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May 14, 2011 • Atlanta Marriott Marquis

24th Annual

Gala Dinner

Atlanta Human Rights Campaign &

Raise a Glass


Highlights Ally for Equality Award Recipient

Hundreds of Items at Your Fingertips

Our Stories A Dozen Advocates Weigh in on Equality

Building a Coalition for

Fairness and Breaking the Way

The Legendary

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Filmmaker, Producer, Our Special Guest

Jeff Cleghorn, Humanitarian Award Paul Plate, Community Leadership Award

HRC’s President

Auctioneer Holly Firfer, Our Fabulous Corporate Sponsors and more!

equality At Cox Enterprises, we believe our differences – whether ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation – actually make us stronger. We’re proud that the HRC recognizes Cox Enterprises as one of the “Best Places to Work in LGBT Equality.” And, we’re proud to be one of the HRC’s national sponsors. We’re all connected.

24th Annual

Atlanta Human Rights Campaign Gala

Dinner &

This year’s Auction will use the innovative BidPay system, making it easy to bid on items throughout the Gala Dinner using a fun handheld device. Now, attendees can be sure to outbid friends for that fabulous vacation, high-end home fashions and beautiful artwork!

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Welcome from n Dinner Co-Chairs, Julie Wood & Matt Garrett ����������������� 3 n HRC President, Joe Solmonese��������������������������������� 5 n U.S. Representative, John Lewis ��������������������������������������� 7 n Atlanta City Mayor, Kasim Reed��������������������������������������� 9 n Georgia State Representative, Simone Bell������������������������������������� 11 n Atlanta City Councilman, Alex Wan����������������������������������������� 13 n Fulton County Commissioner, Joan P. Gardner ����������������������������� 15

Meet n The 2011 Dinner Committee����������� 17 n HRC’s National Partners ����������������� 18 n HRC’s Local Partners����������������������� 19 n Your Table Captains ����������������������� 29 n The 2011 HRC Atlanta Steering Committee ������������������������������������� 43

Award Announcements n Announcing the 2011 Youth Pride Essay Winner ����������������������� 18 n Announcing the Dan Bradley Humanitarian Award Recipient ������� 34 n Announcing the Leon Allen & Winston Johnson Community Leadership Award Recipient ��������� 36


Tonight’s Entertainment n Live Auction Emcee: Holly Firfer ��� 28

Auction Donors n Featured Auction Donor: James Randall Chumbley ��������������� 26 n Salute to Our Auction Donors ��������� 38


Tonight’s ••••••

SALAD Bibb Salad with Roasted Asparagus, Campari Tomato & Artichoke with Fresh Basil Vinagrette •••••• Assorted Bread Rolls ••••••

Our Stories compiled by Candi S. Cross ����������� 48


HRC Information Special Acknowledgements ����������� 33 n HRC’s Equality Circle ��������������������� 45 n Who’s Who at Human Rights Campaign & National Boards ��������� 55 n HRC Explained ������������������������������� 65 n Make a Difference Every Day with the Atlanta Federal Club ����������������� 66

MAIN Salmon & Filet Mignon with Red Pepper Cream, Leek Orzo, Baby Carrots & Carmelized Onions


Special Guests n Mo’Nique, Ally for Equality Award Recipient ����������������������������� 23 n Lee Daniels, Special Guest ������������� 25


DESSERT White Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse with Red Wine Raspberry Vanilla Bean Sauce & Candied Kumquats ••••••

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


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DELTA.COM/GAYTRAVEL Delta has been named one of the Best Places to Work by the Human Rights Campaign for the second year in a row.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



from your Dinner Co-Chairs

Welcome to the 24th Annual Atlanta Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner and Auction! We’re thrilled that you are with us this evening. On behalf of the allvolunteer Dinner Committee, we invite you to celebrate the accomplishments of the LGBT equal rights movement over the past year and be inspired as we share Our Stories.

There is great power in sharing our stories.

During the first week of April 2011, Louis Marinelli – organizer of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage - sponsored “Summer for Marriage” tour – publicly denounced the organization for which he had worked the past five years. He now supports marriage equality and he credits his change of heart to the many LGBT people who shared their personal stories with him. He said that, during the “Summer for Marriage” tour, he “was forced to see gays and lesbians for who they really were: real people with real lives who were hurt by the work I was doing.”

