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April 2013 - June 2013

Financial Times 45 Publications

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David, A., & Veronesi, P. published their paper, “What ties SSHRC Grant Funding................................... 1 return volatilities to price valuations and fundamentals?” in Editorial Appointments.................................. 1 Publications....................................................2-5 the Journal of Political Economy. Brynjolfsson, E., Hu, Y. and Rahman, M.S. published their paper, “Competing in the Age of Omnichannel Retailing,” in the MIT Sloan Management Review. 54(4), 23-29. Jabr, W. and Zheng, E. published their paper, “Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy: An Analysis of Firm Recommendations and Consumer Reviews in a Competitive Environment,” in MIS Quarterly. Accepted July 2013.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation......2 Finance and Business Law...............3 Business Law...........................................3 Finance......................................................4 Accounting...............................................4 Energy and the Environment..............4 Decision Making.....................................5 Risk Management................................5 Student News.....................................................5-6 Appointed Fellows.............................................6-7 C ont ac t.............................................7

SSHRC Grant Funding SSRHC Insight Grant: PI: Wael Jabr/ Co-Investigator: Mohammad Rahman, Title: Dynamics of the Market for Information: An Analysis of the Online Word-of-Mouth. $97,397, Date Awarded: April 2013-2016. SSHRC Insight Development Grant: PI: Wael Jabr/ Co-Investigator: Eric Zheng, (University of Texas at Dallas, USA). Title: How Should Firms Manage their IT Portfolio? The Role of Product Variety and Maturity. $67,620. Date Awarded: June 2013-2015

Editorial Appointments

Diane Bischak was selected to the editorial board of Production and Operations Management, which is on both the Financial Times list of 45 journals and Business Week’s list of 20 premier journals.

Jaana Woiceshyn, Sage Open, an open access online journal, January 2013.

James Agarwal, Selected Editorial Board Member: International Marketing Review

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Publications Entrepreneurship & Innovation Dewald, J., Osiyevskyy, O. and Abousalem, N. presented their paper, “Strategy and entrepreneurial thinking: New perspectives in teaching and practice,” at the Canadian Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Victoria, BC on May 2-4, 2013. This paper was nominated for the best paper award at the conference. Osiyevskyy, O. and Dewald, J. presented their paper, “Adversity as a Driver of Innovation in Small Business,” at the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (USASBE) in San Francisco, CA on January 10-13, 2013. Osiyevskyy, O. and Dewald, J. presented their paper, “Explorative versus exploitative business model change: The antecedents of firm-level responses to ongoing disruption,” at the Academy of Management Annual General Meeting in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL on August 9-13, 2013. Osiyevskyy, O. and Agarwal, J. presented their paper, “The Complex Interplay of Autonomy, Risk Taking, Proactiveness and Market Orientation: Studying the Internal Drivers of Firm Innovation Capability,” at the USASBE Conference in San Francisco, CA, on January 10-13, 2013. Ndubisi, Nelson O. and Agarwal, J. published their paper, “Performance of Small Enterprises: Direct and Indirect Effects of Service Innovation and Entrepreneurial Orientation,” in the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Emerald Publishers. Publication forthcoming. Woiceshyn, J. & Eriksson, P. published their paper, “How innovation systems in Finland and Alberta work: Lessons for policy and practice,” in Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice. In press. Woiceshyn, J. and Eriksson, P. presented their paper, “Government policy and private sector innovation: Finland versus Alberta, Canada,” at the annual meeting of Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) conference in Maui, HI on April 15, 2013. Woiceshyn, J. published her book, “Tulos ja moraali: Eettinen tie menestykseen,” with Helsinki: Kamari Oy in 2013. It is a Finnish translation of her book “How to be Profitable and Moral”. Mahdavi Mazdeh, H. and Dewald, J. presented their paper, “Theories in corporate strategy: Vertical integration in the oil and gas industry,” at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) Conference in Calgary, AB, on June 8-11, 2013. Mahdavi Mazdeh, H. and Dewald, J. presented their paper, “Ecosystem of Innovation in the Oil and Gas Industry,” at the Strategic Management Society Lake Geneva Special Conference in Lake Geneva, Switzerland, on March 20-23, 2013.

