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Monday, August 15, 2011

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Equal Opportunity Employer Background and drug screens are required.


APAC Customer Services, Inc. is ranked among the top 10 global contact-management leaders, and offers the potential to develop your career as far as your ambitions will take you.

We Are Hiring For The Following Positions In Our Newport News Call Center



Salary starting at 33K

Salary starting at 27K

To manage the quality, performance, and production of 30 associates in achieving quality, performance, and production within company guidelines, policies, and procedures.

To assist and support all team members in providing customer oriented service excellence.

CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM MEMBER Starting at $11.00 to 13.00/hour with promotional opportunities and performance based incentives! Inbound customer services requiring client solutions handling. Our quality-focused employees have tremendous people skills and a real enthusiasm for customer service.


Apply Online At

 *LU[LY +YP]L )\PSKPUN  5VYMVSR =(              !!! 

Where World Class Service Meets World Class Careers



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Coming on August 29th


Workers wanted‌



Looking to target a diverse group of job seekers? We deliver!...

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Call Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Classifieds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8, 9, 10 Drivers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3, 4, 5, 12

5 ACTIVE JOB SEEKERS ready to work

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candidates looking for their next career move or better pay

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5 EXITING MILITARY military base distribution

5 YOUNGER JOB SEEKERS high school and college campus distribution, and non-newspaper readers Advertise your job openings in Employment Weekly and you’ll reach thousands of readers interested in employment opportunities.



General. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3, 4, 6, 7, 11 Medical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Trades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 CareerConnection’s Employment Weekly is published to provide the job seeker with up-to-date, detailed information about local & regional job opportunities. CareerConnection’s Employment Weekly is available free of charge to the public in the Hampton Roads Area, including our green newspaper boxes as well as major grocery stores, major retail stores, employment centers, universities, colleges, training schools & independent businesses.

ADVERTISING 843 E. Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, VA 23518 (757) 480-0945 50 New Market Square Newport News, VA 23605 (757) 380-0124

Chesapeake Crossing Shopping Center 1935 S. MIlitary Hwy. Chesapeake, VA 23320 (757) 543-3401 601 Frederick Blvd., Portsmouth, VA 23707 (757) 393-9202 949A Chimney Hill Shopping Center Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (757) 498-5160


757-222-5454 OR FAX

757-446-2302 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Tammy Johnson ■ 757.222.3150 Joann Schrum ■ 757.446.2230 Toby Word ■ 757.222.5428 Marie Bogue ■ 757.222.3829 Toni Freeman ■ 757.222.5407 Dawn Mahoney ■ 757.446.2924


2 | CCEW


Recruitment Advertising Manager Michelle Morris-Walls ■ 757.446.2912

TO PLACE AN AD CALL 757-222-5454 OR VISIT WWW.HREW.COM Recruiting Participants For An

ALCOHOL RESEARCH STUDY @ Old Dominion University

EARN $50! Must be between ages 18-25, not enrolled in college, and drank alcohol in past 30 days For more info, visit: or call



Software Developer PAPCO Inc. seeks a highly responsible, energetic and well-skilled individual for the position of full-time Business Intelligence Developer. The position will provide primary support to the Finance department and backup support to PAPCO’s remaining operational departments.

Essential Functions: • Develop Business Intelligence applications and reports. • Automate existing manual back-office reporting processes. • Lead integration efforts for merging BI projects and solutions with enterprise back office systems and applications. • Design, code, test, and document all new or modified applications and programs. • Develop the semantic layer, metadata, reports, and report definitions. • Assist in the design of databases and data warehouses to ensure interoperability with BI solutions. • Troubleshoot BI tools, systems, and software; performance-tune these applications as necessary. • Complete adhoc queries as assigned/requested. • Build dashboards of key metrics. • Build efficiency in existing processes by developing automated solutions. • Provide technical backup to other department development/ analyst functions including, web-based application development and back-office system analysis support.

Skills and Knowledge Required: • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology/Computer Science or Engineering with a minimum of 3 years of work experience in web application or Business Intelligence programming. • Strong experience with MS SQL Server required. • Strong understanding of relational database structures, theories, principles, and practices. • Strong ability to analyze user requirements and build front-end BI applications according to specifications. • Expertise in LogiXML including Dashboard Design and Development, Administration, Environment and Dashboard Performance Skills, and Security, is preferred. • Knowledge of JavaScript and Visual Basic is preferred. • Exceptional analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving abilities. • Must be self motivated. • Excellent time management and organizational skills. • Experience in accounting and/or financial analysis a plus. • Very proficient in Microsoft Office products.

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%( !!#  ""%!*   !!#  %(# (!  %((! ,  $)%#

  '46+(+'& ‡ %%4'&+6'& $; 6*' 

Fax resumes/cover letter to 757-321-4479

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We offer training in Medical Assisting, Practical Nursing, Massage Therapy, Allied Health Management, Dental Assisting and Medical Billing & Coding. SCHEV Certified. Accredited School, ACCSC. Additional Certification May Be Required. Not All Programs Available At All Locations.

MAKE MONEY! Get A Newspaper Route In Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and North Suffolk

CONTACT US AT 757-222-5625 4 | CCEW


Now Accepting Applications for Drivers! Private School Bus Transportation company looking for caring, responsible school bus drivers. CDL license required, with P and S endorsements. Clean DMV required. Must be able to pass drug test.

Part Time Positions Only. Start at $12.00/ hr. Please call Tranquest at (757) 455-5555


Serious Inquires Only


You’re A Click Away From A Rewarding Career!! We are currently hiring for the following positions and many more: Administrative Coordinator (CIS) Job ID#40397855


Automotive Foreman Job ID#40628509


Heavy Equipment Operator


Job ID#40618672

Job ID#32020712

Senior Systems Analyst Job ID#40628373

Water Quality Assistant





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Please view full job descriptions at or



CCEW | 5



IS THE RESOURCE YOU NEED! YOU GET TOTAL MARKET COVERAGE, SOUTHSIDE & PENINSULA WITH ONE AD ■ Farm Fresh ■ Food Lion ■ Wawa ■ All Military Bases ■ All Virginia Employment Commission Offices ■ Universities & Libraries

■ Colleges ■ Technical & Trade Schools ■ All High Schools ■ Shopping Malls ■ Fast Food Restaurants ■ Freestanding Boxes & Racks

WWW.HREW.COM ■ During Week Of Purchased Print Ad ■ Online Postings Available

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workers wanted

the TRADES Coming August 29, 2011 Who restores power, maintains roads, constructs bridges, buildings, homes and delivers cargo? They are the folks we depend on - skilled tradespeople. It may not be glamorous, but what they do is very important for our communities. They keep Hampton Roads moving and working.

