Shad & Lauren Hoffman. In memory of Crystal, from Lyks Enterprises LLC. In memory of Gucci, loved for 16 years and 1 month to the day he was on this Earth. For an eternity he’ll be playing & running & waiting for his dads, his grandparents, & his brothers to be with him again. May other pets know love and family as he did. From Ryan & Jen Gallego. In memory of Springer Spaniels Luna & Marble. Always in our hearts! From Annette Maldonado. In memory of Roxy, from Theresa Caccamise. In memory of Fynnigan. RIP sweet, brave, loving, smiling Fynnie. From Helvi Gold & Family. In memory of Sweety – I will always love & miss you, my sweet beloved puppy. Love, Mama Sonia. In memory of Rosie, from Lucy Walker. In memory of Fozzie. Fozzie will always live on in your hearts. From Helen “Baka” Singer. In memory of Toby Redmond who was a great dog. No creature in the world offers love like a dog does. We are saddened by the news of Toby’s passing. Your family is in our thoughts during this difficult time. From Ray Redmond’s CreativeDrive Family.

In memory of Buddy “Stoner.” From Ted & Cheryl Lachowicz. In memory of Jingles, from Elsa Bergolla. In memory of Stanley Smith. With love from friends in the Cats of Instagram community. In memory of Smoochie Kaufman. I love you baby boy. From Allen Kaufman. In memory of Holly Gabano. Diane, you and Holly were so lucky to have found each other. She will be greatly missed. From Colleen Cottam. In memory and honor of the best boy, our beloved Cody. From Patricia Fiorillo. In memory of Raisin, Rocket, & Ruthie. I miss you every day. From Rain. In memory of Rolle, Tiger, & Xing Xing. Rest in Peace my beautiful family. From Bonita. In memory of Judd Miller. Judd brought love and sweetness to everyone he encountered or sniffed. He had the best family a doggie could ever wish for! From Peg Murray. In memory of Amber Greenspan, from Lorie & Marc Greenspan. In memory of Murphy & Milo. In honor of my two Grand dogs who I miss so very, very much. I will see you soon on the other side of the rainbow. Love you. From Mom. In memory of Jordan Tate. May his memory be a blessing to all who love him. From Jenny, Doug, Rachel, & Julia Horn. In honor and memory of Jordan Tate – Love and miss you, Jordan. From Gerard Rebalsky. In honor and memory of Jordan. I love you forever, Bud. From Sharon Vetoshnikova. In memory of Jordon Tate and a life cut too short. From Nancy & Steve Frelich. To honor the memory of Jordan Tate, a beautiful loving person. The beauty of a life well lived never dies. From Barbara Gendron. In memory of Jordan Tate. Wishing the Tate family my deepest sympathies. May you find comfort in happy memories at this difficult time. From Shari Wexelman. In memory of Jordan Tate. From Alan & Elyse Margolies. In memory of Cassie Torres from the following friends and family: Sharon Marcus; Anne Marie Arcila; Ileana Lee; Jodie Orrico; Robert Zvigelsky; Oleg Yuditsky; Vickie Savino; Anna Pozdner; Lori Baron; Gail Torres; Kristie Hernandez; Jaime Rivera; Natalia Torres; Nery Anorga; Michelle Ribaudo; Maria Nigro; Stephanie Baer; Nicole Stender; Erica Snyder; Benjamin Bang; Colin Gonzalez; Natalia Torres; and Sandra Reese. In memory of Cassie Torres, from Denise Jayson. In memory of Cassie Torres, from Vickie Savino. In memory of our parents Morris & Helen Ritz. From Joel Ritz & Marcia Ritz. In memory of Austin Tupler. From Johnson-Davis, Inc.

