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Fall 2020

News from the Humane Society of Broward County

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The Humane Society of Broward County is a nonprofit organization funded by friends like you who care about animals.

From Your Board Chair B

Chairman of the Board Thom Bambenek and his dog Sofie

eginning in March of this year, the HSBC experienced a significant amount of reduced revenue and contributions as a result of the pandemic. In response, we prudently reduced spending which, unfortunately, included a reduction in our workforce. Our goal, however, remains as focused as ever on caring for the homeless animals, continuing to raise the funds necessary to support our work and mission, and remaining important and relevant to our community. Because of the day-to-day uncertainty all of us are living with, as this issue of Paw Printsgoes to print there could possibly be updates and/or changes to our shelter operations and fundraising events calendar. We are continually updating the HSBC website – humanebroward.com – so be sure to log on often for updates on our programs and services. We have been“thinking outside of the box”for new distanced fundraising ideas and have had success with our virtual Bingo games and with the Humane Academy that was established at the end of August. Humane Academy students were able to conduct their virtual schooling within the safety of the HSBC education center with the added bonus of daily interaction with shelter animals. It was a win-win for students and pets! Fortunately, the PAWS auxiliary was able to once again - for the 22nd year - hold the Marti Huizenga PAWS on the Green Women’s Golf Tournament, presented by Michelle Howland and Donald Sussman. The event took place at Grande Oaks Golf Club in Davie on November 2. Due to pandemic

On the Cover: Maverick, at 1 ½ years old, keeps the Wiese family of Hollywood on its toes! He swims in the pool every chance he gets, loves his doggie sister, enjoys tearing apart his toys, and will chew on the wooden staircase if he can sneak it in. Follow his antics on Instagram at maverick_the_rescue_rottie.

Humane Society of Broward County: Building a humane community together. Board of Directors Thom G. Bambenek Chairman of the Board John R. Squitero Vice Chairman of the Board Melody Saleh Secretary Matt Katz Treasurer Barbara Brush Ted Christie Christine Forman Bryan S. Greenberg Christy Gumberg Michelle Howland Steven W. Hudson Carolyn Lee Sheryl Maher Margaret Meldeau David North Susan Penrod Ingrid Poulin Jennifer J. Robinson Susan A. Smith Jamie Taylor Stiles Julie Strauch Eugene (Huey) Vanek Jennifer Edwards White Nikki Worsnop Winchester Board of Trustees Arnold Grevior* Barbara Grevior Marti Huizenga* Elaine Levine Al Sorensen President and CEO Christopher Agostino *Deceased

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Our Mission: Advocating for and improving the lives of animals by providing adoptions, community services, and education.

limitations, however, the tournament was a one-day event with fewer players rather than the usual two-day tournament with 100+ participants. Needless to say, everyone was pleased we were able to continue with this wonderful, fun tradition started by Marti. She is never far from our thoughts – especially during her beloved PAWS on the Green golf tournament – and we honor her by continuing the tradition. Because this issue of Paw Prints had gone to print prior to the tournament’s conclusion, be sure to read all about its success in the winter issue. While everyone has endured all sorts of disruptions in our day-to-day lives, one thing hasn’t been disrupted…the passion and commitment to the well-being of our four-legged furry friends. The care that HSBC staff provides to the animals hasn’t been disrupted. Our need for funding to support our work remains crucial. And the support we’ve received from the community has continued. The Humane Society of Broward County remains committed to its mission of advocating for and improving the lives of animals by providing adoptions, community services, and education. Thanks to your support, we will be here for the animals far into the future. Wishing good health to all. Sincerely, Thom

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HAPPY TAILS ................................................. 19 Issue 20-4 Paw Prints is a quarterly newsletter published by the Humane Society of Broward County, Inc., a private, nonprofit 501© (3) animal welfare organization established in 1944. We are not a branch or affiliate of any national or local organization, and we do not sell or exchange our donor list.

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15 F.Y.I. You can make a lasting commitment to the Humane Society of Broward County by naming the Humane Society of Broward County, Inc. in your will.

Amy Bloom Clough Editor Cover photo by: Bea Morell beamorell.com

We recommend working with your private attorney to ensure that your wishes are carried out. For the purposes of a bequest, our legal name and address are:


Humane Society of Broward County, Inc., 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. For more information, please contact Kathy Tricomi at 954.266.6845.

The Paw Prints newsletter is sent to all supporters donating $15 or more per year. To ensure that you continue to receive your issue of Paw Prints, please use the enclosed envelope to make a minimum donation of $15. The animals need your help, and we don’t want your mailing to be interrupted! The Humane Society of Broward County directly receives 100% of contributed funds. Solicitation no. CH656.

Here’s The


Grants Gratefully Received

We are very thankful to the following Funds for their support in this financially critical time: • The Sally and Frank Atlass Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward for their grant of $20,000 • The Hudson Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward for their grant of $5,000 • The Mark & Carol Zemmel Fund for the Human/Animal Connection of the Community Foundation of Broward for a donor advisement of $1,500 to support the Surrender Prevention Program

B I T S A N D P I E C E S A B O U T W H AT ’ S G O I N G O N . . .

Save the Date!

VCA Walk for the Animals

Paw Pathway Commemorative Bricks

March 6, 2021

Downtown Fort Lauderdale More info: Walk4theAnimals.com Sponsorship opportunities: Call Rachel at 954.266.6817.

Pay tribute to a loved one while supporting the HSBC! For a $300 donation, your custom message will be etched into a brick and placed in the pathway of our on-site Reflection Garden. Your name will also appear in this newsletter. To order, call 954.266.6827. Paw Pathway brick donors for June, July and August are:

Sophie’s Choice

Shannon Kain April Lehenbauer Sandra Slemp Jeffrey Spiero

Marguerite Strobel Ann Vacanti Cherie Wachter

Local Support Pet Food Quiz Animal-loving Sophie celebrated her 8th birthday in June with a drive-by “party” where she collected items and donations for the shelter animals. She’s pictured here, stopping by to say hello and to drop off her generous contribution.

Choosing what food to feed your pet can be overwhelming! Taking a simple online quiz might just help solve the mystery. Visit purina.com/pet-food-finder to see what food fits best for your pet.

Employees from the local office of U.S. Risk Insurance Group raised money and then purchased items to donate for the animals. Karen Williams Dunn came in to drop off the goodies and say hello. She’s pictured here with the HSBC’s Mary Steffen.

Just Furr Fun In celebration of man’s best friend, 15 emerging Nashville songwriters and artists have come together to release “Rock and Roll Over,” an album of songs recognizing various breeds of dogs and one especially saluting mutts. The spirit-lifting project was created and carried out during lockdown when artists were unable to tour. Songs can be downloaded for a donation to the supporter’s nearest animal shelter; the HSBC is one of 21 shelters nationwide selected to benefit. Visit JustFurrFun.com to learn more and to download your favorite song!

COVID-19 Support Two national organizations, The Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, have awarded grants in this time of great need. While there is no affiliation between these groups and the HSBC, we are very appreciative of their generosity in making such assistance available. The HSUS has contributed $10,000 for general operating relief funding. The ASPCA awarded us $50,000 as part of its national ASPCA Relief and Recovery Initiative.


We're happy to report the following new homes found during June, July & August:

Cats: Kittens: Dogs: Puppies: Other: Total:

123 252 291 150 56 872


Camp, COVID-Style


OVID-19 may have wanted to stop camp from happening but our HSBC team worked together to make sure we were super safe while still offering a fun experience! Since the shelter wasn't open to the public over the summer, our campers gave the homeless animals the TLC they were needing and wanting. We had animals in the camp room, cats,

dogs, rabbits and even Guinea pigs. The campers really appreciated spending the weeks making the lives of our animals better. They made a variety of toys, stuffed kongs, assembled litter boxes, made cat scratchers, homemade treats and even doggy ice cream! Thanks to everyone who came out and made our summer brighter!

Pivoting Into Virtual Schooling


amps, birthday parties, Kids Club meetings and the various gatherings we normally welcome at the shelter’s Education Center had to be put on pause with the COVID-19 pandemic, so we looked for other ways to both be there for our community and to financially support our struggling programs and services. Our Humane Academy welcomed its first students in late August, giving parents a safe and convenient place to send their children for virtual schooling. Kids aged nine to 13 attended their school classes virtually, from the HSBC’s Education Center, no matter where their actual school was located. Aftercare was also available.