Look Inside CareerConnection’s Employment Weekly for this special publication.

CCEW | 7

TO PLACE AN AD CALL 757-222-5454 OR VISIT WWW.HREW.COM VIEW COMPLETE DETAILS ABOUT THE JOB AND APPLY ONLINE @ CAREERCONNECTION.COM (SEARCH BY JOB ID) Construction Estimator, Competitive Market Focus –Clancy & Theys Construction Company, Newport News,, Job ID# 40509638

Go online to

Enter “JOB ID” number in the search field.

Phone Order Sales Clerk –International Marketing Association, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 39952179

Estimator/Project Manager –Prestige Floors, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40097881

Receptionist –Great Bridge Veterinary Hospital, Chesapeake, Job ID# 40366474

Dental Assistant-Full Time –Oceanfront Dentistry, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 39869114

Printing Technician –Berry Plastics Corporation, Suffolk,, Job ID# 39751911

Technical Support - Web Hosting –InMotion Hosting, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 38919386

Dental Scheduling Coordinator –The Foleck Center, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40046594

Survey Crew Member –Draper Aden Associates, Inc., Hampton Roads,, Job ID# 40055394

Computers/IT/Technology IT Services Specialist –Virginia Oncology Associates, Norfolk,, Job ID# 39735355 Programmer Analyst II/III #4094 –City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 39908471 Senior Systems Analyst –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40628373 Software Developer –PAPCO, , teresa.smith@papco. com, Job ID# 40472710 Telecommunications System Coordinator –City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40386289 VB .NET Developer –Medical Data Express, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40453695 Contract Maintenance Billing Clerk –Electronic Systems, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 39823196

Diesel Truck Technician –AAA Tidewater, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40474094

Job ID#

Facilities Coordinator –ABM Janitorial Services, Hampton Roads,, Job ID# 39968580

Maintenance Supervisor –Hampton Roads Transit, Norfolk, Job ID# 38757930

Accountant –UrsaNav, Inc., Chesapeake, diane.keup@, Job ID# 40317385

Project Manager Assistant –RG Electric, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40618630

Mechanic - Small Engines –Land & Coates, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 40097933

Accounts Payable/Accounting Clerk –Company Confidential, Portsmouth, Job ID# 40500317

Receptionist –Paulson & Paulson, PLC, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 39722184

Mechanic 3 –Hampton Roads Transit, Hampton, Job ID# 38401432

Accounts Receivables Assistant –Atlantic Container Line, Hampton Roads,, Job ID# 40217464

Sr Administrative Assistant –Hampton Roads Transit, Hampton, Job ID# 40273058

Bookkeeper/Office Assistant. –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40366444

Advertising/Marketing/ Media

Accounting & Finance Accountant –Company Confidential, Norfolk, 39823244

Mobile Assistant Cashier –Hampton Roads Transit, Hampton, Job ID# 40273060 Payroll Manager –Top Guard Security, Hampton, jovalle@, Job ID# 40366523 STAFF ACCOUNTANT –Affinity4, A New Standard for Giving, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40166164 Tax Education and Support –Liberty Tax Services, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40269423 Tax Professionals - All Levels –Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, Norfolk,, Job ID# 39735137

Graphic Designer –Greenbrier Dodge, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 40268701 Marketing Analyst (2980) –The Virginian-Pilot, norfolk, Job ID# 39735153 National Marketing Manager –Tidewater Motor Credit, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40187115 Public Affairs & Strategic Communications Officer –Albemarle County Schools, Charlottesville, dmiller@, Job ID# 40628503

Nissan Service Manager –Priority Automotive, Richmond, Job ID# 40472780 Sales Associates, F&I Specialist, Service Technicians –Priority Automotive, Richmond, shannonc@, Job ID# 40472787 Sales Professional –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40594291 Sales Professional –Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40594341 Service Manger –Cavalier Mazda, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 40141970 State Inspector –AAA Tidewater, Hampton, 40217885

Job ID#

COBRA Retiree Account Administrator –Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc., Virginia Beach, hrdirector@flex-admin. com, Job ID# 39908475

Development Manager –Smith/Packett, Roanoke,, Job ID# 40268507

Repair Technician & Swimming Pool Service –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 39384417

Review details and apply.

Customer Service Supervisor –Tidewater Finance Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40618608

Web/Java Developer (Multiple Openings) –IL2000, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 39970787

Counseling/Social Services/Non-Profit After School Counselor/Facilitator –The Armed Services YMCA, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40386290 FT/PT - Children Therapy Services –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton,, Job ID# 39447703 FT/PT Therapist II - Adult Therapy Services –HamptonNewport News CSB, Hampton, Job ID# 39447711 Licensed Mental Health Professional –National Counseling Group, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40052741 On-Call Environmental Services Worker –HamptonNewport News CSB, Hampton, Job ID# 40472678 PACT Peer Specialist –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton, Job ID# 39209552

TELEMARKETERS –International Marketing Association, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 39952176

Drivers/Transportation/ Shipping Bus Operators - PT –HRT - Hampton Roads Transit, Hampton, Job ID# 38401435 CDL DRIVERS –TFC Recycling, Chesapeake, careers@, Job ID# 39968589 Drivers –Kenan Advantage Group, ,

Job ID#


Education/Training Administrative Professional Faculty Position –Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Job ID# 39722135 K-12 Teachers and Related Personnel –Company Confidential, , Job ID# 40509664 Lead Pre-school Teacher –The Armed Services YMCA, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40386286