Messages from the Heart In memory of Austin Tupler, from Mark & Tammy Payne. In memory of Miriam Eager. Though I was your only child, you were also an amazing mother to Tashi, Pebbles, Bam Bam, Kipu, & Nima. You are five years gone, yet not one day forgotten. From Alison Eager. In memory of Austin W. Tupler. Mr. Tupler was an amazing man with a love for animals; we honor him and celebrate his life with this donation. From Jack Ebert / South Atlantic Insurance. In memory of Patricia Raikowski. From MP Management. In memory of Patricia A. Raikowski, from Jenna & Tim Scolaro. In loving memory of our mother Pat Raikowski, and her beloved and faithful furry friend Shadow. From The Whitlow Family. In memory of Janie Malsin. My deepest condolences to your family. Janie was such a unique individual. From Janet Connors. In memory of Austin Tupler, from Thomas Gill. In memory and honor of Patricia A. Raikowski. From Carol Saxton & Frank Hagan. In memory of Mr. Blackberry Hoffman. From Claudette Abrams. In memory of Patricia A. Raikowski. From James & Mary Ann Kleinrichert. In special memory of LaVerne Pritts, loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. May she rest in peace in the arms of God. From Jeffrey Lowe. In memory of Patricia Raikowski, from the 5th Grade Team. In memory of Robbie Horton. From Sarah Miskew. In memory of Steven Goldstein. Our deepest condolences to Janet and the family. From Walter & Barbara Bjorkgren. In memory of Dr. Marvin Green. From Adrienne Miller, Alyssa Miller, & Stuart Herman. In memory of J.T. Federici. Dear Jim, Sandie, & Family: Thinking of you on this day and every day. Love, Bill & Debbie Barkins. In memory of Steven Goldstein. From Bobbie Zucker Bryson & Brad Dillman. In memory of Joshua Rosbach, from Donea Righter. In memory of Morris & Helen Ritz. From Joel Ritz. In loving memory of Patricia Raikowski, my good friends’ wonderful and loving mother. From the Keller Family. In memory of Brian Bobinski, from Natalie. In memory of beloved Jordan. From Barbara Peckett & Chet Peckett. We are sorry for the loss of your mother, Nella Girolamini. You are in our thoughts and prayers. From Tammy & Tim. In memory of Patricia Foti, from Loriann Tierney. In memory of Steven Goldstein, from Steve & Nancy. In memory of Kirk Joseph Tkach. From Eileen Karachin. In memory of Steven Goldstein. From Lauren & Robert Carminucci. In memory of Steven Goldstein. From Rhea & Richard Studley.

In memory of Joshua Rosbach. From Margaret Emerson. In memory of Steven Goldstein, from Michele Litty. In memory of Joshua Lee Rosbach. Thinking of you, Lee, and your family. My heart aches for you. From Paul D’Agnese. In memory of Nella Girolamini, and in honor of the life of Momma Nella. From Lea Crestodina. In honor and memory of Shirley Berko. Shirley was a generous and lovely lady who will be missed. From the Abrams Family. In memory of Matthew Gold, from Barbara & Jerry Schlanger. In memory and honor of Patricia Foti. From Deborah Proulx. In loving memory of Jennifer Lister. From Michael Lister. In memory of Jill Aspiote. From Lisa Axelrod. In memory of Cassie Torres, from Jehan Husman. In memory of Cassie Torres. From Enrique Torres. In memory of Anita Brumley. From Linda Like. In memory of David Quackenbush, from Kathy Deubell. In memory and honor of Susan Crawford. From Kathleen Tyrrell. In memory of Rhea Herman, from Wallace Walker. In memory of Susan Crawford. From United Automobile Insurance Co. In memory of Pamela Lazar. Pam was a true lover of animals. She passed away too soon. From Pam’s coworkers in the General Counsel’s Office. In memory of Elaine Ruda, from Stephanie Lovinger. In honor of Rhea Herman, who touched the lives and hearts of so many and who will never be forgotten. May you Rest in Peace, Rhea! From Dixi Applegate. In memory of Rhea Herman, from Nicholas & Jackie Gravante. In memory of Rhea Weil Herman. From Chip & Bonnie Newton. In loving memory of my son, David Joseph Franklin. I’m sure you’re taking loving care of our family pets that crossed the Rainbow Bridge: Sarge, Layla, Satan. Miss and Love You, Mom. In memory of Steven Goldstein. From Karen Miller. In memory of Barbara Blount, from Marla Mayberry. In memory of Cassie Torres. From Fabio Alexander. In memory of Sondra Devi Davis. I love you. From Daniel & Abyy Davis. In memory of Alexandria (Alex) Danielle. Rest in Peace! Thank you for being a kind and caring young woman. You will be in our hearts forever. Love, Marcela Romano & Family. In memory of Cassie Torres, from Julie Taylor. In memory of Lois Ide. From Barnes, Phyllis, Leslie & Sefton. In memory of Maxine Call. From Marsha Bloom. In memory of Peter Birzon, from Mindy & Joe Doerfler. In memory of Marvin Green, beloved husband and father. From Diane Snyder. In memory of Richard Hirschy. From Stan & Michelle. In memory of Uncle Dick Hirschy. From Julia Hirschy Rohde & Family.

