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Spring 2021

News from the Humane Society of Broward County


VCA Walk for the Animals Recap Pages 12 & 13

The Humane Society of Broward County is a nonprofit organization funded by friends like you who care about animals.

From Your Board Chair S ince last year’s spring issue of Paw Prints, HSBC staff and volunteers have continually adjusted the shelter’s programs, services, and fundraising events in order to accommodate the current “normal” brought on by the pandemic. One thing that has continued without change is the support the shelter has received from you…our donors, adopters, sponsors, and grant funders. For that, I thank you.

Every donation helps and continues to be needed. Cancelled and downsized fundraising events have had a significant negative impact on budgetary dollars – by approximately 50% – so your donations remain crucial for us to continue our work.

Chairman of the Board Thom Bambenek and his dog Sofie

There are just so many additional donors to thank…dear friends of the shelter Susan Smith and Phil Smith Automotive Group for donating a much-needed cargo van; Jack and Suzie Smith for their generous $100,000 kennel naming donation; and the continued partnership with J.R. Dunn Jewelers and their promotion and sponsorship of pets each week.

I’m pleased to announce that the shelter’s first virtual fundraising event, Angel PAWS, took place on January 27th and successfully raised $75,000

Thom Bambenek

Humane Society of Broward County: Building a humane community together. Thom G. Bambenek Chairman of the Board John R. Squitero Vice Chairman of the Board Melody Saleh Secretary Matt Katz Treasurer Barbara Brush Ted Christie Christine Forman Bryan S. Greenberg Christy Gumberg Michelle Howland Steven W. Hudson Carolyn Lee Sheryl Maher Margaret Meldeau David North Susan Penrod Ingrid Poulin Jennifer J. Robinson Susan A. Smith Jamie Taylor Stiles Julie Strauch Eugene (Huey) Vanek Jennifer Edwards White Nikki Worsnop Winchester Board of Trustees Arnold Grevior* Barbara Grevior Marti Huizenga* Elaine Levine Al Sorensen President and CEO Christopher Agostino *Deceased

Another successful virtual fundraiser was the March 6th VCA Walk for the Animals. While it might not have been as exciting as the live event that has taken place for the past 30 years, it still managed to raise over $380,000. On behalf of the entire organization, I extend thanks and appreciation to all of you who raised money to support our largest fundraising event and the companies that donated sponsorship dollars. Congratulations to the Walk’s co-chairs Carey Morgan and Leslie Puro and the entire Walk committee!

Donations are invaluable and, in addition to supporting day-to-day operations, enable us to provide medical care to the animals. Living in South Florida where mosquitoes thrive, we see and treat many heartworm-positive dogs. The average cost to the organization is approximately $400 per dog. Thanks to your support we had the ability to provide this lifesaving treatment to 60 dogs during the months of December, January, and February alone. Your continued support – teamed with a generous Heartworm Treatment Grant from the Community Foundation of Broward – will enable us to care for so many more.

On the Cover: Orson was adopted from the HSBC in July of 2013, and has been a happy-go-lucky little ball of love ever since. He has a canine sister and two human siblings whom he adores, and is up for any adventure at the jingle of his leash. He especially loves soccer, dragging the ball across the yard and playing for hours. He brings joy and fun to his loving family!

Board of Directors

for the shelter. Congratulations to event co-chairs Susan Smith, Margaret Meldeau, Shawn Smith-Myers, and the PAWS membership for this wonderful achievement!

Each and every one of you is as special as the animals in our care, and I thank you! With gratitude,

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Advocating for and improving the lives of animals by providing adoptions, community services, and education.

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13 F.Y.I. You can make a lasting commitment to the Humane Society of Broward County by naming the Humane Society of Broward County, Inc. in your will.

Amy Bloom Clough Editor Cover photo by: Bea Morell beamorell.com

We recommend working with your private attorney to ensure that your wishes are carried out. For the purposes of a bequest, our legal name and address are:


Humane Society of Broward County, Inc., 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. For more information, please contact Kathy Tricomi at 954.266.6845.

The Paw Prints newsletter is sent to all supporters donating $15 or more per year. To ensure that you continue to receive your issue of Paw Prints, please use the enclosed envelope to make a minimum donation of $15. The animals need your help, and we don’t want your mailing to be interrupted! The Humane Society of Broward County directly receives 100% of contributed funds. Solicitation no. CH656.

Here’s The


Big C’s Delivers

B I T S A N D P I E C E S A B O U T W H AT ’ S G O I N G O N . . .

We Take Cuddles on the Road

Pizza and pups - what better combo can you ask for? Each week Big C's Downtown Pizzeria goes through 500 HSBC Pet Flyers that highlight adoptable animals and shelter event info. They place the flyers on their pizza boxes and hand them out to customers in the store. Big C’s definitely has a big heart for the animals, and works hard to encourage adoptions. They’ve also created “Reggie’s Wall of Rescues” in the restaurant, where photos of featured pets are on display. And last year, the owners of Big C’s adopted two dogs of their own from the HSBC! If you ‘d like to sign up to receive our weekly blog that includes the printable Pet Flyer visit humanebroward.com to sign up at “Join Our Online Community.”

Clinic Equipment Needed We are greatly in need of two items that are very important when treating the animals that come through our doors. Our dental machine has seen one too many “MacGyvers” and needs replacing. A new machine will cost $4,500. Also on our wish list is a portable ultrasound machine, which costs $5,000. This would help us in diagnosing heart murmurs, foreign body blockages, potential pregnancy situations and more. If you would like to contribute funds to pay for all, or a portion of, these items please contact Mary Steffen at 954.266.6874.

Snuggle Deliveries are good for the soul. A great perk of working at the HSBC is all the animal-cuddling we get to do. We can also bring that benefit to your own workplace, where employees will reap the benefits of puppy breath and kitten cuddles with a Snuggle Delivery. Most recently, we’ve had several requests from hospitals where workers are especially stressed and overworked. The feedback we receive is heartwarming. Snuggle Deliveries last an hour and cost a minimum of $500; they are currently available on Fridays only. Learn more or schedule your Snuggle Delivery at humanebroward.com/snuggles/.

Temple Supports the Community Temple Sinai of Hollywood hosted a drivethrough day of giving in February, with temple staff and board members manning stations where donors dropped off items for food and clothing pantries. One station also collected wish list items for the HSBC. We appreciate the temple members’ thoughtfulness and generosity - they filled an entire SUV with donations of pet items and cleaning supplies!

Paw Pathway Commemorative Bricks

Pay tribute to a loved one while supporting the HSBC! For a $300 donation, your custom message will be etched into a brick and placed in the pathway of our on-site Reflection Garden. Your name will also appear in this newsletter. To order, call 954.266.6827. Paw Pathway brick donors for December 2020 and January & February 2021 are: Michelle LaBarbera Andrew Popick Neighbors of Dylan Sexton Melaleuca Gardens William Singer Tim & Erica Miller Kristie Swenson

Charitable Support Makes a Difference We are extremely grateful for recent contributions from the following Community Foundation of Broward Funds: • Peter Cooper Charitable Foundation Fund (Surrender Prevention) • Mark & Carol Zemmel Fund for the Human/Animal Connection (general support) • Community Foundation of Broward “Heartworm Treatment for Adoptable Dogs” project – two years: - Francis and Bessie McDwyer Fund - Elizabeth Clark Wood Fund - Brogan Family Fund - Kresge Unrestricted Fund

Chewy Gives Back Maybe you’ve heard about Chewy’s new wish list feature and the dozens of items the HSBC has on it. It’s so simple to donate an item that we’re wishing for! Just visit chewy.com/givesback, select “Find a Rescue,” and search for the Humane Society of Broward County. Our wish list will come up and you can make your selections for shipping straight to the shelter. Thanks to Chewy for thinking of us!


We're happy to report the following new homes found during December 2020 and January & February 2021:

Dr. Gonzalez performs dental surgery on a newly-adopted dog.

Temple Sinai of Hollywood supports their community!

