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Analysis in Relation to other texts Introduction to all texts My feature

My feature is about Car insurance and it’s a current topic discussed in the real world. As Most young drivers cannot afford to pay out a high amount on car insurance and therefore it is not fair for them to be left uninsured. The reason why I chose car insurance to be my first choice is because I felt that this topic isn’t discussed much in the media therefore for me to create this documentary it would be exceptionally useful for young drivers. Below is a link to my final documentary

Old Text This documentary is about the dangers of teenage drinking and driving. There is a discussion on drink driving by a group of young and old people. It is targeted to males and females because it has both genders acting in the documentary. The presenter is Doctor Charles Wessel. The location is in the countryside quieter areas where there is not much people aged 18years old living at the beginning it was set in the kitchen then it start showing factories. Gary land gets interviewed he is one of the experts in experimenting of alcohol. Gary Levin is an expert of home from college. Jerry landon is one of the callers who experiments with drinking. Below is a link to this documentary

New Text This documentary is about how criminal gangs are faking that they have had an accident so that they could claim money and get paid by the insurance company. By this they are ripping of insurance company which doesn’t leave insurance companies with many benefits. It also focuses on a young driver who recently passed their driving test and he gets

questioned why he drives an antique tractor instead of a car. The young driver states his opinion as he can’t afford to buy car insurance. The reason for this is that the cost is really expensive as it costs him “£7,000-£8,000” for a year. It also discusses how premiums are gone up to “64% in a year”. It also discusses how a driver tries to claim thousands of pounds and it known as “crash for cash”. By this insurance fraud bureau has being focusing on this issue and “£30,000” accidents have happened. Below is a link to this documentary ndle/

Content My feature The documentary I have created which is based on car insurance is different to the two other documentaries that I have analysed which were drink driving and the great car swindle. I have tried to search other documentaries that would have a similar text to mine however I wasn’t able to really find a documentary which is broadcasted on BBC three and which mainly involved young drivers and how car insurance is affecting young drivers in the UK. Therefore I have still had some ideas by looking at the BBC one programme which was the great car swindle which did involve the target audience which were at the range of 1724years old. It also had a young driver who recently passed their driving test which I thought was useful for me to take out to adapt it in my documentary as the young driver was discussing how the cost of insurance is really high and its affecting him to buy a car and insuring the car.

As you can see I have added archive footage of a sports car to denote what the topic is about.

Old Text In this documentary the content is completely different to the new text and my documentary. The reason for this is because the old text focuses on mainly on drink driving and doesn’t really have facts and statistics to educate the target audience. I therefore feel that this is highly important to have this in a documentary because the audience would learn something different and they will want to watch it again so they could get the point. My documentary has conventions which are strongly recommended in a documentary such as cutaways, music, car insurance adverts. I felt that my documentary educated the audience more and it informed them about how the cost of car insurance is affecting young drivers to insure their car. My documentary also targets different ethnic groups as the old text only has white ethnic groups involved.

This woman driving denotes the topic is about driving but not drink driving necessarily. However the presenter explains what’s happening in this scene as he is trying to see the affect of drinking and driving.

New Text The Great car Swindle which is a documentary on how people have been claiming money from insurance companies because they have pretended that they have had an accident. It is different from my documentary and the old documentary because it focuses on people which are claiming money for car accidents. It educates the target audience with facts but it doesn’t normally discuss how it’s affecting young drivers instead it only focuses on insurance fraud. They haven’t got other professional people such as the police or a driving instructor where as my documentary has a driving instructor to discuss the disadvantages of not insuring your car. Although it has the police involved towards the end of the documentary the police doesn’t discuss the issue of insurance fraud which is known as “cash for crash”.

This denotes the car is colliding towards the car in front.

Mode of address My Feature In my documentary my mode of address was formal, serious and friendly because at the beginning it starts of with commercials which have humour such as compare the meerket, Go compare. I also had a serious mode of address used in the introduction where it was placed on top of the advert I thought this worked affectively because it showed my point of view by having a strong opinion on the cost of car insurance whilst the entertaining adverts were played along. An example where I have used a serious mode of address is “here is my issue”. I thought this really drew the target audience attention as it is stating my point of view which they might also agree with me. Another example to where I have used a serious mode of address is “so is this fair for young drivers to be left uninsured” I felt that this left the audience to think twice because I have left the audience questioning to the cost of car insurance is affecting them a lot. The locations that I filmed at were really good and engaging because there were filmed in places which are more current such as outside a library. I thought filming my vox pop outside this location has made the shot look brighter and it makes it colourful and vibrant for the target audience to watch. It denotes the topic is a serious topic and denotes that it’s an area where young people hang around. The dress code of the vox pop that I have filmed is formal and casual this denotes that they are young and they fit in with the target audience. It also shows that they are more current and keeps updated in their fashion.