Memorials In memory of Richard Hirschy. Thinking of the Hirschy Family in their time of loss. With much love from Julie Morgan and David, Caroline, Jessica & John David Morgan. In memory of Janet Aanonsen, a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. From Joan Brinkhuis & Pearl Leventer. In memory of Richard Hirschy, from Steve & Janette Steinheimer. In memory of Carol Flynn Ferrari. From Patricia & John Gemma. In memory and honor of my sister Janet G. Aanonsen. May she Rest in Peace. From Deborah J. Luciano. In memory and honor of Janet Aanonsen. We would always talk about our love for animals and she loved the little kitties and puppies. It’s beautiful she chose to have donations to the furry little creatures. May she Rest in Peace. From Barbara Oritz and Anabel & Rosanne Yupanqui. In memory of Jane Aanonsen. From Maureen & Douglas Wilson. In memory of Alex Watson. From the Weinstein Family. In memory of George Clauson. We are deeply sorry for your loss. Sending our love and prayers. From the Mondek Family. In memory of George Clauson, with our condolences. From Ruth & Walt Whitten. In memory of Fran Finestein, from Bernard & Nettie Medvedev. In memory of Richard Hirschy. From Bernard & Nettie Medvedev. In memory of Edgar Otto, from Harvey & Francine Lifton. In memory of Janet G. Aanonsen. She was a true animal lover with a heart of gold. It is a great loss to us all. From Maritza Monge. In memory of Dick Hirschy. Our deepest sympathies at Uncle Dick’s passing. With love, Ron & Family. In memory of George Clauson. To Donna, Tracy, & Erica – Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time. From Bob & Nancy Welday. In memory of Richard “Dick” Hirschy. From Stephen & Stacey Salisbury. In memory of George Clauson. From A.L. & Priscilla Garey. In memory of George Clauson. From Margaret & Michael Pagella.

Estate Gifts Estate gifts gratefully received in September, October and November:

Elizabeth Bohn Robert Finnie Julia Wingard 23

Honors & Celebrations In honor of Peoples, from Maria Diaz.

In honor of Beatrice Schary. In blessed memory of your mom and in honor of your friend, Joy. From Katherine, with love.

In honor of Peoples. From Amy P. Romines.

In honor of Marti & Rick Bernard. Congratulations on 50 years of marriage with our love! From: Elena & Norman; Heather; Holly & Mike; Karen & Chris; Marlane & Stu; Marlene C-W & Steve; Marlene S.; Renée & Elliott; Roz & Dave; Sharyn & Leilah; and Valerie & Jack.

In honor of Peoples – I hope that every last moment she has is special in every way! From Susan Ponchot & Michael Ayala.

In honor of the Freire Family – Congratulations on your new home! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of Julia Smith. Thank you for all you do!!! From your ASDS.

In honor of Peoples. From Lucy Kaplan.

In honor of Irene Lehrer, from Wayne & Renee Hochberg.

In honor of Sallie Ann Sherwood. From Dennis & Teena Sherwood.

In honor of Peoples. Your new home will be full of Love & Care. From David Stebbins.

Once again this year, our Son & Daughter-In-Law have requested we make a donation to the HSBC instead of birthday gifts, which we are happy to do. Thank you so much for all you do! From Claudia & Ronald McKinnon.

In honor of Elizabeth & Carla Engelgau. Happy Holiday! Love, Gramma & Grandpa.