In an unusual and stressful time for students and parents alike, kids were able to make the most of the situation and learn their school subjects while enjoying “animal breaks” for petting and cuddling with furry friends. So, not only did the kids get the benefit of pet therapy, but the homeless animals were happy to receive extra playtime and TLC. And, happily, several generous sponsors donated attendance fees for families needing the extra help.

Humane Academy Sponsors • Anonymous • Je'Andre C. Backer • Martin J. Crane • Yueying and Bill LaFleur • David and Sheila Mandell (2 sponsorships) • Irene Schyberger 4

Dear Chester Education Mascot Chester is now on hand to answer your animal-related questions. He’ll use his best doggy wisdom to address whatever you may throw his way – so don’t be shy! Write to him at the HSBC, ATTN: Education Department, or email him at ccrane@hsbroward.com. Dear Chester, We have a wonderful pit bull type dog named Valentina that we adopted from the Humane Society of Broward County – she’s as sweet as can be! I’m having a human baby in a couple of months and a lot of our friends say that it’s dangerous to have Valentina around our new baby because she’s a pit bull. I find it very hard to believe she would hurt anyone, but what do you think? Love - Sarah

Girl Scouts are the Bomb!


wo of the girls from Girl Scout Troop 12504 came by the shelter to deliver pet blankets and a check for $250 that the troop, led by Diane Larkin, had collected. Hats off to Isabella Smith, Avery Souffront, Mia Prescia, Juliana Ingalls, Reese Hogan and Lola Golubchik for their hard work on behalf of the animals!

Dear Sarah, Congratulations on your human baby! I love little kids – they always drop food on the floor. A new creature of any kind is bound to create some stress in the household – and that’s always something that needs to be managed. Pit bulls have a stigma that really is unfair and unwarranted… remember ANY dog can bite if they are feeling stressed or threatened. It’s wise to take your time introducing your new baby to your four-legged baby and of course always monitor their interaction. Watch for signs of stress in your dog – leaning away, showing the whites of their eye, a rigid body, repeated lip licking or yawning - and then manage their stress by allowing them to go to their safe space such as their kennel or in a room behind a baby gate where they can relax for a short while. While it’s important to teach a dog (in a kind and loving way) what is expected of them around people (especially little kids) please remember that it is JUST as important to teach the two-legged kids what is expected of them around dogs. While some may think it’s cute to let their baby crawl on, hug, lay on or tug on their dog’s bones/toys I can tell you that those things are not fun for us at all. My mom always shows her friends with kids a Youtube video called “Stop the 77” – which helps the two-leggeds understand the perspective of us dogs. I highly recommend it! A two-legged baby is exciting and I know with some care and management you’ll be one big happy family! WOOF WOOF!


osie and Catie Zeiger (with the HSBC's Caroline Crane, center) worked for hours on these fabulous, bright "Adopt Me!" bandanas for their community service project. They made 68 bandanas that the shelter animals can sport to encourage their adoptions. Thank you, girls!

Birthday Party with the Animals Ava Switzer celebrated turning 7 at one of her favorite places, with nine of her favorite people! Masks were worn and all precautions were taken. Since shelter tours are currently suspended, a few animals were brought upstairs to say “happy birthday” like only a furry friend can! 5


Corner Don’t “Kit”nap the Kittens!

By Dr. Rimme Singh, Staff Veterinarian ave you noticed an increase in know that when we see kittens outside, our neighborhood cats this year? If so, you instinct is to rescue them. Chances are they are may be seeing the effects of Covid-19 on not abandoned, but rather their mom is in the our cat population. For years, shelters across the area hunting and will return soon. country have been working on flattening a Second, providing food and water for the mother different curve – that of our outdoor, or is a great and viable option for aid, and will help “community” cats. We’ve worked together to her to provide for the kittens. Try and keep the implement programs such as Return to Field food some distance from the den so as not stress (RTF) or Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR). These the kittens or momma cat. programs aim to sterilize community cats and place them back where they are found. It’s the humane way to control our cat population, and also prevents other cats from entering a community. With the advent of the coronavirus, many RTF and TNR programs came to a halt. Here at the Humane Society of Broward County we had to stop our pop-up spay/neuter unit when we went into phase 1 at the start of the pandemic. All nonessential surgery was halted to conserve safety equipment for the use of medical workers attending to people, not animals. We took this opportunity to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) including sterile gloves, gowns and face masks. This did, unfortunately, put us at a shortage, but we understood it was life-saving and necessary. The pandemic just happened to coincide with kitten season as well. Spring is the time when This infographic shows how just one shelters are normally overrun with kittens, and unspayed female cat can lead to many more! this continues into the summer and fall. This year was no different, except for the fact that the Lastly, you can observe the kittens from a distance demand was more. A tri-county initiative called to ensure they are not in immediate danger. If you “Don’t Kitnap the Kittens!” was started, to help see danger, such as if the kittens are under a car, educate people on what to do when they see you can move them to a safe area nearby. If their kittens outside. mother does not return in 24 hours, that is also I’d like to explain a little bit more about this an indication to intervene. Intervention will initiative and what you can do if you spot kittens require you to care for the kittens 24 hours a day outdoors, but first let me backtrack a little to until they are at least eight weeks old. This care explain the kitten upsurge we’ve been seeing. may involve bottle feeding every two to three Every year at the HSBC, we spay and neuter a hours and stimulating the kittens to urinate and tremendous number of community cats; in 2019 defecate normally. we sterilized approximately 3500 felines. Any If you are unable to care for the kittens, try and single female cat that goes unspayed is responsible contact Broward County Animal Care, where for producing 36 cats, either directly or via her community cats are treated. The HSBC does not offspring, within the next 16 months. Imagine if have the staff to provide hands-on care for the in 2019, we hadn’t fixed those cats – we would neonatal kittens, but we can help you with have an additional 126,000 cats in our formula, provide vaccines, and spay and neuter community within the next two years! This is why the kittens through our Public Foster program. these programs are essential to controlling our This entails your keeping the kittens until they are neighborhood cat population. And, while we have approximately two pounds in weight. Many of begun to sterilize community cats again, it will be our Public Fosters have even found homes for the some time before we catch up to pre-coronavirus kittens themselves through friends and neighbors. numbers. Once the community kittens have reached eight So, now about “Kit”Napping. With Covid weeks of age, you may bring them and their preventing us from doing surgery and the mother to your local shelter for spay and neuter community cat population on the rise, in the services. Most shelters are happy to make coming months it is going to be more common appointments for surgery, and we may even be to spot kittens. If you do see them, consider our able to adopt out the kittens if they are friendly. recommendations: So, the mantra is, Don’t “Kit”nap the Kittens! And First, the kittens have the best chance if they stay for the long term, please consider donating to the with their mothers. Research has shown time and HSBC to help us replenish our supply of PPE, and again that when you separate kittens from their to help sponsor our TNR and RTF programs. mothers, they tend to have poor survival rates. I Much thanks!

H The Clinic has the following wishes. Should you have medical items to donate that are not listed, please call 954.989.3977 to see if these are items that we can use. Any dollar amounts listed are given in case you’d like to contribute funds to purchase the item(s). • Rubbing alcohol • 4x4 gauze pads • Pill Pockets • Lysol wipes • Anxitane (L-theanine) tablets • Ear cleaner • Velcro - industrial strength - low profile 1” • KMR liquid – kitten milk replacer • Wooden tongue depressors • Hand sanitizer • Oster clipper blades (new & gently used) • New nail clippers for cats • Latex exam gloves • Large Wee Wee Pads • New suture removal scissors • Heartbeat/comfort toys ($25-$30) • Stethoscope, std-finish chestpiece, 27” ($163. We need 9) • Otoscope ($200) • Elite Exam Lift Table ($7,500)

Makes us Smile We have a wish list on Amazon that makes it easy to donate much-needed items and have them sent directly to the shelter. Visit Amazon.com/gp/clpf to find our Charity List under "Pets & Animals." And by joining AmazonSmile and selecting the HSBC as your charity, we will receive a percentage of all your purchases -- at no extra cost to you!