Julie Wood & Matt Garrett

You may have also heard about the story of Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer. They were together for more than 40 years when Thea died in 2009. After her partner’s death, Edith received a federal tax bill for $363,053 – a liability that she would not have faced had she been married to a man. Edith and Thea, both in their 70s, had been legally married in Canada in 2007 but the federal government would not recognize their union. Why is the story of Edith and Thea any more significant than other similar stories? Because it is one of two cases cited by the Obama administration to justify its decision to stop defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). There is great power in sharing our stories. Our two local award winners embody the 2011 theme of Our Stories. Jeff Cleghorn’s steadfast dedication to the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell contributed greatly to getting the repeal legislation onto President Obama’s desk for his signature in December 2010. Over and over again, Jeff told not only his personal story, but also the stories of men and women from all branches of the military who had to hang up their uniforms because of DADT. Paul Plate continues the pioneering work he started in 1992 by supporting the mental health of those affected by HIV and AIDS and, in the process, demystifying two areas of healthcare that have been plagued by fear and misinformation. We would like to thank the Atlanta HRC Steering Committee for their support of the Gala Dinner. This group of local volunteer leaders is dedicated to advancing LGBT equality and sharing our stories, struggles and successes with the community and legislators alike. This evening’s festivities wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our Atlanta HRC Dinner Committee. It has been an honor to work alongside such an accomplished group. Their passion and commitment to this event, as well as to the work of HRC, has made the experience fun and fulfilling! We are proud that the committee received two awards at the 2011 HRC Equality Convention – Silent Auction of the Year and the Full House award for consistently maintaining high attendance numbers. We now invite you to get ready for a memorable night of great speakers, energizing award winners and a fantastic auction. We’re sure the experience will inspire you to continue supporting the cause of equality and to join us in sharing Our Stories! H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

Welcome from


Dear Friends: Welcome to HRC’s Atlanta Gala, a celebration of our achievements. The past year was extraordinary, and I‘m confident that 2011 will bring us more reasons to celebrate. As 2010 began, the nation watched President Obama promise to work with Congress to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.“ In late December, we saw him sign the repeal into law. Along the way, military leaders stated their support, we applied grassroots pressure in all 50 states, and our House and Senate allies pushed forward even after failed votes, finding a way to get this legislation to the president. It was a busy year. Thanks to our president, we now have federal rules that allow us to visit and care for our loved ones when they are in hospitals. And HRC forged partnerships to secure full marriage equality in our nation’s capital. For the first time, same-sex couples can obtain a marriage license a short walk from where our Constitution is on display.

Joe Solmonese, President of the Human Rights Campaign

We promoted fairness in our communities and in our culture. Last year, 337 employers scored 100 percent on our Corporate Equality index. We challenged the toxic influences in our society. Through NOMExposed, we held the so-called National Organization for Marriage accountable for its actions. We successfully fought to remove anti-LGBT Arkansas School Board member Clint McCance, who had denigrated LGBT children in the midst of a bullying and suicide crisis. And we delivered 150,000 petitions to Mormon leadership, demanding that they recant inaccurate statements about sexual orientation. I am proud of what we did in 2010, but now it’s 2011. The loss of the U.S. House of Representatives makes our federal work more difficult, but it will not stall our progress altogether. We will continue our great work for fairer federal regulations. We will keep building support for federal legislation such as a fullyinclusive ENDA, funding for treatment and research of HIV/AIDS, and family protections. This year, we can make significant progress in the states. We are working for marriage equality in Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island. We’ve already seen Hawaii and Illinois achieve civil unions and we’re working in Delaware to add them to the list. We also must again play defense in the states: In North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and other states, we will have to fight anti-LGBT constitutional amendments. We helped push back an attempt by legislators in New Hampshire to take our rights away and we will be there for the fights ahead. The HRC Foundation’s work in places of worship, schools, workplaces, and diverse communities will be as strong as ever. This work changes lives and changes minds—which is as important in 2011 as ever. So are you. Without you, HRC could not do this work. Thank you for your support. Sincerely,

Joe Solmonese President H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


A Starbucks Love Story _______________ was drawn to ________________ the minute _____________ saw (name 1)

(name 2)


______________’s _______________. It was so _______________. When they met for a (name 2)



______________ at Starbucks, they both ordered extra ______________ and sprinkled (noun)


their ______________ with ________________. Then ______________ called ______________ (drink)


(name 2)

(name 1)

a _______________. They looked ____________________ each other’s ______________. (pastry)

(into, at, toward, etc.)