Cats: Kittens: Dogs: Puppies: Other: Total:

289 182 450 239 182 1,342


MSD Day of Service & Love

Bigs and Littles Visit

n the week leading up to February 14, Broward District schools participated in a weeklong series of projects to pay tribute to the 17 lives tragically lost at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School three years ago.

n February we hosted five Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County “matches,” with the group learning all about our various services and programs. The importance of the phrase “Adopt! Don’t Shop!” was also emphasized. Wrapping up the visit was a craft session where the kids and their Bigs made cat toys and dog treats, then delivered the goodies to our grateful furry residents.


For their Day of Service and Love project, Cypress Bay High School tenth graders Sofia Lisman and Nicholas Gitterle (pictured with Student Government advisor Ms. Mascimento, center) helped organize fellow students in creating more than 1,000 toys for the dogs at the HSBC. They even filmed a video tutorial on how to make a braided dog toy.


Many thanks to all who participated in making the Day of Service and Love so meaningful, and to everyone who supplied our dogs and puppies with such wonderful toys.

Cocoa Topia viv and Sean Chervin, ages 9-1/2 and 8, really love animals, so they created a delicious project called “Cocoa Topia” in their Cooper City neighborhood, offering a menu of yummy items that people could buy. The proceeds of their efforts -- $250! -- were all donated to help the animals at the shelter.


The generosity and creativity of these children, and of all the young people recognized on these two pages, always amazes us!


Life Handed Them Lemons…


hen social distancing limits kids’ activities, things can get pretty dull and boring. So Cooper City kids Ella and Wylie Chattin, Emma and Luca Debrabander, and Lucy and Miah Mitchell got creative. They set up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood and raised $73.67, all of which they donated to the HSBC. Big purrs and wags to all these thoughtful, hardworking kids!

Dear Chester

Bar Mitzvah Salute!

Education Mascot Chester is now on hand to answer your animal-related questions. He’ll use his best doggy wisdom to address whatever you may throw his way – so don’t be shy! Write to him at the HSBC, ATTN: Education Department, or email him at ccrane@hsbroward.com.

o commemorate his Bar Mitzvah this past winter, Joey Ehrlich had a 100-car parade instead of the traditional (non-Covid) celebration. Because of where his passion lies, Joey (and his dog Duke) requested that each car bring a donation for the animals at the HSBC. That’s a lot of loot; Joey collected more than seven enormous boxes of toys, treats and supplies for the dogs and cats waiting to find their forever homes! To Joey we say thank you and “hakarat hatov,” which is the Hebrew term for gratitude.


Dear Chester, I’m really worried about my dog! Whenever Bertram is getting ready to take his nap he scratches at his dog bed and walks around and around in circles. Finally, after a minute or two, he’ll lie down and go to sleep. I’m wondering if there is something wrong with him because it seems so weird! Regards – Susan P.

Brightening the Holidays


t holiday time in December, sisters Ariana and Briana Medina created beautiful letter-initial ornaments to be hung on all the kennel runs and cattery cages. When the animal inside was adopted, the ornaments were sent home too, to be enjoyed by the new family. The thoughtfulness of this gesture was not missed by the many adopters who will surely keep those ornaments for many years to come.

Ariana Medina holds a sampling of the holiday ornaments she and her sister made.


SU University School’s Paws with a Cause Club has some dedicated members! Among them are Ella and Sofi, who recently stopped by with two carloads of donations. The club had organized a donation drive for the shelter, and the entire school participated. What a great effort!

Dear Susan, I have to agree. We dogs certainly do some strange things sometimes! Some things are just in a dog’s nature and this walking in circles thing happens to be one of them. Remember, dogs were once wild until humans came along and domesticated them. In the wild there are no nice cushy dog beds or sofas to sleep on, and our ancestors used to sleep in the grass. They would walk in circles to flatten down the grass so that it was more comfortable, but more importantly this walking would stir up the area so that they could be sure there were no potential hazards in the grass like snakes or rodents. Smart, huh? This behavior is encoded into our DNA and has been handed down from generation to generation. So the next time Bertram does this on his bed don’t worry … just reassure him that there aren’t any snakes to flush out! Love - Chester

Celebrate Your Birthday with the Animals! Call 954.266.6815 to find out how to have your birthday party at the Humane Society! Isabella Wolfe turned 7 years old in January, celebrating with a wonderful (and Covid-safe) party at the shelter with family and friends…and the animals, of course! 5



VCA Charities Helps Us to Help the Injured


his winter we received a $10,000 grant from VCA Charities to be applied toward costs related to community veterinary care. This grant affords us the opportunity to provide medical care for sick and injured animals like the two you’ll read about here:

A Tale of Two Kitties The Clinic has the following wishes. Should you have medical items to donate that are not listed, please call 954.989.3977 to see if these are items that we can use. Any dollar amounts listed are given in case you’d like to contribute funds to purchase the item(s). • Rubbing alcohol • 4x4 gauze pads • Pill Pockets • Lysol wipes • Anxitane (L-theanine) tablets • Ear cleaner • Velcro - industrial strength - low profile 1” • KMR liquid – kitten milk replacer • Wooden tongue depressors • Hand sanitizer • Oster Cryogen-X Pet Clipper Blades – size 40 • New nail clippers for cats • Latex exam gloves • Large Wee Wee Pads • New suture removal scissors • Heartbeat/comfort toys ($25-$30) • Stethoscope, std-finish chestpiece, 27” ($163. We need 9) • Otoscope ($200) • Portable Ultrasound Machine ($5,000) • New Dental Machine ($4,500) • Elite Exam Lift Table ($7,500)

Makes us Smile We have a wish list on Amazon that makes it easy to donate much-needed items and have them sent directly to the shelter. Visit Amazon.com/gp/clpf to find our Charity List under "Pets & Animals." And by joining AmazonSmile and selecting the HSBC as your charity, we will receive a percentage of all your purchases -- at no extra cost to you!

Clinic Statistics

December 2020, January and February 2021 Limited spay/neuter surgeries (due to COVID): Spay/neuter of 231 cats, thanks to a grant we received. Dogs treated for heartworm: 60 Animals in foster care: 196 6

Helen: When she was brought to the shelter along with her still-nursing kittens in January, we could see that Helen had been through a lot. Badly damaged, her right eye was no longer usable and was causing problems for the little mama. To ease her discomfort, the decision was made to surgically remove the eye. The kittens were old enough be separated from Mom and placed in a foster home. Helen was still producing a lot of milk and she developed mastitis, an inflammation of breast tissue that can sometimes lead to an infection. Antibiotics were administered and, since Helen was very swollen, the age-old remedy of a cabbage compress was utilized. A large, cold cabbage leaf was wrapped around her body to help reduce the swelling (cabbage leaves are thought to have antiinflammatory qualities). The cabbage wrap was left on for two hours before being removed, and the compress only had to be applied a few times before it did its magic. After Helen was cleared of her medical conditions, she was placed for adoption. It didn’t take long to find Helen didn't seem to mind her "I'm Adopted!" is the sign every her forever home with cabbage wrap too much, and staff person and volunteer loves Susan, and the two now actually enjoyed being held to see. Helen and her new mom live happily in Davie. while she was wrapped. Susan are ready to go home.

Lucho: a black-and-white cat who lived both indoors and out, was outdoors one day when he was attacked by an unknown animal. His family took the injured boy to their veterinarian, where he was cleaned up and sutured. Once home, Lucho was doing well until his wound opened up. His family was financially stretched to the limit at that point, so they reached out to us for help. Fortunately, because of the VCA Charities grant, we were able to step in. Dr. Dayton examined Lucho before sedating him and applying new sutures. He was given antibiotics to help prevent infection and sent home with his happy owners. In midMarch Lucho’s sutures were removed and he made a full recovery. We’re also told that he is now an indoor-only cat. Lucho made a full recovery and is now an indoor-only cat.

TB &


Training and Behavior

From our Training and Behavior Department Specialist

the Positive Way

Stephanie Rodgers, CPDT

Introducing Your Pet to a Stranger

f your pet is cautious of meeting new people and has reacted negatively in the past, before continuing to allow your dog around strangers you should manage the stress by desensitizing this behavior. In most cases, your pet is likely experiencing fear; reducing this fearful response will help your pet to be more accepting of new people. Strangers can be scary! And if your pet has not reacted negatively and likes to meet new people, you can keep them comfortable by following some basic guidelines when around, or meeting, strangers.

