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Industry and professional codes

How might did it affect your product negatively? (planning and research as well as production)

How did it affect your product positively? (planning and research as well as production)

LEGAL – Health and Safety

This could have affected my product negatively because if I had wires hanging around then it would affect the performance of my project. I would have had to film again and ensured I neatened up the wires at the side.

This has affected my work positively because I had a risk assessment form to fill in to help me identify the risks that was found during my production stage at all times. This has helped me because I had found many risks which would have affected my filming as most of the level of the risks were either high or medium which occurred mostly.

Also if I didn’t create a risk assessment sheet whilst am in This is when the area that the production stage then it an individual is working at would have been a major must be tidy and clean for problem as I wouldn’t be able to a business to work at. identify the hazard within filming. Health and Safety is really important everywhere The negatives of not having a where there is work going risk assessment sheet is that I on. In business they need would of damaged the to make sure that the equipment and I would have environment that the been at risk because I would of people are working at is paid for the damages. It would tidy and safe for them to of also made my production work at. process longer because I would of waited for someone else so In the Media industry that I could use the equipment. health and safety is the main point as when the camera operator is filming they must ensure that the wires to cause obstruction whilst they carrying out their project. The director must be responsible at all times to make sure that the wires are not in the way whilst

Vox pop in Barking t5-risk-assessment-barking-vox-pop.html

Below is a link of my risk assessments

Driving instructor in Ilford t5-risk-assessment-for-ilford.html Lark insurance company in Barking t5-risk-assessment-for-lark.html Mike Gapes (MP) in Ilford t5-risk-assessment-for-mike-gapes-mp.html

the camera operator is filming. In the studio as well they must be no water as this could cause a hazard towards the expensive media products.

LEGAL – Copyright

Copyright is any source which has been protected by a company to ban the public from using it. Having any sources in your work which is produced by someone else and used in their work is a serious issue and anyone who is

This has affected my product negatively because I used copyright materials from the internet when it came to use archive footage from YouTube also music and I used images from the internet it will be highly important if I had asked permission because I would be destroying the reputation of the person who produced it. If I didn’t set myself a budget then it would been harder for me as I would of created my own sources this wouldn’t of made my work as professional

This has affected my product positively as it helped me use good archive footage which I used in my documentary such as cutaways to denote what the experts have to say. I have used car insurance adverts which made my documentary appealing to the audience and it denoted a lot more about the topic. I also used music which made my documentary engaging if I didn’t have a budget then I wouldn’t have had entertaining music to attract my target audience in watching my documentary. Overall by having a budget of £7,500,00 has helped me use a range of archive footage to reinforce my topic more to the target audience.

intending to use it must seek the owner’s permission. This includes sources such as images, logos, music, videos and much more. In the Media industry copyright is not allowed this is because it is plagiarising someone else’s piece without having their permission.

LEGAL – Libel

A statement which is not true about someone else to damage their reputation. It doesn’t set a good example to the public because the media is making the person look bad in front of the public and at times it can be serious. In the Media industry a person who is presenting a programme should not use disrespectful language or use direct comments which can cause the person to be upset and concerned this is because it is been exposed to the public and their faces are shown on screen. LEGAL – Data Protection

as using archive footage by someone else. Below is a link to my final documentary and by this you will be able to identify where I have used archive footage which is owned by someone else. h?feature=player_embedded&v =Q_7buMjK4m8

This could have affected my product negatively because if I was to accuse someone about driving without insurance in my documentary it could lead my documentary to be unsuccessful and less people would want to watch it. It would also make the person look bad towards the public and can lead to negative views on the person. However I would not accuse someone that hasn’t driven without insurance and state the negative side of them in my documentary because I would be breaking the media law.

This has affected my product positively because I haven’t accused anyone driving without car insurance. This is an advantage because if I did then it would have caused issues and the person accused would have made complaints.

