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Monday, August 23, 2010


Business. Re-en ineered. 757-673-7745

Material Handlers / Fork Lift Drivers Needed

QUICK HIRE! “ Who says Talk is Cheap?” Please see our Display Ad Inside for Details


Must be able to pass Criminal Background Check, Drug screen and Employment Eligibility. Jobs are located in Chesapeake, VA.

APPLY IN PERSON 3330 S. Military Hwy., #101B Chesapeake, VA 23323 Monday-Friday from 9-12 & 2-4 Equal Opportunity Employer

One This Is u o Event Y nt Wa Do Not s! To Mis

Career Fair & Education Expo Wednesday, August 25th 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sandler Center for the Performing Arts


DIRECTORY Checkered Flag is the preferred automotive team in Virginia and delivers the highest level of employee satisfaction. We offer a generous benefits plan including 401(k). Why not join our winning team today and be a part of our long history of business excellence in the Hampton Roads area? We invite you to visit our Operations Center today to be considered for one of the following positions. All applications and resumes are kept strictly confidential. Internet Sales Coordinator This position is responsible for answering all calls inbound to the sales departments and scheduling all appointments and providing assistance appropriate to the caller’s needs. Requirements: Qualified applicant should possess or be eligible to possess a sales license through the Division of Motor Vehicles for the state of Virginia. Automotive and/or Business Development Center sales experience, superior customer service and communication skills, PC and internet proficiency required. This position is located in a Call Center environment with high inbound call volume.

BMW and Mini Sales Representative We are currently seeking an experienced Sales Representative for our BMW and Mini dealership. Requirements: Qualified applicant should possess or be eligible to possess a sales license through the Division of Motor Vehicles for the state of Virginia. A professional appearance and a positive, cordial attitude and demeanor are a must. Quality customer service skills are essential. Demonstrated experience in sales, specifically automotive sales, is preferred.

Honda Sales Representative For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Robert Chen at (757) 490-1111 ext. 6300.

Service Director The Service Director is responsible for running an efficient and profitable Service department by maximizing productivity, controlling costs and ensuring customer satisfaction. Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Two years of experience in a dealership service environment, with at least one year of supervisory experience. Excellent communication, supervisory and managerial skills. Must have a valid driver’s license, and provide an acceptable driving record.

Audi and Volkswagen Technicians The qualified applicant should be at least 18 years of age, have at least two years practical experience, knowledge of automotive repair and maintenance, and deliver an acceptable driving record. Must have Volkswagen, Audi and/or European experience, ASE Certification, Virginia State Inspectors License, and a valid driver’s license. Ownership of necessary hand tools is required. Any additional automotive certifications are a definite plus.

2 | CCEW

Service Administrative Assistant Qualified applicant should possess a High School diploma or the equivalent, working knowledge of PC (Windows environment), a professional personal appearance, and exceptional customer service skills, have a positive attitude and be a team player. This position requires the employee to handle cash, perform various administrative and car rental duties, as well as cashier drawer reconciliation. Automotive dealership experience is a plus.


Automotive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Call Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4, 10-11 Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-15 Drivers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3, 5, 8-9, 16 General . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11 Job Fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 16 Trades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6, 12, 13

Porter This position is responsible for effectively managing that the customer’s experience from reception to delivery is an excellent one, providing necessary assistance in service area to ensure customer satisfaction, and greeting customers and assessing their needs. Requirements: Qualified applicants should possess exceptional customer service skills, have a positive attitude and be a team player. This position requires the ability to operate manual transmissions, be at least 18 years of age and provide a good driving record.

Some positions require the applicant to supply a motor vehicle record. You can obtain your driving record at your local DMV office and should have it available when applying. You may also obtain this via the internet at or at Checkered Flag’s Operations Center. The fee to obtain your driving record through Checkered Flag is $8.00. You will be provided a personal copy. Please have exact change available.

To apply for this position, please fill out an application at Checkered Flag’s Operation Center. All applications and resumes are kept strictly confidential.

236 Clearfield Avenue, Suite 205 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Inc. is proud to be an EEOC Employer and a Drug Free Workplace.

CareerConnection’s Employment Weekly is published to provide the job seeker with up-to-date, detailed information about local & regional job opportunities. CareerConnection’s Employment Weekly is available free of charge to the public in the Hampton Roads Area, including our green newspaper boxes as well as major grocery stores, major retail stores, employment centers, universities, colleges, training schools & independent businesses.


757-222-5454 OR FAX

757-446-2302 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Rob McWilliams ■ 757.222.3152 Marie Bogue ■ 757.222.3829 Toni Freeman ■ 757.222.5407 Dawn Mahoney ■ 757.446.2924 Elizabeth Query ■ 757.222.3150 Joann Schrum ■ 757.446.2230 Toby Word ■ 757.222.5428






Be an important part of a UVa Women’s Health Study! Researchers are looking for volunteers to take part in a women’s health study. You may be eligible if you: • Are 18-44 years old • Are sexually active • Drink beer, wine, &/or liquor even occasionally • Have access to a telephone and a DVD player

Available with: • Commercial Driving • High Performance Engineering • Diesel ASE/NATEF Based Training

Complete Training To Earn Your American Welding Society Certificate (AWS)



Women who volunteer & are eligible will be asked to provide information about their health behaviors and to take part in a one-time phone meeting with a counselor lasting between 1 and 3 hours and 2 follow-up phone meetings in 3 and 6 months time.

Local, Regional and Over the Road. Meet requirement to obtain your CDL.

Women will receive up to $175 in reimbursement for their time. Transportation is not necessary, participate from the comfort of your home!

8 Week Course Includes: • Vehicle Systems, Documentation and Operating Systems • Range and Road Operations

To find out if you’re eligible for this study…

Available with: • Commercial Driving

HVAC / REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY ESCO Institute Nate Testing Site Approved for: • Financial Aid (for those who qualify) • Post 9/11 GI Bill • Yellow Ribbon Program • VA and TA • Member of Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC) • Financing Available (CDL)

ATI • 5700 Southern Boulevard Virginia Beach, VA 23462




This study, IRB-HSR#14460, is being conducted under the direction of Dr. Karen Ingersoll, University of Virginia Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Studies, University of Virginia Health System ( or 434-243-0581.

Advanced Technology Institute has been certified by SCHEV.


CCEW | 3


ENJOY CHATTING ON THE PHONE? Who says talk is cheap? Our Phone Order Sales Associates earn $10, $12 and $15 per hour & up! FED UP, OVERWORKED AND UNDER PAID? PUT YOUR PEOPLE & COMMUNICATION SKILLS TO WORK FOR YOU & CHOOSE:

DAYS (9a.m.-3p.m.) or EVENINGS(5-10:30p.m.) Mon. - Fri. and every other Sat. 9a.m.-4pm. GUARANTEED HOURLY BASE PLUS GENEROUS COMMISSIONS & BENEFITS: Health, Life, Dental, 401K, Childcare Assistance and a Real Chance to Advance!

And in case you haven’t heard, “IMA is just a GREAT Place to Work!� Also... immediate openings for full time PM CLOSERS, PM MANAGERS (with sales & call center experience) & PM COLLECTORS. Guaranteed Base + generous Commissions for $45-$55K & up! Company Benefits & a Real Chance to Advance!

CALL TODAY & TRAIN RIGHT AWAY! New state of the art Headquarters located at:

3509 Virginia Beach Blvd.

757-490-3749 4 | CCEW




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ƨ ƒ ‘‡ƒ’†  ” ƒ Œ “ Œ Š‡‹ ‡’ƒ ‚‡Œ   ‹ ƒ Ƙ ƨ  ” ƒƒ –Ž ƒ ‡ƒ Œ  ƒ‡Œ   Š‚  ŠŠ‡Œ … Œ ‚Œ ƒ • € “ ‘‡Œ ƒ ‘‘‚ ƒ ” ƒ Š Ž ‹ ƒ Œ ’Ƙ ƨ  Œ ’’•  ‰„    ’“ Œ ƒǓ  ‹ Ž  Œ —• ‡’† •  Š‚ ƕ Š ‘‘’ ‡Œ ‡Œ … ƐŽ  — Ɛ  Œ ‚€ ƒ Œ ƒ „‡’‘Ƙ