Managing Your Environment Working on foundation cues will help you maintain control of your dog and allow her to be calm and focus on the task at hand rather than the scary stranger. Your pet’s brain functions much like our own, and when they are having an emotional response (fear) to something it becomes more difficult to concentrate and perform known cues such as “watch me” or “sit.” Practicing these cues frequently can help your pet develop a conditioned reflex -- something they just do without having to think about it. The same applies to brain function as the pre-frontal cortex takes over and begins task solving; in turn, the emotional response function takes a back seat and is no longer front and center. The two separate parts of the brain do not work well together if we can trigger one then we can dilute the other. The goal is to dilute the emotional response by engaging your dog’s task-solving functions.

Name Recognition Use this exercise to ensure your pet will recognize and respond to her name in any situation. Good name recognition is an important safeguard. Start by saying your dog’s name frequently and rewarding her when she looks at you. Positive reinforcement should be a small food reward or whatever motivates your dog. Once your dog is reliably looking at you each time you say her name, add a different tone to your voice: playful, excited, rushed, loud, soft, happy, angry. Your voice naturally changes with daily life and reflects whatever may be going on at the time, and conditioning your dog to respond to her name by fluctuating your voice will reassure her that no matter what you sound like, good things (food treats) are going to happen. Never abuse this trust by calling your dog to you for punishment. If your dog needs to be interrupted from an undesired behavior, use an interruption cue such as clapping your hands loudly and go towards your dog to move him away or distract him from the environment or ongoing behavior. Name recognition and recall cues must always result in a positive outcome.

• • • •

As head follows food up and back, the rear end will drop into a sitting position. As soon as your dog sits say “good dog” and immediately deliver food treat. Once dog is reliably sitting, say dog’s name then cue: “Buster sit” = dog sits = say “good dog” = deliver food treat. Watch for the behavior to happen during everyday life and be ready to positively reinforce with a small food treat. Called free shaping, this is a great primer to work on before you begin to teach sit and a great way to keep the behavior strong after training the cue.

Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning Using really yummy food treats to reinforce your pet when meeting new people will help him to associate “When I meet someone new, good things happen to me, maybe meeting new people is not so bad. In fact, I like to meet people because then I get chicken!” that is the counterconditioning part. Giving your dog space, time and the ability to say “nope, I’m not ready” is crucial in building trust and confidence in your pet. Instead of going to the pet store first time out, go and meet the neighbor and let your dog approach at her own pace, all the while offering small bites of chicken or another tasty treat. Let your neighbor have a few treats to toss gently to the dog. (Taking a treat from the hand may be too scary at first and we want to avoid increasing fear responses.) Desensitizing and counter-conditioning is a fairly complicated behavior modification and if your pet has significant fear issues with strangers or has ever shown signs of aggression, you should consult with a behaviorist or a professional trainer. This information is intended for pets that may be shy and just need a little extra help or you just want to make sure your happy-to-meet-new-people puppy stays that way. Always closely supervise when your pet is meeting someone new, to ensure the greeting is as stress free as possible.

Avoiding the Pitfalls Never punish your cat or dog for having fearful responses during introduction periods. Let your pet dictate the pace and avoid forcing your pet into a situation they may not feel comfortable with. Socializing your pet when young is the best way to ensure a happy, well-adjusted adult that will be more accepting of people and look forward to meeting them. A well-socialized pet is much less stressed about their world in general and will experience less fear when the unexpected happens.

Watch Me

Tips and Hints

Pair name recognition with a “watch me” cue to help calm your dog in stressful situations, build confidence, and develop trust. • Hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose (almost touching), and slowly move the treat from her nose to your nose. • As eye contact is made say “good dog” and finish by delivering the food treat. If your dog is uncomfortable with direct eye contact, focus on another facial feature. • Reward any time your dog looks at you. • Once your dog is reliably looking at you add the verbal cue: “Buster, watch me” = dog looks at you = say “good dog”= deliver food treat. • Practice this exercise often.

Now that you have a plan in place here are some tips and hints that will make the experience even easier. • Remember, animals are spatially sensitive and every animal will feel the need for his own space. Avoid confrontations in confined areas like doorways, hallways, bathrooms and cars. • Always use positive reinforcement (special food treats and kind words of encouragement) to reward your pets for interacting appropriately. • Slow and easy gets the job done! Don’t rush your dog or cat by forcing them to be in close contact and let them proceed at their own pace. • Learn to recognize your pet’s body postures and what they mean. Slow down or stop a training session completely if your pet is showing signs of stress.

Sit Teach your dog to sit instead of jumping up. • Hold a small treat just in front of your dog’s nose. • Take treat upwards and over the top of dog’s head, slowly.


PAWS Fashion Event

Pivots with a Purpose


AWS had a major twist this year to their Angel PAWS “Martinis, Mutts & Models” event as the popular fashion event went virtual. The Virtual Fashion Presentation, presented by Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton and chaired by Margaret Meldeau, Susan Smith and Shawn Smith-Myers, was a huge success and raised over $75,000 for the shelter animals and services. Angel PAWS has always been a fashionable occasion with camaraderie and excitement in abundance, and this year was no exception. Guests purchasing virtual tickets were sent a YouTube link to view the Fashion Show. All guests were also provided with a drawing ticket for the chance to win a shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton. The first-place shopping spree of $2,000 was donated by Susan Smith and Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton, with the thrilled winner, Sara Sears, happily claiming her prize. The second-place prize of a $1,000 shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton, donated by Christine Forman, made Lori Adelson a delighted event guest!

Join us On www.facebook.com/PAWSBroward

PAWS thanks everyone who donated to the silent auction, prize drawing, virtual key drawing and to the event. They also salute their sponsors and underwriters for their generous support and for helping make the Virtual Event an unforgettable and unbelievable success: Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton, Susan Smith, The Gaddis Family Foundation and Yellow Cab Company, Christine Forman & Margaret Meldeau, Sheryl Maher, Dawn Dellapina, Beverley Clarke, Christy Gumberg, Sara Sears, Marlene & Carl Coppola, Penny England, Tanya & Andrew Heller, Shawn Smith-Myers, Jamie Stiles, Julie Strauch, Susan Rindley, Alacrity Entertainment, Inc., Jody Johnson / Capital Construction Services of Pompano Beach, Inc, and Maureen Jacobson.

Sponsorship opportunities included special perks personally delivered to their home, such as a delicious charcuterie tray, bottles of champagne, a pitcher of pre-mixed “Pup-a-tini” cocktails, treats for dogs and cats, an opportunity to win a shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton, ticket entries into a prize drawing and virtual keys to try their luck at winning fabulous prizes. Prize drawings were available for the chance to win a Gold Necklace with a Diamond Heart, donated by Susan Smith (Carolyn Lee was the winner); a Valentino by Mario Valentino Purse, donated by Margaret Meldeau (Terri Cole claimed her prize); and a Williams-Sonoma Basket, donated by Margaret Meldeau (won by Jamie Stiles). Guests could purchase virtual keys for the chance to unlock eight fabulous prizes. Also part of the festivities was an amazing online silent auction that ran for six days, featuring gently pre-owned designer handbags, jewelry and more. Fashionable pieces by Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Christian Dior were among some of the designer items that were featured. The YouTube Fashion Presentation, generously hosted by Alacrity Entertainment, Inc., opened with WPLG Local 10’s Animal Advocate, Jacey Birch, who as emcee welcomed everyone and got the evening off to a lively start. The video continued with messages from PAWS President, Sheryl Maher and the three event chairs. They were all speaking from the Humane Society while enjoying some snuggle time with some sweet dogs and cats, who were available for adoption. An adorable pre-recorded clip of dogs shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton followed, and the event concluded with the highlight, the Virtual Fashion Presentation, presented by Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton.


Back row: Sheryl Maher and Event Co-Chair Margaret Meldeau Front row: Event Co-Chairs Susan Smith and Shawn Smith-Myers

Back row: Priscilla Lane, Christine Forman, Margaret Meldeau, Helena Kolenda and Jonelle Lees Front row: Alison Schimm, Carmen Hotchkiss, Joey Stotsky, Bonnie Barnett and Sharon Gustafson

Standing: Julie Strauch Sitting: Cheryl Budd, Ellen Gertz, Elaine Kahn, June Miller, Maureen Jacobson and Mary Kazares

Angel PAWS, continued...