This could have affected my product negatively because if I had used information about an expert and didn’t seek their permission then I would be

This has affected my product positively because I haven’t used much archive footage which belongs to someone else and therefore this means I wouldn’t be in a much greater risk as having to overload my documentary with archive footage.

It is clear and it is not misleading to the target audience by me not having to accuse someone driving without car insurance. The car insurance companies wouldn’t think it’s a good idea as well because they manage driver’s car insurance.

This is where an individual piece of work that they have produced is kept secure. Every company must ensure that they keep peoples work secure and have passwords and high security in order to protect their work and privacy. In the Media industry they must ensure when producing a film and other work they must make sure that they don’t disclose other peoples information into the work that they have produced this is because it would lead them to get a fine up to £5000 as they haven’t asked permission form the owner. LEGAL AND ETHICAL – Race and Ethnicity

The law states that discriminating any one by their race and ethnicities is unacceptable and therefore they should face punishments It is very important that when an individual is filming a project or conducting any practical or written work must ensure that they are

causing them to comment as they wouldn’t prefer to be in the documentary. I have also used archive footage of the boy driving, the cutaway of the examiner and the BSM car reversing for when I am introducing my driving instructor. I have used archive footage which belongs to someone else and could be risky as they will find out. I have put their contact details on my blog. However this can be a concern as people might send irrelevant messages to the experts and annoy them.

Even though I have displayed the contact details of the experts I have only stated their number and name and their company. However even though I have stated the above I haven’t mentioned their full address which means it protects me from getting into major trouble.

Below is a link of my final contact list of the experts that I had in my documentary http://halimasaidyear13media.

This could have affected my product negatively because if I had used only one ethnic group then it wouldn’t target all ethnicities and it would mean that they would be left out. Also if I didn’t target all ethnicities my target audience would not want to watch it as much because they might have a feeling that producer of the documentary doesn’t prefer to have their race.

This has affected my product positively because I made sure that I included all the race and different ethnic group I can in my vox pop. I felt that my target audience would want to watch my documentary because there are different races. Below are the different ethnicities and races that I have used in my documentary

being fair and respecting other race and ethnicities in their work. No one would like their race and ethnicities to be left out this are because they don’t want to watch a project or see any written statements without having to include their race. In the Media industry they must ensure that they treat all the member s in work equally. When producing a task they must ensure that they include different race and ethnicities in order to balance it out. Also when audience watches their projects they are likely to make a negative feedback based on this point. LEGAL AND ETHICAL – Privacy

Information which has been protected from in order for the public not to use it in any circumstances. It is important that any work which is being produced by someone else must be protected to ensure that no one else is taking it and making it theirs.

This could have affected my product negatively because I have used someone else’s footage and I believe that this would not impress the owner as they wouldn’t want their information to expose. However if I was to have a learner involved and I had filmed them without them knowing I would of got punished and they may make a complaint.

This has affected my product positively because I did not film any expert of young driver, and people in the vox pop without having their permission and using them in my documentary. I also didn’t get personal information about the experts in my documentary. The only information that I had to provide was the name and the role so that the audience would know who the experts are. Below is a link to the emails that I had sent and received from my contributors. For my driving instructor I had to inform her face-to face and she agreed same as the young driver who recently passed his driving test. Mike Gapes (MP) t5-emails-to-and-from-mike-gapes-mp.html Lark insurance company t5-emails-to-and-from-lark-insurance.html

In the media industry they must make sure they have protected the producer’s work this is so that they will not get their work stolen by anyone else. If they allow people to use it without having to ask the producers permission then it would lead them into major trouble. PROJECT SPECIFIC Budget

This is when the amount of money is set to carry out a specific task. Budget is very helpful because allows an individual figure out what they have left over so they could spend it on something relevant. In the Media industry budget is vital this is because it benefits the producers in order to see whether they have went over the budget or under the budget. It also helps the media industry as they will be able to manage their finances so it would signal them to know what equipment they have spent on the most in order to make them aware of how much they have got left. It also helps the media industry as it saves them a lot of

