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Suggestions For Wearing This Season's Hottest Trend: Aztec Accessories Unless you were living under a rock, you might have noticed the growing interest in Aztec prints on clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Aztec seems to be on track to becoming the most popular print for the winter season, much like last year's chevron print. It doesn't just look warm and cozy on sweaters, but the vivid, bright colors will boost the visual interest of any neutral winter outfit. You might be thinking about how you can pull off wearing such bold and striking prints in your daily life. Here are some tips for wearing Aztec accessories for just about any occasion. One of this year’s big clothing trends is printed leggings. Women, all over the United States, are thrilled to pair this comfy accessory with a big, chunky sweater or cardigan. While Nordic print has been extremely popular throughout the fall, Aztec is creating a big surge for winter and early spring. Even though you may have concerns about wearing this type of bright accessory on the bottom portion of your body, when you pair them with a neutral colored top you'll be able to pull off a look that is both cozy and stylish. Remember that if you are going to wear leggings alone, you need to look for a top that covers your backside and keeps you modest. One of the better methods to accessorize a drab, boring outfit is by adding a scarf. You can quickly and easily add a burst of color and pattern to plain colors by throwing on a scarf. An Aztec printed scarf is an easy way to incorporate the pattern into your wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed by the print. Wearing a scarf with a small or subtle print will be the best way to go, if you're nervous about the intense patterns of Aztec accessories. All the Aztec fashion accessories that are quite popular at the moment don't all have prints or patterns in them. A lot of women are wearing more classic Aztec jewelry to add a little something extra to any outfit for almost any occasion. You can include rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to your wardrobe to test out a new trend and get a solid idea of if you like it. Try a long, chunky turquoise necklace worn with a plain t-shirt and jeans. You'll be able to quickly change this simple outfit into something ready for a night out with the ladies or a date night. Incorporating these accessories, you're able to create some exceptional combinations that will tie together a variety of trends. Another excellent way to incorporate Aztec prints into your wardrobe without having to wear it on your body is with bags. Adding an Aztec patterned handbag or purse is really a fun way to dress up any casual outfit and get you right on trend with the other women. So you don't become overwhelmed by colors and prints, a bold pattern on a bag looks best paired with a simple outfit. When you carry one of these bags, try wearing a simple pair of dark skinny jeans with a simple plain-colored sweater. You may want to try and match the color of your cardigan with the colors in your Aztec pattern so that you look put together, however not too matchy. You don’t need to go all out and cover yourself with Aztec accessories in order to be on trend. A few simple items will update your wardrobe and keep you current with the newest trend. SW Trading Accessory Plaza is a great destination to locate wholesale Aztec luggage for a great price. For more specifics on SW Trading Accessory Plaza are obtainable on the corporation's

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Suggestions For Wearing This Season's Hottest Trend: Aztec Accessories website,

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Suggestions For Wearing This Season's Hottest Trend: Aztec Accessories