Angel PAWS Co-Chair Margaret Meldeau with Christine Forman

Dawn Dellapina, Sheryl Maher and Beverley Clarke

Carolyn Lee, Susan Smith, Jane Czubay, Ingrid Poulin and Hedy Tufo

VP and General Manager Heather Shaw of Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton with Event Co-Chair Susan Smith

The Spirit of Giving


n a lovely day along Las Olas Boulevard this past December, PAWS members could be seen out and about as they shopped for a cause during PAWS’ Holiday Shopping Stroll. They enjoyed each other’s company while visiting participating shops and marking gifts off their holiday lists – at the same time raising money for the homeless animals. The Holiday Stroll was a real success, raising over $3,200! PAWS thanks the following generous retailers for joining in the event: COOMI, Lilly

Beverley Clarke, Coomi, Lucy Samuels, Ellen Harris, Vyara Davidov, Sheryl Maher, Shari Hall and Debbie Trapani

Pulitzer, Deborah James, J.McLaughlin and Primo Liquors. Donors and members also supported PAWS’ Give from the Heart campaign in December, and the auxiliary was thrilled that over $4,000 was raised. These funds are crucial to the HSBC, particularly when facing recent monetary challenges. PAWS thanks all of our supporters, members and volunteers for stepping up!

Sheryl Maher, Beverley Clarke, Sylvie Bender and Susan Smith


Putting Their Money Where Their Hearts Are


ack and Suzie Smith are dedicated longtime HSBC donors who have left us in their estate plans-- but they also wanted to give a substantial gift to the shelter now. After a great deal of thought, they decided to name one of the building’s kennel rooms. The Smiths are very proud and happy to be able to support the shelter, and to have their name linked to an organization that is so near and dear to their hearts.

Naming Opportunities There are many ways to obtain your own building tribute, and they start at just $300. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Kathy Tricomi at 954.266.6845 or by email at ktricomi@hsbroward.com. • Paw Path Brick Pavers


• Surgery Prep Room

$ 50,000

• HSBC Shelter Benches (name will be posted for 2 years)


• Surgery Kennel Area

$ 50,000

• Dog Surgery Recovery

$ 60,000

• Cat Cages

$ 500

• Admissions Area

$ 75,000

• For the Love of Paws Gallery photos (will be on display for 5 years)$1,500-$5,000

Jack and Suzie Smith

• Dog Run (half)

$ 5,000

• Dog Run (full)

$ 10,000

Discover the Benefits of Giving Wisely


id you know there are creative ways to support the Humane Society of Broward County? Ways in which the HSBC, you, and your loved ones will all benefit at the same time? Such giving techniques are called "planned gifts," because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for both yourself and the shelter animals. Charitable donations can be an important part of your estate planning. Bequests, gift annuities, and charitable trusts are all vehicles through which you can provide valuable financial support to the Humane Society of Broward County. They also can provide significant financial benefit for you and your loved ones. We encourage you to seek advice from a tax professional about including the Humane Society of Broward County in your estate planning. For more information on making a planned gift or joining the Humane Society of Broward County’s Legacy Club, please contact Kathy Tricomi at 954.266.6845 or complete the following and mail it to:

Humane Society of Broward County Attn: Development 2070 Griffin Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 (fax) 954.989.3991

Name ________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City, ______________________State_______ Zip____________ Phone _______________________________________________ Fax _____________________________________________ 10


• Dog Kennel Room

$ 125,000

• Humane Education Center

$ 500,000

Shining Brightly with J.R. Dunn Jewelers


ach week a “Diamond in the Ruff ” is selected to be featured for adoption, with his or her fee being completely covered by J.R. Dunn Jewelers’ Diamond in the Ruff program. Initiated in 2015, hundreds of cats, dogs and rabbits have been adopted thanks to J. R. Dunn’s compassion and commitment. Jim and Ann Marie Dunn have long been affiliated with the HSBC, most notably making donations of their beautiful jewelry to be part of our auction fundraisers over the years. They are also, fittingly, members of our Diamond Collar Society. They wanted to do more, though, and that’s when “Diamond in the Ruff ” came to be. “Ann Marie and I felt like there were animals that were being overlooked

for adoption, animals that were wonderful inside but maybe needed a little extra something to get noticed,” said Jim. “We had every hope that the program would be successful, and we’re beyond pleased to have been able to continue it for so many years.” The average number of days that a selected Diamond in the Ruff is chosen has been 65 days. Once they’re chosen, it’s usually less than two weeks before they leave the shelter for a new home! Highlighted animals are also featured on J.R. Dunn’s social media. Check them out on Facebook and on Instagram @jrdunnjewelers to see who’s selected as this week’s Diamond in the Ruff.

Diamonds are also a puppy's best friend!

J.R. Dunn Jewelers has been a family business for over 50 years. Pictured here at the Diamond in the Ruff kickoff in 2015 are Jim, Ann Marie, and their son Sean with two shelter pups.

Jim and Ann Marie Dunn have a great love for animals, and for helping them, too.



Walk for the Animals VCA Walk for the Animals:


A Pandemic Pivot


ecause it had to be held virtually this year, the 31st annual VCA Walk for the Animals took on a whole new face. Veteran Walk Chairs Carey Morgan and Leslie Puro had their work cut out for them this year, and they wholeheartedly accepted the challenge – with admirable success! Our supporters couldn’t gather with their dogs in Fort Lauderdale to enjoy the camaraderie and unique atmosphere of a dog-focused event, but they could still raise funds, earn goodies, walk in their own neighborhoods, and support a cause dear to their hearts. Thanks to them, and to our sponsors who stuck with us despite the “new look,” we raised over $380,000 for the shelter’s programs and services. Individual Walkers and Pack Leaders stopped by the shelter ahead of time to pick up goodies earned so they could be decked out for Walk day on March 6. Broadcasting live from the shelter that day on a special YouTube channel was Local 10’s Jacey Birch as Emcee. Also joining in on-site were Doc Reno from BIG 105.9, Mobile Mike, and various HSBC volunteers and staff who highlighted shelter programs. There were photos and videos of the animals, Kids Zone arts and crafts, a Virtual Vendor Village and scavenger hunt, and messages from our very generous sponsors. A silent auction offered a variety of terrific items for bidders to enjoy and brought in over $5,400. It truly was a jam-packed morning!

Nobody emcee's a Walk like Local 10's Jacey Birch!

Mobile Mike ended up falling in love with, and adopting, two puppies while he was at the shelter promoting the Walk.

Walkers both local and far away sent in photos of their participation, some of which you’ll see here. It was great to see their smiling faces in support of the animals, and we are deeply grateful for their dedication.

Since we couldn’t present awards and prizes in person, Top Fundraiser awards were announced the following weekend on a YouTube broadcast. They all did such an amazing job! And the winners are…

Top Individuals: Cherie Wachter ............................ $ 12,930 Christine Forman.......................... $ 10,110 Laura Hogle .................................. $ 5,445

Doc Reno made new friends on Walk day at the shelter.

The Leader of the Packs this year was PAWS, represented here by Sara Sears and Jan Joyce. Their total tally was an amazing $37,057!

Top Packs: PAWS .............................................. $ 37,057 Puppy Peddlers .............................. $ 28,660 Su“Paw” Heroes ............................ $ 15,625 Carol Sirotto was the lucky winner of a $250 Target gift card. Janice Karpinen won the Virtual Scavenger Hunt; her prize was a $50 Target gift card and monthly breakfast for two at IHOP for the remainder of the year. 12

Cherie Wachter of Puppy Peddlers (left) and Caroline Crane of Su“Paw” Heroes led their Packs to second and third place.


Walk for the Animals

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors!


Send your letters and cute pet photos to: 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 Or email photos and letters (photos JPG with a minimum of 250 dpi resolution) to info@hsbroward.com.


