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Vox pop on her opinions on music downloads.


I will ask her on her opinions on illegal music downloads.


How would you describe downloading illegal music in one word? I will be asking her if she illegally downloads music and why. Interview on how it will affect the music industry. Interview on when did music sites exist. Where do you think people find out about illegal music. Interview asking them how illegal music has an effect on the artist. I will interview him if he thinks it’s good or bad to the music industry and what the punishments are. I will be asking how illegal music has increased and why people do it.


DJ from Radio 1 Oxford University Michelle Anthony

Barking and Dagenham Direct Cliff Owen

KISS 100studio KISS 100 office



Sonia_0marak m Bhavishathako .uk Kim_S@hotm A_J@hotmail. com k +44 (0)1865 .room@music. 276125 +44 (0)1865 276133

3000direct@lb 020 8215 3000 020 8597 0813

08448 11 22 33 0207 182 8000

Fearne Cotton

I would be interviewing her about how illegal music will effect on music industry.


BBC Radio 1

Quick interview on what he thinks could be done to stop illegal music downloads.



Their opinion on what they think of illegal music downloads and why was it

020 7284 6100

created. Redbridge music

Interviewing them about what they think illegal music is and why people do it.

Music man Event

Interview about music and how it started. Also I will asking what affect could it have on people. Interview about what they think about illegal music.

Music technology

The agents association

Professional Music Technology

Apple store


Coda music agency

020 8501 3944


0845 226 9376


020 8249 3168

Interview on what can be done association@age to stop illegal music 020 7834 downloads. I will ask them if they think romford@pmt young people should be able to download music illegally as this is having effects on artist and music industries instead of losing money and music downloading has been popular. I will ask them why some people download from iTunes instead of other companies. I will interview the company about illegal music downloads and why people should purchase music instead of downloading it for free. I will ask them how illegal music downloads have increased.

0515 01708 746082

020 7153 9000

0843 221 0332

0207 456 8888

Contact list Illegal music downloads  

Contact list Illegal music downloads

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