ƨ ƒ ” ƒ Š Ž‘ Šƒ ‘‘’ ’ƒ … ‡ƒ ‘ “ ‘‡Œ …”  ‡ƒ ’— „”‡‘“  Š‘Ɛ ‡Œ  Š“ ‚ ‡Œ … Œ ’ƒ Œ ƒ ’Š —  “ ’‘  Œ ‚ ’† ƒ ‘ Šƒ ‘ ‡‚ ‘Ƙ ƨ  ‹ “ Š ’ƒ ‚ ” ƒ ’‡‘‡Œ … ƒ   ‹ ‹ ƒ Œ ‚  ’‡ Œ ‘Ɛ• † ‡ † ƒ ‘Ž ƒ  ‡„‡  ŠŠ—‚ ƒ ‘‡… Œ ƒ ‚’‹ ƒ ƒ ’ —  “  “ ‘’ ‹ ƒ ƛ‘Œ ƒ ƒ ‚ ‘Ƙ ƨ  Œ ‚ Šƒ Œ … … ƒ ‘‘‡” ƒ ‘ † ƒ ‚ “ Šƒ „‚  ‡Š—‘ Šƒ ‘ ‹ ƒ ƒ ’‡Œ … ‘ Œ ‚Ž  ‘Ž ƒ  ’‡Œ … Ƙ

 ’ Ž€ — “ €   ’† Œ ‚‘ ƒ ƒ“ ‘ Ɩ  “   „ Š‰ „„‡ ƒ‡‘ “ ƒ Œ ’Š—† ‡‡Œ …„   “ ’‘ ‡‚ ƒ ƒ ‚ ‡  Œ ‘ “ Š’ Œ ’Ž  ‘ ‡’‡ Œ ‘ Ɩ  “  Š‡„‡  ’‡ Œ ‘ ƒ ƨɇ Œ‡Œ ’ƒ ‹ ƒ ‚ ‡ ’ƒ’Ž  „‡ ‡ƒ Œ ’‰ Œ  • Šƒ ‚ … ƒ „   ‚ Ɛ  –  ƒ Š Œ ‚‡Œ ’ƒ Œ ƒ ’Œ  ”‡…  ’‡ Œ Œ ‚’† ƒ € ‡Š‡’—’Šƒ  ŒŒ ƒ • ‡Œ ’ƒ Œ  Š‘ „’•  ƒŽ  …  ‹ ‘ ‘Œ ƒ ƒ ‚ ƒ ‚€ —’† ƒ€ “ ‘‡Œ ƒ ‘‘ ƨǏ ƕǑ— ƒ  ‘ „Ž  „ƒ ‘‘‡ Œ  Š€ “ ‘‡Œ ƒ ‘‘ƕ’ ƕ€ “ ‘‡Œ ƒ ‘‘ “ ’‘‡‚ ƒ ‘ Šƒ ‘ƒ –Ž ƒ ‡ƒ Œ  ƒ‡Œ  ‹ ‹ ‡‘‘‡ Œ ƕ€  ‘ƒ ‚ƒ Œ ”‡ Œ ‹ ƒ Œ ’ ƨɇ”  Š‡‚‚ ‡” ƒ ƛ‘Š‡ ƒ Œ ‘ƒ Œ ‚Ž   „ „  ‡Œ ‘“  Œ  ƒ

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CCEW | 5


WHERE CAN YOU FIND THE BEST JOBS? '%4 ! .%730!0%2 2/54% ). 4(%3% 6)2').)! "%!#(

./2&/,+ #(%3!0%!+% !.$ 42) #)49 !2%!3            





PICK IT UP HERE. GET YOUR FREE COPY OF CAREER CONNECTION’S EMPLOYMENT WEEKLY AT THESE LOCATIONS: Farm Fresh • Food Lion • Wawa • All Military Bases All Virginia Employment Commission Offices • Universities & Libraries Colleges • Technical & Trade Schools • All High Schools Shopping Malls • Fast Food Restaurants • Freestanding Boxes & Racks




• Shiplifters • Pipefitters • Sheet Metal Mechanics • Combo (WELDER/FITTER) • Welders (MIG, FLUXCORE & STICK)

• Insulators • Pipe Welders • Stainless Steel Fabricators • Machinist (INSIDE/OUTSIDE)

• Riggers



(888) 269-3381 or visit us online at EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER



")& &"&&  # ' '  ) ()# "!# & "& " ""# ( "   #  & " '### & ) " '#&   "  &"!# '" 

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6 | CCEW




CCEW | 7


8 | CCEW


CCEW | 9


CCEW | 9



Sandler Center for the Performing Arts 201 Market St. Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Wednesday, August 25th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

At This Event Companies Will Be Hiring For: National Guard, Customer Care Representatives, Travel Professionals, Customer Service Representative, Claims Service Representative, Collections Representatives (Full and Part Time), Collections Managers, Offering Computer Training, Media Consultant, Financial Advisors, Sales Management, Insurance Agents, Training Specialist, Curriculum Developer, Business Analyst, Technical Writer, Statistician

Advanced Technology Institute

World Travel Holdings

If your company would like to participate, contact Denise Wilson at 757-446-2143. Go to for updated participants! 757-446-2143

10 | CCEW







Join a Winning Team! PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR OPEN HOUSE EVENTS EVERY WEDNESDAY. DOORS OPEN AT 5:30 PM. PRESENTATION BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 6:00 PM. Come see us at the Employment Weekly Job Fair at the Sandler Center for Performing Arts Wednesday, August 25th 10am - 2pm

Now Hiring Mutiple, Full-Time Commercial And Residential Painters With 5 Years Experience. Professional, Full-Service Painting and Coating Commercial • Industrial Institutional


Hiring Collections Representatives and Managers!!!


We are looking for you if you have:


• Strong work ethic • Self-starting attitude • Desire to WIN

Hiring Now for the Part Time Weekend Shifts!

Call Center Experience a Plus


• Competitive Pay: Hourly plus Bonus • Unlimited Growth and Earning Potential • Promotions based on Performance NOT Tenure

120 Corporate Blvd. Suite 100 Norfolk, VA 23502

Great Benefits • Medical/Dental/Vision • Paid Time Off

Hampton 5200 W. Mercury Blvd. Suite 285, Hampton, VA (Located in the New Market Mall)

Bilingual? We need you! If you would like to become part of our team, we invite you to apply. For more information, please visit us at

• full/part time positions

AceIT Professional Training offers exam preparation courses for the following industry certifications: CompTIA A+ CompTIA Network+ CompTIA Security+ ISC(2) CISSP

AceIT Professional Training offers the highest quality training at the lowest possible price. Take ease with our pass guarantee: PASS THE EXAM OR ATTEND A SECOND TIME TUITION

FREE! Stop by and see us at the Education Expo at Sandler Centeron August 25th. For more information contact AceIT at (757) 578-7599, email or visit our website at

Town Point Center 150 Boush Street Suite 500 Norfolk, VA 23510

Visit Our Booth at Sandler Center Career Fair

on 8-25-10

• hourly, commissions plus bonuses and full benefit package

Training Specialist Curriculum Developer Business Analyst


Technical Writer



Or apply at:

Awarded 2010

408 Investor’s Place Suite 103

Chamber Of Commerce Best Small Business

Virginia Beach ,VA 23452 CCEW | 11



Go online to Enter “JOB ID” number in the search field.


Roofing Foremen –Roof Services Corporation, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28438333

Quick Hire Call Center –International Marketing Association, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28467522

Cosmetology/Personal Care

Drivers/Transportation/ Shipping

Salon Supervisor –Navy Exchange, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29090563

Counseling/Social Case Manager –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 28703933 Clinical Intervention Specialist I - School Based –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 29208269


Analysts –Company Confidential, Hampton Roads, Job ID# 28463061

Accounting –Company Confidential, Chesapeake, Job ID# 28676377 Bookkeeping –Peltz Marine, Inc., Norfolk, chandler@pe, Job ID# 29318595 Business –odu, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29256285 Payroll Administrator –DLS Engineering Associates, Inc, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29112932 Staff Accountant –Virginia Opera, Norfolk, Robert.Velan, Job ID# 29257730 Tax Preparer –Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28477674 TAX PREPARER –Barry Iacono and Associates, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29364929

Auto Sales –Company Confidential, Norfolk, Job ID# 29158922 Body Shop Technicians –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28701408 Diesel Technician/Mechanic –NORFOLK TRUCK CENTER, Norfolk,, Job ID# 27774269 Internet Sales Coordinator –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach, trish.meador@checkeredflag.c om, Job ID# 28596289 Maintenance Supervisor –Hampton Roads Transit, Norfolk,, Job ID# 27155323 MECHANIC –TMI Truck & Equipment Inc., Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28916369 Mechanic 3 –Hampton Roads Transit, Hampton, organizati, Job ID# 26793701 Mechanic- Entry Level –HRTI, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29109452 Service Administrative Assistant –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach, trish.meador@checkeredfla, Job ID# 28701399 Service Advisor –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28701351 Service Director –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28701353 Volkswagen and Audi Technician - $3,500 SIGN ON BONUS! –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28440277