Dear HSBC,


ere are photos of my sweet Bentley. He’s become such an integral part of my life and has truly instilled me with a profound sense of purpose. He makes every day incredibly beautiful just by being in my life. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone at the HS that helped me find him. He’s such a good boy. Thank you again for a forever friend. Best, Madison Meyer


io (formerly Edmund) will be a year in February. We adopted him back in October - he had only been at the shelter about 24 hours when we found him! He is really loving his new home; Rio is the most sweet, affectionate and well-behaved dog. He has such an amazing and calm personality. Rio really loves being outside where he can roll around in the grass, play dates with other sweet pups, and a nice chew toy to chomp on. We can't imagine our lives without this little guy! Thanks for bringing him into our lives! Brooke Armstrong Fort Lauderdale Rio

Bentley and his mom Madison



can't thank everyone at the HSBC enough for bringing Kylo Ren into my life. I adopted him a few years ago when he was 7 years old, and he continues being happy, playful and probably the most lovable dog I've ever had. There is not a person that this little guy has met that he has not adored, especially children. He truly is a gift and I am lucky to be the recipient.

eo (Maxie) is an absolute delight! He is truly as sweet as can be! He's going in for his check-up this morning. We are so very happy he's a part of our family!!!



Thanks for all you do! Rachel

With gratitude, Linda aka: Kylo Ren's mom Coconut Creek


Kylo Ren

Hi there,



n March 2020 we adopted Oliver. Nine months later, we couldn't imagine a time without him. He loves to play with his tennis ball (by himself - flipping in the air!), chase the morning light off of the ocean, and snuggle with his two boys (8 & 13)…thank you for all you do for pets and families.

e adopted our precious cat on February 14th, 2018…I figured I would give you all an update on her status and how happy we are with her. Her name at the shelter was Nenet, and her name remains the same! We couldn’t think of a better name and we still feel lucky to this day for having adopted her. We now moved from the South Florida area and live in Washington, D.C. where she often peers from the window and enjoys the crisp winter air.


Warmly, Liza, Kingsley, Nathaniel & Andrew Greene Fort Lauderdale

Thank you, Daniela Washington, D.C. Nenet 14

Oliver Greene, in portrait!



Dear Sir or Madam:



e adopted our bunny in December and named him Peep. We adore him. He loves attention and will jump on you until he gets it. He has free roam of downstairs during the day, and at night he sleeps in his house. He also has an outdoor fenced in area to explore when we are outside. Our dog Snaz…is 12 and not very playful. He’s still not sure what to think about Peep. Peep would love to be friends but they’re still working out their relationship, lol. Julie Romaniw Weston


n 26 July 2016 my wife and I adopted a kitten that had been found dehydrated and starving on the streets of Ft. Lauderdale. We renamed her Saffron…and we fixed her birthday as 12 May 2016. When we brought her home she was terrified by the sound of large trucks Saffron and the garbage truck sent her under our bed for hours. She is now unafraid of trucks, though she is still not sure if lawn mowers are fully trustworthy. Yours truly, Jolyon (Jon) P. King Pembroke Pines




Dear HSBC, n January of 2020 I adopted my beautiful girl from your shelter. She was known as Nora and her papers described her as a Shepherd/Lab mix from St Croix. She was 3 months old. I named her Abby.


Abby is a Potcake, one of the nicknames given to the street dogs of the Caribbean Islands. Potcakes have a following in the US. Lots of websites to learn about them. Most importantly, Abby is a joy. She is highly intelligent, sweet, lovable and full of play. She is an excellent watchdog. Loves people. Her elegant looks get many compliments. Just wanted to write so my girl can be added to the list of happily ever afters.

n Saturday December 2, my wife, Suzanne and I thought we would check out the dogs at the Humane Society. In June of 2006, we had lost our English Springer Spaniel that had lived in our home since May of 1991. As we looked through the kennels, we found Lady. We did the paperwork and were told that we could pick her up on December 4.

Lady Lady has been a loyal and fun member of our family now for 14 years. Her loyalty was especially apparent during our son's dealing with leukemia in 2011 and 2012. When our son was home from the hospital, she very rarely left his side. Now, she is companion to our Mini Schnauzer, Gracie. They hang out together in our backyard and bark at anyone coming to our front door.

Thank you all again, Paul Buonincontri Fort Lauderdale

Paul Smailis

Hi there, e’re so grateful for all the hard work you do for the animals in our community and in Puerto Rico! Here are some follow up pictures from “Joshua” now Duncan’s adoption. He has brought us so much joy and love in just a few short weeks. We found the whole adoption process to be seamless and love the vet partnership provided.



Thank you! Sasha, Ryan, and Duncan Pompano Beach




Messages from the Heart

To include a memorial or honor, please send a contribution of $25 or more using the enclosed envelope, or visit humanebroward.com/donate-now/. Donations of $100 and more appear in color; for a $500 contribution, a photo of the pet or person will be included. We will send an acknowledgment to the bereaved, or honored, upon your request. Your message may be edited due to space, and multiple donations for the same person may be grouped together. Memorials and honors received by March 22 are included here. The deadline for the summer issue is June 22. In memory of Bailey Sager. Sending love to the beautiful Sager family during this heart-wrenching loss of Bailey. I love you and am so sorry for this loss. From Amanda Lippman. In memory of Gracie who will be missed by her family and friends. She had a great life and brought a lot of joy! From Greg, Karen, & Sophie. In loving memory of Sasha Ramos. Love from Anna, Rachel, Allan, & Rosie. In memory of Harpo, from Barbara & Robert Wolf. In memory of Maya. Sweet Maya was a tiny Chihuahua with a big personality. She was very loved by her pet parents, Bill & Carolyn. Maya is missed by all who were honored to have known her! From Adrian & Dianna. In memory of XingXing. If Love could have kept you with me longer, you would have lived forever. My beautiful Himalayan boy. From Bonita. In memory of Rolle. Don’t cry because it’s over…Smile because it happened. To my beautiful Cocker, Rolle, you brought joy to all you met. From Bonita. In memory of Tiger. Your 17 years were a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are missed beyond measure, my darling tabby boy. From Bonita. In loving memory of beloved bunny Cocoa Steehler. From Cousin Frankie, Cindy, & Dave. Our heartfelt condolences on the passing of sweet little Gracie. From Merryle, Dale, & Ronnie. In memory of Jack, from Elyse. In memory of Molly. From the Gurich Family. In memory of our beloved dog, Roxy, adopted from HSBC on Nov. 19, 2006, passed away peacefully on Dec. 17, 2019. She is missed every day and is forever in our hearts. From Barbara Lisena. In memory of Reny. From the Silverman Family. In memory of Roy. From Daddy. In memory of Lilly Hoeffer, from CWH. In memory of Sofia & Kaiser. From Carl F. Gamble. In memory of Oreo Su. From Fabio Su. In memory of Coco. Coco, your sweet nature and beautiful little face will forever be remembered! Love, Vicci. In memory of Tucker. God Bless Tucker, constant companion to Patty & Les Mulligan. He will be greatly missed and will join his fur brothers and sisters who have helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge. A piece of our heart is always taken with them…our hearts will be whole again when we are with them. From Alle, Craig, & Kelsey. In memory of Raisin, Rocket, & Ruthie. Miss you every day. From Rain. In memory of URSA. You crossed the “Bridge” too soon. You’re still Loved. From US. A donation has been made to the Humane Society of Broward County in memory of Max so that another dog may find a home as wonderful as he did. We are so sorry to hear of his passing. From Peter, Jennifer, Pearl, & Annie Anderson. 16 In memory of Jakie Burman. From Linda & Scott Taylor.

