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Career Development  Action  Plan    

This may  help  you  to:     Clarify  what  you  have  done  so  far  and  what  you  need  to  do  next  to  progress  to  your  career  ambitions.     Current  situation  (Where  I  am  now:  Academic  achievements,  experience/s  and  strengths)  

I am currently finishing off the second year of a Public Relations and Communication degree. Within this academic year I have found advertising, PR & Comms In a Digital World and Employability the most enjoyable and useful units. Advertising has allowed me to think about a possible career path as it is something I have become highly interested in, the digital PR assignments allowed creativity to be shown. Furthermore, the content taught in the employability seminars proved helpful when looking for work placements. I have found that working with live clients and on in-class debates has boosted my presenting skills and I am now confident to share my ideas and communicate with others individually or in groups. After completing work experience at EMap within the events department I have made some valuable contacts and understand what it takes to work in a demanding, exciting industry.

Career goal/s    (Where  I  want  to  be:  Meaningful  career  goal/s  –  whether  employed  or  self  employed)   In the future I would ideally like to be working in either my hometown of Reading or London, depending on where the company I wanted to be a part of was positioned. My ideal career would be, as previously mentioned, something in either the events or advertising industries. This is because I find them both fast paced and interesting, something I would thrive off of in a work place.  

Routes to  achieve  goal/s  (Main  options,  broad  steps  towards  my  goal/s)   The first step towards this will be to graduate from my university course next summer with at least a 2:2. In order to achieve this I must continue to manage my time efficiently and work solidly in my final year.      

Complete at least two summer work placements, possibly more if time is available.

Issues (What’s  stopping  me,  challenges  to  deal  with)   Uncertain as to which career path I would like to take at the moment, events or advertising. Challenges will be competing with other students in similar positions for the same jobs. Location could also be seen as an issue, although I do not live far from London, commuting could become a problem after a while.  

Actions (Specific/Stretching,  Measurable/Motivating,  Achievable/Agreed,  Realistic,  Time  bound)   Action     Complete  two  different  work  placements  to  broaden  knowledge  and  narrow  down  

CareerBox  >  Self  Awareness  >  My  Future  

By when   30  June  

career path.   Begin  dissertation  research  over  summer  period  in  order  to  gain  a  ‘head  start’  and  ensure   30  September   picked  correct  topic.   Book  appointment  with  career  advisor  to  enquire  about  applying  for  graduate  positions.   Beginning  of   third  year   (October)    

CareerBox  >  Self  Awareness  >  My  Future  

Action Plan  

Career Action Plan

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