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These Felines are the Cat's Meow! T



en-year-old Chewey was surrendered because his owner was ill and could no longer take care of him. Our clinic staff noticed that the handsome, one-eyed white Persian had a wobbly walk, likely due to some arthritis and a possible disc problem. A weekly medication was prescribed. One of our longtime foster parents met Chewey and knew he would fit in perfectly with her senior pets at home. Now named Louis, this guy acts like he’s lived all his ten years in his new home, getting along swimmingly with the other cats and the dogs. Not one to shy away from attention, he adores being petted and doted upon. He's even had special steps placed so that he can easily walk up onto the couch and claim his spot.

The following comes from a happy adopter:


hen I visited the Humane Society I was looking to adopt a big fluffy older cat, similar to one I had adopted years ago at your shelter and who had recently passed away. While there were many beautiful cats there, I kept going back to a certain shy, petite, one-eyed kitty. She was a year old, and I knew I had to adopt her. She had her head buried under her blanket and was so nervous when they brought her into the room! Fast forward from her adoption and after nearly a month of hiding, sweet Minnie has settled in and adores my other cats. They wrestle and play and she just purrs and purrs when you pet her. She has filled out now and the patches of fur that were missing are gone. I know many people must have their hearts set on a certain breed or color of cat or dog, I sure did…but adopting Minnie was one of the best things I have done. Thank you for giving me that opportunity. Keep up the great work! Minnie’s new mom


Vanette Gogh

hen Vanette Gogh was transferred to the HSBC from Broward County Animal Care and Adoptions, it was obvious something was missing -- her right ear. While we’re not sure exactly what happened to her, we did know that she was a complete love bug, who only wanted to snuggle and purr. Luckily for this little girl, she got to visit the DJ Laz morning show on Hits 97.3. She quickly won over the hearts of everyone in the studio, and Kimmy B, the morning show’s co-host, was especially smitten. Immediately after the show, Kimmy B came to the shelter and adopted Vanette Gogh. The latest report is that she is happily ensconced in her new home and the family couldn’t be happier.

A Malcolm, with HSBC vet tech Jenna Parker, before he is sedated to have the sutures removed following eye surgery.


tiny fur-ball, little Malcolm came to the shelter when he was just seven weeks old. We put him into foster care to help him get over a cold, but unfortunately he developed a very bad infection in both eyes. We arranged for his foster parent to take him to an eye specialist where it was determined that due to the infection, Malcolm was partially blind; he required special medication as well. After several more weeks his left eye was looking better but the right had not improved, so the decision was made to remove the eye. Surgery went fine and Malcolm was a real trooper, now getting around just like any other rambunctious kitten. Just before this newsletter went to print, Malcolm was adopted and went home to live in Pembroke Pines with his new family.

There are always amazing cats waiting to be adopted at the HSBC. We hope you’ll visit us when you’re ready to open your home to a new pet.

Malcolm and Ellen Jaffe from Easy Radio became fast friends when she helped promote him on the station's web site and facebook page. Ellen, who is a huge cat-lover, says Malcolm is a regular purring machine.


Paw Prints: Fall 2016  
Paw Prints: Fall 2016