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Publications, Continued Jess Chua and Vern Jones had their teaching case entitled “Aurum Furniture and In-Law Management,” accepted for publication in the Case Research Journal.

Finance and Business Law J. Ari Pandes and Michael J. Robinson presented their paper, “Effective Junior Equity Market Regulation” at the following conferences: • The Corporate Governance: An International Review Special Issue Conference on “Global Perspectives on Entrepreneurship: Public and Corporate Governance” at the Schulich School of Business, York University; • The Canadian Economics Association Annual Conference; • The ASAC Conference; and • The Multinational Finance Society Annual Conference. Pandes, J.A., Robinson, M.J., and Tingle, B.C. published their paper, “The IPO Market in Canada: What a Comparison with the United States tells us about a Global Problem,” in 2013, in the Canadian Business Law Journal. Publication forthcoming. Pandes, J.A. and Robinson, M.J. will have their paper, “The Canadian Junior IPO Market and the Capital Pool Company Program,” published as a book chapter in the forthcoming publication entitled “Handbook of Research on IPOs”. It is being published by Edward Elgar Publishing. This book includes research from many leading international IPO academics and has an expected publication date of October 2013. Business Law Peter Bowal had the following articles published: • “Whistleblowing and Freedom of Conscience: Towards a New Legal Analysis,” in the Dalhousie Law Journal (35:1, 2013), with Richard Haigh. • “Constitutional Rights to Supervised Drug Injection Facilities in Canada,” in the International Review of Law (3, 2013), with Kelsey Horvat. • “Progressive Homes Ltd. v. Lombard General Insurance Co. of Canada” in the Alberta L. Rev. (50:3 , 2013) 697-715. • “Environmental Class Actions for Historical Contamination: Smith v. Inco Limited,” in the Journal of Environmental Law and Practice [in press], (2013).

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Publications, Continued Finance David, A. presented his paper, “Market Perspectives on Central Bank Policy and Low For Long Rates,” at the Global Risk Institute for Financial Services in Toronto, ON, in April 2013 and as a Distinguished Speaker at the ASAC Conference in Calgary, AB, on June 8-11 2013. David, A. also presented his paper, “Exploration Activity, Long Run Decisions, and Roll Returns in Energy Futures’,’ at the Western Finance Association Meetings in Lake Tahoe, NV, on June 17-20, 2013. Accounting

Ciftci, M., Mashruwala R. and Weiss, D. presented their paper, “Do Financial Analysts Recognize Firms’ Cost Behavior?” at the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA) Annual Conference in Montreal, QC, on May 31, 2013. Ciftci, M., Darrough, M. and Mashruwala, R. had a paper, titled “Value Relevance of Accounting Information for Intangible-Intensive Industries and the Impact of Scale: The US Evidence,” accepted for publication in the European Accounting Review. Okafor, O. N. and Warsame H. presented their paper, “Ex-Dividend Behaviour and the Clientele Effects: Evidence based on the Canadian and US Dividend Tax Cuts,” at the Research Forum of the Mid-year Conference of the American Taxation Association (ATA) in San Diego, CA, on February 22, 2013. Their paper was also presented at the CAAA Annual Conference in Montreal, QC, on May 31-June 2, 2013.

Energy and the Environment Okafor, O. N. and Herremans, I. presented their paper, “Assessing the Quality of Voluntary Reporting of GHG emissions,” at the ASAC Conference in Calgary, AB, on June 8-11, 2013. This paper is a research accomplishment from taking the course MGST 797 - Evaluating Environmental Performance taught by Dr. Irene Herremans.

Decision Making Abousalem, N., Dewald, J. and Osiyevskyy, O. presented their paper, “Does decision-making process matter?” at the ASAC Conference in Calgary, Alberta on June 8-11, 2013.

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Publications, Continued Snider, B. and Eliasson, J. published their paper, “Beat the Instructor: An Introductory Forecasting Game,” in the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 147-157.

Risk and Insurance Zhang, L. (PhD) and Nielson, N.L. published their paper, “Solvency Analysis and Prediction in Property-Casualty Insurance: Incorporating Economic and Market Predictors,” in the Journal of Risk and Insurance. Publication forthcoming.