In honor of the marriage of Robert Capone & Courtney Stone. Best wishes and love always. From Richard Capone.

In honor of Bobby Kaplan and your love, caring, and compassion for all animals. From Nanny & Pop.

In honor of Janice Hamilton & Brian Kuhn – Congratulations! From Sharon Beal & Ron Raymond.

In honor of Alejandra Giraldo. From Nicole Killmer.

In honor of Peoples – Sending you lots of love to fill your heart. From Leah.

In honor of Peoples and for her medical treatment. From Becky. In honor of my precious big boy, Fry. From Susan Alspector. In honor of Cody Douglas Blacksten. Rest in Peace sweet boy. May you and Louie find lots of bones to eat and many cats to chase. Your dad is heartbroken. From Max, Abbie, & Rosemary. In honor of Shiloh & Taffy – both HSBC adoptees. From Gail Blount. In honor of Coco, from Susan & Mark Neuberger.

In honor of Cherie Marshall and Suzie & Jack Smith. From your friends and family at HSBC.

In honor of Leo. I offer up a Catholic Prayer for the Animals. From a caring friend.

In honor of Mindy Salway. Thank you for everything you do for us. Here’s to great banking, big wills, and loving cats. From Elizabeth Carrasco.

In honor of Bentley Grapin. From the Ross & Arnberg families.

In honor of Patricia Krug, from Wayne Krug.

In honor of Patrick & Sandy, two cats adopted by my family. From Mom & Dad.

In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yoder. From Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cebrat.

In honor of Milton. Happy holidays to my sweet boy! From Amy Perlman.

In honor of Mary Lyons and her love of dogs. From Wayne Lunga.

In honor of Amanda Bolanos. From Josh!

In honor of Scott Gerhard, from Melanie Lindeman. In honor of Alex. From Lew Schwartz. In honor of Evelyn Merchant. Happy Holidays from BMS.

In honor of Chelsea Beyer, from Bruce Wilde.

In honor of Jackie – We are glad you have Jacqueline now! From Michael Genovese’s parents. In honor of Angelos & Lucy. From Zoe Matyuf. In honor of Samantha & Bryce – Merry Christmas. From Hilary, Paul, & Savannah. In honor of the Hudson Family – Happy Holiday. From Rachael, Lauren Paris Interiors. In honor of the Miller Family. A donation was made because we know you love animals. Merry Christmas. Love, Aunt Connie & Uncle Ralph.

In honor of Ray & Denise Aguilar and their new condo! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of Marguerite Hildebidle. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! From Frances MacDougall.

In honor of my beloved dog, Jessi. From Rita Treitman.

In honor of Paul Huether’s recovery & J.C.’s caregiving. Love, Patti & Gary.

In honor of James Maler, from Ronda Maler.

In honor of our beloved fur babies – past, present, & future. From Joanne Kauffmann.

In honor of Lisa Macneir’s valor! Love, Patti & Gary.

In honor of Rocky from David Edgar. In honor of Milo. Happy 8th Birthday, Milo! Love, Mom.

In honor of the Escandar Pets. From Nesryn Escandar.

In honor of cousin David Matalon’s Birthday #57. Love, cousins Patti & Gary.

In honor of Sophie Marie DeMars. Sophie was the best dog ever and what a bargain when we paid $100. We donate $100 every year in her honor and to help the Humane Society of Broward County. From Margaret DeMars.

In honor of our beloved brother, Jordan Tate, sending tons of love and blessing to all animals. We miss you dearly, Jordan, and will always hold you close in our hearts! From Evan & Madison.

In honor of Wendy Garbis Gerber. Thank you for always being a friend to the animals. From Regina Stuzin.

In honor of the wonderful families who open their hearts and homes and will be heroes to these beautiful rescue dogs and cats with a forever home of love and companionship. From Ann Bastoky.

In honor of Marti & Rick Bernard and your 50th Wedding Anniversary, with our love and best wishes. From Linda & Neil Greenfield. In honor of Lindy Maracic. From Terri Hoffman. In honor of Patricia J. Foti. From the Roberts Family. In honor of Loredana Parrella. You love animals and Grammy loves animals and you! Your birthday gift will help the animals! From Grammy.