This could have affected my product negatively because I have used equipment which is not necessary and has taken a lot of my spending away. If I had spent my money wisely and mostly on important equipment then I would have been left with a bit more money. I have notice that I had to pay the editor however at this time I didn’t require an editor as I had edited my own documentary without any assistance. Below is a link of my budget http://halimasaidyear13media. t

This has affected my product positively because I had an opportunity to set out a budget which helped me organise and plan what I will require in all the stages of the project such as the pre-production, production and postproduction. If I didn’t have a budget then I would have spent money on expensive equipment. Setting out a budget has also helped me see where I have made a mistake on purchasing unnecessary equipment. It has also given me an idea on how I could manage my money.

time towards working out the budget buy themselves and having to buy expensive equipment and not knowing how they could manage it and if they have spent all their money which means they won’t have enough left to purchase the important equipment which is mostly needed in the production stage. PROJECT SPECIFIC technology

This is the facilities that the business or an individual needs in order to operate. Technology is important the reason to this is because it allows an individual or a company to work at the pace that they require. Technology helps support the time that the business or an individual requires. In the Media industry technology is the main aspect. Therefore they must ensure that they are spending their money on a highly approved technology. The reason towards this is because they will waste a lot of money if they are purchasing technology which runs at a low pace. TV INDUSTRY SPECIFIC – Regulatory and self-

This has affected my product negatively because I wasn’t able to use professional camera which is used in the media industry. If I had the opportunity to use a camera such as the HD it would of made the quality of my documentary much clear for the audience to view. I would have been able to delete the shots that I did not require on the HD this is an advantage as I would not have to keep rewinding back whilst importing my footage as I could click from the shot I filmed at.

This has affected my product positively as I was able to use a medium quality camera and I was able to use a boom mic. However although I did require a boom mic because the background sound was too noisy such as the interview that I had with Lark Insurance company made it really unclear to what the expert had to say because of the air conditioning in the company. I also thought I would require a boom mic for my vox pop but luckily there was hardly anyone around at the time I went to film it which made it a huge advantage and success in the sound of what the people had to say about car insurance.

This has affected my product negatively because if I was to

This has affected my product positively as I did not break the OFCOM law this is an advantage because I wouldn’t

regulatory (OFCOM)

break the OFCOM code such as criminality then it would influence my target audience to commit the crime by driving without car insurance. If I didn’t ask permission for my experts to be filmed then I would have got serious trouble.

This is a regulation where programmers such as BBC must not break the conduct of OFCOM.

If I was to use potential offensive material then it would have influenced my target audience. It wouldn’t set a good example to them.

not get into major trouble. I have asked permission from my experts to be filmed so that I will be approved to film them.

It is very important that if any individual has to film a project they must ensure that they do not break the OFCOM code the reason for this is because they will not bring success in their programme. In the Media Industry they must ensure that they do not break the code of OFCOM. There are several of codes that OFCOM requires a programmer not to break they are reconstructions, dealing with contributors, potentially offensive material and criminality. TV INDUSTRY SPECIFIC – Regulatory and selfregulatory (BBC)

These are codes which BBC programmes have to follow in order for their programme to be broadcasted. In the media industry

This has affected my product negatively because I have made a mistake on one of the facts at the end of my documentary which was “you can get up to 612 penalty points off your license”. When the actual fact was “6-8 penalty points off your license”. I felt that this was a big mistake that I have made and I should of researched it again to make sure that I have found the accurate fact and I could of went to a trusted website maybe an car insurance company website.

This has affected my documentary positively because I haven’t broken all the BBC codes and therefore I believe it is sort of successfully even though I have just broken one code it wouldn’t be a major issue because it’s a small mistake involving with the figures. However apart from that I have used accurate information throughout my documentary.

they must ensure that they do not break the BBC regulatory this is because they will get into serious problems and can lead to viewers to complain if one or more of the BBC regulatory codes are broken.

Analysis of Constraints  

Analysis of Constraints

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