The moment was _______________. (feeling)

In love, _____________ and ______________ know best. (name 1)

(name 2)

Our employees know best too. They know just who they are, and we love that about them. That’s why we’ve offered benefits to domestic partners for nearly two decades. And for the past four years, we’ve scored 100% on the HRC Corporate Equality Index. Of course it’s the right thing to do, but it also makes us a stronger company. Find out more at


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Welcome from U.S. Representative

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual


Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


HRC Quarterly Ad 2011 FINAL bw&42 2


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

2/25/11 4:51:57 PM

Welcome from Atlanta Mayor

H um an R ight s Campaign



24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


My brand: A “Professional Networking Powerhouse” who came out at PwC

Bryan Dunn, Experienced Associate. At PwC, I immediately felt comfortable revealing the part of me I thought I would have to hide. I’m proud that PwC has an Advisory Board of openly gay partners serving as role models and mentors—we’re the only Big 4 firm that has this. As a gay professional, I’ve been able to network with peers through our local GLBT group. I give 100% to this job. And PwC encourages me to bring 100% of myself to work. To learn more about my personal brand and how strongly we feel about diversity, go to © 2011 PwC. All rights reserved. “PwC” refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership, which is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, each member firm of which is a separate legal entity. We are proud to be an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n

NY-11-0773-HRC Atlanta Dinner Ad-B&W.indd 1


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

4/14/2011 3:50:36 PM

WELCOME Welcome from Georgia State Representative

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

Welcome from Atlanta City Councilman

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual


Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

WELCOME Welcome from Fulton County Commissioner

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

The 2011 Dinner Dinner Governor:

• Julie Wood Dinner Co-Chairs:

Marketing &


• Ed Patterson, Co-Chair • Candi Cross, Co-Chair

• Julie Wood

• Leo Cardoso

• Matt Garrett

• Erin Ellis


• Ryan Sepanski, Co-Chair • Alan Richard, Co-Chair • Jonathan Duke, Co-Chair • Paul Beauchamp • Jay Haley • Julia Hawkins • Cary Lyle • Pete Marsala • Danielle Marie Reagan • Ryan Roche • Aaron Rutledge • Kevin Stallings • Sam Stokes Ticket Sales:

• Elvis Hernandez • Meghan King • Tyler McIntyre Pre-Dinner Events:

• David Fritsch

Front row: Jeremy Jones, Julie Wood, Candi Cross, Meghan King


• Ed Westreicher

Klein, Tyler McIntyre, Marty Murphy, Chip York

• Andrew Land Production:

• Kaitlin Porter • Wilmot Irvin Ad Sales:

• Charles Bryant

• Peter Dunning

Not pictured: Peter Dunning, Glen Paul Freedman, David Fritsch, Matt Garrett, Becca

• Melinda Greene

• Chris New

• Becca Klein

Back row (L to R): Wilmot Irvin, Alan Richard, Ryan Sepanski, Ed Patterson Middle row: Kaitlin Porter, Chris New, Jonathan Duke, Melinda Greene, Andrew Land

• Marty Murphy, Co Chair

• Chip York, Chair

2011 Dinner Committee:

• Andrew Land

• Jeremy Jones

Corporate Partners:




• Glen Paul Freedman

2011 Auction Committee: Back row (L to R): Alan Richard, Danielle Marie Reagan, Ryan Sepanski, Jonathan Duke Front row (L to R): Aaron Rutledge, Jay Haley, Julia Hawkins Not pictured: Paul Beauchamp, Cary Lyle, Pete Marsala, Ryan Roche, Kevin Stallings, Sam Stokes

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


YouthPride is a safe, supportive development center that protects, unites, and dignifies the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth and young adults. YP offers culturally competent discussion forums, mental health therapy, suicide prevention education and counseling, free HIV testing with HIV prevention education, support groups for parents of transgender and for parents of LGBTQQ youth, a computer center, artRAVE (realizing artistic vision in everyone), leadership development, cultural competence training for schools, and a free medical clinic.