Clinic Statistics

June, July and August

Limited spay/neuter surgeries (due to COVID): 33 surrender prevention and 268 felines from #SpayTogether grant. Dogs treated for heartworm: 27 Animals in foster care: 176 6

TB &

Training and Behavior

From our Training and Behavior Department Specialist

the Positive Way

Stephanie Rodgers, CPDT

Make Training Fun and Easy


any of us have more time on our hands lately, which is a great opportunity to make a commitment to start a training program with your pet. We have a lot of great information on our web page to help get you started! Some things to keep in mind while working and playing with your pet:

Socialization and play • Socialization with different people and animals is important to your pet’s development. • Play is excellent physical and mental stimulation for your dog, and satisfies a natural instinct. • Play with rules and boundaries should be part of early training. • Provide a variety of toys such as: stuffed KONGs, rope toy, squeaky toy, puzzle cube, Frisbee. • Visit our web page at humanebroward.com for a complete handout on appropriate play.

Early training • The foundation of training is a bond built on daily interaction and mutual respect. • Consistent humane training is the most effective. • Training is a process not an event. • Prevent, ignore and re-direct unwanted behaviors. • Acknowledge and reward desirable behaviors.

Exercise • Like humans, dogs need exercise and mental stimulation. • A consistent exercise routine burns energy and calms your dog (visit our web page for a complete handout on exercise). • Exercise means interaction with the family, playing games, walking, jogging. • A well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog.

Their own space • A crate is the best way to keep your puppy out of trouble when you can’t supervise. Your dog should have a place to go to get away from the kids if he chooses. • A soft bed can be carried from room to room, so your dog always knows where he is supposed to be. • Direct your dog to “Go to bed and settle down” rather than constant corrections.

Control without confrontation • When providing resources for your dog (food, walks, play time, treats), ask for something first. • Use sit and down cues to ask for behaviors before providing resources. • Your dog should do something in order to get what he wants. • Set boundaries and realistic expectations.

Lure and reward / free shaping • Reward spontaneous behavior. If your dog sits, praise him and offer a food reward. • Capture behaviors you want and reward them with praise and treats. • Set aside time to practice free shaping behaviors and reward only the one behavior you are working on, such as sit. • Wait for it, and it will happen. • Use food rewards or whatever is a motivator for your dog (tennis ball, squeaky toy) to lure a behavior or position, then reward with the treat. Pair a reward with verbal praise as a marker such as “Good dog” or “Yes.” • Only start to use a verbal cue once your dog is readily offering the behavior. Always pretext a cue with your dog’s name to get his attention; “Buster, Sit.” • All cued behaviors should have a release that marks the end of the behavior. You can use “All done,” “OK,” or whatever you want, as long as it is the same word each time. Use this cue to let your dog know he has completed the desired behavior and he is free to move around. A good release cue can let your dog know he has done a good job and ease training pressure.

Have FUN • Don’t stress or tense up. Sometimes it is hard for you dog to understand what you want and he may become confused or distracted. • Take a break if you need to. • If something is not coming together, stop and try again later. • Always end your training sessions on a happy note. The last cue should be something you know your dog knows and can accomplish successfully. • Short, frequent sessions are the best for training your pet.

Environmental management Be proactive and set your dog up for success. • If you don’t want the dog to have it, put it away. • Don’t give your puppy free run of the house; it’s too much responsibility. Instead, allow him access to the areas in the house ONLY where you are. • Close doors to off-limits rooms, and use baby gates to limit your puppy’s freedom. • Supervise your puppy as much as possible, then supervise some more!

Nutrition • Good nutrition is extremely important to your dog’s development and behavior. • Avoid too much protein, additives, preservatives and dyes in his food. • What your dog eats will often directly affect behavior.

Eight-month-old Axel learns “high five” from HSBC Vet Tech Shelley Henry.


Feline Facts: Good to Know! Claws: What’s the Point? • Cats’ claws perform a variety of unique functions. Not only are they an important tool for a cat’s offense and self-defense, but cats mark their territory by scratching (scent glands in their paws emit a smell that other cats can detect, but humans cannot). They also exercise the muscles in their entire bodies, relieve stress, and remove worn-out nail sheaths when they pull their claws through a resistant surface. • Declawing is a surgical procedure that amputates the first knuckle of each of a cat’s toes. The HSBC is profoundly opposed to this drastic medical procedure.

Why Your Cat Licks You

Kitten Facts

Courtesy of Petcentral.chewy.com

Courtesy of Basepaws.com

• Memories of kittenhood – her mother groomed and nurtered her by licking, so she’s doing the same to you. • Mine, mine, mine – she’s claiming you as her territory by putting her scent on you. • Pacifier – cats who were weaned too young missed out on suckling so they’ll often develop an oral fixation. • Licking is like petting – it’s a form of affection. • High anxiety – Compulsive licking can be an indicator of anxiety and stress. Time for more cuddles!

• Kittens weigh three to four ounces at birth. • They are born both deaf and blind, having been born with closed eyes and closed ear canals. Their eyes open at one to two weeks of age. The ear canals open between 10 and 14 days. • Kittens can stand at about 10 days old, and will walk by the 21st day. • Individuals within a litter of kittens does not necessarily have the same father. A female cat can be impregnated by more than one male. • Kittens are fully weaned at about eight weeks.

A kitten’s teeth begin to appear at two to three weeks of age. By four months all 26 primary teeth will be in.

#SpayTogether Helps in Our Mission


Many thanks to the Humane Society of the United States for their #SpayTogether grant of $8,125 to spay/neuter 325 felines for TNR, and to sterilize foster kittens. As you’ll read in this newsletter’s Clinic article, the issue of constantly-reproducing felines in the community is a serious one and must be addressed. We are able to do this with help from grants and donations.

Feline Facts: Good to Know! Take Two, They’re Small: Reasons to adopt a duo of furry feline cuteness: • Kittens will keep each other entertained and exercised…and you’ll get to sit back and watch the antics! • If one kitten is a picky eater, having another around will cause curiosity to win out – typically, the picky eater will eat whatever the other is eating. • Kittens learn good behavior by watching others. • A kitten with a pal his age will be stimulated without turning to his or her own devices – which could mean some naughtiness that you’d rather avoid. • Everyone needs a friend they can totally relate to!

Little-known Tidbits About Cats Courtesy of Purina • The oldest known pet cat existed 9,500 years ago in Cyprus. • Cats spend about 70 percent of their lives sleeping. • Unlike most animals, cats walk putting both right feet first, then both left feet. The only other animals that do this are camels and giraffes. • House cats share 95.6 percent of their genetic makeup with tigers. • A house cat can reach speeds of up to 30 MPH. • Most cats purr at a decibel level of about 25. The record for the loudest purr by a domestic cat (67.8 decibels!) is currently held by Merlin, a black and white cat from Torquay, UK.

Odds and Ends… • Only one in every 3,000 calico cats is male. And most ginger (orange) cats are male. Coloring in cats is due to chromosomes. (Read about Nico the male calico in the Mailbag.) • The largest domestic breed of cat is the Maine Coon (because of its fluffy coat and very long tail) but the heaviest is typically the Siberian. • Purring is usually a sign of contentment, but a kitten or cat that is anxious or ill can also purr as a form of comfort. • Ever wonder why your cat rubs against the door or corner of the sofa? Cats have scent glands on their flanks, paws and cheeks; they mark their territory by rubbing their scent onto objects. • A cat’s whiskers are important to his ability to judge distance and space. Each of the thick whiskers contains highly sensitive nerves, as well as blood vessels. When a cat crawls into a small area or jumps onto something, he’s using his whiskers – and the nerves – to do so successfully. Never cut your cat's whiskers!


Volunteer Spotlight Spotlight On:

Mary Rogers

Began Volunteering:

October 2015


Customer Service and Snuggles Group

Pets at Home: Dude (whose DNA test shows he is a mix of German shepherd, husky, chow chow and min pin) is 13 years old and was adopted from the HSBC as a puppy in 2008. He has been the love of Mary’s life since he first started kissing her through the kennel fence all those years ago. Favorite Part of Volunteering: “I started volunteering in the Human Resources department because that was my work experience, but I found my spot when I moved on to Customer Service three years ago. I really love it because I get to help everyone - the employees, the animals and the patrons. I most like showing the animals to potential adopters and helping them find the right dog or cat to match their lifestyle and personality. I feel like I am part of the team and I just love working there!”

Mary Rogers and a shelter friend

What the Animals Say: ““Mary is one of those outstanding volunteers who is always there when she’s needed. She’s a real team player. She works in Customer Service two days a week, and she gets to know a lot of the animals personally. When she has a favorite, look out! She will call her friends to try and track down a home for him or her. She also sometimes treats the staff to lunch, though darn it, she never orders anything for us animals. Mary has a huge heart and makes us feel so special!”