To our beloved Skylar, my baby girl! Miss you! See you at the Rainbow Bridge! From the Spears Family. In loving memory of our beloved pet mouse, Chernobog. From Stephanie Middleton. In memory of Toby Shepherd Mullins. From S.E.A.S. (delapaz’sss). In memory of Maya Berke, from Tricia Saad. In loving memory of Riley Wender. From Jill & Tom Bloom. In memory of Moses Budnik. You left paw prints on many hearts. RIP little guy. Love, Frank & Carla. In memory of Rufus, from Steven Rowe. In memory of Daisy. Dear Jay: We are so sorry about the passing of little Daisy. She will be remembered forever in your hearts. Please accept this donation to the HSBC in honor of her for other dogs who will bring joy to their owners. Love, Cheryl & Lea. In memory of Bernadette. She gave such joy to all who knew her! She will be so very missed. From Lea. In loving memory of Harper Levin. Love, Deborah, Josh, Sarah, & Alex Rutter. In memory of Barly Wassermann, our beloved soft-coated Wheaton Terrier. From Mr. & Mrs. Barton Wassermann. In memory of Max England. He is dancing for his treats in heaven. From Fran Banner. In memory of Biff & Bruno, from Danette Bailly. In memory of Millie, from your ABA. In memory of Lucy. Lucy was a long-time pet of my daughter’s family, but Lucy was loved by all the family. Rest in Peace Our Dear Lucy. From Lawrence Warren. In memory of Cutter. From Ellen Lindenfeld. In memory of Flaky, Velvet, Lexi, & Sunshine. From Andrew. In memory of Max Hartman. Brad & Ellen: you two will always be connected with Max. May loving memories of him warm your heart. I’m so sorry. Caring thoughts are with you. From Ed & Kathy Cruz. In memory of Ajax, the McClaren family’s beloved dog. From a fellow dog lover. In memory of Kizzy Kasky, a wonderful dog who was loved and had a great life. Kizzy brought joy to all who knew her. She was warm, friendly, and playful and will be missed by all. RIP, Kizzy. Love, Susan, Jeff & Zoe Feinberg. In memory of Zyler & Binkie. From Debra Graham. In memory of Charles Xavier Brown, from Yvette Good. In memory of Biscotti. From Rosemary Lindauer. In memory of Jake & Jamie. From Karen Kaye. In memory of my beloved dog Missy who I adopted in 2000 from HSBC. From Jeff Bass/Direct Messenger Service, Inc. In loving memory of Cookie. Yogie, Shira, & Mikaela: While Cookie is no longer by your side, we know she will always be in your heart. From Jen, Etay, Eden, Noah, & Ariel. In memory of Oakley Flathe, 17-year-old Shih-Tzu. From Nancy Flathe. In memory of Reese Shubert, from the Appel & Suskind families.

In memory of Danzig. Dave & Summer: I am so sorry for your loss. I understand the heartache and I am glad you were in each other’s companies as long as you were. I know you have gone through a lot lately; stay strong. From Lisa & Casey Boland. In loving memory of Casey. We’re so sorry for your loss. Love, Laura & Mom Saef. In memory of Jack. To the Kraus Family: we are so sorry for your loss. From Laura; Stacey; Lauren; Melissa; Maryann; Gigi; and John. In memory of Lucy who adopted us 10 years ago when she was scared and hungry and in need of a friend. She was a perfect addition to our home and was very courageous although she didn’t always know it! We always think of her with love. From Pat & Stan Marks. In memory of Bronson, from Karen Marsh. In memory of Brandi, my doggy angel. Happy Birthday in heaven. You were the joy of my life every day for 13 years. Love, mommy dog, Meg. In memory of Lucy, from Amy & Alan Goldstein. In memory of Moka. From Lola & Zoey Dubner. In memory of Zephyr. From Joyce & Frederick Schnurr. In memory of Irie – memories of you will last forever. From Stanley Gronwall. My precious baby, Angus, passed away 2/15/21 after giving me 16-1/2 wonderful years. Fat Housecat passed away a week later; I was lucky to have found him in the hot AZ sun 8 years ago. I was fortunate to find my beautiful “Stella” at the HSBC, and her love and sweetness have helped rescue me. From Anne Atkinson. In memory of Gracie, from Marsha Bloom. In memory of Elvis Buckman and a life well lived. You will be missed and kept safely in your family’s hearts forever. From Christie & Cannon. In memory of Barley Prant, from Diane Ryman. In memory of Nestle Maxwell. From Tarzanegroup In memory of Leo “The Lion” Feldman. Rest in Peace, Beautiful Boy. You had a great run!! From Gwen. In memory of Enzo Ferrari, a special cat that I will miss dearly. Love you so much! From Gail & Joe & Marlon too! In memory of Spike, from Ronald & Suzanne Jacobs. In memory of Pepper Andjich. From the Siskind Family. In memory of Fah Chong, Goldie and pets of the Chin Loy, Ho Tom, Lew, Chen, Messier, Pazos, Matlock, Tiffany, Savinovich, Liinakoski, Bender, Smith, Garcia Families. From Bradley & Diana Chin Loy. In memory of Dutchess. Dutchess, you are loved and missed beyond words and you will always be in Daddy’s heart. In memory of Trina. Our Coral Ridge CC neighborhood lost its grand dame, Trina. From Robert & Alan. In memory of Bandit, from Laura & Marion Saef. In memory of Bandit Airaghi. Dear Sharon: Our heartfelt sympathies for you and Buddy on the loss of Bandit. We loved our nephew Bandit and will miss him dearly. Sending you hugs, love, and comfort. Love from Elaine, Joyce, Art & Jet.

Memorials In memory of Patches, from Harold & Pearl Kedey. In memory of Bleach. From Barbara & Robert Wolf. In loving memory of Bailey, from Laura & Bella. In loving memory of our beloved Mookie. From Rabbi Norman & Shoshi Lipson. In memorial for Jake & Jamie. From Karen Kaye. In memory of Adrienne, from Lee Stern. In memory of Ron McGuire, from Steven Glassman. In memory of Roger Doyon, Sr. From Annette Doyon. In memory of Elvira Reiman. From Lothar & Baerbel Nagel. In memory of Anthony Wilk. Missing you, Big Tony!! From Ben & Pat Styers. In memory of Cheryl Potter, from John & Linda Gardner. In memory of Pearl Finkelstein. From Vann & Louise. In memory of Ted Bazer. A man who loved his friends, family, and his two pups and will be missed. From Jodi & Jeff Marin. In memory of Carlo Mutti, from Norma Wheeler. In memory of Pearl Finkelstein, from Barbara Van Diepen. In memory of Carol Flynn Ferrari. From John & Patricia Gemma. In memory of Cheryl Potter. From John & Linda Gardner. In memory of Pamela Heider. Her heart was big enough to love everyone. From Dave & Leo. In memory of Vito Florio. From Debbie Scott. In memory of Dorothy Joan Ruth. I will miss you, Aunt Joan. From Vicki Fabiano. In honor and memory of Dorothy Joan Ruth whose smile always made you feel welcome. From Jim & Barb. In memory and honor of Julio Sepulveda, a wonderful human who loved animals so much. From Andrea Noto. In memory of Norna Norkunas. From Linda DeCoste. In memory of Eleanor Weinstein. From Michelle Ross. In memory of Donald Aston. From Marg & John Neily. In loving memory of Maria Scarola, a beautiful soul that will be hugely missed! From Joyce & Greg Fadick. In memory of Oscar Solano, from Noemi Colon Solano & AbbVie. In memory of David du Mont. From Roger & Anne Bates. In memory of Amelia Mastriano, life-long rescuer of animals and loving Grandmother to my dear friend Nicole Murad. From Lauren Gilezan. In memory of David du Mont. I will always have great memories of the time spent with him and his wife Mary. I know how hard it’s going to be without David, but I’m sure, Mary, your wonderful family will be there to support you thorough this difficult time. From William DiMauro. In memory of Ernest Bourgeois. Ernie enhanced my joy of life with his love of opera. May he always hear our beloved La Bohème. From John Bila. In honor of Ernie Bourgeois, loving husband to Joy Martindale. His long life filled with love from not only his family and wife but from the dogs he shared his life with. May peace come knowing Ernie will always be there in spirit and the beautiful memories he made. From Eti & Phil Swinford. In memory of Madison Wuest. Madison, you had a perfect heart for cats and dogs. From Roy & Alyson Davidson (& our Murphy).

