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Steve Niren

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Dog Walker

Pets at home: Steve has a 30-year history of having Great Pyrenees and white German shepherds, but his last dog has passed away and he now lives in a condo. Two elderly cats are his companions these days. Favorite part of volunteering: “When I moved here full-time from Minnesota, I realized I missed the interaction of animals. They make me feel connected, so I decided to volunteer. My sister has been a volunteer at the HSBC for many years so that’s how I ended up here.” What the animals say: “When we see Steve coming, we get so excited! Thanks to him we get to walk and run outside, smell all kinds of interesting things, and pretend we’re lucky dogs just out for a stroll, with a nice home and someone to love us. He also gives us lots of pets and always has nice things to say to us that make our tails wag. We love Steve the Dog Walker!”

Interested in volunteering? We’re especially in need of dog walkers, adoption ambassadors and customer service volunteers. Call Lacey at 954.266.6814 to learn more and/or to sign up for our next orientation.

Steve Niren

Wish List There are lots of ways you can help us to help the animals. Just choose a wish here and make it come true; or see what the Clinic is wishing for in this issue. Feel free to grant as many wishes as you like! (Cost of some items is included in case you’d like to donate the funds for purchasing.) Should you have any questions, please call 954.266.6810.

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Packing tape Canned pumpkin Disposable packing tape dispensers Manual can openers Ping pong balls for cats to play with Home Depot Gift Cards - for bldg maint Premium ZINK paper 2x3 for Polaroid digital camera Dishwashing soap Automatic dishwasher tabs Scrubbing brushes for dishes Publix gift cards (to buy fresh veggies for our rabbits) Toys for dogs and cats Soft treats for dogs and cats White towels Paper towels Washable Crayola markers Yards of fleece fabric, any colors/patterns Mr. Clean Eraser Sponges

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Corrugated cardboard cat scratchers Laminating pouches, 8 ½ x 11 Dog training treat pouches Cheerios & Peanut Butter Dixie Cups Natural Balance Food rolls (dog enrichment program) Humane cat traps ($57 each) 8.5 x 11 lucite frames with easel back Gallon-size zip lock bags Boxes of tissues Full-size towels Plastic silverware Plastic table covers and skirts (54x108) Liquid hand soap Wowbutter soy nut spread Foldable rolling cart ($30) Enclosed strollers for our Adoption Ambassador cats ($100)

We’re in need of tablets with WiFi (no data plan needed), 16GB or higher, must have iOS 6. To be used mostly for registering people at off-site pre-Walk events.

Feature Item! Tablets Needed

• Sharp XEA107 Entry level cash register w/LED display ($115) • Point-and-shoot camera ($150) • New or gently used Canon Rebel camera to take pet photos for website ($400) • Sensation Harnesses for Ambassador dogs ($30) • New or gently used digital video recorder ($500) • Gently used box truck with lift gate • Gently used golf cart ($2,000)

Paw Prints: Fall 2016  
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