Engineering/Architecture Pressure Safety Inspector –National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec), Las Vegas,, Job ID# 39952506

Environmental/Agriculture Water Quality Assistant –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Newport News, Job ID# 40618672

Executive Search Executive Director –Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40217907

CORRECTIONAL HEALTH ASSISTANT –Western Tidewater Regional Jail, Suffolk,, Job ID# 39889545

Direct Care Tech –Company Confidential, Chesapeake, Job ID# 40098020 Executive Director –MARIAN MANOR, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40500944 Experienced Dental Assistant –James L Rutledge, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40346148 FNPMA July 2011 –Fort Norfolk Plaza Medical Associates, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40098057 Home Care Agency Branch Manager –Rescare Homecare, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40388126 Insurance/ Billing Representative –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 39869129 LPN’s and Medical Assistants –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40366502 LPN/ MA –Dr. Thomas Mauser, Chesapeake, tlmauser@, Job ID# 39952208 Medical Clerical Assistant –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40217672 Medical Receptionist –Cardiovascular Associates, Ltd., Chesapeake,, Job ID# 40552370 Nuclear Medicine Tech –Cardiovascular Associates, Ltd., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40423973 Nurse Practitioner –Cardiovascular Associates, Ltd., Chesapeake,, Job ID# 40423977 Nurse Practitioners / Physician Assistants –Virginia Oncology Associates, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40097779 PART TIME OPERATING ROOM REGISTERED NURSE –Company Confidential, Virginia, Job ID# 40453625 Physical Therapist –Glasson Sports Medicine, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40268627 Physician Assistant/ Nurse Practitioner –Neurosurgical Specialists. Inc., Norfolk,, Job ID# 40534078 Procedure Scheduler –Gastroenterology Associates, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40506485 PT Driver/Courier –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton, Job ID# 40268535 Registered Nurse- Home Health –Rescare Home Care, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40217457

Path Outreach Specialist –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton, Job ID# 40472694


Financial Service Representative –ABNB Federal Credit Union, ,, Job ID# 40583650

Program Coordinator (Outreach & Eligibility Coordinator) –COMMUNITY ALTERNATIVES INC., Norfolk,, Job ID# 40412671

Warehouse Worker NA-05 RFT –Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), Norfolk, Bernadette.Stokes.fn@, Job ID# 40500892


Financial Services Professional –MassMutual Financial Group, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40412242

Utilization Review Specialist –Hampton-Newport News CSB, Hampton, Job ID# 40472688


Administration/General Office

Auto Mechanic & State Inspector –Holland Road Auto Center, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40268499

Float Teller/Financial Service Rep –ABNB Federal Credit Union, ,, Job ID# 40098019

H/R Benefits & Payroll Assistant –Company Confidential, Suffolk, Job ID# 40268532

Customer Service/Call Center

Box Office Manager –Regent University, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40366457

HRIS Analyst –City of Chesapeake, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 40083835

Account Administrator /Customer Service –Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc., Virginia Beach, HRDirector@, Job ID# 39908474


Electronic Technician –HRT - Hampton Roads Transit, Norfolk, Job ID# 38401433

Human Resources Associate (Life/Health Benefits); HQN-017-11 –NEXCOM, Norfolk, Job ID# 39320678

Heavy Equipment Operator –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Virginia Beach, Job ID# 32020712

Administrative Assistant –Glandon Insurance Agency, Newport News,, Job ID# 39952157

Automotive Foreman –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Newport News, Job ID# 40628509

Human Resources Manager –Virginia Oncology Associates, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40397778

Tax Software Analyst –Liberty Tax Services, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40269408 Underwriters and Processors –Tidewater Mortgage Services, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 39752708

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT –Larrymore Organization, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40248518 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT(CORPORATE EMPOLYMENT) –NEXCOM, NORFOLK, Job ID# 40472741 Appointment Scheduler –National Right to Work, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 39908669

8 | CCEW

Search Marketing Specialist (2995) –The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Job ID# 40191781

Banking/Financial Services

Part Time Peak Time Teller/Financial Service Rep – ABNB Federal Credit Union, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40098013 Relationship Manager –ABNB Federal Credit Union, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40583645

Automotive Positions –BEACH FORD, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40552378

Building & Construction/ Skilled Trades

Body Shop Manager –Priority Automotive, Richmond,, Job ID# 40472784

Asbestos Workers - Licensed –WACO, INC., Newport News,, Job ID# 40594224

Diesel Technician/Mechanic –NORFOLK TRUCK CENTER, Norfolk,, Job ID# 38000758

Assistant Project Manager –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 39970457

Administrative Coordinator - CIS –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40397855 APAC Customer Serivces –APAC, Newport News, Job ID# 40386349 CLOSERS –International Marketing Association, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 39952178 Collections and Customer Service Representatives –Tidewater Finance Company, Virginia Beach, hr@twcs. com, Job ID# 40397793 Customer Service Representative (FLEX), HQN-00911 –NEXCOM/Navy Exchange, Little Creek, leah.smith@, Job ID# 39908007

LRT Maintenance Technician - LRV –Hamptn Roads Transit, Norfolk, Job ID# 38757488 Sr. Service Planner –Hampton Roads Transit, Norfolk, Job ID# 38378877

RN Flex Team –BON SECOURS VIRGINIA HEALTH SYSTEM, Hampton Roads, Job ID# 40141882

Human Resources



Account Manager - Commercial Lines –Rutherfoord, a Marsh and McLennan Agency LLC company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40055414

Billing Office Assistant/Transcription Coordinator –Company Confidential, Chesapeake, Job ID# 40472613

Full Time Sales/Service Position –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40248508

TO PLACE AN AD CALL 757-222-5454 OR VISIT WWW.HREW.COM Accounting/ Finance

Law Enforcement/Security

Restaurant/Food Service

Security Guard –Linxx Global Solutions, Norfolk, Job ID# 39759076

Banquet Supervisor –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40366447