In memory of Shelley Isaacs, from Marty Kleinbart. In memory and honor of Grandpa Max. Our thoughts are with Dave & Elaine and your family. From Jack & Ray. In loving memory of Barbara Arons Lewis with deepest sympathy. From Carol & Chris Artess. In memory of my beloved husband, David. From Mary du Mont. In loving memory of my loving mother, Clara B. Kosa. God Bless. From Larry Gene Kosa. In memory of Eva Shein, from Gary, Galit & Joseph Svirsky. In honor and memory of Ernest Bourgeois. You will be missed. From Ray & Laura Blanchard. In memory of Tony Sepulveda. Tony loved animals and he rescued a few lucky pups in his life. From Paul Palmer. In memory of Carol Waugh, from Donna Drysdale. In memory of Marie Braga. From Roger Mierop. In memory of David du Mont. Very sorry for your loss… David was a Wonderful Soul! From Bill & Diana Murphy. In memory of Danesh Mohnani. From Lakhi Mohnani. In memory of Ernest Bourgeois. From Jean & Larry Lajoie. In memory of our Uncle Mike Baldwin. He loved animals and made us promise that we would donate money in his memory. We love you! From your family, Baldwin, Chavez, DenBleyker, & Drummond. In memory of John Marsh. Sending our condolences on the passing of your father. From Norman & Joan Gaslowitz. In memory of Georgia Lucas, from Karen & David Vaughan. In memory of Austin Covey. From Don & JoAnn Winsett. In memory of Ernest Bourgeois. Honoring a Military Gentleman of Distinction who was a friend to many, on four legs as well as two. Our world is more sour without his sweetness, and wetter with our tears. May he Rest with our cherishing of him! From John Harley Bila. In memory of Norton“Norty”Hyman. Norty rarely met a person or animal he didn’t like. Joyfully we celebrate the impact Norty had on our lives, giving passionately to everything he did including advocating for animal care. From the Frank Family. In memory of Ernest Bourgeois, from Roni & Vic Evans. In memory of Victor DeBianchi, Sr. We make this contribution to commemorate your father’s life, a pillar of the community, a friend and fellow animal lover. You and your siblings were truly blessed to have had him in your lives for so long. May he Rest in Peace. From Dotty & Paul Winick. In loving memory of Patrick A. Marks. From his sister and family. We miss you very much. In loving memory of Spencer Popwell, a wonderful and caring friend. From Leah Heckert. In memory of Mary Lou Stiles, who had a soft spot and a lot of love in her heart to help rescue as many furry friends as possible and help them find their forever homes. Mary Lou passed away on February 4, 2021, and with this donation in her memory is still helping the ones who love us unconditionally. She will be missed by so many. From G.L. Homes, Sunrise, FL. In memory of Sammy Aboud. Sammy was such a Free Spirit, just like the babies at HSBC are, and I am humbled to be able to make a donation in his honor!! From Tonya Emerson.

In memory of Rosemary Tompkins, from Wendy Talley. I loving memory of James Gaunt, a very special friend. From Leah Heckert. In memory of Linda Ammirati. From Robin & Stephani Weaver. In memory and honor of Elizabeth (Betty) Robb and her loving kindness. From Vickie & Barbara Machado. In memory of Richard Joseph Shea, a wonderful animal lover and father-in-law. Rest easy. From Joe & Dawne. In memory of Barbara J. Fast. From the O’Neal family. In memory of Lorraine Teza. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lorraine’s family. From Heather Murphy/SupplyLogic. In memory of Barbara Fast, from Chris & Amy Qunell. In memory of Barbara Fast. An incredible soul, always and forever. From Eric Base & Lorena Inostroza. In memory of Barbara Fast. From Scott & Christine Stipp. In memory of Lorraine Teza. From Interim Healthcare of the Upstate. In memory of Lorraine Teza, from Nancy & Josh Haugen. In memory of Barbara Fast. From Susan & Scott Kitson. In memory of Barbara Fast. From Fox’s Den. In memory of Roger Williams, Sr. From Virginia Williams. In memory of Barbara Fast, from Crellin Byrd. In memory of Yvonne Sharfner Tartt Jenkins. From Pamela Miller. In memory of Helene who loved animals very much. From Marsha Bloom. In memory of Justin Michael Waldron. From Adam Sanders. In memory of Donald Holtmann, Jr., from Doreen Gauthier. In memory of Helen & Morris Ritz. From Joel Ritz & Marcia Ritz. In memory of Jeanne & Hal Beyer. From Jodi Beyer. In memory of Nancy Holbrook, from Pam & Peter Miller. In memory of Lorraine Teza, from Jane Dee. In memory of Sally Noonan, May you dance with the Angels! From the Goranson Family. In memory of Kathleen Marie Chipko McCarthy. From Dick & Klari. In memory of Kathleen Marie McCarthy. From Lou Jacobelli.

Estate Gifts Estate gifts gratefully received in December 2020 and January & February 2021: Anita L. Brumley Joan E. Fisher Rhoda M. Horwitz Faye L. King Jane H. Zager 17

Honors & Celebrations In honor of Shadow Mittens Ramos. We love you Shadow! From Mom.

In honor of Ana Richards. Merry Christmas! From Kristen Richards.

In honor of Jingles. From Elsa Bergolla.

In honor of Kalia Lay & Dan Scanlon, adoptive parents of the very lucky Leopold the cat. From Mom/Lisa.

In honor of Sparky & Rocky. We miss you both and loved you so. From Diane. In honor of Coco. From Brian & Victor and April & Katya.

In honor of my Vet Tech son, Jinyo Lay, LVT. From Mom.

In honor of Paco Hughes. From Brian Hero.

In honor of Dr. & Mrs. John Fischer. From Holly, Jonathan, Chewie, & Leia.

In honor of Panda, Pepper, Waltie, Chodie, Fred, Booper, & Beans. From the Goldfarb Family.

In honor of Joey Ehrlich. Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! We are so proud of you. Love, Pepi & Mike Dunay.

In honor of Nick. So sad to acknowledge the passing of my feline nephew, Nick. Rest in peace, sweet one. From Amy Perlman.

In honor of Marjorie Duncan, from George Duncan.

In honor of Kristi Hurst. From the Klein Family. In honor of Robin & Steven Peyser on the occasion of your marriage. From Norman & Joan Gaslowitz. In honor of Megan McCullen…for all you do to help lost and stolen animals find their homes. From Aunt Sally. In honor of Ruth Stone, from Linda & “Mitzie” Burrowes. In honor of the Villamil Family and their new home! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of Spencer Grossman & Rachel Kaplan. Congratulations on your new home! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of Benjamin Scott Panock. Ben loved animals—we had 3 cats and 2 dogs at the time of his death. I love and miss my son and am honoring him with this donation. From Ben’s Mom.

In honor of Joey Ehrlich. Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! From Ivy & Marvin Feinstein.

In honor of the Davis Family, from Lilli Schipper. Congratulations on your new condo!

In honor of Marilyn Van Havere, from Robert Van Havere.

In honor of Bryan Coiffman. From Macy’s.

In honor of Natan Garber and earning your Scout BSA Dog Care Merit Badge. Love, Mom, Dad, Shira, & Bailey.

In honor of Jeffrey Stevens and selling your house! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of all HSBC volunteers and staff members who continue to work for the benefit of the animals. From Ellen Schorr.

In honor of Mike & Sherry Doyle and your new Florida condo! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of Cheryl Potter, from Bobbie Sewell.

In honor of Dave Koda, from Paula Hyatt.

In honor of Lucille Proscia. She was an animal lover who had a special place in her heart for her dogs. May this donation in her name help some four-legged, furry friends/family. From Tom, Valerie, Samantha, & Lucky.

In honor of Dr. Devon Atria. Thank you for the wonderful care of our dear Kylie. From Kimberly & Alan Niederman.

In honor of Patricia Tovar. You are such a beautiful person that Dave, Omar, & Amy have decided to honor a charity close to your heart in 2021. From Amy, Omar, & Dave.

In honor of the Cole Family and their new Florida Home! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of Oscar the Cockatoo, the sexiest bird ever known! In memory of Oscar and my mother Kathleen Valstyn who would have loved her. From Jason Valstyn.

In honor of Mary Kanner – Happy Birthday! From Curt, Linda, Jake, & Erin (and Daisy! & Jo-Jo!).

In honor of Stella Schubert and her 6th birthday! In her short life she has shown herself to be a true lover of all of God’s creation! From Aunt Paula & Dora.