Volunteer from Home


elp the animals from home by becoming a foster parent or adoption ambassador volunteer! Fosters take animals that are either too young for adoption, have a temporary medical condition, or need time to heal from a surgery. Ambassadors take pets that are not adjusting well to the shelter environment, then help instill self-confidence and network with others to find them a permanent home. If you'd like to attend one of our Zoom Foster/AA orientation meetings, email us at volunteer@hsbroward.com to register.

Wish List There are lots of ways you can help us to help the animals. Just choose a wish here and make it come true; or see what the Clinic is wishing for in this issue. Feel free to grant as many wishes as you like! (Cost of some items is included in case you’d like to donate the funds for purchasing.) Should you have any questions, please call 954.266.6810.

• • • • • • • • • •

Zip ties 8” & 12” AA & AAA batteries Heavy duty 33-gal. trash bags 8 x 11 ½ white-copy paper #10 plain white envelopes Avery self-adhesive ¾” diameter yellow dots Baby food stage 1 jars – beef, chicken, pork Dry shampoo & pet cologne Kleenex Hand sanitizer

• Disinfecting wipes • Packing tape • Ping pong balls for cats to play with • Feliway & DAP plug-ins for cat areas • Automatic dishwasher tabs • Toys for dogs and cats • Towels • Publix gift cards • Soft treats for dogs and cats • Paper towels • Corrugated cardboard cat scratchers

Featured Item


• Laminating pouches, 8 ½ x 11 • Dog training treat pouches • 8.5 x 11 lucite frames with easel back • Lightweight 6' folding table • Toys for rabbits • Hard-sided pet carriers (no cloth) • Wowbutter soy nut spread • Sensation Harnesses for Ambassador dogs ($30) • Gently used box truck with lift gate • Gently used golf cart ($2,000)

We are in need of gallon-size resealable plastic bags (Ziploc) to put pet food and cat litter in, for our foster families.

Pawprints on Our Hearts e were heartbroken to learn of the passing of Cricket, one of our longtime therapy dogs. Cricket began her therapy career volunteering in elementary schools teaching children how to be kind, respectful and safe around dogs. She went on to become one of our Wags & Tales Reading Program dogs, working in both schools and libraries where she helped to boost the confidence and literary skills of hundreds of children. Cricket also volunteered at countless education events including Junior Achievement, Boys & Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts and community events. We will never forget Cricket and the impact she Cricket, pictured here made on every person who had the privilege of with her mom Rhonda, contributed a great knowing her. Forever in deal to our AAT program our hearts… over the years.


Cricket's family has requested that donations be made to the Humane Society of Broward County Animal Assisted Therapy Program in her honor and memory.

COVID Update: TeleTherapy for facilities t’s an established fact that animals have a positive impact on the lives of humans. This is the reason we created our Animal Assisted Therapy program, and it’s why we continue to look for new opportunities to enrich the lives of people, through the benefit of contact with animals.


In an effort to stay connected with our community during the current pandemic situation, and to provide continued comfort and support, our volunteers and their therapy animals are connecting virtually with patients, residents, clients, and staff via TeleTherapy visits. Our TeleTherapy visits are conducted using WebEx, Zoom or FaceTime platforms. There is no fee for this program, though donations are always appreciated. TeleTherapy visits can greatly benefit the residents, patients and TeleTherapy visits create plenty of smiles! healthcare providers in a care facility. These visits are available for facilities, hospitals, senior centers, schools, daycares, etc., that are currently enrolled in our Animal Assisted Therapy program, and we encourage new schools, facilities and organizations to join us too! These virtual visits aim to provide social interaction, storytelling, dog tricks, warm fuzzies, and an opportunity for participants to learn more about our volunteers and their therapy pets. To register, visit humanebroward.com/join-the-aat-program/for-venues/.

Clear the Shelters ugust marked the month-long nationwide event Clear the Shelters, hosted in partnership with NBC Universal and Telemundo-owned stations. Hundreds of animal shelters and rescues from Maine to Florida, from California to the Carolinas, took


Beautiful Toolee is ready to go home.

Aspen has a new family.

part in the annual event despite dealing with the challenges of adoption during COVID-19. At the HSBC during Clear the Shelters we saw 299 wagging, purring, and hopping shelter inhabitants find love and happy homes.

Hulk heads home after his neuter surgery.

Cocoa Pebbles and his dad are all set to go!

Lucy with her new sister and dad.


Join us On www.facebook.com/PAWSBroward

PAWS Needs You Now, More than Ever! As the effects of COVID-19 continue to severely influence the HSBC’s fundraising income, your support is needed now more than ever. By joining PAWS, you will be aligning yourself with other animal-loving individuals to help find homes for thousands of homeless pets, while raising money and awareness for the animals at the Humane Society of Broward County. It is PAWS’ belief that Pets Are Worth Saving.

Critter Friend ❏ 1 year - $35 ❏ 2 years - $70

Family Friend ❏ 1 year - $50 ❏ 2 years - $100

Name: ______________________________________ Spouse’s Name: ______________________________ Company Name: ______________________________ Address:_____________________________________ City:_______________St:______Zip: _____________ Phone (Home): ______________________________ Phone (Office):________________________________ Phone (Cell): _________________________________ Phone (Fax): ________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________

Best Friend ❏ 1 year - $100 ❏ 2 years - $200

Forever Friend ❏ Lifetime - $1,000

Payment Method: Please make checks payable to: PAWS And mail to: Humane Society of Broward County Attn: PAWS 2070 Griffin Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 For credit card payment please fill out below: Please charge my:

____Visa ____MC ____AMEX ____Discover Amount ____________________________________ Card # ____________________________________ Expiration Date ______________________________ Print Name ________________________________ Signature __________________________________ Or to join online, please visit www.PAWSBroward.com

PAWS would like to THANK all our wonderful members for their continued support over the past several months. We hope everyone is staying safe and we look forward to the day when we can all gather together again in support of our furry friends. For more information about PAWS, please contact 954-266-6827 or info@PAWSBroward.com.

Giving in the Time of COVID-19


ccording to a 2019 report by the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University, nonprofits account for roughly one in 10 jobs within the U.S. private workforce.

Since March 2020 – like each of you – the Humane Society of Broward County has spent time adjusting to life amid the hazards of COVID-19. Our fundraising events have been cancelled or downsized. We realize that our donors, too, are concerned about their own finances and capacity to give. However, despite these funding obstacles, HSBC staff has continued to care for the homeless animals who enter our shelter every day. Our employees work seven days a week to ensure the pets have clean housing, are fed twice a day, enjoy exercise and socialization, and receive treatment for medical issues. Now, more than ever, giving locally is essential to our shelter’s very existence. The Humane Society of Broward County has met the animal welfare needs of our community since 1944. It is our goal to remain relevant for another 76 years and beyond; however, we cannot do this alone. You know us and you’re aware of the important services we provide. You believe in our mission of advocating for and improving the lives of animals by providing adoptions, community services, and education. It is our hope that you will consider making an additional donation to ensure that the Humane Society of Broward County will be here when the virus subsides. 12

If now is not a feasible time for you to give, please consider including the Humane Society of Broward County, Inc. (our official name) in your estate plans. A planned gift to the shelter will ensure that we will be part of the community for another 76 years…and beyond. May each of you stay safe and healthy. If you are able to do so, please deepen and augment your philanthropy to help address the impacts of COVID-19 in this time of great need. For more information call 954.266.6845.

Grants Provided In June, The Wildflower Foundation gave us a vote of confidence by providing a grant of $14,000 in support of our endeavors. In July, upon recommendation by family members of the John Warter Gore Family, the HSBC was selected to receive a grant as part of the Gore Family Memorial Foundation Family Designated Giving Program in the amount of $16,840 for general operating purposes.

Our Goal is 100! e’ve set a goal of obtaining 100 new monthly donors by the end of the year. The amount pledged can be as little as $5 a month, or as much as you want! In return for signing up, we’ll send you the monthly donor magnet you see here, while supplies last. Help us to help the animals. Call Malory at 954.266.6816 or visit humanebroward.com/monthly to become a monthly donor today!


Get your Monthly Donor magnet while supplies last!