Essay Winner T a y l o r P i e r c e is currently a seventeen year old senior in high school. Throughout her high school years, Taylor has participated in theater, fine arts competitions, music summer programs, volleyball, and music lessons. She will be attending Columbia College Chicago in the fall of 2011 where she will be majoring in contemporary music and minoring in gender studies. Her future goals include having a successful career as a performing songwriter,





for underprivileged youth, and being a dedicated activist. She hopes to postiviely impact the world through her music and volunteer efforts.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Taylor Pierce

Coming out is one of the most frightening, yet liberating experiences for anyone who is a member of the LGBT community. And with homophobia so prevalent in schools, homes, and workplaces, many hesitate to take on this crucial rite of passage.

My personal experience with coming out was difficult, but also surprising on many levels. I came to terms with being gay during the summer of 2010 at the age of 17. At first, I felt confused and thought maybe it was just a phase; however, as my feelings for a another girl began to deepen, I knew that I needed to face the truth. Growing up in a Christian school, I was always taught that being gay is a dreadful sin that is not to be committed, especially by a Christian. It was engraved into my mind that anyone who is gay was going to be condemned to Hell. And when I realized that I was one of these “sinners,” I felt ashamed and was convinced God did not love me anymore. After weeks of inner battles, I decided to tell my father. I was afraid he may not love me quite as much after he found out his little girl is a lesbian. To my surprise, he was extremely supportive. When I said, “Daddy, I think I’m gay,” he replied, “So what? I love you no matter who you love. And you do not need to feel any shame.” I could not believe he was so accepting and I felt incredibly blessed. After that, I was more comfortable with telling the rest of my family and close friends. I felt so relieved that all of the important people on my life accepted me for who I am; however, I still felt conflicted about being gay and being a Christian. The two still did not seem to makes sense together. When summer ended, it was finally time to return to my conservative Christian school. Since Bible class is required daily, I would be taking the Apologetics course for the year. In the very first day back at school, the topic of homosexuality came up. My teacher explained that those who practice or approve of homosexuality are twisting the Bible to fit in with their immoral lives. I cried for hours. Why did I have to be gay? Why would God make me this way if I was doing something wrong? I contemplated self-inflicted pain, never having a relationship to avoid being gay altogether, and entirely giving up on life and working towards my goals. My father offered to put me into a different school, but I did not want him to waste the money he already paid toward my tuition. After months of feeling like I was no longer one of God’s children, I had an epiphany: I decided that God does not make mistakes and that He made me the way He wanted me to be. I became proud to be part of the LGBT community and excited to share the message that it is possible to be religious and gay. I still face homophobic comments at school and have to hide who I am so that I do not get expelled. While it is difficult, I know that it will get better and easier in time. There is no shame in being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, or asexual. No one deserves mistreatment for any aspect of who they are, whether it is the color of their skin or who they love. It is time for the world to accept that all people have the right to be themselves. Taylor Pierce, 17, is a senior in high school. She participates in theater, fine arts, music and volleyball. She will be attending Columbia College - Chicago fall 2011 to study contemporary music and gender studies. H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Buyer BeWAre Before making your next purchase for the home, please consider the following: Since 2004, we’ve proudly maintained a perfect 100% rating from HRC for creating equality in the workplace. Also, Mitchell and Bob continually support and vote for political candidates that promote equal rights. We’re humbled to be the only home furnishings brand (along with Herman Miller) to maintain a perfect 100% corporate equality index. Be informed Learn more at “We believe in you and invite you to join our mission to make the world a more comfortable place: for everyone.”


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n



24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Ally for Equality Award Recipient