As you can see this girl is wearing a black jacket denotes that she is formal however she has got a friendly mode of address as well.

The polo shirt that this boy is wearing denotes that his character is strong .However the way he is positioned himself denotes that his not very serious.

By having to look at this girls dress sense looks formal compared to the other people ion the vox pop. It denotes that she is more serious in what she is going to say. It also looks like she has more knowledge to what is being asked although she only gives out a short response.

This is the Compare the meerkat advert it added humour to the documentary even though I had the sound muted for it as I had my voice instead which still made it engaging to the target audience.

This Go Compare car insurance advert also made it entertaining for my target audience to watch as the advert had a funny person to advertise it.

Old Text In this documentary the mode of address is informal and indirect it also showed mostly the older audience as there were only some young people involved. The video was filmed in black and white colour this showed that they mode of address is not as friendly and enjoyable for the audience to watch. It also lacked in making it attention grabbing towards the target audience as of the colour which is was presented in. The introduction of the documentary wasn’t very appealing towards the target audience as it only consisted of black and white archive footage. The presenter was serious and wasn’t using persuasive language to draw the target audiences attention he also dressed wearing a white shirt with a tie this denoted that he was a formal presenter. Also if there was a more upbeat music to entertain the audience and archive footage that would make it interesting towards the target audience to watch and it would have been better. Also the people involved in the documentary made the documentary a little entertaining for the target audience to watch as they were joyful when they had a conversation in a group. However there was some humour in one of the section in the documentary which did make it entertaining an example is when the people in the documentary were dancing I thought it draws the audience attention in watching it and to find out what will happen next.

The presenter has a strong use of language he looks directly towards the audience and he uses a formal mode of address.

A group of people having a conversation they are enjoying themselves. Their mode of address is indirect and informal. They don’t seem to be serious which proves a good point as the target audience won’t loose interest in hearing what they are discussing about.

New Text By looking at this documentary I felt that the mode of address was formal, direct, friendly and serious at times. Therefore the reason for this is that the presenter showed a really strong character all the way through the documentary and he presented himself in a friendly manner. This was an advantage because it made the target audience want to watch it again and it also made them focus very well as if it was too serious then they would lack interest in watching the documentary. It would also appeal to the target audience because it involved young people and their mode of address when they were responding to the presenter on how much they pay of their car insurance a year an example of an informal mode of address from the young drivers opinion is “£1,900 quid”. Also when the presenter was asking the young driver the question “do you think that we live in compensation culture at the moment?” the young driver responds by saying “yeah definitely”. The location for the vox pop was quite chilled out area where young drivers would be although it is a parking area for drivers it still denoted that it’s calm and less busy . The dress code for this documentary was informal and more to what young people would wear currently. It connotes that they are more friendly and relaxed which makes it appealing towards the target audience and it makes them interested in what they want have to say. If however they wore suits then it wouldn’t really make the audience want to watch it and they wouldn’t take them more seriously.

The hat shows that the boy is young and he is in style because it’s the type of the hat that boys would wear currently.

Here you could see that it’s a car park. It’s not very busy as there are not much cars parked.

A group of young people makes it appealing to the target audience and the way they are standing looks informal and so does the dress code as this is the type of style which the target audience would go for.

Conventions My feature In my documentary I had a variety of conventions in order to make it appealing to the target audience. I also have thought carefully in the sources that I could use in my documentary so

it doesn’t make the target audience loose interest. I have used archive footage, music, graphics and a voice over. I have also used good cutaways to denote what the experts have to say. I have also used graphics for the facts in order to make it visual to the target audience. I had three experts which were Mike Gapes (MP), June Yearly (Driving Instructor), Peter Seaman (Senior Client Executive). This made it formal for the audience to watch as the information which I have conducted from them was serious such as asking the MP “what does the law say about car insurance”.

This is one of my facts that I have used in my documentary in order to educate the audience about car insurance and informing them which age range are more likely to be involved in accidents.