Photo Sessions: A Unique Holiday Gift! “For the Love of PAWS” is a unique opportunity to pay tribute to a beloved pet. The pet attends a private photo session at the shelter with photographer David Lee (people may appear in the photo as well). The contributor’s photo of choice is framed and displayed at the shelter in one of three select areas, with the cost ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 depending upon the area chosen. Photos remain on display for five years, after which the client may renew or keep the framed photo. The contribution is tax-deductible, and 25 photos have been sold to date. For more information, please call us at 954.266.6845.

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Send your letters and cute pet photos to: 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 Or e-mail photos and letters (photos JPG with a minimum of 250 dpi resolution) to info@hsbroward.com.

(This dog, unfortunately, came to the shelter dyed pink by her previous owners)

Dear HSBC,



e adopted our cat JJ after Hurricane Maria. He was so skinny and we were told he was from Puerto Rico. He’s turning 3 and definitely one of the loves of my life!

This is for for Kayli's attention: his is the dog that I got thanks to you. I don't think that I could have picked a better dog. She took to me as soon as she saw me. You selected her after 2 others that were a no-go. You are absolutely awesome and I appreciate you and what you do there. Thank you,


Carrie Pollack



Steve Taylor Tamarac


Dear HSBC,


y family and I adopted both of our dogs from you. We adopted Polo in October 2011 and Princess in October 2014. We never changed their names. They are both doing extremely well. Polo is just over 9 years old and Princess is just over 6. They continue to get along very well when they visit each other. My family and send this update as a sign of our gratitude for introducing us to our beloved dogs. Regards, John Loftus Miramar


n January 2019 I adopted a shy dog from St Lucia named Candy…now we call her Hannah. She is quite affectionate, with a lot of personality. She barks when she wants to go outside. Hannah has clearly bonded with one of our cats, and she takes really good care of us. When I am upset Hannah is the first to comfort me. (We take good care of our pets and they return the favor!) Also, Hannah is one of the smartest dogs I know, even if she is still a bit timid at times. We love her very much and she loves us very much! Carole McLane Fort Lauderdale

Princess and Polo

Hannah and her best cat-pal


Dear HSBC,

am the new mommy for David and Marty, now Boo-Yah Kitty, and Polter Kitty. My sons loves Super Mario on his Nintendo and those are the names of characters from Luigis Mansion game. Lol! They are just the sweetest kitties ever and couldn’t be a better fit for our family…so sociable and really have taken to their new environment. The kitties have new special collars, a big big condo and a bunch of toys. You all are so caring and professional. Special people are what it takes for this job and you far surpass all expectations. Thank you again for all you do.



e adopted Naruto, who these days goes by Simba. He now spends his days lounging on the couch, chasing squirrels in the back yard, and playing with his baby sister Nala. We couldn't imagine our lives without our sweet puppy. Monia Lombardo Coconut Creek

Bless you all,



Dina Dolan Sunrise

Boo-Yah and Polter




Dear Cherie,

e adopted Griffin on Friday 8/21/2020 and I just wanted to thank everyone involved! We chose 2 dogs for our appointment and were sooo incredibly lucky to find a pup that approved of us and who was a perfect fit for our family! At first we were expecting the process to be difficult in this time of COVID but we felt very at ease and welcome during our meet and greet. The staff was extremely patient and informative throughout.



am so thankful that you contacted us about Nico (Harley)! He is the sweetest cat and has such an easy disposition! He’s the perfect cat for me. I hope I can find a job in that area so I can come help volunteer. Thank you again! Claudia Melbourne Beach Nico, as a male calico, is one rare kitty! The vast majority of calico cats is female. Nico


Griffin is an amazing dog! We have not had him a week yet, but it feels like he has been with us forever. We could not be happier with him or our experience with the Humane Society of Broward County. We are looking forward to a lifetime of love with our fur baby and feel privileged to provide him with a forever home!

just wanted to drop a quick thank you to the staff. I adopted Frankie on 04/13/2020 and he has been Godsent. From the first phone call from the Humane Society to the adoption lady - everyone was first class.

Sincerely, The Loges Family Coral Springs

Frankie came to me in a time of sorrow when my two fur babies crossed over rainbow bridge due to old age and cancer. My heart is shattered and to this day I still cry for them however Frankie has made things a lot easier on my heart. He is very loving, happy, extremely intelligent, and best of all my little shadow. I am grateful to your staff for picking me to be Frankie's mom and I know he wants to thank you as well for choosing me to take care of him forever. (I had his DNA tested, he is 50% Chihuahua, 40% Rhodesian Ridgeback, 10% mutt = PERFECTION.)





e adopted our kitten from the Humane Society of Broward County. She was a stray rescued in Puerto Rico and sent to South Florida. She is Sandy, the sato gato.

Jessica Walker and Rowrena Stone Hollywood

Dear Humane Society, y name is now Barnaby Baby and I have a three-year-old brother Kirby. It’s been a whole week that I have been in my forever home everyone is so happy and I am loved!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sylvia Bondarenko Pembroke Pines Frankie

Betsy Lipetz Weiner Fort Lauderdale

Good Afternoon,


want to extend a huge “Thank you” - I adopted Tracy (kitten) on Saturday and he is AWESOME!! I did change his name to “Finn” and updated his records accordingly with the microchip locater and the Vet that we see this Saturday. Please extend my gratitude to ALL your Staff that was part of his care. I have a happy little boy that took over my home and heart! Cindy Herrington Oakland Park Barnaby Baby



Messages from the Heart

To include a memorial or honor, please send a contribution of $25 or more using the enclosed envelope, or visit humanebroward.com/donate-now/. Donations of $100 and more appear in color; for a $500 contribution, a photo of the pet or person will be included. We will send an acknowledgment to the bereaved, or honored, upon your request. Your message may be edited due to space, and multiple donations for the same person may be grouped together. Memorials and honors received by September 22 are included here. The deadline for the Winter issue is December 22. In memory of Molly, from Greg, Karen, & Sophie.

In memory of Molly, from Barbara Dunigan.

In memory of Larry “Don Doolah” Estrada. Dooley, you will forever remain in our hearts. Cesar, Reyna, Max, Manny & I miss you very much. We’re at peace knowing that “All Dogs Go To Heaven.” From the Estrada family.

In loving memory of Gabby kitty. From Cleo, Merlin, Willow & Sophie Wagner.

In memory of Perry. From Janice & Frank Berry.

In memory of Rio Saad, from Tricia Saad.

In loving memory of Emma Berlin. Love, Deborah, Josh, Sarah, & Alex Rutter.

In memory of Stella. Always in our hearts. RIP. From Risa Prant.

In loving memory of Bronx Ruddy. Love, Deborah, Josh, Sarah, & Alex Rutter. In memory of Choco. Dear Chochi, we loved you so much. You were one of the best companions ever. We miss you. Love from the Estrada family.

In memory of Vegas, our sweet boy on your birthday. We miss you dearly, xoxo. From James Coffey.

In memory of Kobe, from Angie Radmer. In memory of Largo & Pasha. We miss you!!! From Me. In memory of Boris the Wonderdog, my best friend. From Barbara.

In memory of Don Ehrlich. May Cherie and the rest of his family find comfort in the memories of the love they shared. From Richard & Michael Goodnight. In memory of Don Ehrlich, a very nice person and good friend of many years. From Shirley Pfitzenmaier & Tim Mellard. In memory of Don Ehrlich, from Mabel & Dean. In memory of Don Ehrlich, from Susan Claire. In memory of Don Ehrlich. The Viasat Maritime team sends our deepest condolences to Don’s family and friends. Don was a pleasure to work with and he will be greatly missed. In memory of Don Ehrlich. From Marcia & Stu Bell. In memory of Don Ehrlich, who will be sadly missed by all. From Dave Johnson.

In memory of Karma, from Scott & Lacroix.

In memory of Sundance Bosch. We will love and miss you forever. From Bear & Vicky Bosch. In memory of Sam – Always meeting me at the door, tail wagging. A true friend and loved one to his human caretakers. You will be missed in many ways. From Ray & Jack.

In memory of Ruby, from Miriam, Trigger, & Flynn Rachelson.

In memory of Zena Smith, from the Siskind Family.

In memory of my good friend Buddy, a Boxer. From Fred Holzer.

In memory of Todd. He is remembered and was loved for the great friend he was! From Bob & Rob.

In memory and honor of Don Ehrlich, from Todd Packham.