Application Developer –Liberty Tax Service, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29162943

Clinical Intervention Specialist II - School Based –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 29207976

CNC Machinist - Production Machining Dept. –STIHL Inc., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28431958

Counselors –Company Confidential, Norfolk, 28707186

Administration/General Office Administrative Assistant / Accountant –Arkios BioDevelopment Int’l, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29219513 Administrative Office Support –Universal Air Products Corporation, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29278002 Advertising Executive Assistant #2821 –The VirginianPilot, Norfolk, Job ID# 28611687 Contract Maintenance Billing Clerk –Electronic Systems Inc, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 29190837 Membership Outreach Secretary - Bilingual Spanish –Al-Anon Family GroupHdq, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29217638 Project Coordinator –Company Confidential, Norfolk, Job ID# 29325677 Receptionist –Company Confidential, Norfolk, Job ID# 28828276 Receptionist –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28899939 Receptionist/Admin-Asst –Company Confidential, SUFFOLK, Job ID# 29190839

Advertising/Marketing/ Media Email Marketing Developer - Affinity4 –Affinity 4, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29200892 EXPERIENCED ACCOUNT MANAGER –Harris Connect LLC, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28618931 SPORTS MINDED Marketing & PR –Maverick Promotions, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28622595

Arts After School Music Instructors –Soundscapes, Newport News,, Job ID# 28834302

12 | CCEW

Banking/Financial Services Financial Services Professional –MassMutual Financial Group, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 22144599 Loan Processor –Tidewater Mortgage Services, Va Beach,, Job ID# 28902911 Teller –Northern Star Credit Union, Hampton Roads,, Job ID# 29109467

Care Giving/Child Care Teacher –ACCESS AIDS Care,, Job ID# 29321842


Collections Recovery Specialist –Tidewater Finance Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29329452

Computers/Technology .Net SharePoint Senior Distributed Systems Specialist –Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg,, Job ID# 29109438

DATA SPECIALIST –Harris Connect, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28619053 Electronics Technician –Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District, Cape Charles,, Job ID# 28703960

Job ID#

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR –AIDS Fund, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28866598

Driver –ACCESS AIDS Care,, Job ID# 29321802


Drivers and Laborers –Coastal Services, Suffolk,, Job ID# 29174905 MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR NA-06 –NEXCOM, NORFOLK,, Job ID# 29329010 MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR SUPERVISOR NS-08 –NEXCOM, NORFOLK,, Job ID# 29327564 Parts Driver –Truck Enterprises Chesapeake, Inc., Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29306908

In-Home Therapist I –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 29208346


Intake / Counselor –Hillcrest Clinic, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29090226

Director of Technical Services –Charlottesville City Schools, Charlottesville,, Job ID# 29213393

Licensed Clinical Supervisor - Therapeutic Day Treatment –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 29207498

Field Support Technician –Ghent Computer, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28861723

Primary Counselor - Substance Abuse –Sellati & Co., Inc., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29353472

Field Technician –IT Practice , Inc., Hampton Roads,, Job ID# 29158902

PT Community Services Associate II - Creative Options –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 28703962

Implementation Specialist - Tier 2 –Ghent Computer, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29364896

Job ID#

DRIVER –Harbor’s Edge, Norfolk, resumes@harborsedg, Job ID# 29168953


Customer Support Specialist –Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc., Norfolk,, Job ID# 28438343

Dispatcher –Company Confidential, Norfolk, 29269212

Health System Senior IT Auditor –Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond,, Job ID# 29109565 Military Combat Skills and CBR Instructor –Unified Industries, Inc., Norfolk,, Job ID# 28596228 Technology Instructor –Chesapeake Bay Academy, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28407686

Systems Maintenance Supervisor –Hampton Roads Transit, Norfolk,, Job ID# 26793676 Track Maintainer –Hampton Roads Transit, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28033158

Government/Civil Service Osen-Hunter Defense Systems LLC –Osen-Hunter Group LLC, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28477408

Healthcare/Medical Bon Secours Nursing Recruitment Event –Bon Secours Virginia Health System, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28918179 Business Office / Patient Services –The New Hope Center, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29158908 CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CODER –Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, Inc., Chesapeake, Job ID# 28953754 Dental Front Desk Administrator –Dr. David Schonbrun, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28545042 Dental Patient Specialist –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28427830 Experienced Dental Assistant –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28921897 F/T Licensed Practical Nurse, L.P.N, or Registered Nurse, R.N. –Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, Inc., Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28953726 Front Office Coordinator –Meridian Psychotherapy, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29306173 LPN / Dosing Nurse –Sellati & Co., Inc., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29353600

Junior Technician –Tactical Electronics, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29124947

PT Community Services Associate II - IDD/ICF –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 28704084

NAVY PLANNED MAINTENANCE ANALYSTS WANTED –Antech Systems, Chesapeake, fcooney@antechsystem, Job ID# 28380565

PT Community Services Associate II - SLP –HamptonNewport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 28953860

PeopleSoft Programmer Analyst –Hampton Roads Transit, Hampton,, Job ID# 25749815

PT Therapist II - COS Adult Therapy –HamptonNewport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 28703909

Electrical Engineer –Hardesty & Hanover, LLP, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29353491

Software Developer –Harris Connect, LLC, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29267210

Residential Care Manager –COMMUNITY ALTERNATIVES INC., Norfolk,, Job ID# 28493502


SQL Server Database Administrators –- Liberty Tax Service, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29160939

Residential Tech/In-Home Tech –Just People, Inc., Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29209121

Medical Records/Medical Assistant –Rand Gynecology, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29377341

Learning Barge Educator/Deckhand –Elizabeth River Project, Portsmouth,, Job ID# 28467704

Optician –Dr. Steven Wilkins, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28705742

Support Technician I - HQN-027-10 –Navy Exchange Service Command, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29070969 System Administrator - Affinity4 –Affinity4, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28918187 Technology Director –Grow Interactive, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29318698 Web Designer / Web Developer –ADS Inc, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28777183 Web/Portal Applications Developer –Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc., Norfolk, Brian.Findlay@Navy.Mil, Job ID# 28439381

Construction/Skilled Commercial Electrical Mechanics/ Helpers –Company Confidential, , Job ID# 29340240 CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER –Ameresco, Inc., Norfolk,, Job ID# 28462342 Kitchen Designer / Estimator –Appliance Enterprise, Portsmouth,, Job ID# 29042643

Substance Abuse Counselor - Jail Based Services –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 29208266 Supervisor –Virginia Home Based Counseling, ,, Job ID# 28590903

Customer Service/Call Center Call Center Closers –International Marketing Association, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28467523 Call Center Floor Supervisor –Hampton Roads Transportation, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29113914 Customer Care Representative –World Travel Holdings, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28830230 Customer Service/Call Center –International Marketing Association, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28467525 Financial Counselor / Enrollment Position –Harbour Credit, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29187324

Engineering/Architecture Architect Intern or CAD Operator –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28953882 Data Analyst –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29202980

Water Quality Specialist –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28441611

General/Other Chief Safety Officer –HRT - Hampton Roads Transit, Hampton,, Job ID# 28862253 Electrician –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28442163 Kennel Attendant –Chesapeake Animal Hospital, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28955181 LRT Maintenance Technician - LRV –Hamptn Roads Transit, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28033483 LRT Maintenance Technician - Systems –Hamptn Roads Transit, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28033287 Quality Control Manager –Company Confidential, Suffolk, Job ID# 29329729

LPN / Medical Assistant –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 29175917 Medical Assistant –Company Confidential, Norfolk, Job ID# 29170735 Medical Coder –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28921605 Medical Receptionist –Cardiovascular Associates, Ltd., Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29203153

Part time Medical Receptionist –Arthritis Consultants of Tidewater, Virginia Beach, bcondurso@arthritisconsultant, Job ID# 28953878 physical therapist –Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28713464 physical therapy aide –Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28818934 PT Director/Staff PT/PTA –Glasson Sports Medicine, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28955608 Receptionist –Company Confidential, Va Beach, Job ID# 28623663 Registered Nurse –Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29375282 RN –Company Confidential, Chesapeake, 29364718

Job ID#

Staff Nurse –Continuum Pediatric Nursing, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29260185

TO PLACE AN AD CALL 757-222-5454 OR VISIT WWW.HREW.COM Hotel/Hospitality/Tourism Room Attendants/Team Captains –PHR, Inc., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29353858

Insurance Insurance Sales & CSR –Nationwide Insurance, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28633038

Program Manager –Triumph Aerospace Systems-Newport News, Newport News,, Job ID# 28377718 Program Manager - Clothing & Textiles Integration Programs –ADS Inc, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28834900

Merchandiser - MD -HQN-029-10 –NEXCOM, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29158521

quickbooks exp. req’d. fax res 757-858-8185

Physical Inventory Auditor –Miller Oil Company, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28916367

Local beach retail seeks individual who is detail oriented with the ability to multi task in a fast pace, small office environment. Candidate must have exp in large volume A/P. Proficient in MS Office Systems and QuickBooks Pro with Min. 3 year’s exp. pref’d. Associates degree in accounting required. Please submit resume and salary requirements to No Phone calls please.