Law/Legal Law Position –Rutter Mills, Norfolk, bscott@ruttermills. com, Job ID# 40044392 Legal Assistant –Samuel I. White, P.C., Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40628832 Paralegal –Crenshaw, Ware, & Martin P.L.C, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40141984


Retail Fitness Center Sales and Marketing –Anytime Fitness Harbour View, Suffolk, douglas.christian@anytimefitness. com, Job ID# 40500302 Merchandiser (Candy) –Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), Virginia Beach, leah.smith@nexweb. org, Job ID# 40472738


Interceptor Assistant - Newport News –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Newport News, Job ID# 39150577

Account Manager –Outsite Networks, Inc., Norfolk,, Job ID# 40416063

Maintenance Operations Assistant –HRSD Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist., Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40423925

Business to Business Sales –Russell’s Heating & Cooling, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 39988231


Call Center Sales Associate –Harris Connect LLC, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 35130158

Child Care Site Director –The Armed Services YMCA, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40386281

Field Sales Representative (2957) –The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Job ID# 40187870

Convenience Store Managers –Company Confidential, Hampton Roads area, Job ID# 40415163 General Manager, South Norfolk Jordan Bridge –South Norfolk Jordan Bridge, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40594539 Junior to Mid Level Project Manager –ABS Technology Architects, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40055079

Licensed Sales Associate –All State, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40628873 OUTSIDE PARTS ROUTE SALES –Truck Enterprises Chesapeake, Chesapeake, ghassell@truckenterprises. com, Job ID# 40043583 Sales –Colonial Chevrolet, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40246288

fits, Double entry accrual accounting, A/P, A/R, fixed assets, excel & communication skills a must. Mail resume to: NAF Human Resources Office, 1200 Fechteler Rd, Norfolk VA 23505 or submit electronically via; on line applications available at index.htm


Administration/ General Office

$3000 - $5000 Sign-On Bonuses!!!

Administrative Assistant

Clerical Assistant For large multi-specialty physician billing office located in Norfolk. Computer skills, knowledge of alpha & numeric filing systems, customer service skills & general office knowledge req’d. Must have own transportation. Competitive salary & benefits. Send resume to HR Office, P.O. Box 11049, Norfolk, VA 23517 or fax to (757) 668-7618.

ODU Office Manager (#00514) For details, go to on Monday, August 15, 2011. AA/EOE PASTOR'S ASSISTANT Courtland Baptist Church is seeking a pastor's assistant to work primarily with pastoral care & discipleship approx. 20 hours weekly. College/seminary and ministerial experience preferred. Send resume with 3 references to: Staff Position, Courtland Baptist Church, P. O. Box 148, Courtland, VA 23837.

Receptionist/Secretary needed immediately for busy Norfolk property management firm. Must be detailed oriented ,enthusiastic, able to answer multi line telephone system, multi-task and have computer and secretarial skills fax resume with salary requirement to 757-627-3361.

Automotive/ Mechanics Auto Master Tech needed immediately

Sales Consultant –First Team Automotive Group, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 39518729

Office Manager/Accounting –Cuisine and Company, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40055416

Full time position/ Flat rate + overtime, 5 + yrs Exp required, Prefer ASE Cert, Ability to diag & rpr foreign & domestic autos, utilize computer diag & work with maint software, Strong auto elec background, Must have own tools, + DMV record, be 21 or older, pass drug & bckgrnd Apply at 904 Cavalier Blvd Chesapeake w/DMV

Sales Manager –Electronic Systems, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40269267

START TODAY - Motivated individuals, no exp.

Operations/Plant Manager –Company Confidential, , Job ID# 40455567

Sales Professionals –BMZ USA, Inc, Virginia Beach, mike., Job ID# 40594319

Safety Manager –Murphy-Brown, LLC, Waverly,, Job ID# 39759206

Sales Rep: Web Hosting & Website Design –Company Confidential, Virginia Beach, Job ID# 40628725


Sales Representative –Electronic Systems, Hampton, Job ID# 39892032

Managers In Training –Family Thrift Center, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40259611

Buyer –STIHL Inc., Virginia Beach, Job ID# 39908705

Sales Associates –Priority Automotive Group, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 40594530

Sales/Retail –Batteries Plus, Chesapeake, Batteriesplus@, Job ID# 40203391

Procurement Planner –STIHL Inc., Virginia Beach, Job ID# 39908712

Ship Building/Ship Repair

Production Control Assistant/Engineering Aide – COMSACO, Inc., Norfolk,, Job ID# 40246197

ALL MARINE TRADES / EXPERIENCED PIPEFITTER –Company Confidential, , Job ID# 40500877

Production Planner –STIHL Inc., Virginia Beach, Job ID# 39908713

Publishing/Printing Ad Traffic Coordinator (2978) –The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Job ID# 40187864

Real Estate/Property Mgmt Assistant Maintenance Supervisor –Lawson Realty Corporation, Norfolk, merrimack.landing@lawsoncompanies. com, Job ID# 40618631 LEASING CONSULTANT –Kotarides, Norfolk, laurens@, Job ID# 40097894 Maintenance Supervisor –The Lawson Companies, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40189236 Maintenance Supervisor –Larrymore Organization, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40508622 Property Manager –The Lawson Companies, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40055364

Skilled Trades (Manufacturing) Conventional Machinists –Craft Industrial Inc., Hampton,, Job ID# 40121245 Machine Operator –Old Dominion Peanut Company, Norfolk,, Job ID# 40618660 Machinist –In-Place Machining Company, Chesapeake,, Job ID# 39952162 Machinist Millwright –Craft Industrial Inc., Hampton,, Job ID# 40257639

Veterinary Full Time Veterinary Assistant –Chesapeake Animal Hospital, Chesapeaek,, Job ID# 40008718 Veterinary Assistant –great neck veterinary clinic, Virginia Beach,, Job ID# 40078401

AUTO SALES necessary, we will train you to make MONEY, paid training & benefits, great pay plan + bonuses. 2 POSITIONS OPEN. Apply in person,