In honor of Bolero, from Sara.

In honor of Laura Walsh Laufer. Happy Birthday from Roberta & Sidney.

In honor and memory of Gunnar, a memorable and loved dog. From Lori & Tom McConnell. In honor of my dog, Elvis Presley. From Susan Keelan. In honor of Chanel, my rescue. She is the love of my life, a treasure beyond belief. Thank you, from Laney Sheldon. In honor of Zoe Feinberg, our special little puppy. You will be 5 years old in June. You’re an awesome part of our family and it’s so much fun watching you grow. We look forward to having many good times together laughing and loving you. Stay healthy and safe. We Love You. From Mommy & Daddy. In honor of Sissi, from your Mom. In honor of Daisy Houdyshell. This donation has been made so that another dog may find a loving home like Daisy did. From Peter & Jennifer Anderson. Happy 10th Birthday to Karma the Magical Unicorn. From Toby & Ruby.

In honor of all the kittens during kitten season. From Geo Turner. In honor of Archie Peduto, a beloved best friend to Paul. From Kelly Denham.

In honor of Doug Gorab, from John Fesperman.

In honor of Joey Ehrlich. Congratulations on becoming a Bar Mitzvah! From Diane & Barry Wilen.

In honor of Kate Neily. Happy Birthday! From Grandma & Grandpa Neily.

In honor of Yvonne Tartt Jenkins, from Amy Bross.

In honor of Edward Lawrence, from Molly, Derek & Jack. In honor of Aaron St. Germain. For a great friend to my dog and to all dogs. From Lou & Debi. In honor of the Lisiy Family and their new Florida Condo! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of Elizabeth Taylor Sutton. She is in Heaven at peace. We love you. From Cousin Michael Hirschhaut.

In honor and memory of my beloved wife of 53 years, Anita Matson, who passed away in February 2018. From Duane Matson.

In honor of Ginger, from Donna Cox.

In honor of Frank Ortis, from Bob & Mary Cebrat.

In honor of Betsy Shafir. Happy Birthday, Betsy!! We love that you love helping animals. We are happy to help, too, in honor of YOU! Love, Amanda Green.

In honor of Prince. From Chani Salamon. In honor of our tenants, from Hills Mobile Home Park.

In honor of Marsha Antonelli. From Michael, Chrissi, Brynn, & Baylee.

In honor of a great human and critter lover, Hernando Arango. From Billy & Patty Wiesler and Family.

In honor of Bob & Dale Stallings. Wishing you happy holidays and great health in the coming year. Love, John & Phyllis Collins.

In honor of Rosemary Tompkins. From Dad, Jodi, & Dexter.

Photo Sessions: A Unique Gift! “For the Love of PAWS” is a unique opportunity to pay tribute to a beloved pet. The pet attends a private photo session at the shelter with photographer David Lee (people may appear in the photo as well). The contributor’s photo of choice is framed and displayed at the shelter in one of three select areas, with the cost ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 depending upon the area chosen. Photos remain on display for five years, after which the client may renew or keep the framed photo. The contribution is tax-deductible, and 25 photos have been sold to date. For more information, please call us at 954.266.6845. 18

Featuring warm and fuzzy shelter stories

9 ½ Months


or 280 days, best pals Eric and Daniel waited for their forever home. Handsome and friendly as they are, they have an auto-immune disease called FIV, and that condition may have scared some people off. But while contagious to other cats, FIV does not affect humans or other animals, and with proper care will typically not shorten a cat’s lifespan.

two cats. She quickly fell in love with our long-term residents, creating a stir of happy excitement among our staff and volunteers -- all of us had a special place in our hearts for these two boys. With the tough year we've faced, most of it along with Eric and Daniel, this was the best news ever! The two are thriving in their new home in Pompano, and their new humans couldn’t be happier.

After their marathon stint at the shelter, Eric and Daniel finally found their family when Brittney stopped by to look for a black cat, as requested by her six-year-old daughter. Brittney had also decided she’d like to adopt

Big kudos to VCA Animal Hospitals for helping with this duo’s medical care!

Eric and Daniel finally got their I'm Adopted signs!

Brittney is ready to take her boys home.

Dolly’s Dream Makes Franny’s Dream Come True


ranny came to us in November on a transport from a partner shelter that did not have the resources to help her. We could see that she suffered from trauma to the right side of her face; she’d lost vision in one eye, and her upper and lower jaw did not align. Even her gums were inflamed. There was also a scabbed-over hole on her muzzle that was leaking discharge, and she had sinus damage. Despite being in good spirits, Franny clearly needed help. The specialists at Animal Eye Guys lent their expertise regarding Franny’s eye injury, and Miami-based veterinary surgeon Dr. Mario Cabrera consulted on a sinus fistula and prescribed medications accordingly. Dr. Cabrera also performed Franny’s surgery to remove small bone fragments from her jaw area, as well as an enucleation of the injured eye (wherein the eye itself is taken out but the muscles and orbital content remain). After several weeks of TLC, a catalog of medications, Dr. Cabrera performs the and multiple visits to our surgery that will give Franny clinic for medication and a happy and healthy life. checkups, Franny’s sutures were removed and she was This Adoption Ambassador fail pronounced ready for could not have worked out better adoption. She didn’t get far, for Franny or her new parents. though; her hosting Funding for Franny’s medical needs came from Dolly’s Dream, a local Ambassador Family fell in organization that focuses on the needs of bully breed dogs. The Levitetz love and couldn’t let her go Foundation and Dolly’s Dream have been partnered with the HSBC for and the adoption was Franny's eye has healed the past 5 years. finalized in February. 19 nicely and she's adapted well.

The shelter is located at 2070 Griffin Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

954-989-3977 Fax: 954-989-3991 humanebroward.com

Become a Monthly Sustainer Your monthly donation - in any amount you choose - helps both the shelter animals and our community. Visit humanebroward.com and click on “Ways to Give” to find out more.

Humane Society of Broward County: Located immediately west of I-95 on the south side of Griffin Road. Tel: 954.989.3977 Visit us on the web at humanebroward.com. The shelter is open 7 days a week. Animal Admissions hours are 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday – Saturday, and 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Sunday. Adoptions are currently opening at 11 a.m. daily. Vaccines are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.



ADOPTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRESS 6 HOURS AND DIRECTIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6723 OWNER’S REQUEST EUTHANASIA………………… 6722




National Adopt-A-Cat Month

ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6853 ANIMAL ADMISSIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6873 BEHAVIOR HELPLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6851 BEHAVIOR & TRAINING PROGRAMS . . . . . . 954.266.6819

We have had many cancellations and re-scheduled events and classes, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the HSBC website at humanebroward.com for updates on when events and various sessions will be taking place.

DONATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6816 EDUCATION DEPT. SCHEDULING. . . . . . . . . 954.266.6815 HURRICANE HOTLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6871 JOB HOTLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6859 PAWS AUXILIARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6827 PEACE OF MIND/LEGACY CLUB. . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6845 PET BOUTIQUE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6836 PRIVATE PET CREMATIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6833

Puppy Pre-School is offered in four-week group sessions on Sat. mornings; $100 for puppies adopted from the HSBC and $120 for all others. Dog Obedience classes are in six-week group sessions held Sat. or Sun. mornings; $150 for dogs adopted from the shelter and $180 for all others. To register visit humanebroward.com, or for info call Stephanie Rodgers at 954.266.6819. Pet Loss and Grieving Support Sessions are now being help via Zoom. The sessions are free of charge and are offered on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. To register call 954.266.6815. Bunny Basics sessions are free of charge. You’ll learn about housing, nutrition, bunny introductions and more. For scheduling information call 954.266.6815. Volunteer Orientation sessions are held on a regular basis. Email Volunteer Services at volunteer@hsbroward.com for more information.

SPAY/NEUTER INFORMATION . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.463.7729 VACCINE/MICROCHIP INFORMATION … . 954.266.6858 VOLUNTEER SERVICES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6814

The HSBC pet cemetery and mausoleum are located at Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation Acres. They offer private or communal burial; cremations and arrangements can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Visit browardpet.com or call 954.476.0743 for more information.

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