Sales Appointment Setter –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28676388

Account Managers - Open House Hiring Event –AT&T Interactive, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29346884

Community Relations Manager –ForKids, inc, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29109444

Admin Assistant –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 29022672

Promotional Resort Marketing Associate –Gold Key Resorts, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 27933007

Arts Sales –Landmark Galleries/National Art Association, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28683138


Business Account Executive--Federal/Public Sector Sales –Sprint, Newport News or Norfolk, shandra.crump, Job ID# 28723827

Buyer Assistant –STIHL Inc, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29071890

Customer Service / Sales –Company Confidential, Portsmouth, Job ID# 21623810

Purchasing Agent, Mailing –Electronic Systems, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28953804

Inside Sales –AIN Plastics Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28818959

Law Enforcement/Security


Marketing / Sales –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 29158911

Maritime Security Officers –Securewest International, Inc, Norfolk,, Job ID# 27928499

Photography PT Photography/Sales –Photogenic, Inc., Norfolk,, Job ID# 29158795

Internet/New Media WEB DESIGNER –Operation Blessing International, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28599449

Landscaping/Lawncare Landscape Designer/Operations Manager –Allen’s Landscaping and Maintenance, Virginia Beach, allens_, Job ID# 28631845 Landscape Turf Applicator –Allen’s Landscaping and Maintenance, Virginia Beach, allens_, Job ID# 28630799

Professional Armed Security Officers –Top Guard Security, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29113137

Outside Account Manager –Batteries Plus, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29325555 Outside B2B Sales Representatives –Electronic Systems, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28794015

Real Estate/Property Mgmt

Sales Account Manager - Affinity4 –Affinity 4, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29187298

Apartment Prep Specialist –The Lawson Companies, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28921608

Sales Representative –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28866380

Director of Leasing –First Potomac Realty Trust, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28462995

Sales Representatives –TMI Truck & Equipment Inc., Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28913831

Maintenance Supervisor –The Lawson Companies, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29353615

Sales, Support, & Contractors –Company Confidential, Hampton Roads, Job ID# 28933080

Maintenance Technician –The Lawson Companies, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29109434

Ship Building/Ship Repair

Family Law Legal Assistant –Wolcott Rivers Gates, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29213411 FORECLOSURE TITLE PROCESSOR –Samuel I White, PC, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28751902

Maintenance Technician –Kotarides, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29368937

Marine New Construction & Repair Work –Ameri-Force, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28941486

Legal Assistant –McKenry, Dancigers, Dawson & Lake P.C., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28427932

Part-Time Leasing Consultant –The Lawson Companies, ,, Job ID# 29109420

Ship Repair Tradesmen –QED Systems INC, Norfolk,, Job ID# 27412638

Legal Assistant –Shapiro, Cooper, Lewis & Appleton, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29353464

Property Manager –Company Confidential, Norfolk, Job ID# 28424598

Legal Secretary –Huff, Poole & Mahoney, P.C., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28825799

Shipyard Planner and Estimator –QED Systems, Inc., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 22342830

Restaurant/Food Service

Law/Legal Associate –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 29365260 CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE –Samuel I White, PC, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28862133 Employment Law Paralegal –Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein, L.C., Newport News,, Job ID# 29174684

Legal Secretary –Whitaker & Christian PC, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29377117 Quality Control Real Estate Title Processor –Samuel I White, PC, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28753032

Assistant Manager - Wendy’s - Quinton, VA –Sandesara Management Group, Quinton,, Job ID# 28599514 Executive Chef –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 28611685

Maintenance (Janitorial)

Food Service Supervisor –COMMUNITY ALTERNATIVES INC., Norfolk,, Job ID# 28948410

Maintenance Technician –Company Confidential, Norfolk, Job ID# 28424587

Shift Supervisor - Wendy’s - Quinton, VA –Sandesara Management Group, Quinton,, Job ID# 28614461

Maintenance Technician and Housekeeper –The Lawson Companies, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28628782

Management Assistant Manager Trainee –Taylor’s Do-it-Center, Hampton Roads,, Job ID# 28936024 Assistant Market (Store) Manager - Star Express –Sandesara Management Group, Toano,, Job ID# 28599264 Director of Systems Maintenance –Hampton Roads Transit, Norfolk,, Job ID# 26809575

Retail Customer Service/Front End Supervisor –Navy Exchange, Norfolk,, Job ID# 28544810 Full and Part Time Cashier/Customer Service - Star Express –Sandesara Management Group, Toano,, Job ID# 28611680 Merchandiser - MB - HQN-031-10 –NEXCOM, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29364783 Merchandiser - MB -F7 –NEXCOM, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28676364


Merchandiser-MB-HQN-021-10 –NEXCOM, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29158527

Marketing Ad Traffic Executive - Affinity4 –Affinity 4, Norfolk,, Job ID# 29187338

Accounting/ Finance

Telecommunications/Cable Directv Techs $800-$1000 per week –Company Confidential, Chesapeake, Job ID# 28596263

Veterinary Groomer –- Deep Creek Veterinary, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 29022729


Budget Analyst (Senior) Responsible for coordinating and completing the activities of the annual operating and capital budget process, benchmarking surveys and statistical analysis for long range strategic planning. Serves as a key liaison between finance, operating staff and other health system personnel on budget related information. Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance, CPA preferred. Expert knowledge of Microsoft Office applications. Min of 5 yrs exp req'd. Apply online at, E.O.E.

Truck Mechanic - Full Time

Building & Construction/ Skilled Trades CONSTRUCTION C.W. Wright Construction, an employee owned & operated company, is looking to hire Groundsmen for jobs located in Chesapeake area. CDL preferred. We offer competitive Wages, 401K with company contributions, Health/dental benefits, paid vacations/holidays. EEOC employer, we E-verify and are a Drug free workplace - Call 804-530-3725

Construction Inspector- Concrete Tester PT/ FT hours. Suffolk area must own a truck. Call for interview 540-710-9339 Crane Operators and Laborers for work in the Mid-Atlantic Transportaion required. Please fax resume to 410-255-7605 or email to

Entry Level Staff Accountant Global Technical Systems (GTS) is a local DoD contractor and has an immediate position for an Entry Level Staff Accountant for our facility, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Principal Duties: l Review various general ledger accounts/ prepare various account recs l Review purchasing commitments l Handle all accounts payable functions and vendor payments l Review of indirect rate applications l Help in the preparation month & financial statements Qualifications/Experience: l Prefer Bachelor's Degree with 2 years exp in the accounting field l Exp in A/P analysis, report processing, and general ledger preferred l Knowledge of commonly used accounting concepts and practices l Government contracting exp a plus l Proficient in MS Office applications, Deltek exp a plus l Must have the ability to work independently & in a team environment Please visit\careers GTS offers a stimulating work environment, a competitive salary, exceptional benefits package. GTS is ISO 9000:2000 certified. EOE/AA

Administration/ General Office MAINTENANCE TECH Experienced in apartment prep. Full time, tools required. Must have valid drivers license. Apply in person between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at 4101 Granby Street, Norfolk COUNCILL REALTY & MANAGEMENT

ODU Office Manager #00890 For details, go to on Monday, August 23, 2010. AA/EOE

Secretary P/T, for small construction company, with some accounting experience $9 an hour Ref Req’d. $8 hr. Fax Resume 757-313-0072

Veterinary Receptionist –Chesapeake Animal Hospital, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 28831885

Automotive/ Mechanics AUTO MECHANIC


Exp’d in engine diagnostic, electrical troubleshooter, brake & tune up, plus state inspector. Pay up to $800-$1000/wk guarantee. depending on exp. Also pay top commission. Call 757-620-8111 or fax 757-233-6954. Email

Supervisor, Warehouse –STIHL Inc., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28431956

for very busy, well-est’d auto repair shop. Excellcent pay and benefits package. Must have valid DL, 5+ yrs exp, and own tools. Call 757-407-8999.