3510 East Little Creek Road, Norfolk.

AUTO TECHNICIANS Rapidly growing dealer seeking 5 self - motivated, reliable auto technicians for our Norfolk location. Benefits package includes 100% paid health insurance & air-conditioned shop, 2 weeks paid vacation a yr. Call 461-5040 or email or apply at 6336 E. VA. Beach Blvd. Norfolk, VA

Beach Ford in Virginia Beach has several full-time openings: Detailer: Individual will be cleaning (washing, vacuuming, drying, etc) new & used vehicles & vehicles after they have been repaired. Must be able to work hard and not be afraid to get your hands dirty, able to drive automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Must be able to work Saturdays. Parts Runner: Individual will be responsible for walking parts to various Service Technicians and maintaining shelves. All positions require valid driver's license and clean driving record and ability to pass all pre-employment testing. Apply in person to: Beach Ford, 2717 Virginia Beach Blvd, VA Beach. EOE/Drug-Free Workplace. CLEAN UP/LOT ATTENDANT Must be able to wash and vacuum vehicles after they have been repaired. Must be able to drive automatic and manual transmission vehicles; must be at least 18 years of age. Valid driver's license and clean driving record required. Apply in person: Beach Ford Body Shop, 581 Central Drive, VA Beach, VA EOE/DrugFree Workplace. Mechanic - 5+ years servicing 2 and 4 cycle equipment, Ford F250 V8 & diesel. 482-0678

MECHANIC - HEAVY VEHICLE E.T. Gresham Company is seeking a skilled Heavy Vehicle Mechanic with experience in diesel , hydraulic and electrical systems. Must have own tools and valid Drivers Lic, preferably Class A CDL. Comp. wages/benefits/401K Equal opportunity employer and drug free workplace. Please fax resume to 757-625-7705

Collections Auto Finance Co. seeks professionals with proven skills in collections. Great telephone skills a must. Flexible schedule, vacation after 6 months & 100% paid health insurance. Fax resumes to 757-461-5503 or email: 6336 E. VA. Beach Blvd., Norfolk

Accounting Tech: FT w/excellent bene-

Dependable & friendly personality. Mon-Fri, 7:30AM - 4:30PM. Fax resume to 757-361-0365


Automotive/ Mechanics

COME TALK TO US: 4FAST MEDICAL BENEFITS!! 4OUTSTANDING TECH PAY 4LIFE & DENTAL INS. & 401K We are a busy shop building a great team! For a confidential interview call 420-2800 & ask for Mel Jordan, Service Director, or Melissa Burdette, H.R. Manager 1717 S. Military Highway, Chesapeake, VA 23320 EOE

Counseling/ Social Services/ Non-Profit Hope House Foundation, a non-profit agency committed to helping people w/ developmental disabilities participate in community life, is hiring PT Support Staff & FT Support Assistant for Va. Beach team. To learn more/ apply @ by Fri. 8-19-11.

Customer Service/ Call Center Canon ITS is hiring!

CREDIT UNION MSR/TELLER Credit Union in Suffolk looking for a part time MSR, Cash handling a must. Must be bondable. Fax resume to 757-388-2698 with salary requirements.

Building & Construction/ Skilled Trades Allsbrook Goodman Inc. is seeking an electrical designer/engineer for building systems design. PE license & EIT certification a plus. Send resume & salary req in confidence: fax 757-497-8049 or email to Visit

ASBESTOS WORKERS - Licensed Marine and Industrial Insulators needed for local job site, long term. Benefits include health/life insurance, 401K and paid vacation. Apply at Waco, Inc., 11839A Canon Blvd., Newport News (Oyster Point Industrial Park) EOE.

Beach Marine Services Now hiring Marine Technicians, Boat Painting & Fiberglass Technicians. Drug free work place, an EEOC. Email resumes to No phone calls. Cabinet Spray Finisher and Glazing Exp w/cabinets & furniture req. Call 853-4728

Certified Aluminum Mig Welders 5yrs.Experience $15.00 per hr. Chesapeake Yachts, Inc. 1700 Shipyard Rd. Chesapeake Va 23323 Email resume: Call(757)472-1700

Dozer Excavator Forman Site & Utility Experience required fax resume 757-673-0751

Experienced Forklift Technician Must have own tools. Good benefits. Call 757-547-1463

Financial Controller For Construction Company, applicant must have a Bachelors Degree in Accounting or Finance and at least 5 years Construction Accounting Experience. Timberline Software Experience & CPA a plus. For immediate consideration e-mail resume/salary requirements to David Sterling @ or fax 757.466.1115 EOE M/F/V/H

HVAC and PLUMBERS Residential service Plumbers and HVAC positions available for immediate start. Call 498-2588 for phone interview.

HVAC Installer & Service Tech Must have exp. Apply 9-3, M-F at J.F Whitlow Jr. & Son. 703 Confederate Ave, Portsmouth

Norfolk Public Schools is accepting applications for School Bus Drivers. Work involves driving a bus on designated routes to pick up and drop off students, helping children with special needs to board and exit the bus, and performing daily safety checks on assigned bus. All interested applicants must apply at the Norfolk Public Schools Transportation Department, 5555 Raby Road (between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.) Monday through Thursday. EOE.

Maintenance/Electrical Shipyard. Must be able to pass drug screen and background check. Call 757-675-7914 or 757-816-6659

Skilled Asphalt Workers Need for local paving crew. Jack man, loot man, paver operators. fill out application in person at 5025 Southern blvd Va Beach 23462 EOE

Wrecker Drivers Needed IMMEDIATELY FT/PT - Must be 25+, have + DMV record, live Within 15 min of shop & obtain Board of towing & Recovery Operators License. Must pass Drug Screen & Background Check. Apply with DMV Record at 904 Cavalier Blvd. Chesapeake

Education/Training Tyrrell County Schools P.O. Box 328, Columbia, NC 27925 Phone: (252) 796-1121, Fax: (252) 796-1492

Family and Consumer Science Teacher Must hold Bachelor's Degree in related area & hold or be eligible to hold NC Teacher Licensure in area of assignment. SALARY: NC Public School Personnel State Salary Schedule, Plus Local Supplement and Benefits. APPLICATION PROCESS: Interested and qualified persons should complete the Department of Public Instruction Online Application at Once application has been submitted, please send a letter of interest to LouAnn Maxson in the Personnel Office or email at Applications received by August 24, 2011 will be given first consideration. It is the policy of Tyrrell County Schools that education activities, employment programs, and services are offered without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion or age. Pearl J. Sutton, title IX Officer.