Here is my Driving Instructor she gave out a lot of useful information about car insurance as well as stating her opinions which made it believable to watch as she wasn’t making it up. As you can see I have been creative in terms of shot type. I have chosen to film it inside the car as it looks visual it brings out my driving instructors role even better as the topic is associated with driving.

Another expert that I have used in my documentary is Mike Gapes (MP) I thought he gave out a lot of useful information about car insurance and he also mentioned what proof is needed to drive a car such as a “road tax disc, valid driving license, and a vehicle registration certificate”.

The final expert was Peter Seaman a senior client executive from Lark Insurance Company. I thought he also gave out a lot of information based on car insurance such as the benefits by mentioning what is a no claim bonus and an excess.

Old Text The conventions in this documentary are similar to my one because it did have music, opening sequence with a title however it has credits where as in my opening sequence in my documentary it doesn’t consist of having credits it starts of with car insurance adverts and archive footage of a car. There was a presenter at the beginning which introduced the topic well to audience. The use of camera language was good as it stayed still then it started to zoom out which I thought it worked affectively. It also had cutaways to reinforce what the presenter had to say such as the students driving. However in my documentary I have had archive footage and this made it attractive towards the target audience I thought I used more cutaways then the old documentary and this made it clear to what the experts have to say. There was no vox pop at all I thought if this documentary consisted of vox pop it would of made it more educational and made it appealing towards the target audience. Whereas in my documentary it consisted of vox pop and it made it catchier to the target audience to watch as their responses were well given out. This documentary also has expert opinions on college students, scientist it is similar to my documentary as I had a college student to take part in my documentary as he recently passed his driving test.

Looks very old and it’s a plain text which would lead the audience to loose interest in watching the documentary. If it was more creative then it would have been attractive.

The camera angle is a mid-shot he looks very formal and serious. You would be able to tell his talking directly to the audience as he is looking straight.

College students discussing about drink driving. As shown by the image they are having a drink as well as having a conversation.

Student in a classroom are being tested whither drinking alcohol will affect their performance in driving.

New Text In this documentary their was a few conventions which I thought they were quite good for example footage which is been recorded by the people. It had an opening sequence which I thought that it worked very well and showing a cutaway of the car wheel turning was affective. It also started of a secret filming and went along with a claim quote. It had music which was classical and in a fast pace. It had a title in front of the logo which was unique because the logo was spinning around. The camera angles were filmed very well for example when they were showing footage of the cars turning around before they have spoken to the young drivers. It had graphics such as showing the statistics of how insurance premiums have increased. Also when they showed footage of the car colliding they had a graphic at the bottom to say who recorded it. This stood out very clear and I thought it was well produced. It had music when they were showing the footage of the cars turning around. Therefore the music was upbeat as it was an r&b music which made it current and it appealed to the target audience as well as both genders. It was similar to my documentary because it had expert opinions on solicitors, insurance fraud bureau, Rentalz, Ministry of justice (MP), HM recovery, British insurance groups, Association of British insurance, Gaskell motor bodies, Information commissioners and Panorama compensation professional networks. It is similar to my documentary it had TV adverts associated with car insurance whereas I have car insurance adverts

but I have quite a couple. It had a reconstruction of the car which made it useful for the audience as they could see the affect of car insurance.

The jacket shows the he is not too formal but he has a friendly mode of address to present the topic. His facial expression denotes that he’s an enthusiastic presenter to approach to the audience what the topic is about.

MP is dressed as a formal manner as he plays an important role. This makes him look strong and you will be able to see he is very serious about the topic.

Reconstruction proves that people are getting involved in accidents. It makes it look affective.

By having where the footage has been recorded makes it look realistic as it has the insurance company name as well.

Style and Form My feature In my documentary the style was not very good as it didn’t flow very well. Although I did fit everything together quite well but I believe it is not as good as the new documentary because my one lacked of editing and it was rough. Whereas the new documentary was tightly edited and it flowed very well. I did try to make it quite affective by having my voice over on top of the adverts and in the end when I gave the message to the audience by saying “drive safely and remember it might be expensive but it’s the law to have car insurance”. My style of music was well chosen very well because it was current to what the target audience would listen to. The transitions that I had used for the vox pop at the beginning were interesting as it had a nice tone to it. The dress style of the vox pop was current and I thought it made it appealing to the target audience because you would expect them to dress in that way. I haven’t used creative graphics when it came to label my experts.

This is the message that I gave in the end as to conclude the information that has been given in my documentary.

