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To have your memorial expressed through our newsletter, please use the enclosed envelope to send a contribution of $25 or more. Donations of $100 and more appear in color; for a $500 contribution a photo of your pet will be included. We will send an acknowledgment to the bereaved upon your request. Please print clearly, and indicate whether your memorial is for a person or pet. Due to space limitations, your message may be edited; multiple donations in memory of the same person may be grouped together. The newsletter is scheduled to mail in January, April, July and October. Memorials received by September 22 are included here. The deadline for the January issue is December 22.

In loving memory of Poppin Alaimo, March 2002 – June 2016. Miss Poppin loved to visit with house guests. Thanks to all of you who showed her love and affection during the last decade, plus. Love, Friends of Poppin. In loving memory of Kathy Loper’s beloved dog, Faith. From Jay Doro. In memory of Bambino & JoJo – two sweet babies whose loving mother has a heart as wide as the ocean and who loved you more than words can express. May you comfort and love each other on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. From the 5:45 Jack’s Rabbits. In memory of Kobe, from Thomas Owens. In memory of Ezzy, a beloved cat, companion and friend. She is greatly missed. From Steve & Heather. In loving memory of Kiki, who brought tremendous joy into the world. From Keith & Amanda. In loving memory of Belle, one of the sweetest dogs in the world. You were an angel on earth. From Lisa & Paul. In memory of Mollie, Barnie, Countess, Maddie, Max & Sassy. From Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Anderson. In memory of Maya Serafini, from Susan & Ed Michaelson. In memory of Alex – our condolences on the passing of your dog. From Carl Artman. In memory of Tribi Jilani. Our Tribi was rescued after he was thrown out of a car. Being in bad condition, we took him to our vet then adopted him. He lived a wonderful life even though it was short. We still miss him very much but he’s in Heaven. From Norma Jilani. In memory of Snow White. I’ll be watching over you still, of that you can be sure. I’m your canine guardian angel and my love for you remains pure. From Tina Shanks. In memory of Joey. No matter the time, the age, the circumstance, it always hurts to lose a pet you’ve loved. Joey is smiling down on you both today. From Jack’s Rabbits. In memory of Dinah, from John & Barbara Holt. In memory of Doodle, with love from Howard & Meryl Steklof. In memory of Beloved KK. From Mr. Bernie & Ms. Barbara. In memory of Ginger. From Donald L. Twiss. 22

In memory of Ginger Maliner. To Lloyd & Annette: We want you both to know that we understand your loss and that we grieve with you. Ginger was a member of our family and this donation is in honor of her. With much love and hugs from your folks, Robert & Veronica. In memory of Booker “The Bookmaker” Brownlow. From John W. Borsa, Jr. In memory of Peek A Choo, a beautiful little parakeet who gave 15 years of love and wonderful memories to her family. From Mark & Marguerite Cianci. In memory of Bailey. We will miss him terribly! From Debbi, Henry, Laurie & Adam. In memory of Holly, your best friend. From Evelyn. In memory of Copper – a cool cat that went out with his boots on. We miss you, Cop! From Nugget. In memory of Jackson, from Linda Genovese. In memory of Bianca. With love from Howard & Meryl Steklof. In loving memory of Mimi, special dog of Ellen Rodriguez. From Christine Williams. In memory of TiKi, from Martha & David. In loving memory of Evinrude, dearly loved Lab of Marj & Houston Horne. With sympathy from Kathy, Dave & Lili Gardner. In memory and honor of Scooter Galan – he was loved. From The Branch Administrators of Henderson Behavioral Health. In memory of Pierrette’s dogs. From Rosalyn Berger. In memory of Riesling, Samantha, Linden & Prancer. You filled our lives and hearts with so much LOVE. Forever in our hearts. From Micki Rodriguez & Stephen Sisson. In memory of Katie, from Sue Ann & Ethel. In memory of Karly for the many wonderful years that we shared. From Nicole Vanden Heuvel. In loving memory of Mathew. You will forever be in our hearts. From George. In memory of Lucy England. May the England family take comfort knowing that Lucy is free of pain and restrictions… now running free, eating her favorite treats, and telling all the other dogs that she may look bigger but she is really “petite.” She will be missed! From Fran Banner. In loving memory of Nikkita, from Vinodray Mehta.

In memory of Bandit. Find comfort, Mayr & Leo, in knowing the joy your furry travel companion brought into your lives and others. Love, Jill & Stephanie. In memory of Hollywood Ring – Hollywood was a loyal & loving friend to all who knew her. I will miss her snuggles and smothering on my visits to Florida. From Debbie Ubele. In memory of Hollywood Ring, from Kasia, George, Andy, Ela & Lola Guhr. In memory of Sabrina – a gift to help Sabrina’s friends. From Aunt Linda. In memory of Bailey, from Breezie. In memory of Dulce. From Heather Howell & Family. In memory of Zephyr. From Ethel Weinberger & Sue Ann Charron. In memory of Brittany, from Marc & Valerie. In memory of your sweet dog Sofie. From Howard & Meryl Steklof with love! In memory of Ginger Maliner. RIP sweet Ginger. From the Baldwin family. In honor and memory of our beloved Sheila who for 115 dog years taught the world unconditional love and forgiveness. She is now back home in the arms of our Savior. From Tom Owens. In memory of Nina…a sweet, regal Weimaraner who loved chasing Mark’s laser light at Happy Tails Dog Park. From Bonnie Heather Lurer. In memory of Rosie. Dear Rosie – Thank you for the years of joy you brought to Nancy & Michele and all their friends. From Creg, David, Stan & Phil. In memory of Maggie, from Beth Miller. Dear Jocelyn, Aaron, Nicky & Jonah: In loving memory of Bruno. While there will always be sadness, may you also be blessed with the fun and happy memories of the shared life together. Fondly, Leslie & Pete. In memory of Sara, a sweet little dog who was lucky to have been loved by so many for so long. From Barbara & Scott Tyler. In memory of Karly Feinberg, “our Honey Girl” & B.F.F. Karly lived 15 glorious years and was celebrated almost quarterly in Paw Prints. She had a fabulous life and made her Mommy & Jeff so very happy. The sadness we feel is overwhelming. She will be missed and will forever be in our hearts. We Love You. From Mommy & Jeff.

Paw Prints: Fall 2016  
Paw Prints: Fall 2016