Auto Technician - Lead Tech, FT

Warehouse Manager –Company Confidential, Chesapeake, Job ID# 28590638

BODY TECHNICIAN Minimum 5 years experience working in large volume shop. I-car certified req'd. Valid driver's license & clean driving record is req'd. Email resume to or apply in person: Beach Ford CRC, 581 Central Dr, VA Bch, VA. EOE/Drug Free Workplace General mechanic knowledge and experience, tires, oil changes, etc. Must have own tools, clean driving record, benefits. Fax resume to 757-533-5454 Email resumes to, refer to Box # 11522 in the subject line.

Receptionist –Pembroke Veterinary Clinic, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 29210295

Veterinary Receptionists/ Veterinary Assistants –Great Neck Veterinary, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 28599531

Automotive/ Mechanics

Employment Opportunities The Auto Connection 6336 E. Va Beach Blvd. Norfolk, Va

Mechanic - 5+ years servicing 2 and 4 cycle equipment, Ford F250 V8 & diesel. 482-0678

DRIVER Experienced in all types of equipment.CDL required. Good pay, with benefits. Apply 904 Widgeon Rd . Or Call 853-1825.

ELECTRICIAN & APPRENTICE SHORT TERM W/ LONG TERM POTENTIAL. Must have own transportation. 757-605-1040.

Building & Construction/ Skilled Trades HVAC TECH Commercial Service, 5 yrs. exp. DDC controls, paid benefits. Top pay. Call 757-545-5000 Fax 757-545-5081

Maintenance Tech Must be exp’d in carpentry, caulking, painting, siding, sheetrock, windows, doors, pressure washing, minor electrical & plumbing. Neat & dependable. Have valid DL. Own transportation req’d. 491-0426

OPERATOR Experienced in all types of equipment. Good pay, with benefits. Apply 904 Widgeon Rd . Or Call 853-1825.

Pipe foreman Experienced in underground water, sewer & storm drain. Good pay, with benefits. Apply 904 Widgeon Rd .Or Call 853-1825.

Pipe Layer Experienced in underground water, sewer & storm drain. Good pay, with benefits. Apply 904 Widgeon Rd .Or Call 853-1825.

Precon Construction Company has an immediate need for an experienced Service Truck Driver, must have CDL-A with HazMat and Tanker endorsements. Apply in person with recent MVR and DOT Card at 1401 Precon Dr, Chesapeake or online at EOE/E-Verify/Drug-Free Workplace

Roofing Sheetmetal Mechanic, Foreman and Helpers needed Call Will 848-6404 Sr. Facilities Maintenance Electrician Need licensed Senior Electrician for Operations and Maintenance Team of federal govt office facilities. Working knowledge in HVAC and controls a plus. Security checks will be required. Fax resumes to 215-873-8467 or e-mail

Building & Construction/ Skilled Trades GUTTER INSTALLER

Seamless, 1 yr exp req’d. 547-1299 or 435-5605

H elpers- must have own tools & transportation drug & alcohol free co. at least 4 yrs. ex. Hard working, energetic & willing to learn. Call 858-5966

HOME REMODELING MECHANIC Must have 4 yrs exp., drivers license & tools. Interior & Exterior. Immediate Need. 558-9520

HVAC Chief Engineer and Supervisor Facilities Maintenance. Need 5-7 years of Building Opns & Maint. experience. Supervise crew of 7 techs in 5 Federal buildings. Strong knowledge in HVAC; working knowledge of Electrical, Controls, computer literate w/ MS Office, company vehicle, will require security checks. Fax resumes to 215-873-8467 or e-mail

VDOT has opportunities statewide. We are currently seeking outstanding candidates for the following positions:

Electrician - Suffolk, VA Electrician Senior - Suffolk, VA Welder - Suffolk, VA For more details on these positions and other opportunities go to We keep Virginia Moving VDOT is an equal opportunity employer

Tecnico Corporation has a need for the following motivated, organized, well qualified and experienced personnel in our San Diego Office.

PROJECT MANAGER/SHIP SUPERINTENDENT Min. of 5 yrs exp. in oversight of various production trades & subcontractors, project planning & control, scheduling, production control, coordination & adherence to cost budgets. In addition, must be proficient in technical report writing, blueprint reading, interpretation of specifications and customer interface. Candidate must be literate in MS Word, Excel and Project.

STRUCTUAL/WELDING TRADE SUPERINTENDENT/FOREMAN Min. of 5 yrs supervisor exp. & proficient in the requirements of shipboard structural & welding trades & applicable government & commercial regulations. Technical report writing, blueprint reading & basic computer skills are required.

PIPE SUPERINTENDENT/FOREMAN Min. of 5 yrs supervisory experience & proficient in the requirements of shipboard piping repairs/installations & related govt & commercial regulations. Technical report writing, blueprint reading & basic computer skills are required.

QUALITY ASSURANCE INSPECTOR NDT/QA Inspectors needed to work in an ISO 9001 environment. Current or previous NDT Level III/II certifications in the VT, PT, MT, &/or UT disciplines are required. Must be detailed oriented & have knowledge of QA processes as they apply to ISO 9001 quality systems. We offer an excellent benefits package, & we are willing to discuss relocation expenses. Please email resume along with salary requirements to: or mail to Tecnico Corporation Attention: Shareta Whitaker 831 Industrial Ave. Chesapeake, VA 23324 EOE M/F/V

CCEW | 13

TO PLACE AN AD CALL 757-222-5454 OR VISIT WWW.HREW.COM Care Giving/ Child Care

Counseling/ Social Services/ Non-Profit


Counseling/ Social Services/ Non-Profit

Full time Day Care Assistant needed. No experience necessary, but must love to work with small children. Call 481-4737.



Local, Short Haul or Regional

Childers ctr. looking for 2 & 3 yr old teacher for afternoon shift. exp. req’d Call -488-6174.

Computers/IT/Technology Clinical Assessment Specialist

APPLICATION SPECIALIST Under the general direction of an IS manager, provides support of computer applications by maintaining and enhancing Children's Health System applications to meet the needs of the departments. Exp supporting Clinical applications req'd. Cerner Millennium exp pref. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science pref with Healthcare-related I.S. project/implementation exp a +. Apply online, E.O.E.

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Chesapeake, Virginia. Lead planning, development, and deployment of internet software application services using .Net platform, C# programming language, ASP.NET Web services, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms and technologies, VOIP audio encodings and algorithms, and RTP, SIP, and SDP internet protocols. B.S. degree in Computer Science or related field and 5 years prior experience required. Must be proficient in Russian. Send resume to: or CDYNE, 2125 Smith Avenue, Suite 200, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320. Field Servs & Systems Mgr-Oversee daily financial & systems ops of onsite computer hardware/ software service provider. Job w/ Absolute Moving Inc t/a Mr Fix-It Computer Repair in Va Bch. Resume to R. Taylor, Mr. Fix-It Computer Repair, 2858 Crusader Cir, #103, Va Bch, VA 23453

OCCS Classroom Central Support Specialist (# 00504) The Office of Computing and Communications Services (OCCS) at Old Dominion University is seeking a full time Classroom Central Support Specialist. This position provides support to the Classroom Central environment by responding to classrooms to assist faculty with media technology, performing equipment maintenance and repair, writing/updating programs to support Crestron technologies, maintaining documentation for technology problems in classrooms, and tracking all equipment maintenance for classrooms. Position opens Monday, August 23, 2010 and closes Friday, September 3, 2010. To review the position requirements and submit an application, please visit and follow the on-line instructions. AA/EOE

Cosmetology/ Personal Care Licensed Nail Technician

Now Hiring LCSW and LPC's to work on a part time basis to conduct community based assessments on at risk youth and their families. Perfect opportunity for part time licensed clinicians, flexible schedule. National Counseling Group, Inc. (NCG), a private organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals and families throughout Virginia. Since 1993, NCG has positively affected the lives of thousands in our community by providing an array of high-quality counseling services. Seeking hard working, independent, creative, career oriented professionals to provide high quality services. NCG offers exceptional training, career development, advancement and relocation opportunities for its staff. Come join Team NCG today at one of our 18 locations in Virginia! 3 Provide Home Based Counseling to At-Risk Youth and Families. 3 Advancement Opportunities 3 Clinical Skills Development 3 Exposure to Diverse Populations 3 Flexible hours ( F-T and P-T Positions) 3 Flexible Scheduling 3 Team Oriented 3 Company Established in 1993 3 18 Virginia Sites 3 Opportunity to Relocate 3 Unlimited Earning Potential Applicants must be licensed and have clinical experience, valid driver's license, pass criminal records check and drug test. To apply, email your resume and cover letter to Equal Opportunity Employer

14 | CCEW

LCSW or LPC to perform a full array of clinical duties including completion and review of screenings and assessments to determine appropriate services for individuals with behavioral health needs; provide clinical supervision and maintain documentation. Opportunities available for working with adults and children. Excellent Benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. Valid Virginia Driver's License with acceptable DMV record required, must be current within 30 days. To Apply: Submit WTCSB or State application, cover letter, resumé and DMV record to Western Tidewater Community Services Board, Human Resources Dept., 5268 Godwin Blvd., Suffolk, VA. 23434. Faxed information or incomplete application packets will not be considered. Visit our for website, application and position related information. EOE/M/F/D/V

Canon ITS is hiring!