In loving memory of Pip. Until we meet again. From Linda.

In memory of Thais, from Veronica Haug.

In memory of Baby. Happy Birthday, Cindy! Love you…Lucy & Ray.

In memory of Piper & Cherokee Diaz-Busick, two very special boys. Jon and I are heartbroken for the Busick family. What amazing pawrents you were. No two boys were loved more. We love you. From Bessy & Jon.

In memory of Don Ehrlich. I’ll miss our conversations every Monday. From Dallas Thompson/DJ Systems.

In memory of Mona, the most unique little creature I have ever known. From Tami Malis. In memory of Cody, a bundle of love that has left many memories. From Jack & Ray.

K.C., Max, & Maggie – You came into our lives together and added much joy. One by one you left us…no more kisses, just sad goodbyes. Once again, you are all together. In our hearts forever. Love, Mom. In memory of Maize. She was a special girl that had a special family. She will be missed. From Greg & Karen Goth.

In remembrance of Todd, beloved dog of Jack Laputka & Ray Wiley. He had the very best humans, and we hope his memory will always bring them joy. From Angie Griffin & Julie Wade.

In memory of Bailey, Leah’s loving kitty. From Sandy & Bob Beck.

In memory of Todd, from Jim & Larry.

In memory of Hektor & Cygan. From Na.

In memory of sweet Sophie. From Sandi, Bob, & your friends at VMT.

In memory of Shelby Ryan. From Mike & Brett. In memory of Toby Blanco, Tony Blanco, from Robin & Adam Ross. In honor and memory of Cricket. An amazing therapy dog and beloved companion to Rhonda & Joe Ervine. You will be forever missed. From Marni, Karma, Bodhi, & Divina. In memory of Daisy, from Jeanette, Jeremy, & Drake. In memory of Tigger, beloved friend to Phillip & Danny RossyCollazo. From Torrie Dunlap. In memory of Cricket Ervine. From Constance Durkin. In memory of Muffy. Thanks, Muffy, for being our companion for 6 years. We will always love you! From Guadalupe Hugony. In memory of Snoop, who had a great life with a loving family. From Greg & Karen Goth. In memory of Rosie Angiere. Sweet Rosie, thank you for all the love and acceptance. You’ll forever be in my heart. I will miss you and I loved you very much. Love, Millie. In memory of Rosie Mesa Linda Pepin Angier. Until we meet again, Rosie. Love always. From Bruce Angier. In memory of CoCo – the sweetest little dog who brought us so much love. From Diane and Lauris Boulanger.


In memory of Jake Rubin, a very sweet and well-loved family member. From the Appel family.

In loving memory of our sweet Izzie-Boo, who we adopted from HSBC on 12/14/07, along with her sister, Cali-Sue. She was a beautiful, sweet calico kitty, who made our lives so much better. RIP sweet Izzie-Boo….we miss you every day! Love from your catmama & daddy, Ron & Susan Cramer.

In memory of Don Ehrlich, from Judy Perez. In memory of Don Ehrlich, from Furuno USA, Inc. In memory of Don Ehrlich. Dear Cherie: I was so sorry to learn about Don. Hopefully you can take solace knowing he died doing what he loved. Sending hugs & love. From Jenny Aboud. In memory of Don Ehrlich, from Vince & Pam Williams.

In memory of Don Ehrlich. From Kathy, Roy, & Savannah Tricomi.

In memory of Don Ehrlich. Don, I miss you more than words can say. From your loving sister, Lynn

In memory of Chloe, the smartest and sweetest little Maltese whom I had the pleasure of taking care of for 15 years. I will miss her. From Sara Sears. In memory of Patches, from Harold & Pearl Keeley. In honor and memory of Mo Davila. Rest in peace, Mo. You were a sweet little boy who always went with the flow, adapting with grace to whatever was needed of you. We love you. You will be greatly missed! From Charlie & Pat Batter. In memory of Todd. So sorry to hear about Todd passing over the Rainbow Bridge. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys! Xoxo from Jeff Swidor & Vincent Moleski. In memory of Jazy, from Kathleen Arden. In loving memory of Ajax, a beloved member of the Greenspoon family. From The Event & Marketing Teams – Greenspoon Marder. In memory of Milo Schnier. From Robin & Adam Ross. In memory of Dolce Altman. From Dean & Karen Altman.

In memory of Don Ehrlich. Sincerest condolences to Don’s family, friends, and associates. The yachting world has lost a true professional and a kind man. From Jeff Ridgway / Motor Yacht INGOT. In memory of Don Ehrlich…a smart, adventuresome soul who loved life, family and friends, animals, the planet, and – most importantly – Cherie. He will be missed by so many. From Anne Bennett. In memory of Don Ehrlich. Don was an amazing person and I was lucky to know him. From Wesley (Dickie) Parrott. In memory of Don Ehrlich, a very close friend who will be greatly missed. From Kirk & Tammy Weick. In memory of Don Ehrlich. From Ed & Lee Wachter. In honor and memory of Don Ehrlich. Great guy, gone way too soon. You will be greatly missed. Deepest condolences to the Ehrlich and Yachtronics families. From Dale Worsnop/Sterling Marine Systems.

Memorials In memory of Don Ehrlich, Cherie Wachter’s special friend and a great gentleman. I’m so sorry for her loss. From Sara Sears. In memory of Mr. Don Ehrlich. From Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Alandt. In memory of Don Ehrlich. He loved an adventure, he loved our friend, and he loved all the animals she brought home. From Gary & Sharon Burnett. In memory of Don Ehrlich. To a man who lived life to the fullest, may he rest in peace and never be forgotten. From Hillary & BJ. In memory of Don Ehrlich, from Sharon Kricun. In memory of Don Ehrlich, from Elaine & Davie Steehler. Cherie: We can’t begin to tell you how sorry we are – for both your loss and the loss of a person who so positively impacted so many. In memory of Don Ehrlich. Our thoughts are with Cherie during this difficult time. From JV Connectivity. In memory of Don Ehrlich. From Michael & Muriel Sentoff. In memory of Don Ehrlich, who despite spending too short of a time in this world, had a huge impact on the lives of the many who knew and loved him. Our condolences to his beloved Cherie and to all his friends and family. From Amy & Michael Clough. In loving memory of Bud Bentley. From Connie Chaney. In memory of Ralph “Bud” Bentley, from Lucy Greenwood & Patti Burns. In memory of Django Broomfield, beloved husband, father, and son. Please accept our sincere condolences. From Doris & Ritchy. In memory of Alice “Punky” Colweck. From Dan Ost. In memory of Sani Rich. From Harbor Hills Country Club. In memory of Tom Weiss. Tom loved animals and, in his memory, we want to donate to this worthy cause. From Alan & Ellen Gardner. In memory of my brother, Martin Zall. He loved animals his entire life – dogs, cats, exotic birds. From Sharon Zall. In loving memory of Bud Bentley who has always been a dog lover as we are, too. Rest in Peace, dear Bud. From Winston & Cheryl Yost. In memory of Suzanne Carlins, from the DiNuzzo family. In memory of Bud Bentley. Sending our love to our friend, Kim. Bud was very special and touched our lives as well as so many. He leaves a legacy of kindness and compassion. From Peter & Jennifer Anderson. In memory of Todd H. Epsten. From George & Marlene Halper. In memory of Sheila Sussman, from Kevin Hall. In memory of Bud Bentley. From Robin Rohrs. In memory of Judge Sheldon Schwartz. My deepest sympathies to Lynn and family. From Linda Singer Stein. In memory of Sheldon Schwartz. From Leslie Binder. In memory of Sheldon “Shelly” Ronald Schwartz. My love and condolences to Brett and his entire family. RIP. From Brian J. McCormack. In memory of Bud Bentley, from Gregory & Angelisa Slagle. In memory of Sheldon Schwartz, from Freda Greenbaum. In loving memory of Ian Alexander Pearl, a tireless advocate for all living things. Though his passing is a great loss to the community, his impact will long remain. From Kevin, Gabi, David & Valentina Birmingham. In memory of Shelly Schwartz. Shelly was a great lawyer and judge. I am sorry for the family’s loss. Sincerely, Jeff Harris.

In memory of Randi Anconina, a wonderful mother, wife, and friend who adored cats. You will be greatly missed. From Stephanie Perry. In memory of Mary L. George. Our condolences on the loss of your mother. From Michelle & Bob Krumper-Steinberg and Barbara & Irwin Shapiro. In memory of Mary Kay Crane & Charlie. From Marie Crane.