In honor of Jonel Milos. From Devon Bellmore-DePalma. In honor of Janice Hamilton & Brian Kuhn. Congratulations and best wishes for the future and your married life together. From Sharon Beal & Ron Raymond. In honor of Joan Brochu, from Richard Delprete.

In honor of Bob & Dale Stallings. From John & Phyllis Collins. In honor of Jeannete Lewis & Robert Dingfelder. Congratulations and much happiness. From Carole & Mike. In honor of my stepmom who loves the HSBC’s work – she lives there! This donation was her Christmas wish. From Pamela Anderson. In honor of Dr. Arthur B. Sher. A lover of life, we will miss you. From Deni B. Sher. In honor of Debbie Purchia, from Linda Silver. In honor of Peg Evans, from her yoga students at Memorial West. In honor of Christopher Ells, our son who LOVES dogs! From David & Barbara Ells. In honor of Mark Alterson's recovery. Love, Aunt Patti & Uncle Gary. In honor of Susan Carlock. Because I love you. Merry Christmas! From Auntie Jeanine.

In honor of Jennifer & Brett Cramer. Holiday Cheer for the puppies! From Angie Niehoff.

Photo Sessions: “For the Love of PAWS” “For the Love of PAWS” is a unique opportunity to pay tribute to a beloved pet. The pet attends a private photo session at the shelter with photographer David Lee (people may appear in the photo as well). The contributor’s photo of choice is framed and displayed at the shelter in one of three select areas, with the cost ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 depending upon the area chosen. Photos remain on display for five years, after which the client may renew or keep the framed photo. The contribution is tax-deductible, and 25 photos have been sold to date. For more information, please call us at 954.266.6845. 24

Hats Off to Our Legacy Club Members group of 33 Legacy Club members came together for a luncheon in October at Coral Ridge Country Club, with Chairman of the Board Thom Bambenek and Planned Giving Committee Chair Jennifer Robinson welcoming everyone for the annual celebratory event.

after public speaker. Her presentation was thoroughly enjoyable and was followed by a question-and-answer period. Dr. Radosta also donated two copies of a book she co-authored, From Fearful to Fear Free: A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxieties, Fears and Phobias. One copy was raffled off at the luncheon, along with two pet-themed gift baskets. The Shelter dogs Milo and Otis, a pair that at the time had been waiting winners of these prizes were Victoria Barnick, Michael Coscia and more than 100 days for their forever home together, were also in Helga Tenbrink. attendance (though did not benefit from the delicious lunch enjoyed by the members!). The Legacy Club is made up of HSBC supporters who have chosen, in their estate plans, to leave a bequest or donation to the Humane Society Our Guest Speaker was Dr. Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, and Board of Broward County. For information please contact Kathy Tricomi at Certified Veterinary Behaviorist. Dr. Radosta’s presentation was an 954.266.6845. intriguing one, as she specializes in Behavioral Science and is a sought-


Guest speaker Dr. Lisa Radosta gave an enlightening and interesting presentation.

Standing: Peggy Anderson, Committee Member Carolyn Lee and KayeLynne Northcutt Seated: Steve Laine, Denise Falabella, Gabrielle Magdanz and Karola Woodworth

Committee Member Ryan Schultz with Legacy Club Members Victoria and Peter Barnick

2019 Legacy Club and Peace of Mind Members Mr. Ralph Aguiar Mr. George Alexion Ms. Patricia S. Amey Ms. Peggy J. Anderson Mrs. Frances Ashley Ms. Diane Bader Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Ball Mr. & Mrs. Peter Barnick Ms. Marjorie Bernstine Ms. Harriet E. Bonin Mr. Shane Bossom Mrs. Lorna R. Bowers Mr. & Mrs. Thomas I. Burgess Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Campbell, Jr. Ms. Judi M. Cole Ms. Marvely Correa Mr. & Mrs. Michael Coscia Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Dagen Ms. Elizabeth Dame Mr. & Mrs. Francis Davis Ms. Linda M. Dicicco Mr. Jayant Goyle & Mr. Gregory Dudzek Ms. Joan Durden Ms. Amparo M. Echarte Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Egyes Ms. Denise C. Falabella Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Fee Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Feinerman