CDL DRIVERS and DRIVERS WITH VALID DRIVERS LICENSE NEEDED - Expected to work in a utility/construction crew. No phone calls. Must apply in person @ 7:30 a.m. Mon. - Fri. 4125 S. Military Highway, Chesapeake - SHOP.

Delivery Driver Mattress

Discounters, the largest bedding

retailer in the Hampton Roads area, is seeking delivery drivers. Must have good DMV record, references, delivery experience A MUST, reliable and give a good appearance. Familiar with the Hampton Roads area is a plus and ability to read a road map is required. Excellent pay package, hospitalization, 401K, group dental, paid vacation, and bonus offered. We do background checks and are a drug free environment. Apply at 5393 Wesleyan Dr., Suite 104,Va. Beach 23455 on

NORFOLK PUBLIC SCHOOLS Administrative Vacancy

Benefits Senior Coordinator For details visit

School Nutrition Program Specialist [#00802] The Virginia Department of Education is seeking a qualified and experienced professional to work as a School Nutrition Program Specialist. The position requires statewide travel, including extensive travel within the assigned region.

Monday, August 15, between 10 am - 2 pm.

Salary: Commensurate with Experience Pay Band 5: $40,959 min. - $84,062 max.

Bring copy of DMV record.

Apply online only. For more information and to apply, visit or call (804) 225-2021. Reasonable accommodations are available to applicants, if requested, during the application and/or interview process. Review of applications will begin September 8, 2011. EOE

Drivers/OTR Moving Co Hiring CDL A & B Apply at 3325 Croft ST, Norfolk 23513

DRIVERS-$2000 SIGN ON Get Miles & HOME WEEKENDS, Regional! TOP PAY/BENEFITS! Paid Orientation & Min 3 months Tractor Trailer Exp & Class A CDL req'd. 1-800-545-1351

DRIVERS-$2000 SIGN ON Get Miles & HOME WEEKENDS, Regional! TOP PAY/BENEFITS! Paid Orientation & Min 3 months Tractor Trailer Exp & Class A CDL req'd. 1-800-545-1351

DRIVERS - Distribution Route Sales. Local area. Email resume to:


Great Pay! INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS NEEDED. Prestige Delivery Systems is looking for independent contractors to make deliveries in the Hampton Roads area, Mon. - Fri.

Candidates must own cargo van or larger. Candidates should have one or more years of delivery experience. Must be drug free. Call 757-855-2950 Mon. - Fri. between the hours of 8am - 12pm. Must be at least 21 yrs. of age.

DRIVER TRAINEES - 23 Open Slots for local OTR & Reg. CDL positions. No CDL lic., No Problem. Starting pay $40K/yr. Get your Class A with us. Classes forming now. 757-896-1155

HVAC Managers & Installers Must have experience in residential new construction. Sub work available. Too apply call 757-424-3761 or fax 757-523-6530

OWNER OPERATORS DEDICATED LANES - Florida & Los Angeles to Norfolk. $.97/mile + FSC. Drop & Hook. 2004 or newer. TEAMS & SOLOS WELCOME. 800-782-6038 x 26.

Min. Qualifications:

Drivers/ Transportation/ Shipping School Bus Drivers

Banking/ Financial Service

Drivers/ Transportation/ Shipping

Dump Truck Driver With clean MVR and DOT card contact Jennifer at 757-497-3592 EOE

OWNER OPERATORS Norfolk Company needs CDLA Top Hands with TWIC for NC trips (or longer runs if desired). LOTS OF WORK. $2000.00

CASH SIGN ON BONUS! Call 757-627-4896, 8am-4pm

General/Other Are you great with people? If so, a fast growing company within the Virginia Beach area is seeking individuals that have excellent customer service skills and work well in team environment. This customer Care position is resonsible for delivering world class customer service to current customers. Pay averages between $400 - $650 per week. Experience is a plus but not necessary, please call 757-301-5383. or send Resume to Dance Instructor - Exp only for est, popular studio. Ballet, tap, jazz, modern. Call 757-363-2288 Reinhart Food Service. For current Job Postings

Government/ Civil Service Department of Veteran Services Virginia Wounded Warrior Program Part time AmeriCorps Navigator positions available in the greater Hampton Roads area. For position details, please apply at Virginia Jobs Please contact Christina Lipin at for more information. Equal Opportunity Employer


CCEW | 9

TO PLACE AN AD CALL 757-222-5454 OR VISIT WWW.HREW.COM Government/ Civil Service

Healthcare/ Medical

Healthcare/ Medical


Norfolk Personal Care Agency looking for an experienced RN to open cases and conduct supervisory visits on Pvt and Medicaid clients. Please call Brandi at 757-392-1001

Registered Nurse VDOT has opportunities statewide. We are currently seeking outstanding candidates for the following positions:

RICHMOND, VA Senior Pavement Engineer COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA Program Manager/ Urban Team Leader SUFFOLK, VA Lighting Repair Technician Construction Manager Human Resources Consultant Engineer L & D For more details on these positions and other opportunities go to We keep Virginia Moving VDOT is an equal opportunity employer

Healthcare/ Medical Activities Coordinator Looking for a creative energetic individual who has experience working with the elderly to assist with activity programs for a 129 bed assisted living community. Must be able to work flexible hours and obtain a Virginia Commercial Driver's License. Full time position with benefits. Email resume to Desiree Mitchell at or mail resume to Marian Manor, 5345 Marian Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462. EOE.

Administrative Assistant - FT Answer phones, payroll, and other office duties send resumes to or apply in person at 1516 Harmon St, Norfolk

Chesapeake Health & Rehab is hiring. Visit us at for details.