In memory of Deborah (Fittanto) Burrage who passed away on 08/19/2020. Deborah was a longtime employee of Pet Supermarket, dedicating over 15 years of valuable and loyal contributions, and her colleagues and friends are heartbroken over her loss. She had a passion for animals. Debbie, we will miss you. From Pet Supermarket.

In memory of Ric Barrick, a man with high regard for dedication and service. We cannot thank you enough for your advocacy, ensuring that we had the tools and resources to make us shine for Broward County. Your love for animals made you a winner above the rest. Your legacy will always be a part of us. RIP, Ric. From employees at the Broward County Office of Public Communication Call Center. In memory of Barbara Leonard, from Rick Golembiewski. In memory of Barbara Leonard, from Patricia Golembiewski.

In loving memory of Sheldon Schwartz, from Sandi-Jo & Mark Gordon.

In loving memory of Ann Tonia (Auntie Toe) Yoder for her love of all animals. From Shannon & Bill Garity.

In memory of Sheldon Schwartz. From Paula & Alan Goldberg.

In memory of Alice Jeannin. From Elizabeth Redding.

In memory of Phyllis Schleifer. From Renee & Brett Porter.

In memory of Jo Deall, from Carol Karlmann.

In memory and honor of Bud Bentley. From Sasha Moon.

In memory of Mable Smith. Lisa, to you and your family: Your Mom is truly missed and has left us with special memories of her with all of the dogs through the years. From Jennifer, Donald, Vincent, Sue, & Skyy.

In memory of Sheldon Schwartz, from Nona & Bob Stevens. In memory and honor of Sheldon Ronald Schwartz. From the Devendorf family. In memory of Ric Barrick, a wonderful boss and friend… you will be missed! From Cindy Malin & family. In memory and honor of Ric Barrick. From Nathan Newell. In memory of Ric Barrick. Ric was my immediate supervisor at OPC. I will always remember him as kind, compassionate, caring, giving, funny; a man of integrity with a loving soul who cared deeply about others and had a soft spot for dogs. My sincere condolences. From Lori Shepard. In memory of Ric Barrick, from Shelly Turetzky. In memory of Ric Barrick, from Elisabeth Wilson Gordon. In memory of Daniel Rosenfeld, pawsitively the best husband and dog father. From Joan Rosenfeld. In memory and honor of Ralph “Bud” Bentley. We will always remember Bud!! From Lois & John Schmatz. In memory of Ian Pearl with love from Bunny & Dick Blattner. In loving memory of Patrick A. Marks, from his sister and family. We miss you very much. In loving memory of Spencer Popwell, a wonderful and caring friend. From Leah Heckert. In memory and honor of Ric Barrick. From Matt Whalley. In loving memory of James Gaunt, a very special friend. From Leah Heckert. In memory of Ric Barrick. Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs. We miss seeing Ric at Broward County. From Brad Horton. In memory of Dennis Koch. From the Maxey Family. In loving memory of Ethel Glusman, my Other Mother, who loved her rescue grand-doggies. From Your Other Daughter, Sandy. In memory of Dennis L. Koch. He was the best Doggie Daddy! His furry friends will miss his love and care. From David & Pam. In memory of Louis Mazzarella. The loss of a loved one is never easy. May your cherished memories bring you comfort in the days ahead. From Holly & Bill Schnier.

In memory of Michael Gassaway. Val, Casey & Nick: Thinking of all of you. Mike & Webster are both missed. Love, Jen, Donald, Sue, Vincent, & Skyy. In memory of Marj Moss. So sorry for your loss. Both Charlie and I will miss Marj. From Evelyn Metzner. In memory of Jeannine Ray Mason. Jeannine loved animals and adopted a couple of dogs. My hope is that she was greeted by her father and them when she got to heaven. From Cherry Lee Mason. In memory of Jeannine Ray Mason. Jeannine was a true lover of animals and would adopt and/or take in strays. In her memory, we are giving this love donation. From Tammy & Bob Walker. In memory of Sheldon Schwartz. From Mark & Lori Glassman. In memory of Lynne Moss. From Steven Schwartz. In memory of Mark Riordan who never met a dog he didn’t like. From Carla Spina. In memory of Rob Fell. Dear Annette & Debbie: I wanted to remember Rob in some small way and felt our common love of animals would be appropriate. Love, Sue Altschul. In memory of Emily Rachel Sutker. Always thinking of you a little extra this time of year, Em. Happy 30th, princess. You’re loved and missed tremendously. From Mandy Georgi. In memory of Jeannine Ray Mason, from Jody & Wayne Kiner. In memory of Jeannine Ray Mason, from Anna Lee Walker. In memory of Dennis Koch. From Undine Ladley. In memory of Sheelagh McLoughlin, from Teri Miller. In memory of Fran Larsen, a wonderful and loving woman. From Marilyn Wycoff. In memory of Patricia Courant, from Dr. David Feinberg. In memory of William R. Lovell. Bill, you were a great a man who loved animals more than humans…jk…you will be missed!! From Shawna. In memory of Susan Wilt, from Friends & Colleagues at FDIC.

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Memorials and Honors Continued from Page 17 In loving memory of Patricia Seitz, a kind and loving soul who will truly be missed. From Joyce & Greg Fadick. In memory of Iris Hodges. May her memory be a blessing to her family. From Madi Mann & Bob Goldszer. In memory of Safta Ruthy Shoulov who loved all animals! From Ronit Goldenberg. In memory of Eva Rosenthal. Love you eternally and may your mama’s neshama have an Aliyah…xoxoxo Debra Benjamin & Family. In memory of Jeff Diamond. Jeff will be missed by many including all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him. From Sandy, Mitch, & Brooke Krutchik. In loving memory of Sylvia Segal. From Jerry Segal.

In memory and honor of Debbie Burrage, the sister of my best friend, who was part of my life growing up and who will be missed greatly. Debbie was an animal lover and her legacy will continue through the efforts at HSBC. From Juan Asanza.

In memory of George Ewell, from H.G. & A.B. Gillespie.

In remembrance of our friend Bill Featherston for his kindness and his love of dogs. From Jay & Anita Vienneau.

In memory of our parents Morris & Helen Ritz. From Joel Ritz and Marcia Ritz.

In memory of Geraldine Renee Jehlen, from the Van de Bogart Family.

In honor and memory of Dennis Hartzel. Rest in peace, Denny! You will be missed! From Brian & Gary.

In memory of longtime HSBC volunteers Ellen Hokstad (Greeter for 23 years) and Fran Nathanson (Pet Boutique for 9 years). They will be missed. From the HSBC.

In honor and memory of Deb Ogle, a coworker who brought joy to everyone at Hughes…her chipper & pleasant demeanor (and professionalism) were infectious and you couldn’t help but be in a better mood after an email or conversation with her. She is greatly missed. From Heather Roberts.

In memory of Sheldon R. Schwartz…my dad was a VERY wise man, a good man with a good heart. I Love You! This is for you, dad! From Stacy.

In memory of George Ewell. From Felicia Armstrong. In memory of George Ewell, from John & Margaret Kelly.

In memory of Deborah Lynn Ogle. From Andrea Dudrow.

In memory of George Ewell, from Patrick Schott.

Honors & Celebrations In honor of Shea. From Susan & Mark Neuberger. In honor of Torry Kreindel. From Howard & Sammie Kreindel. In honor of Chop Rimier. Our son adopted this most amazing dog from HSBC, and today he celebrates his 5th birthday, with over two joyous years with our son. Thank you for all you do. From Frank Rimier. In honor of Rusty. Go play! From Georgia & Brian Anderson. In honor and memory of Sundance Bosch. We will love and miss you forever. From Bear & Vicky Bosch. In honor and memory of Sam – Always meeting me at the door, tail wagging. A true friend and loved one to his human caretakers. You will be missed in many ways. From Ray & Jack. In honor of Lucy, from Nicholas & Stephen Leong. We adopted Lucy from HSBC 1-1/2+ years ago. She has become a loving member of our family and we are thankful for her. We are also thankful for HSBC taking care of her and allowing us to find her. We saved a significant portion of our summer earnings and wish to donate it to HSBC. It is our way to thank you for Lucy. In honor of Brewski. Now you’ll play with all of your preceding brothers and cousins. You’ll be missed. From Jack & Ray. In honor of Trinity, from Krystel. In honor of Oreo. We miss you so much, my Oreo cat. Your brothers and family miss you so much. Be at peace my soft kitty. We love you. From Charlene Fromm, Jack & Goldie. In honor of Taylor Carlock. From Auntie Jeanine. In honor of Phoenix Vuong & Woa Luu – Congratulations on your new Florida home!!! From Lilli Schipper. In honor of Marcos Figueiras, from Your Favorite Neighbor. 18 In honor of Tom Phillips, from Debrann & Ron.