Mo’Nique is a powerhouse in entertainment. Currently, the Academy Awardwinning actress/comedienne can be seen weeknights by millions as host of her eponymous late-night talk show on Black Entertainment Television. Earning a NAACP Image Award in its first season, The Mo’Nique Show is the only late-night show on television that blends “old-school” with today’s entertainment through innovative and humor-filled segments; by paying homage to legendary stars, as well as spotlighting today’s celebrities and their contributions to better our communities and the world at large. In 2010, Mo’Nique swept award season by becoming the fifth AfricanAmerican actress to earn the coveted Academy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for the Lee Daniels-directed film Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire. She also earned the Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and NAACP Image Awards, along with numerous other awards, including the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Mo’Nique’s meteoric career began in her early 20s when she took the Burke’s Comedy Club stage in Baltimore, Maryland on a dare from her brother. That spontaneous decision and standing ovation changed her life, convincing her to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, which led her to such notable shows as Showtime at the Apollo, HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, Apollo Comedy Hour, HBO’s Snaps, BET’s Comic View, The Montreal Comedy Festival and Uptown Comedy Club. A pivotal career move landed the talented comedienne in the memorable role of “Nikki Parker” on the UPN comedy series The Parkers. The show’s fiveyear run earned Mo’Nique numerous awards, including four NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series in 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005. Mo’Nique also served as host of the legendary talent show Showtime at the Apollo for three years, making history as the first comedienne to serve in that coveted capacity. Along with Mo’Nique’s commercial success and award recognition came popular and visible roles in films such as Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Farce of the Penguins, Beerfest, Shadowboxer, Phat Girlz, Domino, Soul Plane, Hair Show, Three Strikes, Baby Boy and Two Can Play That Game, which earned her a NAACP Image Award Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, and the Showtime tele-film Good Fences, opposite Whoopi Goldberg. In 2005, Mo’Nique created, executive produced and hosted the Oxygen television special Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance, America’s first full-figured reality beauty pageant, which went on to become the highest-rated network special on the Oxygen network. In 2006, the show earned a NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Variety Special, and the third season was shot entirely on location in Paris – a network first. Mo’Nique’s other reality show credits include the VH-1 series, Charm School, which was a ratings winner for the network.

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Morgan Stanley is proud to sponsor the

Human Rights Campaign and its Mission of Ensuring LGBT Equality

Investments and services offered through Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated, member SIPC. © 2011 Morgan Stanley

Diversity. It’s not an obligation—it’s an opportunity.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




SPECIFICATIONS 8.5" × 11" 8.5" × 11"


Special Guest


Lee Daniels’ background is filled with bold stories as real and gritty as the narratives from the films he creates. By the age of 21, Daniels had founded and was running his own health care agency, providing nurses to private homes and hospitals; he was simultaneously trying to be a screenwriter. After selling his health care business and giving up screenwriting, he began managing actors such as Loretta Divine, Michael Shannon, Natasha Kinsky, and Aishwarya Rai. Daniels turned to producing as a natural result of trying to find and create great material for his clients; the organic leap to directing came soon after. Daniels’ most recent project, PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL PUSH BY SAPPHIRE, is the story of an overweight, illiterate girl raised in Harlem, sexually abused by her father and about to give birth to her second child, who salvages her future at an alternative school; it is adapted from the New York Timesbestselling novel Push by Sapphire (a.k.a. Ramona Lofton). PRECIOUS stars newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, and features a supporting cast that includes Mo’Nique, Mariah Carey, and Lenny Kravitz. The Hollywood Reporter called PRECIOUS “a disturbing masterwork of human survival,” and Variety dubbed it “courageous and uncompromising, a shaken cocktail of debasement and elation, despair and hope…helmer Daniels demonstrates a remarkable, balletic ability to juggle emotional extremes.” The film was distributed by Lionsgate with an assist from Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, who said of the film, “I’ve never seen anything like it... It’s so raw and powerful, it split me open.” PRECIOUS won two Academy Awards in 2010: Best Adapted Screenplay (Geoffrey Fletcher) and Best Supporting Actress (Mo’Nique). The film received a total of six Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Editing, with Daniels nominated as Best Director; making him the second African-American director to be nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Daniels also received a historic nomination as the first African-American director to be nominated by the Directors Guild of America. PRECIOUS also received three Golden Globe nominations including Best Motion Picture - Drama, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture; Mo’Nique won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. PRECIOUS won both the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, only the third film in the festival’s history to do so. Star Mo’Nique was also honored with a Special Jury Prize for acting. The film went on to win awards at major international film festivals including Toronto, Deauville, and San Sebastian. MONSTER’S BALL was the first film from Daniels’ production company, Lee Daniels Entertainment. The film marked Daniels as the first sole African-American producer of an Oscar®-winning and -nominated film. Daniels also produced THE WOODSMAN, which premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. Nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards, the film received the CICAE Arthouse Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, the Jury Prize at the Deauville International Film Festival, and Special Mention for Excellence in Filmmaking from the National Board of Review. Released in 2006, SHADOWBOXER, a bold, heart-wrenching tale of two assassins, was Daniels’ directorial debut. Following the film’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Daniels was also nominated for the New Directors Award at the 2006 San Sebastian Film Festival. Daniels also produced the film TENNESSEE, which premiered at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. TENNESSEE was written by Russell Schaumberg, and directed by Aaron Woodley (RHINOCEROS EYES). Daniels and his family live in New York City. H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Featured Auction Donor Every canvas has a soul...LIFE, LOVE and LOSS The art and writing of

“As long as I’m here, I want to continue to contribute and give of myself. It gives my life purpose.”

