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In memory of Buddy. From Kathy Jacobs.

In memory of Chuck Naranjo. From Debbie & Jeff Fennell.

In memory of Sedric, Sadie & Simon, from Aventura Insurance Group.

In memory of Phyllis Benson. From Micki & Gerry Salomon.

In memory of Buddy. From Debra Howard Heck.

In memory of Marty Tunis, from Russell Rossi & Christopher Drummond.

In memory of Jessie, my beloved Border Collie. From Anne Preston.

In memory of John Oss, with love from Mark & Carol Fried.

To the members of HSBC, the world’s BEST animal shelter: On May 2, 2007 we adopted the most beautiful & sweetest Yorkie in the world from your fabulous establishment. Her name was Sugar. Unfortunately, she had to be euthanized on August 1 of this year. Sugar was so well liked and loved by so many people. Please accept the enclosed donation in Sugar’s name, as a token of our gratitude. Thank you for giving us 9 years with the most magnificent little dog that you can imagine. Gratefully, Dave & Marilyn Cohen.

In memory of John Oss, with sincere condolences from Rod & Caryl Nalven.

In memory of Rosie & Sandy, from Angela Coplien.

To Chris Quartin & Family in memory of your mother. From Patti & Bart Quartin.

In memory of Joey Stewart. From Margaret Osburn. In memory of Chester Niss. We love you and miss you, Chester Niss! From the Niss family. In memory of Mitch, from Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cebrat. In memory of Beth Bird, from William Bird. In memory of Suzanne Wright, from Jean Whitson. In memory of Patricia McGarry, a friend who loved cats. From Freda Logan. In memory of Nicholas Ellis. From Emmanuelle Sartor. In memory of Darren Gill. From the City of Tamarac. In memory of Gary Rosen. From Diane & Steve Gershenson. In memory of Marie Braga and her little friends. From Roger Mierop. In memory of Paul “Richard” Mitchell, Jr. From The Spice Lab family. In memory of Sara DeWarf, from Colette Wilbur.

In memory of John Oss, with love from Cathy & Leighton Bewley. In memory of Kevin Murphy. From Sue & Jim Klau. In memory of Martin J. Tunis. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and his dog “Bo.” From Ronald Fluellen. In memory of Ron David, from Moss, Peg, Ethan, Susan, Oren, Amy & Jennifer.

In memory of Emily Rachel Sutker. Always thinking of you, Em. Especially a bit extra this month. Happy Birthday, beautiful. Hope Jiggy and Jackson spoil you silly with doggy kisses! Love you lots, Mand. In memory of Oliver “Ollie” McMurry Grace, III. A kind and gentle soul has left us physically but in our hearts forever. From Sandi & Family. In memory of Ivan J. Smith. This donation is for Ivan, Angel & generations of beloved Smith dogs. Woof. From Kate Effinger & family. In memory of Ivan J. Smith – The animals have lost a friend. From Bart & Christina Hartman. In memory of Ivan Smith, from Linda & Richard Allen. In memory of Ivan J. Smith. We remember Ivan as a wonderful, personable, generous and fun-loving gentleman. Ivan showed great love for his family and, of course, his beagles! From Tom & Gloria. In memory of Ivan J. Smith. Stephanie - Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family as we honor the memory of your Dad. From Barbara & David Welch.

In memory of Adam Metlika. “Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.”– Dean Koontz. From Andrea, Gokhan, Jeremy & Brooke. In loving memory of Mary Buscemi. From Rona Wolfson. In memory of Adam Metlika. From Jill Sauer. In memory of Ivan J. Smith. From the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors. In memory of Ivan J. Smith, from Liz Gorra & Charlie Zarett. In memory of Ivan J. Smith. He always loved his Beagles and he appreciated the work the HSBC did to help the rescued animals in our community. From Ivan & Sharon Gant. In memory of Adam Metlika. From Dan Cahoon/Jerry Pair Leather, Inc. In memory of Adam Metlika. To Kristen Metlika & family: Although we did not work in the same location of Jerry Pair and we’ve never met, I was so terribly sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your husband. You will be in all of Jerry Pair’s thoughts and prayers. From Gretta Hobein (Jerry Pair). In memory of Adam Lee Metlika. On behalf of myself and the NY staff of Jerry Pair, we’d like to send our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this most difficult time. From Ashley & Jerry Pair NYC. In loving memory of Stanley Blitstein. From Beverly & Kenneth Anderson. In memory of Donald Kaplan, from Martin Claire & Shelly Blum and Families. In memory of Ivan Smith. From Joyce & Jim Olson. In memory of Adam Metlika. From Julia & Arnold Washburn. In memory of Ivan Smith. From Margareta WalleniusKleberg. In memory of Adam Metlika, from CHS Class of 66 Reunion Committee.

In memory of Sandi Bradley, from Virginia & Rodney Bradley.

In memory of Shelley Tilonsky, with deepest sympathy and love, Marlene.

In memory of Cliff Jolley. From Steven Rask.

In memory of Jennifer Williams, from Steve & Robin Newman.

In memory of my sister Helen W. Tesher who was a volunteer for the Humane Society of Broward County. This donation is to honor her wishes. She was an avid animal lover and donated her time every weekend to better the lives of the animals in your care. From Mimi Saylor.

In memory of Ivan J. Smith. From the Wittmer Family.

In memory of Donald Kaplan, from Theresa Gioffre.

In memory of Anthony Fucci, from Dottie Sillano & Romeo. In memory of Ronald Davis. From LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

In memory of Abby Demare, from Carol Demare.

In memory of Donald Kaplan, from Donna Gioffre, Louis Gioffre & family.

In memory of Stella Maracic. From Daniel Brady.

In memory of David Kaye. From Bryce & Elizabeth Epstein.

In memory of Belle Weinstein and in celebration of a beautiful life! Love, Howard & Meryl Steklof. In memory of Adam Kaufman, from Joan Ross.

In memory of Elizabeth Winters, from a friend. In memory of Elizabeth (Betsy) Winters. Betsy, you will be missed. From Bernice Jaffe. In memory of Jacqueline King. From Carol & Brian Genson. In memory of Suzanne Diack Wright, from Richard & Judith Vinroot.

In memory of Ivan J. Smith. From Susan & Jeffrey Rome/Chestnut Hill Management Co. In memory of Adam Lee Metlika from the following family and friends: George & Shirley De Angelo; Melissa Christensen; Christy & Stephen Almond; Cherie Wachter; Yolanda Nave; William & Marjorie Eyster; and Phil & Sally Headley.

In loving memory of Clorinda Healy. May she rest in peace. From Debbie, Alisa & Charlette. In memory of Sharon Stedman. From Brenda, Davey & Nolan Rolf. In memory of Norman Hirsch. From Adam Hirsch.


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