Mr. Harvey Fields Mr. & Mrs. Francesco Filippelli Mrs. Arlene Fink Ms. Joan Fisher Mr. Bill Forlani Ms. Mary E. Franklin Mr. James Franzino Ms. Louise Geffner Ms. Jill Ginsberg Ms. Beverly A. Glaser Mr. & Mrs. Dan Glatz Ms. Wendy S. Gold Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Graham Mr. & Mrs. Duane E. Hanson Mr. Mark Hariton Ms. Susan R. Hayes Ms. Carol Hieronymus Mrs. Gail Jacobson Mrs. Dianne Johnston Ms. Ramona A. Johnston Ms. Bea Kantrowitz Ms. Joanne L. Kauffmann Ms. Andrea Keyser Mr. Richard Killoran Ms. Fern Kohn Ms. Paula Kufs Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Lee Mrs. Pamela B. Lieber Mr. Richard Linehan

Mr. Walter J. Lynwood Mrs. Gabriele E. Magdanz Mr. Norman Mandel Mr. Hank Mann Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Marino Mr. Peter Marzan Ms. Janet K. McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Meyer Mrs. Patricia A. Milesi Mr. & Mrs. Alan Mitchell Mr. Gilbert S. Mitchell Ms. Ann Moslowitz Ms. Pam Nadler Ms. Sharon H. Nelson Ms. Deborah A. Newis Mrs. KayeLynne Northcutt Ms. Veronica S. Ostrander Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L Pagella Ms. Linda Payne Mr. David Pearlman Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J Petrick Ms. Diane L. Rechner Mrs. Joan S. Remington Mrs. Paul Roberts Ms. Jennifer J. Robinson Ms. Blanca A. Rodriguez Ms. Edeltraud R. Roessel Mrs. Mary Rogers Ms. Janet Sander

Ms. Sue Saperstein Mr. Richard Sargeant & Dr. Peter Genovese Ms. Janet Schiff Dr. & Mrs. Jason Schipper Mr. Francis X. Schoen Mrs. Sara J. Sears Mr. & Mrs. Karl V. Shallenberger Mr. & Mrs. John J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Adam Starr Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Stewart Mrs. Martha A. Stewart Mr. Austin P. Stuart Mrs. Cynthia A. Stuart Ms. Anabelle Taub Ms. Eva Taub Mr. & Mrs. John Thibodeau Ms. Dianne Urgo Mr. & Mrs. Hugh R. Valasquez Ms. Nicole A. Vanden Heuvel Mr. Eugene F. Vanek Mr. Mark Vellen Ms. Linda L. Vercillo Mrs. Barbara L. Weiss Weiss Foundation Ms. Lisa Wheeler Ms. Cheryl Willenborg Mrs. Karola U. Woodworth Ms. Marcia J. Zingman 25

Black Friday, Shelter-Style ur annual Black Friday adoption event was such a hit, we extended the special through the weekend and sent 82 animals home for the holidays! All shelter pets one year and older were available for adoption at half the normal fee, and select “cuddle


Sport’s name is now Oreo.

Miracle and Mom

Max’s family is all smiles. 26

Figaro and his new family

Handsome Jack and his family

busters” went home with their entire adoption fee waived. The holiday season promised to be especially warm and wonderful for these new families.

Nova leaves the shelter with her new Dad.

Molly and her Dad

Midnight’s ready to go!

“Cuddle Buster” Lucy goes home.

Apollo’s new Mom and Dad take her home.

Jerry gets a cuddle.

Featuring warm and fuzzy shelter stories

Happenstance, and Lola’s Makeover e often work with local rescue groups when an animal comes in whose needs we’re unable to meet. Recently, a representative from a local poodle rescue group was at the shelter to pick up a special-care dog we’d called them about. While the rep waited in the shelter lobby, Lola was being surrendered by her family. When she saw the tangled mess, the woman from Poodle Rescue offered to give her a full makeover.


