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eaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.” – Bradley Miller How do the HSBC’s Humane Education lessons support your goals in the classroom? Broward County Schools mandates the teaching of Character Education traits, specifically: responsibility, citizenship, kindness, respect, honesty, self-control, tolerance and cooperation. These Character Education themes are intertwined throughout all of our Humane Education lessons. In many ways, Character Education is synonymous with Humane Education. Humane Education is the use of education to nurture compassion and respect for living things. It includes fostering compassion and respect of other people, non-human animals, and the environment. It provides facts about related issues, encourages curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, instills reverence, respect, and responsibility, and offers positive choices and tools for problem solving. Please call Darlene at 954.266.6848 to schedule a free Humane Education lesson for your classroom.


Pet Playdate Day Camp

hen school’s on break, send your kids to the HSBC to have a blast spending time with our adorable animals. They’ll have fun spoiling the homeless dogs and cats with love and affection, and coming up with surprises to treat them with. There will also be cool animalthemed crafts, games, and activities. It’s ALL animals, ALL day! Kids ages 7 through 12 are invited to join us for a day of tail wags and purrs from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. The cost is $65 for the day, which includes a snack and a pizza lunch. Register today at If you have questions, please email Camp dates are: November 11, December 29, December 30, January 6, January 16 and February 20.

Here a few of the many lessons we offer: THE PET SUITCASE A hands-on lesson that teaches children the huge responsibility of caring for a dog or a cat. Children will learn how to be a good pet parent. They will unpack a real pet’s suitcase, identifying each item’s importance to the pet’s welfare. Length: 20-30 minutes. Grades: VPK-5. PET SAFETY Children are the number one victims of dog bites! Often, children do not know the proper way to greet an animal, when to leave an animal alone, and what to do if a stray animal approaches. This lesson will teach children all the basics to keep them safe and keep our animals happy. Length: 20-30 minutes. Grades: VPK-5. ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS TOO! Children will learn that animals share some emotions in common with humans and, though we do not speak the same native language as dogs and cats, we can learn to understand them by observing their body language. The knowledge gained in this lesson will help children learn to interact safely with dogs and cats. Length: 45 minutes. Grades: 2-12. ABC’S OF ANIMAL CARE Children will learn the basics of caring for some common types of pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, and ferrets. They will learn about each animal's needs regarding feeding, exercise, housing, socializing, grooming, and veterinary care. Length: 1 hour. Grades: 2-12.

Campers love making goodies for the animals, like these adorable bandanas.

Celebrate Your Birthday with the Animals! Call 954.266.6875 to find out how to have your birthday party at the Humane Society! Here are the birthday celebrations held at the shelter in June, July and August: Josie Harrington Olivia Peters Emily Kogan Lola Pakarati Jenny Larkin Ethan Wengrow Rosie Perez Alexa Turner Logan Scissors Elle Lewin Dia Ashfaque Alice Belshe Grace Bialy Emma Kolb Grace Peterson Isabella Jassir

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Paw Prints: Fall 2016  
Paw Prints: Fall 2016