Student News Conference Presentations Tahir, M. (Undergraduate) and Henderson, E. (MBA) presented their case, “Social Return on Investment: The Twin Hills Case” at the ASAC Conference in Calgary Alberta on June 8-11, 2013. Mahrukh Tahir also presented their study on the same topic in the Undergraduate Research Symposium and took 1st Place. Ambrosie, L. presented her paper, “Tourism: Sacred Cow or Silver Bullet? Unravelling the Myths,” at the ASAC Conference held in Calgary Alberta on June 8-11, 2013. Linda Ambrosie is a recent graduate of the Haskayne School of Business Doctoral Program. Awards Jing Lu received the 2013 Robert Bertram Doctoral Research Award from the Board of Directors of the Canadian Foundation for Governance Research (CFGR). Lu’s research interests are in financial accounting, risk management, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. She is supervised by Dr. Irene Herremans. Zaman Forootan received the Queen Elizabeth II Award, and is beginning his research on “An inventory optimization and joint pricing model for supply chains with price and stock dependent demand.” He is supervised by Dr. Jaydeep Balakrishnan, and co-supervised by Dr. Van Enns from the Engineering department.

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Student News Continued Amir Bahman Radnejad has been accepted to participate in the UK Energy Research Centre’s (UKERC) ninth annual Energy Summer School at the University of Warwick. Amir additionally recieved a $2000 grant from Carbon Management Canada (CMC) for attending the event. He is supervised by Dr. Harrie Vredenburg. PhD Dissertation Defense

PhD Dissertation Defense

Successful Candidacy Exam

Liena Kano, PhD Candidate in Strategy and Global Management, defender her dissertation, “Implications of comparative institutuional analysis for firm level strategic governance” on June 11, 2013. Liena is supervised by Dr. Alain Verbeke.

David Ince, PhD Candidate in Renewable Energy Development, defended his dissertation, “Drivers and barriers to the development of renewable energy industries in the caribbean” on April 12, 2013. David is supervised by Dr. Harrie Vredenburg.

Jia Shen, PhD Candidate in Finance, successfully passed his candidacy exams. His research interests include asset pricing, pricing and hedging of financial derivatives, and real options. Jia is supervised by Dr. Robert Elliot.

Appointed Fellows, Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business Michael J. Robinson has been awarded the Calgary Portfolio Management Trust Fellowship from the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business for a 3-year term starting July 1, 2013.

James Agarwal, Selected CCAL Research Fellow, Canadian Center for Advanced Leadership (CCAL) in Business, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. Dr. Agarwal conducts on-going research in the areas of ethical climate, justice, trust, privacy, and organizational identification.

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Appointed Fellows, Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business Diane Bischak, Selected CCAL Research Fellow, Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL) in Business, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. Dr. Bischak’s main area of research is health care operations management, which includes exploring ways to improve the sustainability of the health care system through development of and participation in some recently arising opportunities in leadership education in health care. Mozart Menezes, Selected CCAL Research Fellow, Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL) in Business, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. Dr. Menezes has special research interests in two main lines of research: supply chain network design, with a special focus on facility location problems, and social choice area with focus on how democratic approaches compares to centralized systems. Scott Radford, Selected CCAL Research Fellow, Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL) in Business, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. Dr. Radford’s research focuses on innovation and new technology, particularly as it relates to consumer preferences. In his proposed research study, he intends to address theoretical and practical issues in ethical decision-making by investigating the moral reasoning processes engaged in by neophyte salespeople. Mohammad Rahman, Selected CCAL Research Fellow, Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL) in Business, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. Dr. Rahman’s research focus is on understanding the economic and strategic implications of technological advancements that distinguish Internet markets from the traditional markets.

Research Office Contacts Associate Dean (Research): Dr. Loren Falkenberg, Associate Professor. +1.403.220.7172 / PhD Program Director, Dr. Jaana Woiceshyn, Associate Professor. +1.403.220.7705 / jaana. Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean (Research): Sandra Trudeau, +1.403.220.2513 / Graduate Program Officer: Lesley DiMarzo. +1.403.220.6073 / The Research Roundup communicates information about noteworthy research activities and achievements by faculty and graduate research students in the Haskayne School of Business. Inquiries and submissions may be directed to

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