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Green Papers  

Dynamic Link has a Green Papers series. This introduces a management methodology that can be summarised as Work Levels. These Green Papers identify the radical impact that Work Levels has, and can have, on managing people and organisations.

Work Levels are used by some of the most successful organisations on the planet to underpin key management processes such as job design, organisation design and assessment. Work Levels; it is what leaders of such organisations as Unilever, Axa, Tesco and Tata Group can describe as their ‘competitive advantage’.

Work Levels starts by clearly segmenting the world of work into different value-adding levels of contribution. Contribution describes the purpose, accountabilities and main outputs of the job. At each successive level, value is added to the work carried out above and below. This value-add is expressed as level specific accountabilities.

Work Levels is a holistic system that sees work and people as two sides of the same coin. As such, there’s a dynamic link between the contribution of a job and the required capability of the person to meet the challenge. The end result is that accountabilities are clearly defined and people are placed into jobs where they can make their maximum contribution.

Work Levels is so powerful, and as yet so unfamiliar, it can really be described as HR’s best-kept secret.

Green Papers include articles published by Croners Journal; Developing HR Strategy Russell Connor. Responsible Governance and Human Resource Management: the connection- Developing HR strategy, July 2009, Issue number 27 published by Wolters Kluwer (Ltd) Kingston. Russell Connor. The Credit Crunch: You get what you pay for and other important lessons- Developing HR strategy, November 2009, Issue number 28 published by Wolters Kluwer (Ltd) Kingston. Russell Connor and Rosemarie McGuire. Job Description and Person Specification Alignment - The unlikely hero in the search for high performance. Developing HR strategy, published July 2010, Issue number 29 by Wolters Kluwer (Ltd) Kingston. Russell Connor. The HR Secret. Developing HR Strategy, November 2010, Issue number 30 by Wolters Kluwer (Ltd)

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Green Papers  

An introduction to Work lLvels