Known to many as “Randy,” this artist and writer has been a long-standing supporter of the Atlanta Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner and Auction. For many years, Randy’s donations of art have consistently brought high-dollar amounts, greatly helping HRC meet its yearly goals and making him one of the largest donors to the auction. His art encompasses contemporary landscapes, abstracts, and nudes using the media of oil, wax, and varnish. Randy’s work can be found in several galleries, private and corporate collections nationwide. Community involvement has been a big part of Randy’s life since he moved to Atlanta after graduating from Mercer University in Macon, Ga. Since moving to Atlanta as a young man, Randy has been fiercely involved in AIDS, youth and equal rights service organizations, using his art and writing to contribute to their fundraising efforts. As with his unique paintings, many know Randy through his three books that depict personal aspects of his life’s trials and tribulations in hopes of helping others not feel so alone in a world that, at times, can seem isolating and foreboding. His recently released book, Alabama Snow, is his most reveling in which he touches on his struggles with depression after a heartwrenching breakup. You can say his life is an open book. In July 2009, Randy went to great lengths to end that life due to severe depression. The doctors took extreme measures to bring him back after five hours on the operating table. When most would have been silent about his actions, Randy stepped up to tell his story, reaching out to others who have walked the same dark road, and which he is attempting to do in what will be his fourth book, Winter Flesh. “If I’m able to complete this book it will be my last,” said Randy. “There is no more room for heartache in my life, but it is a book I have to write whether I want to or not. It is important that people understand depression, its devastating effects it has on the individual as well as family and friends, and the great numbers affected by it. Unless you have been there and felt the tremendous loss, the crippling hopelessness, and suffocating loneliness you have no idea of the consuming desperation of wanting to die. I try to put on a good face, but still feel it every day and it sometimes takes all I have and more to push forward in life.”


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

After waking up in the hospital two days later, one of his doctors came to check on him. She told Randy that it was a miracle beyond any medical intervention that he was alive, and there was a reason he was brought back. He is still seeking that reason. By sharing his experience, Randy wants people to be more compassionate, loving and understanding toward one another. There has been such high demand for his work that this year, Randy is donating not one, but two works of art to the 24th Atlanta HRC Gala Dinner and Auction. “As long as I’m here, I want to continue to contribute and give of myself. It gives my life purpose,” Randy said. & James Randall Chumbley is represented by 3V Communications (

HRC Visibility Award Winner BRAVO’s Andy Cohen

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

Not all ifs in life are the same.

MetLife understands that the LGBT community faces different ifs in life. If your Social Security benefits won’t pass on to your partner. If you’re married at the state level, but considered single at the federal level. If you and your loved ones can be protected for the future—with guarantees. MetLife believes these “ifs” should never hold you back—they should be managed with a plan of action. Together, we can develop strategies to address many of the uncertainties in your life…so you can focus on the possibilities.

Start planning for the “ifs” in your life today. Call 1-877-638-8381 for a complimentary copy of MetLife’s “Planning with Pride Financial Checklist.”

Guarantees are subject to product terms, exclusions and limitations and are based on the insurer’s claims-paying ability and financial strength. Products are issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166, and by MetLife Investors USA Insurance Company, 5 Park Plaza, Suite 1900, Irvine, CA 92614 and in New York, only by First MetLife Investors Insurance Company, 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166 (collectively referred to as “MetLife”). January 2011. ©2011 PNTS ©2011 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. L0910129231[exp1011] 1010-3248

23rd A N N UA L H UM A N RI GH TS C A M PA I GN Gala Dinner


H u m an R ig h t s C a m pa i g n


Bryan Cave LLP proudly recognizes the contributions of our colleagues Bryan Cave LLP proudly recognizes the to the advancement of LGBT Equality. contributions of our colleagues

to the advancement of LGBT Equality.