Crawford, Brighton & Kempsville Campuses Are hiring for the following positions:

F Licensed Therapists F Admissions Clinical Care Coordinator F Registered Nurses F Licensed Practical Nurses (psychiatric exp. req’d)


Special Education Teachers History Teacher Cooks Residential Counselors (PRN) To apply logon to

Family Counselor Master's degree in Social Work preferred or a Bachelor's degree in Social Work with a minimum of two years experience working with children and families. Previous foster care and case mgmt exp. required. Please fax resume and cover letter to 757-490-9735 or email to

needed for an intensive in-home counseling agency. Very competitive salary, neg. depending on experience. Health & dental benefits available. Fax resume to 757-466-4072 or email to

Project Manager-Residential Non Profit Housing Agency seeks professional to carry out housing rehabilitation/new construction activities. Responsibilities: inspect buildings to determine code deficiencies, prepare cost estimate, work write-ups and specifications, schedule and oversee contractor work. Knowledge of construction techniques/ residential building codes required. Ability to use word processing, database and spreadsheet software. Excellent communication and project management skills required. Knowledge of federal housing programs a plus. Five years in similar position required. College degree preferred, not required. Valid VA driver's license and good driving record required. Reliable transportation required. Salary commensurate with experience/education. SEND COVER LETTER, CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME AND SALARY HISTORY TO: Virginia Beach Community Development Corp., 2400 Potters Road, Virginia Beach, VA. 23454. Fax: 757-463-1382. No email resumes will be accepted. EOE. Drug Free workplace.

Top Pay,paid vacation,no touch loads,LOTS OF WORK.

$1500.00 SIGN ON BONUS! Need CDLA “Top Hands” with TWIC, 18 mo Exp. Call 627-0604

Drivers/ Transportation/ Shipping Class A Drivers needed for local and short haul runs with at least 1 yr exp. in the moving industry. Apply in person between 9am-4pm at 3489 Westminster Ave, Norfolk. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

DELIVERY DRIVER - FUEL FT/PT-Experienced, CDL with Hazmat, competitive pay, full benefits pkg. EEOC. Please forward resumes to, refer to Box #11472 in the subject line.

Delivery Driver - Part Time Residential & Commercial Dry cleaning/Laundry Pick Up Service is now hiring for a part time delivery driver.We offer dry cleaning & laundry pick up and delivery service, We are the specialists in serving hotels, restaurants, medical offices, police departments, apartment & condo communities.

Good DMV. Good for retiree. Apply at Holland Cleaners, 603 Frederick Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23707 Must be flexible & able to work on weekends. Background check/drug testing req’d. Exp. apply at 1025 Executive Blvd Ste 113 Chesapeake M-F 9-3. DRIVERS-

$1000 SIGN-ON BONUS FOR INTERMODAL OWNER OPERATORS l Pay is 72% of Load PLUS 100% Fuel Surcharge l Home EVERY Weekend & Most Weeknights

JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY! 866-388-2026 Class-A CDL & TWIC Required DRIVERS - 33 CDL TRAINEES POSITIONS OPEN! No CDL No Problem. We TRAIN! Average starting Pay 38K Classes are Forming. Call now! 825-3861.

Local /OTR Truck Driver CDL Class A. 2 yrs exp req’d. Call 757-925-9431

Education/Training “This position made possible through the use of ARRA Recovery Funds’’ For qualifications, salary info., and application process, visit Tyrrell County Schools website at and click on Personnel/Licensure. Screening of applications will begin on August 27, 2010 with Interviews scheduled on/or about September 1, 2010. It is the policy of Tyrrell County Schools that education activities, employment programs and services are offered without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, or age. Pearl J. Sutton, Title IX Officer.

Regional Home Weekly No NYC Company Drivers & Owner/Operators

1-800-444-0585 Trish Ext. 134 or Tim Ext. 111

KENAN ADVANTAGE GROUP Tired of sorting through all the ads that promise home weekly runs or sorry no local runs available? If what you really want is to be home daily, look no further.

DRIVER QUALIFICATIONS: l Class A CDL l Ability to obtain tank and hazmat l 2 years recent verifiable tractor trailer experience l Safe Driving Record

Library Systems Administrator Assist in maximizing value derived from University's library information systems by designing, implementing & supporting Unix & Windows server systems infrastructure. (Search #7172). See Deadline: 8/31/10. EOE

Practical Dental Assisting of VB is offering an AM/PM Certificate Program. Free tuition for military spouses. Call 239-0652

ADVANTAGES l Home Daily l Competitive pay package l Excellent Benefit Packages l Training on safe driving & Product Handling l New and Well Maintained Equipment l Uniforms…and more Call Mary @ 800-871-4581 to learn how to get started. Apply online @

Wednesday August 25, 2010 9:00-1:00 Norfolk Technical Center 1330 N. Military Hwy Norfolk, VA Hiring Five Year Licensed Teachers for

Lake Taylor Middle School

Education/Training Executive Director Center for Educational Partnerships Old Dominion University invites applications for the position of Executive Director for the Center for Educational Partnerships within the Darden College of Education. The Executive Director is responsible for the development and implementation of projects and activities that address issues being faced by public school divisions (districts) in the region served by the University. The Center for Educational Partnerships establishes collaborative educational enterprises with schools and school divisions that support student achievement through dissemination of proven practices, rigorous field trials of promising models, and development and testing of innovative research-based models. The Center serves as a conduit through which Old Dominion University makes available the best local, state, and national resources to the public school divisions in fulfillment of our mutual obligation to assure academic achievement, development of responsible citizenship, and self-fulfillment of the youth served by our partner schools. The Executive Director is expected to be an effective internal and external advocate for the Center’s mission and values. The individual chosen will report to the Dean of the Darden College of Education and will provide leadership and administrative management to the unit, as well as leadership in developing broad-based partnerships with school divisions in the Hampton Roads area. He or she will work closely with the College’s administration to determine and respond to the needs of the region’s school divisions for research and evaluation, and will seek external funding to support the work of the Center. The successful candidate will have: an earned doctorate and academic record that merits a faculty appointment at a senior level within the Darden College of Education in a discipline related to the operation and development of public schools; significant experience in identifying, writing, implementing and assessing collaborative grants; management and financial experience at the level of at least a program or center administrator; and a demonstrated ability to organize and lead an educational research unit. To apply submit a letter of application addressing position requirements, a vitae and contact information for 3 professional references to Dr. Sharon Judge, Search Committee Chair via email to : Review of applicants will begin on 9/13/10 and continue until the position is filled. Old Dominion University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution and requires compliance with the Immigration Reform Act of 1986.

Lead Teachers & Aids Christian Academy seeks FT/PT exp preferred. Call 757-490-4573

Engineering/ Architecture





622-1455 or to place your ad.

Licensed Mental Health Professional

Customer Service/ Call Center

For busy, upscale salon in Virginia Beach, Spa Phoenix. Excellent pay and benefits. Fax resume to 491-6219 or call 491-7142.

375,510 buyers and sellers meet here every week.

Drivers/ Transportation/ Shipping

in the following areas: l English l Technology


(Electronics, etc.) l Reading l Latin (another work site,

excluding incentives) Applicants are required to complete the on-line application at using code 1-10 (Teacher Job Fair) and the Gallup Teacher Assessment. Print the completed application prior to submitting. Bring the application and supporting credentials (Praxis II, VCLA, VRA scores, license, references, performance evaluations, etc) with you. A list of incentives may be found on the website as well. For additional information, contact the Department of Human Resources at 757-628-3905.

Engineer - Lead/Water Wastewater Whitman, Requardt and Associates, LLP (WR&A) currently has an opening for a Water/Wastewater Engineer with 10+ years of municipal engineering experience. WR&A’s Newport News office has grown its client base and we are looking for the right person to lead an office on the south side of Hampton Roads to better serve clients throughout the Tidewater area. WR&A is a regional top 130 ENR firm formed in 1915 to serve federal, state, and local government and industry throughout the mid Atlantic area. Applicants should have a BSCE or related undergraduate degree, PE, and 10 years of progressively responsible water/wastewater engineering experience. Positions offer competitive salary, full benefits, and a 401(k) plan. To apply, please visit EOE, Drug Free Workplace. U.S. Citizenship required.