CNA's/PCA's Seeking qualified CNA/PCA's to join our team of excellent and compassionate nurses. To apply make all resumes to the ATTN: Clearview Health Services, HR Dept. Apply in person 4551 Professional Circle, Suite 102, Va. Beach, 23455. E-mail resume: Fax Resume: 1-866-819-4661.

Full time MLT or MT position available at in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Previous office experience preferred. Fax Resume to 757-686-0541, attn: Melissa

Licensed Practical Nurse/ Registered Nurse FT positions in the Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Suffolk areas for busy primary care locations. Previous office experience preferred. Applicants should fax resumes to 757-686-0541, attn: Donna.

LPNs, CNA/Med Tech Marian Manor, a prominent and caring non-profit assisted living facility has the following positions available: LPNs, CNA/Med Tech (must have CNA certifications). Part time & PRN positions. Available on all shifts. Apply in person to Marian Manor, 5345 Marian Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

MA - Full Time Pediatric exp. req’d. Non-smoker. Please go to and see Job ID: 40678100 for more info.

MA - Referral Coordinator Busy family practice, experience needed, full time. Fax resume to 757-523-5639

Medical Assistant Very busy orthopaedic office seeking a F/T exp. Medical Assistant. Must have good communication be detailed oreitent & able to multtasked 2 yr medical assistant exp preffered. Email resume to

Executive Assistant FT position in the Business office for a large Medical group. Position is in the Western Branch section of Chesapeake. Applicant must be proficient in all Microsoft products and have excellent written and oral communication skills. College Education and prior medical office experience preferred. Please fax resumes to Bonnie, 757-686-0541.

Has the following positions available:

l RN Supervisor Part Time 7-3 & 3-11 l LPNs - 8 & 12 hr shifts 7a-7p FT & PT w/benefits 7a-3p PT w/benefits PRN l CNAs - PRN shifts available

Medical Receptionist Private Practice locations located throughout the Hampton Roads area are seeking receptionist candidates. Successful applicants will excellent customer service skills and a compassionate demeanor. Excellent benefits. Fax resumes to 757-686-0541, attn: Melissa.

Christopher Newport University is seeking enthusiastic and energetic individuals with a students-first commitment. Classified/Full-Time Banquet Sous Chef (Dining/Catering) Position # 00425 Open Until Filled Applications accepted through our On-Line Application System at CNU, an EOE, is fully committed to Access and Opportunity.

Kitchen and Dining Room staff Fine dining restaurant Call Mike 757-705-1937

Line Chefs Exp’d Line Chefs needed. Trilogy and Longboards Please call Todd @ 757-469-3681

Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center

Law Enforcement/ Security

MEDICATION NURSE (LPN OR RN) FULL-TIME, 6:45am-7:15pm in Healthcare


Nursing Unit Secretary Lake Prince Woods- a CCRC in Suffolk, VA is looking for a highly motivated team player to serve as Nursing Unit Secretary. Computer experience to include Microsoft Office Programs is required. Prior experience in a health care facility preferred. Must possess a State of Virginia Certified Nursing Assistant license. Compensation based on experience. Applications available at or apply in person at 100 Anna Goode Way, Suffolk, VA 23434

Portsmouth Naval Med Center Fulltime Positions l 3 Physical Therapists l 1 Physical Therapist Assistant l 1 Occupational Therapist l 3 Cert Occ Therapist Assts Reply to or FAX to 888-999-2594 (Full and part time, Per Diem) The Reserve at Greenbrier, Chesapeake, VA Great Co., Pay and Benefits include: Med/Dent/Vis/ 401k match & more! Call Emily at Five Star Rehab & Wellness 617-796-8299, Fax 617-796-8291 /

Full Time 3-11 CNAs

Busy family practice, experience needed, full time. Fax resume to 757-523-5639

PT/OT's - Rehab Director


NOW HIRING ALL SHIPYARD SKILLED Professional & Technical, 3 yr. exp. Drug & Background Req. FAX (757-366-3117)


Maintenance- Apartments VA Beach, excellent position. Min 5 yrs exp. HVAC certification. Also, exp. in natural gas. 362-1382

The City of Hampton Is seeking qualified applicants for the following positions at the HamptonColiseum: l Coliseum Maintenance Worker $17,266 - $29,517 Annually l Coliseum Operations Foreman $23,440 - $39,108 Annually Both positions are permanent full time with benefits. For more information and to apply, please visit our website at EOE

Management FACILITIES PROJECT SPECIALIST The incumbent is responsible for providing facilities support across multiple engineering disciplines to Coast Guard Exchange System facilities. This includes inspection of facilities; executing contract maintenance and repairs to structures, building systems and equipment; procuring equipment and materials for field units; and executing minor construction projects. The incumbent may assist the Facilities Manager with development of facility policies and procedures to support exchange system operations. Perform other duties as assigned. For consideration please include your salary history; Mail/fax/email resume by closing date to:

U.S.C.G. Community Services Command 510 Independence Parkway, Suite 500 Chesapeake, VA 23320 Attn: #2011.122 Human Resources Fax: (757) 424-2647

Closing date: August 26, 2011 Or visit our website at and click on 'Employment'; EOE/Federal Background Check.

Seeking enthusiastic and energetic individuals with a students-first commitment. Classified/Full-Time

(Dining/Catering) Position # 00423 Open Until Filled Applications accepted through our On-Line Application System at CNU, an EOE, is fully committed to Access and Opportunity.

Retail GREENBRIER PAWN seeking outgoing person for full time position. Must have own transportation. $8-$12/hr. to start. No experience necessary, jewelry sales pref’d. 757-382-9066.

Email your resume to

Inside Sales/Marketing Exp’d CSRs needed to schedule existing customers and to upgrade existing accounts. Hourly pay + commission. Call Becky at 757-390-0022.