LeeAnn Jones HRC Board of Directors

Julie Wood HRC Atlanta Dinner Co-Chair HRC Board of Governors


LeeAnn Jones HRC Board of Directors

Julie Wood HRC Atlanta Dinner Co-Chair HRC Board of Governors

Atlanta • Bangkok • Charlotte • Chicago • Dallas • Hamburg • Hong Kong • Irvine J e f f e r s o n C i t y • K a n s a s C i t y • L o n d o n • L o s A n g e l e s • N e w Yo r k • P a r i s • P h o e n i x Sa n Fr a n c i s c o • S h a n g h a i • S i n ga p o r e • S t . L o u i s • Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . 11-04-024

Be yourself. In life and at work. At KPMG LLP, we value the contributions of our LGBT partners and professionals. And we’re proud they can bring their whole selves—along with their talent, innovation, and leadership—to work with them every day. KPMG is proud to sponsor the 24th Annual Atlanta HRC Gala Dinner and Auction. We share the Human Rights Campaign’s vision of working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.

© 2011 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. The KPMG name, logo and “cutting through complexity” are registered trademarks or trademarks of KPMG International. 25429ATL


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Auction Emcee : Holly Firfer is an Emmy-nominated journalist who started her career in television with CNN, anchoring and reporting for CNN/U.S., CNN Headline News, and hosting shows such as “Housecall,” “On The Menu” and “Talkback Live.” She also worked as a correspondent for CNN’s Health Unit, where she won numerous honors from health and medical organizations for stories she wrote and produced. Holly was also part of the CNN team that won the coveted James Beard award as a correspondent on the CNN show “On The Menu.” In 2004, Holly made the leap into radio first as co-host of “All Access with Barnes and Firfer” and most recently, as DAVE-FM’s (WZGC-FM) host of “Music Mornings with Holly Firfer,” where she received numerous accolades, including being voted “Sexiest Radio Voice” by readers of Atlanta JournalConstitution. She then added the role as co- host on NBC’s daily talk show, “Atlanta & Company.” Holly is currently working at CNN and recently joined Star94 as an on air personality. She recently launched her own jewelry line called “Firfer Designs,” which has already caught the attention of many newspapers and magazines. She is active in many charities and actively raises money for cancer research and animal shelters. She has also lent her efforts to the fight against autism and diabetes. Holly is a native of Chicago, Illinois and a graduate of Northwestern University. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling with her husband Shawn, and being a “mom” to their many animals.

Holly Firfer

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


ct_hrc_prgrmad_1pg_bw_r01v01.indd 1


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

2/15/11 6:55 PM

Table Captains


— A Special Thanks

Table captains are the backbone of each annual gala dinner and their commitment is paramount to our overall success. The Dinner Committee salutes all of you! Gold (3 or more tables)

Bronze (1 table)

LeeAnn Jones & Becca Sherrill

Ed Patterson & Steve Richards

Jim Anastos and David Adan

Teresa Joyce

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network

Dr. Philip Cannon

Karla Kreitner & Donna Grindle

Molly Simmons

Silver (2 tables)

Steven Cayton

James Masters

Charlie Stadtlander

Ken Britt

Jackie Mickle & Mega Phillips

Edie Cofrin & Laurie Sikes

Brian Crawford / Common Ground Real Estate Group

Chuck Stephens & Daylon Lutzenberger

Brad DiFiore & Byron Gilstrap

Deloitte / Trippe Davis

Paul Plate

Glen Paul Freedman & Jason Schneider

Chris Doyle & Brian Ettelman

James Powell

Charlie Frew

Mary Raines

Matt Garrett & Chris Holoman

Bruce Garner

Alan Richard

Kitchens New Cleghorn, LLC

Beth Herndon & Robin Huskey

Julie Wood

Hunter Jefferson

Saint Mark United Methodist Church

Chris New

Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia The Chelko Foundation Barb Thwaites & Angela Owens Murray Vise & Sherry McHenry Rodney White & Michael Williams

Lee Schreter & De Linda Bunnell / Littler Mendelson, PC

Jeremy Jones

Janet Whitehead Tracy Wilson / ITLA As of April 22, 2011



The Atlanta Steering Committee and 2011 Dinner Committee wish to thank the following individuals and companies for the time, energy and generous support of our efforts. We encourage you to patronize these neighborhood businesses and let these dedicated partners know you appreciate their support of the 24th Annual HRC Atlanta Gala Dinner and Auction! • Claire Colbert Photography