Factory/ Warehouse ASS’T WAREHOUSE MANAGER KRAMER TIRE COMPANY 1369 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk Ideal candidate has proven exp., in a fast paced distribution/warehouse environment, w/hands on labor work experience a must. Multi-tasking abilities, and a working knowledge of tires, delivery routing, forklift exp., and logistics operations. Assistant Manager is responsible for all aspects of center operations in the absence of the Warehouse Manager. Including but not limited to: Personnel, facility management, training, maintaining OSHA requirements, vehicle maintenance program, policies and procedures, & inventory accountability. Training available for the right candidate. Exp., preferred. Excellent benefits including, 401k plan, health/dental ins., paid vacations and more! Competitive Salary based on experience. Send resumes attention HR (Taffy): Fax: 757-228-3023 Or apply on line @

DOCK WORKERS AND MATERIAL HANDLERS For work in the Norfolk/Chesapeake areas. Absolutely no felonies, must pass a drug screen & have reliable transportation. Day and night shifts available. Up to 12 hours per shift.

TIDEWATER STAFFING 5425 Va Beach Blvd, Va. Beach


Commercial Driving Training

Janitorial - Floor Tech's Soutside Candidate

Local Regional National

must have 3-5 yrs exp in floor care service. Valid DL preferred and exceptional criminal background check. Call (757) 833-1603

• Class A CDL • Train Quickly • Graduate Employment Services • Employer Tuition Reimbursement • Approved for VA/TA Assistance


National Co. seeking qualified contractor to do Assembly of Play Ground Sets, Fitness Equipment and to Repair Exercise Equipment and Massage Chairs in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. Must have own truck and tools. Background checks req’d. Call 501-835-2095 or



129 N. Witchduck Road • Virginia Beach, VA Advanced Technology Institute has been certified by SCHEV.

Engineering/ Architecture ENGINEERING TRAINEES Earn while you learn, no exp needed. Good pay, benefits, vacation, $ for school. HS grads ages 17-34. Call Mon-Fri 1800-533-1657

Part Time

9:30-3:30 MONDAY - FRIDAY Brand new call center hiring for all


Great pay and benefits. Call today, start right away.

757-463-7492 UPHOLSTERY HELPER heavy lifting, pass background check. Hand tools exp. Call 546-9374.

Government/ Civil Service Janitorial Operations Manager (PT) Southside Hampton Roads, Exp managing corporate & small healthcare accounts. Candidates must have at least five years of management exp. Valid Va Drivers License req’ drug screening and acceptable criminal background check req’. 5:30p-10:00p Fax Resume to 1-866-408-8912 or go to


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Government/ Civil Service

Healthcare/ Medical

Healthcare/ Medical

Janitorial Operations Manager (PT)

Lab Technician

Southside Hampton Roads, Exp managing corporate & small healthcare accounts. Candidates must have at least five years of management exp. Valid Va Drivers License req’ drug screening and acceptable criminal background check req’. 5:30p-10:00p Fax Resume to 1-866-408-8912 or go to

-P/T 2 days week/PRN in OB-GYN practice. Experience required in Microscopic and routine lab testing. Must be proficient in phlebotomy. Fax Resume 757-466-9262 or e/m

Healthcare/ Medical

Administrator Riverside Shore LifeCare at Parksley located on the Eastern Shore in Virginia is seeking a full-time Administrator of their facility which offers skilled and long-term care services. Shore LifeCare is a 136-bed facility that includes a 40-bed skilled unit. Successful candidate is required to hold a bachelors degree in a related field; Masters in Health Administration or equivalent is preferred. VA Nursing Home Administrator License required. Previous experience in healthcare administration required. 3-5 years of nursing home administration preferred. Attention to detail is essential. Must be adept at developing budgets, programs, and strategic plans. Duties and responsibilities require the ability to communicate information to others including employees, residents, visitors and the public. Must be able to convey basic understanding, sympathy or understanding where required, and otherwise promote and maintain congenial and professional relationships. Shore LifeCare is part of Riverside Health System, a 2010 Employer of Choice with over 7,000 team members. For details contact Teresa Evans, Riverside Talent Recruitment Center, (757) 534-5882 or

Billing Specialist - Pediatrics or fax to 757-673-3296

CHKDHS is seeking an RN with strong supervisory exp for their general pediatric outpatient department, located in the main hospital in Norfolk. Candidate must be proficient in the care of the pediatric patient and possess leadership and communication skills to take charge of this busy department. Coordinates and directs the actions of the nursing staff. Pediatric clinic exp a must, management/supervisor exp req'd. Apply on-line at

DENTAL FRONT DESK FT, Exp’d only. 481-3737 or fax resume 481-9011.

DENTAL PATIENT COORDINATOR If you love to smile, enjoy motivating patients to better dental health, and have prior dental experience, e-mail to or fax 757-257-0038. Opportunities with potential bonus now available in Battlefield Blvd and Shore Drive offices. Prior applicants need not apply.

Emergency Medical Professionals Medical Transport LLC, Virginia’s largest EMS agency, is still growing and hiring for multiple positions within a company.

We have an immediate need for Full Time and Flexi/prn EMT-B, EMT-I and Paramedics in the Hampton Roads area. All positions require a valid driver’s license with good driving record, Virginia EMT certification, and American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR. Current driving record and copies of certifications must be submitted at time of application. Please submit application/ certifications online at for consideration.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist Transfusion Services - Full-Time. Requires a Bachelors Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology with ASCP or NCA certification. New grads must obtain certification within six months of hire. Qualified candidate must meet FBI fingerprinting and criminal background requirements. CHKDHS offers competitive compensation and an excellent benefits plan. Apply online at, E.O.E.

Medical Transport LLC, is a drug free workplace.


Dental Clinical: Growing Va Bch perio practice seeking exp, clinical/surgical tech. Dental exp req'ed, surgical exp a plus. FT position for professional W/high level customer service skills. Previous applicants need not apply. 757-333-7444 DENTAL FINANCIAL/ INSURANCE Energetic, attentive individual needed to communicate effectively with patients & team in regard to treatment planning and insurance. Must have dental office work experience plus exemplary telephone and computer skills. If interested in full time opportunity in our Battlefield location, e-mail resume to or fax resume to 757-257-0038. Prior applicants need not apply.

Licensed Practical Nurses for our family practice offices in Newport News and Suffolk. Fast-paced, excellent customer service and communication skills. Triage & Electronic Health record experience a plus. Fax resume to 757-591-0682 or email to EOE/Drug Free/Criminal background check.

Medical Office Manager FT, busy Primary Care Practices in Chesapeake, Norfolk & Va Beach seeking highly motivated, well organized individuals with min 3yrs exp. in medical office management. Candidates must also possess strong leadership & organizational skills. Qualified applicants may fax resumes to 757-424-5213, attn Angie.

Medical Receptionist Busy Outpatient Orthopaedic Practice in Northern Suffolk (Harbour View) seeking F/T Receptionist. Exp. pref’d. Excellent benefits. Fax resume to 757-215-1403, Attn: Office Mgr.

Wardell Orthopaedics

Medical Receptionist Private Practice locations throughout Hampton Roads are seeking outstanding receptionist candidates. Successful applicants will have a college education &/or min 3 yrs reception exp, excellent customer service skills & a compassionate demeanor. Excellent benefits. Fax resumes to 757-424-5213, attn: Angie.

Nursing- FT LPN/MA positions avail. in busy primary care and specialty, and urgent care offices located in the Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach & Suffolk. Previous office exp. pref’. Applicants should fax resumes to 757-424-5213, attn: Angie.

Patient Accounts Coordinator for physical therapy office in VA beach. Full Time. Exp. with coding, billing & insurance authorization pref’d. Fax resume to Brian Hoke - 757-481-3779


Emergency Medical Tech - FT/PT Mid-Atlantic Regional Ambulance. $12/hr. Paid vacation, health ins, and wellness program offered. Apply at or call 757-273-7360.

