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Working Hand in Hand – Continued Kiara


t was early June when Kiara came to the HSBC from Animal Care, limping badly as she walked. X-rays revealed that she was suffering from a very painful femoral head fracture of the growth plate. Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) surgery was performed at the shelter, and Kiara went home with one of our Adoption Ambassadors to heal and then find her forever home -which she did, with Julie of Ft. Lauderdale.



t just under a year old, adorable Eeyore is gentle, easygoing and good with other dogs. We picked him up from BCACA in August and gave him a thorough checkup, including several skin scrapings to see whether he had mange. Despite his patchy coat, Eeyore tested negative for the condition and our veterinarian diagnosed superficial pyoderma, a skin infection that could have been the result of living in a dirty environment prior to arriving at BCACA. We knew that with simple treatment, including lots of TLC and a nutritious Purina ONE diet, Eeyore would certainly overcome his condition and have a healthy coat. Eeyore went home quickly once Christian spotted him and fell in love.

In addition to being a terrifically sweet girl, beautiful Kiara is very photogenic. Eeyore was a docile and coopertive training subject while at the HSBC.



n August 1 we went to BCACA and picked up an injured five-month-old kitty who, despite her bruised and bloody hind leg, was sweet and docile, purring up a storm. An X-ray determined that this little gem who we named Sapphire had two fractures -- to her fibula and to the tibial cortex. Her wounds were cleaned and a splint applied, but within 24 hours Sapphire had removed her splint twice! A different type of splint (more like a cast) was put in place, which worked much better in deterring removal. On day three, Sapphire received laser treatment -- through her cast -- by one of our oncall vets, to help her injury heal. Dr. Hirschfeld reports, “She was a good patient, purred during the treatment, and didn’t mind having the protective safety goggles on.” Sapphire was fortunate that a foster home was available to help her recover. As of this writing she is available for adoption. Sapphire, a brave patient, is well on her way to a full recovery.

When Christian met Eeyore he didn't mind the patchy coat at all -he saw the loveable pup beneath it and adopted him.

We are so fortunate to be able to help animals like these at BCACA, who need extra-special medical care, so that they can have a second chance at living a happy and healthy life. Thanks to donations from people who care about animals -- people like you -- Chloe, Eeyore, Sapphire, Buzz Lightyear/Oliver, and Kiara have recovered from their injuries. Donations in any amount are appreciated toward this effort of saving lives. 13

Paw Prints: Fall 2016  
Paw Prints: Fall 2016