The label that I have created for the expert as you can see is basic the text colour is the same as the new documentary but in term of font size it is smaller.

Old Text In the old documentary their was not much of a similarity to mine because it didn’t have the style that I was looking for. It was mainly targeted to the older generation although having some younger people involved apart from that it lacked in having a good style as it was mostly a conversation between a group of people and the presenter experimenting. I thought it was quite good on the presenter experimenting with acids educated the audience. It didn’t guide me on to how I should present my documentary as it wasn’t very attention grabbing however there was some sections which the people inside the documentary danced I thought this made it entertaining however I didn’t see the point for the people inside the documentary to be dancing but then again it was certainly different to my one as my documentary didn’t consist of people dancing. I thought the reason why the people in the documentary were dancing is because it is an old fashion way to reinforce the entertainment and it needed to be brought up in order to give the documentary the 60’s style.

This denotes that the people in the documentary are having a bit of fun and it also engages the audience into watching it as it makes it informal.

New Text I thought the style of the new documentary was very attention grabbing at times it did have a nice texture all the way through. The presenter was telling a story all the way through like his on a mission I thought it cached my attention a lot because I was able to found out a lot of educational aspects at times about how people come towards insurance fraud. The fact that their wasn’t music to distract the audiences attention was good because if their was it wouldn’t of suited and it would of lost the formality of the topic and what they presenter is trying to point out. The graphic for the experts were well created I thought it was similar to my labels on the experts as the colour of the text was the same. However I felt that the labels stood out more compared to the labels I had in my documentary on the experts.

The label as you can see stands out and it is clear to read as the font is chosen at an appropriate size.

Technology My feature By having to look at my documentary I thought the technology that I have used was quite appropriate as it wasn’t worse compared to the old documentary. I have used a variety of technology such as a canon video camera, boom mic, voice recorder and an iMac, final cut pro and Live type. I have also used a tripod to make the shots steady. Therefore having to use these high professional equipment it has made my documentary have well framed shots. Having to use a good camera has also made my shots clear compared to the older documentary. If I didn’t get the opportunity of using a good camera then it would have made the quality of my documentary weaker. I also got to use the boom mic on the presenting however having to hear I did not need the presenting I got rid of it. However the boom mic came in good use because the voice came out clear and it sounded professional. Using the boom mic has helped me learn how the sound could make a big difference compared to recording on the camera without a boom mic. As the old text didn’t have voice overs it didn’t make the audience interested in the topic much as it didn’t make the topic serious towards the audience. I had the opportunity to use a voice recorder and it has helped me make good use of the message I had to say in the beginning of my documentary, the ending as well as the introductions of the interviews.

Here you will be able to see that this shot is still as I have used a tripod.

Old Text The technology in the old text has an old style compared to my documentary the reason for this is because the quality of the camera which has been used is not at a high definition and it makes it harder for the audience to see what’s happening clearly. Whereas in my documentary I have used a good quality technology as I was able to use a camera which makes it clear and bright for the audience to see. There was a mid-shot this was used for the presenter and asking expert questions there were also used at some scenes. Compared to my documentary there was a variety of camera angles which were used to make it look affective towards the audience.

This image denotes that the camera quality is not as good as the camera that is been used currently. It’s hard to tell how their reactions are as it is not at a good standard compared to the camera that I have used in my documentary.

New Text The new text had a high quality definition compared to the old text and mine this is because the camera that was used was a HD and it showed very clearly to what the documentary consisted. Also I was able to tell that it has been edited at a good pace and it was in colour which made it attractive to watch. At times there was no tripod been used as it consisted of secret filming however the tripod was been used in order to make the flow of the documentary tidy and neater as it is broadcaster on TV. I believe a boom mic was definitely used in this documentary as the sound was perfect. There were split frames to show both parts of a scene for example showing an accident at two sides. The documentary had fast pacer shots for example when showing the speed of the driver and crashing into another vehicle. This would make it eye-catching to the audience and it will highlight the importance. Black and white fussy affects were used so it reinforces an event which happened in the past and to make it realistic. It also had camera shots such as when the presenter is in the car and talking this is similar to my documentary because I had a shot where my driving instructor was giving out an important message on car insurance.

As you can see this shot is similar to the shot I had in my documentary where I conducted the interview with my driving instructor apart from it been an over the shoulder shot.

Analysis in Relation to other texts  

Analysis in Relation to other texts

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