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Working Hand in Hand – and Paw in Paw


he county agency, Broward County Animal Care and Adoptions -- a governmental organization that is not affiliated with the HSBC -- receives thousands of stray pets annually. Sadly, some of these animals are not in the best of condition. Over the past year we have taken in several dogs, and a few cats, that needed medical care or special orthopedic surgery. Some of the more recent stories are detailed below.

Buzz Lightyear


ambunctious one-year-old Buzz Lightyear, an American bulldog, was transferred to us in July. After an examination and X-rays, our vet staff diagnosed two fractures to his left rear leg. We brought in a specialist to do surgery, which required a titanium plate and 29 metal staples. Buzz made a quick recovery and after two weeks of rest and healing the staples were removed. Buzz now gets around with a slight wiggle in his step, but he has

Buzz received an exam by an orthopedic specialist, veterinarian Dr. Cabrera (right), who later performed the surgery.

loads of spirit and, thanks to the Dolly’s Dream Foundation, his adoption fee and pet supplies were underwritten for the lucky family that would adopt him. That family turned out to be Anne and her dog Rosie, also an HSBC alumna. Anne renamed her new boy "Oliver" and they all live happily in Fort Lauderdale.

Enjoying some exercise and post-surgery cuddles with an HSBC clinic staff member.

Buzz, now named Oliver, is excited to go home with new mom Anne.



nother dog we provided assistance to over the summer was Chloe, a supersweet three-year-old Rottweiler mix guaranteed to smother you with kisses if given the chance. When Chloe arrived at our shelter, X-rays showed a fractured femur. The problem was that the injury was at least a few

Orthopedic specialist Dr. Cabrera and his assistant prep Chloe for surgery. 12

weeks old and had started to heal improperly. Surgery was done and she, like Buzz, needed rest for several weeks in order to heal. It didn’t take long for this girl to find a home, and she now lives a happy, healthy life in Fort Lauderdale with her new dad Rory.

Chloe was an excellent patient.

Ready to head out the door!

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