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HONORS AND CELEBRATIONS Send an extra-special message with a donation for the animals! Contributions of $25 or more receive mention in Paw Prints; donations of $100 and more appear in color. Please use the envelope provided in this newsletter. Paw Prints is scheduled to mail in January, April, July and October. Messages received by September 22 are included here. The deadline for the January issue is December 22. In honor of Lily, from Paddy & Nena Furzer. In honor of Tuesday. Dear Toosie, We love and miss you very much. From G & G Harker. In honor of our friend @iggy mila! From Sprout. In honor of Molly Phillips. Since adopting Molly from the Humane Society of Broward County, our lives are brighter every day. She brings so much love and happiness to our family and we are beyond grateful for finding her. Thank you HSBC for helping us find Molly! From the Phillips family. In honor of Diesel Baars-Giroux. From Jeffery Baars. In honor of Zoe Feinberg, our new little girl. On September 6 you arrived from Alabama & immediately became part of our family… 10 weeks old and a sweet puppy. We will have many good times spoiling and loving you. Stay healthy and safe forever. Love, Mommy & Daddy. In honor of Jessica Wetzold, from Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Novick. In honor of Bob Puck – Happy Birthday! From Debbie Lollar. In honor of Robert J. Puck. Happy Birthday, Bob! From Shelley Marciano. In honor of Sandra Bradley. I’ll miss our lunches and dinners. From Syd Homan. In honor of the Kostecki family and their new house! From Lilli Stevens. In honor of Peter Green, from Brian & Kim

Bencie. In honor of Louise & Alan Scheib – Happy 50th Anniversary. Best wishes with love from Gilma & Lilia. In honor of Dr. John Eccher & Just Paws Animal Hospital Staff. Thank you for giving Joey Steehler 13 years of wonderful care and love. From David & Elaine Steehler. In honor of John Kaufman & Clifford Smith on their wedding. From Rita, Gabby & the cats. In honor of Lucianne Agate – congratulations on your new condo! From Lilli Stevens. In honor of Joyce Gitlin – Happy Birthday, from Riki Frankel. In honor of Jean Ciaburri. Our deepest sympathy during this difficult time. Know that you are surrounded by your loved ones because of the love that you have shown to so many. Thank you, Jean, for the fun dinners. You were always so very kind and sweet. This kindness is reflected beautifully in your children. Love always, Helen & Sylvet Waters. In honor of Christine Scrivener, from Yaniv Cohen. In honor of Dr. Alan Lewis. Congratulations on your big birthday to my big brother. Love, Susan Allan & Kevin Michelle. In honor of Elizabethanne (Bettyanne) Denton. Always In Our Thoughts, Forever In Our Hearts. From Rod Vamosi & Charlie Rivenbark. In honor of Marty Hinze, from Ken & Cindy Reitano. In honor of Echo Keller Banigan. From Stephen Banigan.

In honor of Heinrich Kortye, from Kent & Cathy Stolley and Dennis & Patty Cahill. In honor of Isolde’s Father. From Norman Kunkel & Family. In honor of Andrea Darlow – Happy Birthday, Andrea!! From David & Elaine Blattner. In honor of Damon Lorber, from Dee Luceri. In honor of Claire Garofalo. We are so sorry for the loss of Claire. From Martin & Rachelle Springer. In honor of John & Sandra Yang – Congratulations on your new home! From Lilli Stevens. In honor of Mia Albright’s 10th Birthday. From Scott Collins; Aaron Reed; and Philip & Gayle Rosen. In honor of Joyce & Frederick Schnurr – Happy 25th Anniversary. From Alana & Glenn. In honor of the Dietrich family – congratulations on your new home! From Lilli Stevens. In honor of Amit, Melissa, Ari & Ollie. From the Ehrlich family. In honor of Derin Oesch – Happy Birthday, Derin! From Sebastian & Sofia Jurado. In honor of Clifford Smith & John Kaufman’s marriage. From Tamer & Claire Harpke. In honor of Gerald Tower, from Marilyn & Shelley Pernick. In honor of Andrew & Tanya Heller – Best Wishes on your wedding! From Lisa Kitei. In honor of Dr. David Bieber & Staff. Thank you for your care and kind words of concern for us and Joey. From Elaine & David Steehler.

In honor of Garric Sacca – Happy Birthday. From Jill Anstendig.

Photo Sessions “For the Love of PAWS”

F “

or the Love of PAWS” is a unique opportunity to pay tribute to a beloved pet. The pet attends a private photo session at the shelter with photographer David Lee (people may appear in the photo as well). The contributor’s photo of choice is framed and displayed at the shelter in one of three select areas, with the cost ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 depending upon the area chosen. Photos remain on display for five years, after which the client may renew or keep the framed photo. The contribution is tax-deductible, and 18 photos have been sold to date. For more information, please call us at 954.266.6845. 24

Paw Prints: Fall 2016  
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