After being shaved of her thick, filthy mats, an emaciated but lovely little dog emerged, who definitely needed some medical help and TLC. Joanie, who runs the rescue group, fell in love and ended up adopting little Lola. We think you’ll see from her “after” photo that she’s blossomed into quite a gorgeous girl. Thick, heavy mats like Lola’s can eventually be life-threatening.

Hardly recognizable as a purebred due to a terribly overgrown and matted coat, three-year-old Lola is a beautiful poodle who is now living a happy, healthy, much-loved life.

Dandelion and Meadow isters Dandelion and Meadow were transferred to us from Broward County Animal Care in October. They were both greatly in need of extra care; the oneyear-olds were shockingly emaciated, with Dandelion weighing 25 pounds and Meadow just 21. They’d been found by a Broward County animal control officer where they’d been living with a squatter in an abandoned house.


The first three weeks they were with us, the girls were on a recovery plan that included an extra meal each day. Dandelion also had an open sore on her hip that required daily medication. When they’d recovered sufficiently, they were ready for adoption and, in no time, they had each found a family to love and be loved by.

Dandelion waits patiently while her sores are tended to.

Island Boy Moves to the Mountains

Meadow was emaciated when she first came to us.

Meadow is now called Nala, and her family tells us she is doing great! She was already at a healthy 36 pounds when her dad Stace brought her by to say hello in late November.

Patron came to us from our sister shelter in Vieques, Puerto Rico and is now loving life in Vermont with his new family. He’s enjoying the snow and the life of a New England dog!




Permit#1116 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The shelter is located at 2070 Griffin Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

954-989-3977 Fax: 954-989-3991 humanebroward.com

Join us for the

VCA Walk for the Animals

on Saturday, March 7!

Registration form and details are in this issue.

Humane Society of Broward County: Located immediately west of I-95 on the south side of Griffin Road. Tel: 954.989.3977 Visit us on the web at humanebroward.com. Adoptions:

Mon - Sat: 10:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Mon - Sat: 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Sunday: 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.



ADOPTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRESS 6 HOURS AND DIRECTIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6723 OWNER’S REQUEST EUTHANASIA………………… 6722



February 14 – 16: Adopt a Sweetheart Weekend March 7:

VCA Walk for the Animals

April 2:

Big Dog Men’s Invitational Golf Tournament Presented by BrightView Fort Lauderdale Country Club

April 25:

PAWS Gala “PAWS Goes Hollywood” Presented by Spirit Airlines Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6877 ANIMAL ADMISSIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6873 BEHAVIOR HELPLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6851 BEHAVIOR & TRAINING PROGRAMS . . . . . . 954.266.6819 DONATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6816 EDUCATION DEPT. SCHEDULING. . . . . . . . . 954.266.6848 HURRICANE HOTLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6871 JOB HOTLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6859 PAWS AUXILIARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6827 PEACE OF MIND/LEGACY CLUB. . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6845 PET BOUTIQUE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6836 PRIVATE PET CREMATIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6833

Puppy Pre-School is offered in four-week group sessions on Sat. mornings; $100 for puppies adopted from the HSBC and $120 for all others. Dog Obedience classes are in six-week group sessions held Tue. or Wed. evenings, or Sat. or Sun. mornings; $150 for dogs adopted from the shelter and $180 for all others. To register visit humanebroward.com, or for info call Stephanie Rodgers at 954.266.6819. Pet Loss and Grieving Support Sessions are held free of charge on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 5:30 p.m. at the shelter. To register, please call 954.266.6848. Bunny Basics sessions are free of charge. You’ll learn about housing, nutrition, bunny introductions and more. RSVP at 954.266.6815. Volunteer Orientation sessions are held on a regular basis. Email Volunteer Services at volunteer@hsbroward.com for more information .

SPAY/NEUTER INFORMATION . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.463.7729 VACCINE/MICROCHIP INFORMATION … . 954.266.6858 VOLUNTEER SERVICES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6814

The HSBC pet cemetery and mausoleum are located at Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation Acres. They offer private or communal burial; cremations and arrangements can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Visit browardpet.com or call 954.476.0743 for more information.

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Paw Prints, Winter 2020 Edition  

Paw Prints, Winter 2020 Edition  

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