PH 1-757-398-2980 Fax 757-398-2984 ALWAYS ACCEPTING RESUMES


l Structural Welders & Ship Fitters l Inside and Outside Machinists l Diesel Mechanic w/QA experience l Electricians l Competent Person w/Ship Fitting experience l Sheet Metal Mechanics & Pipe Fitters l Supervision Positions (Sheet Metal, Diesel etc.)

candidates looking for their next career move or better pay

$ Great Benefits $

5 EXITING Visit our website for additional updates & Apply Online:


Welders with exp aboard US Navy ships. Candidates able to pass a 6G pipe test are preferred.

military base distribution

See Website


SHIPBOARD REPAIR Accepting applications from 1st class journeymen for future work for the following positions: l Marine Electricians l C7 Blasters l C12/14 Painters l Machinists Inside & Outside l Pipefitters l Sheetmetal Mechanics l Shipfitters l Welders Pipe & Plate Must have 5 years shipyard experience, basic hand tools, and clean criminal history.

JOB SEEKERS high school and college campus distribution, and non-newspaper readers

Tidewater Staffing, Inc. 1000 Poindexter St., Chesapeake 801 Florida Ave., Portsmouth 3800 Huntington Ave., Newport News

Automotive Sales Manager

This is a great opportunity for a high energy experienced sales manager. We offer a very competitive pay structure and a full benefits package including 401K, Medical and dental. Our current schedule includes one scheduled day a week off and we are closed on Sundays.


Sales TYSINGER MERCEDES BENZ & HYUNDAI, located in Hampton, VA is looking to hire a highly qualified Sales Manager. We are centrally located between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg in southeast Virginia. Tysinger is a very successful and professional dealership and this is a great opportunity for the right person. The Applicant must have a strong track record of automotive sales and automotive sales management. Applicant must possess knowledge in all phases of dealership variable operations. Applicant must be able to manage a large sales force and meet/exceed dealership objectives. All candidates are required to maintain high levels of Customer Satisfactions as defined by the manufacturer. Knowledge of ADP is preferred but not required.

Looking to target a diverse group of job seekers? We deliver!...

ready to work



Westminster - Canterbury is a prestigious retirement community on the Chesapeake Bay. To see our community please visit We offer medical, dental and retirement benefits. Email resume to or complete an application at 3100 Shore Dr., Virginia Beach, VA.

AMSEC is an affirmative action employer. Visit for all vacancies.



Our benefits package is extraordinary & our pay is extremely competitive. Our application is online at: or apply at The Home's Reception Office, 6401 Auburn Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 EOE

10 | CCEW

Restaurant/ Food Service

We offer a competitive salary and superior benefits. Please apply online at

RN’s, LPN’s & CNA’s-Virginia Beach Healthcare Apply on line at:


Endocrinology Nurse

Exp in mgt function of low income hsg mgt, Low-Income Hsg Tax Credit & Occ required Portsmouth Redev & Hsg Auth 757-391-2930; fax 757-393-3723 TDD 800-545-1833 ext 869 Apply online EOE

Medical Facilities of America is seeking an RN Nurse Liaison for the Tidewater area. RN Nurse Liaison duties include creating strong relationships and marketing our services with local referral sources and conducting pre-admission patient assessments within the hospital. A successful candidate must be an RN. The candidate is preferred to have marketing/ sales experience and must be able to demonstrate professional selling skills. Prior experience as a discharge planner or case manager would also make for a strong candidate. Furthermore, candidates must be able to coordinate detailed information, respond well under pressure, and create positive relationships with facility staff and referral sources (both in the hospitals and the community).

Ship Building Ship Repair


Primary Care/Urgent Care Practice in Suffolk is seeking a highly motivated, well organized individual w/min. 3 yrs exp. in medical office management. Candidate must also possess strong leadership & organizational skills. Qualified applicants may fax resume w/salary expectations to 757-686-0541, attn Melissa.

Dental Assistant

FT positions avail. in Suffolk & Virginia Beach. Previous endocrinology exp. a plus. Applicants should fax resumes to 757-686-0541, attn: Donna.

RN - Nurse Liaison

Medical Office Manager

General practice in Greenbrier needs enthusiastic person to join our team. 3+ years exp. Excellent salary. Fax resume to 757-873-2565 see or email resumes to

RN CASE MANAGER/DON Full time, 2 years min. experience. Fax resume 757-689-4208, email:

Real Estate/ Property Management

5000 cars for sale.

Sales- Just Graduate? Play in Vegas, Hang in LA, Jet to New York! Hiring 18-24 girls/guys. $400-$800 wkly. Paid expenses. Signing Bonus. Are you energetic & fun? Call 866-574-7454

Advertise your job openings in Employment Weekly and you’ll reach thousands of readers interested in employment opportunities.



Sales Professionals BMZ USA is a global manufacturing and solutions provider for Lithium Ion Battery Pack Technology For complete job description please visit JOB ID#40594319

Sales Reps Needed!! 18-25 reps needed. Use your personality to make money! NO exp necessary! Extensive Travel. Call 1-877-532-2068 ext. 1 or 2

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in The Pilot








757-222-5454 CCEW | 11


79,7(9, -69 ( 5,> *(9,,9 05 



$10, $12, $15 Hourly & Up!


*SHZZLZ Z[HY[PUN UV^   .   ,   &&& ,#     !% (!& -! $+.# %% " ( &&&(  !%  %+(&#

CALL CENTER SEEKING Smiling faces to compliment our staff of Phone Order Sales Associates. Guaranteed Base & Generous Incentives: Health, Life, Dental, Childcare Assistance & Real chance to advance to: Closer, Collections, CS, QC & Management.

Great Pay, Great Benefits, Choose Day or Evening Hours...And in Case You Haven’t Heard “IMA is jjust a great place to work!�

ID A P t e G ou y e l i h w ! N I A R T



MVY[PZJVSSLNLLK\  *LU[LY +YP]L )\PSKPUN  5VYMVSR =( !%(& ! !%! &  %  "+& ! !%(& ! !  */// &(!%  ( +( 

!   *)*)/          !% ! &+%  !%(! ---# !%(&#+

12 | CCEW

3509 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA

CCEW Week of 08/15/11  
CCEW Week of 08/15/11  

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