Requires at least 1 yr on the job experience! 757-491-7766 Fax 757-437-9651

RESORT MANAGER The Resort Manager oversees the resort properties, staff, and customers to ensure efficient and profitable operations, maintain standards for personnel administration and performance, service to patrons, room rates, profitability, and type of patronage to be solicited. Reviews maintenance, security, and housekeeping logs/reports to ensure all concerns or requests have been completed in a timely manner. Continually roves the resort property (internally and externally) to address safety, maintenance, housekeeping and guest concerns. Coordinates evening and overnight staff activities. directors and managers. Min. 2 yrs mgmt. exp. and strong computer skill are required. Must be able to work weekends, holidays-on call 24 hours. Experience in recruiting, interviewing required. Education and/or Experience: Must have a well rounded maintenance background and up/ down people skills. Computer exp. with Word, Excel & Outlook req’d. Analytical skills to evaluate budgets & financial performance req’d. Should have at least a two-yr degree in a related field. Must be willing to attend co. paid trade classes as needed. Benefits: Year round employment, Full health, dental, life insurance and Employee Assistance Program paid by the company. Paid vacations, with the use of Resort stays all over the United States. Paid sick leave. To apply please forward resume to EOE.

Tidewater Fleet Supply is looking for an Assistant Warehouse Manager. Must be able to multi-task, have good computer and people skills and previous experience in warehouse management. Good Benefits. Send resume to

Real Estate/ Property Management Hercules Real Estate Services or fax to: 757-622-4076.

RN Night Shift- For Plastic Surgeon Minimum 2 yrs. critical care/PACU experience. E-mail resume to

Restaurant/ Food Service Catering Sale Director

Landscape Maintenance Personnel Must have experience. Good DMV. Benefits. Hickory, Chesapeake (757) 285-6087.

No exp nec. Will Train. Retired persons welcome. Call anytime PHONE/757-366-0408 and press #2

Law Legal LEGAL SECRETARY/PARALEGAL Exp. Litigation; needles; power point; Personal injury. salary neg., benefits, fax resume to (757) 456-0002

PARALEGAL/ADMINISTRATOR Full time position with great benefits. Paralegal certification required preferable with 5 yrs experience. Excellent communication/data entry skills. Fax resume to 757-498-4114.

SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATOR Plaintiff’s personal injury law firm, seeks a Settlement Negotiator with 5-10 yrs of experience. Salary commensurate with experience; competitive benefits offered. Email resume and salary requirements to or fax to (757) 591-2784.

Ship Building Ship Repair C4ISR Installations World Wide Ki, LLC a services company supporting the U.S. Government World Wide. Ki has immediate openings for full-time employment in the following skilled labor categories at our Chesapeake, VA office in support of ongoing Government contracts for installation and testing of a wide variety of shipboard and shore base C4ISR & combat systems:

3Shipboard Technicians 1 3 Laborers Must have the educational, general, and specialized experience required for each labor category. Must be able to obtain and maintain a Security Clearance (level of clearance contractually dictated) and pass an employer's background screening prior to being hired. Must be willing to travel and applicant is required to pass employer trade related process examinations and qualification tests to obtain quality assurance program certifications.

Ki,LLC offers a full & competitive range of benefits. Fax or Email resume to: Ki, LLC, ATN: VA OPS HR Fax: (757) 547-2317 Email: Ki, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer & is affiliated with Akima Management Services. All qualified applicants will be considered.

Delphinus Engineering is currently seeking an Environmental, Health & Safety Manager. Successful candidate will possess National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP), Licensed Safety Professional (LSP) certification or equivalent and experience working in a Shipyard environment. Must have a broad knowledge of local, state and federal ES&H regulations. This position requires some travel and DOD security clearance. Delphinus Engineering is an equal opportunity employer and offers competitive pay and benefits. Please send resume to Delphinus Engineering, 7437 Central Business Park Drive, Norfolk VA., 23513 or email to:


RN's, LPN's and CNA's- Call Virginia Beach Healthcare & Rehabilitation Ctr. 481-3500.


Insurance Billers Medical Assistants LPNs TEMP TO HIRE!

$38,000-$48,000, FT w/benefits, hours may include daytime, evening and weekends. Assoc. Degree or equiv.+ 3 yrs exp. LP mgmt. View vacancy and apply at: or

seeks a skilled maint. prof. to ensure physical operation & appearance of our community in Norfolk, VA. Must have knowledge of unit turnover, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, boilers and chillers. HVAC exp required. Please send resume via Email:

Law Enforcement/ Security for a very busy premier Orthopaedic practice. Minimum 5 years related mgmt exp required. Qualified candidate must be able to manage people and workflow effectively. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Please fax your cover letter & resume to Patsy Murabito at 1.866.420.0171. Application Deadline is August 31, 2010. OSC is an EOE.


PT, 25hrs, late afternoons & Eves to 8pm Mon.-Thur. Fridays til 6pm. Medical Office experience pref’d. Fax resume to (757) 424-5623

Landscaping/ Lawn Maintenance

Front Office Manager - Full Time For busy pediatric office in Norfolk. Experienced Only. Fax resume to 757-627-2634.

The City of Virginia Beach is seeking Waste Management Operators for the Waste Management Division of the Department of Public Works. This position requires a CDL and 1 year heavy equipment/truck driving experience. For more information and to apply online log on to EOE


Clinical Nursing Supervisor

One of only two EMS agencies in Virginia to be CAAS accredited.

FT- Western Branch section of Chesapeake. Experience coding professional; 3-5 yrs. Exp. ICD-9 and CPT coding required. EMR experience a plus. Send resume with salary requirements to

Maintenance Waste Management Operator

needed with experience contact by email

PAINT SHOP MGR- SSPC certs preferred: C-7, C-12, C-13, C-14, NBPI- Knowledge of MACT standards, & NAVSEA req. 5 yrs min supervisory exp in marine industry. 757-545-3121 RESUME FAX or email to, EOE

Shipyard Trades l Welders l Shipfitters l Pipefitters lElectricians lOutside Machinists Immediate opening, Excellent Pay Overtme. Benefits. Call CTR 873-5900 EOE

SKILLED TRADES Accepting applications for the following: l Blasters (C7 Certs) l CNC Machinist l Marine Electrician l Riggers/Stage Erectors l Sheetmetal Mechanic l QA Techs (NACE/NBPI/SSPC) l 1ST class w/5 yrs experience l Brush and Roll Painters Must have own way to work & basic hand tools. No Felonies. Drug screen required.

TIDEWATER STAFFING, INC. 1000 Poindexter Street, Chesapeake

Dining Services Manager Chef/Manager-Hands on cooking. 3 yrs. supervising & scratch cooking experience. P&L responsibility preferred. Food certification required. Email resumes to, refer to Box #11469 in the subject line.

or 1519 Rodman Avenue, Portsmouth STEEL FAB PROJECT MGR 10+ yrs. exp. project mgmt, planning, estimating exp. w/ heavy industrial/marine fabrication construction; 757-545-3121-FAX, EOE

QSR / Fast Food Management positions open. Must have 2 years experience, great managerial skills in a restaurant environment, excellent customer service skills, Serve Safe certificate required. Please call Ms. Sheffield at 757-640-2153 or fax resume to 757-640-2175.

WAIT STAFF to work evenings , 5 to close . Exp’d No Sundays, apply in person Doumars 1919 Monticello Ave.

Telecommunications/ Cable Cable Technician Background check/drug testing required. Apply at 1025 Executive Blvd Ste 113 Chesapeake M-F 9-3

Retail RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATES Now accepting applications for full and part time exp’d sales associates at our Virginia Beach and Chesapeake store locations. If you are a motivated, self starter with retail experience who would like to help customers learn how to enjoy nature in their own backyards, we have a job for you. Interest in backyard birdfeeding or nature helpful but not necessary. Apply at Wild Birds Unlimited, Hilltop West Shopping Center, Va. Beach - 422-3215 or Greenbrier MarketCenter, Chesapeake - 436-4472.

RESUME WRITING Previous Fortune 100 Human Resource professional with a Master’s of Business Administration will review and write your resume. Call 757-271-8681 or fax information to 757-271-1598

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for lifelong growth

MEDICAL ASSISTING Now Accepting Applications for Drivers! Private School Bus Transportation company looking for caring, responsible school bus drivers. CDL license required, with P and S endorsements. Clean DMV required. Must be able to pass drug test.

Part Time Positions Only. Start at $11.70/ hr. Please call Tranquest at (757) 455-5555 Serious Inquires Only

Medical Assisting diploma program designed to provide you with knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level employment as a medical assistant in a medical office or clinic, with skills in office administration, computer, and clinical areas. Day and Evening Classes * Classes meet Monday - Thursday • VA & Tuition Assistance * Financial Aid For Those Qualified * Employment Assistance. Fortis College is certified by SCHEV to operate in the state of Virginia. * Not all classes offered in evening.

CALL 757-499-5447 TODAY! 16 | CCEW

6300 Center Dr. Suite 100 Norfolk, VA 23502


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