Horticultural Research Institute (HRI)

Horticultural Research Institute (HRI)

Washington, DC, United States

Horticultural Research Institute is the horticulture community’s research and development organization.

HRI’s work strengthens and improves the horticulture community for the benefit of all industry segments—nursery growers and greenhouse growers, retail garden centers and landscape companies.

The extraordinary generosity of donors, both past and present, make it possible for HRI to develop and support research efforts aimed at invigorating and enhancing your community. These efforts result in advancements in pest management practices, increased mechanization/automation, and improvements in production efficiency—all of which impact your horticulture community, your business, and your legacy.

It is only with your support that HRI’s research and advocacy efforts are made possible. Your willingness to invest and contribute is what drives HRI’s success.