In honor of Peggy Anderson. From Richard & Margot Jacobson. In honor of Jeff Vititow. Kevin: This gift has been made in memory of your loving husband Jeff. Our condolences to you and your family. From Carol, Jacalyn, & the BLS Wealth Management Team. In honor of Chris Casey – Happy Birthday! From Lynette, Mike, & Lily Byrne. In honor of Charlotte V. Jones. Honoring your 60th birthday to help with the animals you volunteer with your love and service to your community. From Boudreaux, Director of “Homeland Security” of The Diamond D. In honor of Terri Henson. Happy Birthday, Terri! From Happy Birthday Baby! XOXOXO. In honor of Ignacio Falco – Congrats on your new home! From Lilli Schipper. In honor of Captain George Mittelstaedt and his love for animals. From Jan Gerner. In honor of Jillian Bortot. Jillian: Thank you for your commitment and kindness to animals. Happy Birthday. From Don Rosenblum. In honor of Charlotte Jones. Happiest Birthday!! We love you so much. We are proud of your dedication to homeless animals. From Willex, Emily, & Erin. In honor and fond memory of Dorothy Wicks. From Marielle Kaifer. In honor of Dennis Koch, from Jeana Wheaton. In honor of Mrs. Eileen Williams. From the Goldman family. In honor of Mrs. Larry Henrich. A Very Happy Birthday wish to my favorite cousin. From Nancy Signorelli. In honor of Larry Fischer. From Ronda & John Ramos, Sonia Fischer, Cheryl Merrifield, and Zelda & Michael Ehrlich. In honor of the Stolyarov family. Congratulations on your new Florida condo! From Lilli Schipper.

In honor of Lila Yorra, from the Blumstein family. In honor of the Stevens family. Congrats to Roo & Pita Stevens on their new home! From Lilli Schipper. In honor of Carey Beyle Morgan and graduating from physical therapy after a very bad accident. From Mom & the Jones family. In honor of Beverley Clarke. Happy Birthday, Bev, we love you! All of the wonderful work you do for animals is appreciated. From Marilyn & Kiara Elliott. In honor of Leila Fried. Mazel Tov and Best Wishes, Leila, on your Bat Mitzvah! From Sharon & Lyn. In honor of the Harrington Family & their new beach condo! From Lilli Schipper. In honor of Ray & Celeste Braly, in honor of your new home! From Lilli Schipper. In honor of Wilson & Cari Jara. Congratulations on your new Florida Condo! From Lilli Schipper. In honor of my Granddaughter Julia Sheldon’s birthday. She is an avid animal rights girl and has asked for different gifts from charities that benefit animals. From Alberta Humason. In honor of Bill Griffith. On behalf of TeleTracking, thank you Bill for your continued support and speaking on the recent Synapse IQ webinar. From TeleTracking Technologies.

Estate Gifts Estate gifts gratefully received in June, July and August: Margaret Albrecht Joseph Andreula Ingrid Corbett Kaye King Linda Luhring Eugene Lutke Lorraine Maresca Evelyn Marko Vera Traut

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lose to midnight on a hot mid-August night, someone pulled their car into the gas station parking lot next to the shelter, took a Catahoula mix out of the car, and tied her to our fence. In the morning our staff found the dog and brought her in, then scanned her for a microchip. Success! When we called the registered phone number, the person answering told us that he’d recently moved to central Florida and his ex-girlfriend was supposed to be keeping his dog for him until he got settled. Obviously, that didn’t happen. The man wanted to come and get his dog, and we told him he’d need proof of ownership. Imagine our surprise when he sent us a photo of a tattoo on his arm, which matched the tattoo I.D. on the dog’s belly! He said Sammy, now 13 years old, had been adopted long ago from Broward County Animal Care. Her dad drove down the next day and picked her up. A tattooed arm is certainly a unique form of owner verification!

Rescued Kitten’s Happy Ending tiny six-week-old kitten was brought to us by Hollywood Fire Rescue after being hit by a car. (They’d first taken him to an animal hospital but the $700 starting bill estimate was just too steep.) Dubbed “Crash,” this little guy presented with a de-gloved leg; the skin had been stripped off in the accident. He immediately had X-rays and a workup, and radiographs showed no obvious breaks but there was significant soft tissue swelling. After a wound cleaning and the application of medicine and a bandage, Crash was still vocal and friendly. Within a few days he was putting weight on his leg, and once the bandage was removed he went to a foster family for recovery and TLC.


It is only because of the support of our donors that we are able to care for injured animals like Crash. In these especially challenging times, we appreciate your contributions more than ever!

Within hours of arriving at the shelter, Crash was on the mend.

Livin’ the (Dolly’s) Dream! e had a big week here at the shelter mid-September when three – THREE! – of our featured Dolly’s Dream dogs got adopted! Jack first met Cindy, who was not a Dolly’s Dream dog, while at the shelter and they bonded quickly. Happily, the two pals found a family that wanted them both. Just days later, Otto gained a new family to love, and then…drumroll, please…Brisa, who had been in foster care since January while awaiting adoption, finally found her forever home. Dolly’s Dream is a program sponsored by the Levitetz Family Foundation. Certain bully breed dogs are featured, and their adoption fees are covered.


Brisa heads home with a new dad after eight long months of waiting.


The shelter is located at 2070 Griffin Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

954-989-3977 Fax: 954-989-3991 humanebroward.com

Ziploc-type bags needed! We need gallon-size resealable plastic bags, which we use to put food and litter in for foster pet parents.

Humane Society of Broward County: Located immediately west of I-95 on the south side of Griffin Road. Tel: 954.989.3977 Visit us on the web at humanebroward.com. The shelter is open 7 days a week. Animal Admissions hours are 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday – Saturday, and 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Sunday. Adoptions are currently opening at 11 a.m. daily. Vaccines are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.



ADOPTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRESS 6 HOURS AND DIRECTIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6723 OWNER’S REQUEST EUTHANASIA………………… 6722



March 6, 2021: VCA Walk for the Animals

ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6877 ANIMAL ADMISSIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6873

We have had many cancellations and rescheduled events and classes, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the HSBC website at humanebroward.com for updates on when events and various sessions will be taking place.

BEHAVIOR HELPLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6851 BEHAVIOR & TRAINING PROGRAMS . . . . . . 954.266.6819 DONATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6816 EDUCATION DEPT. SCHEDULING. . . . . . . . . 954.266.6848 HURRICANE HOTLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6871 JOB HOTLINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6859 PAWS AUXILIARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6827 PEACE OF MIND/LEGACY CLUB. . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6845 PET BOUTIQUE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6836 PRIVATE PET CREMATIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6833

Puppy Pre-School is offered in four-week group sessions on Sat. mornings; $100 for puppies adopted from the HSBC and $120 for all others. Dog Obedience classes are in six-week group sessions held Tue. or Wed. evenings, or Sat. or Sun. mornings; $150 for dogs adopted from the shelter and $180 for all others. To register visit humanebroward.com, or for info call Stephanie Rodgers at 954.266.6819. Pet Loss and Grieving Support Sessions are now being help via Zoom. The sessions are free of charge and are offered on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. To register call 954.266.6815. Bunny Basics sessions are free of charge. You’ll learn about housing, nutrition, bunny introductions and more. For scheduling information call 954.266.6815. Volunteer Orientation sessions are held on a regular basis. Email Volunteer Services at volunteer@hsbroward.com for more information.

SPAY/NEUTER INFORMATION . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.463.7729 VACCINE/MICROCHIP INFORMATION … . 954.266.6858 VOLUNTEER SERVICES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 954.266.6814

The HSBC pet cemetery and mausoleum are located at Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation Acres. They offer private or communal burial; cremations and arrangements can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Visit browardpet.com or call 954.476.0743 for more information.

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Paw Prints, 2020 Fall Edition  

Paw Prints, 2020 Fall Edition  

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