• Cassi Niemann

• Mayfair Renaissance Concierge Staff: 1. Bernice Guity 2. Joey Spinelli 3. Daniel Copland 4. Joe Rivera 5. Ronnie Danielly

• Chris Coleman Enterprises

• Beaulieu Vineyard

• Whiskey Park at W Hotel Midtown

• Loews Hotel

• Atlanta HRC Federal Club

• Radial Café

• Bake Shop

• Richard Gagliano, HRC

• On the Border

• Otilija Zvjerac, Marriott Marquis

• Hudson Grille Midtown

• Erin Ellis, Designer

• Bryan Cave LLP

• Elvis Hernandez

• Alternative Apparel

• Leo Cardoso

• Aurum

• Josh Venzel, VENVISIO Photography

• Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce • Delta’s GLEN Employee Resource Group • Jace Harnage & Band • Mitch Curtis Productions • Chris Gorman Photography

• Julie Yarbrough, JY Photography H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Dan Bradley


Humanitarian Award As one of the founders of Human Rights Campaign Fund in 1980, Dan Bradley distinguished himself through his career as a courageous champion of civil rights. As president of the Legal Services Corporation, Dan was the highest-ranking Presidential appointee ever to acknowledge his homosexuality. That act of bravery set the stage for an impressive string of national media appearances and Dan’s activism on the boards of many national and local organizations. Dan was the inspiration behind the historic June 1, 1987 demonstration at the White House and proudly led 64 gay and lesbian leaders to jail in a symbolic act of civil disobedience. A native of Georgia and a graduate of Mercer University, Dan passed away in January 1988 at the age of 47. This award is bestowed upon an individual or group who continues Dan Bradley’s tradition of activism and service to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Past Award Recipients 2010 - Hon. Simone Bell 2009 - YouthPride! 2008 - Rev. Dennis Meredith, Tabernacle Baptist Church 2007 - Jack Senterfit 2006 - Tony Conway, Legendary Events 2005 – Cynthia Tucker, editorial page editor, The Atlanta JournalConstitution 2004 - Dr. Karla Drenner, Georgia State Representative 2003 - Kathy Colbenson, CEO, Chris Homes, Inc. 2002 - The Atlanta Games, Inc. 2001 - Tony Braswell & Jim Marks 2000 - H. Philip Rafshoon 1999 - Kenneth F. Britt 1998 - AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta 1997 - Edith Dee Cofrin 1996 - Rev. Mike Cordle 1995 - Shannon Byrne 1994 - Larry Pellegrini 1993 - Don George 1992 - Dick Sargent 1991 - Tom Teepen 1990 - David Sheppard 1989 - Vic Basile 1988 - Hon. John Lewis, U.S. Congressman


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

2011 Dan Bradley Humanitarian Award Winner


Jeffery M. Cleghorn is a Named Partner with the law firm of Kitchens New Cleghorn, LLC, with offices in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. Jeff manages the firm’s family law practice, with focus in issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals and their families. Jeff’s practice area includes Family Law (Divorce, Custody Disputes, Modifications, Child Support), Domestic Partnership Agreements, Disputes and Dissolutions; Adoptions and Second Parent Adoptions; and Gay and Lesbian Family Law.

Dan Bradley Humanitarian Award Winner Jeffery M. Cleghorn, champion of the don’t ask don’t tell repeal

Jeff is a 1984 distinguished military graduate of North Georgia College in Dahlonega, where he received a B.A. in Political Science. After graduation, he received a commission in the United States Army as an Officer in the Army’s Military Intelligence Corps. Jeff’s military career included overseas assignments in South Korea and Germany, and stateside assignments in Arizona and South Carolina. Jeff spent his final years in the Army working in Washington, D.C. for the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, on the Joint Staff (Directorate for Intelligence). His military awards include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Joint Staff Commendation Medal and the Parachutist Badge.

Upon obtaining the rank of Major, Jeff left the Army in 1996 and enrolled in law school at The George Washington University, in Washington, D.C. In 1999, he began his legal career as a Staff Attorney with the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), in Washington, D.C., where he represented LGBT military personnel in matters relating to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) law and the Defense Department’s treatment of its gay and lesbian personnel. Jeff’s advocacy on behalf of LGBT service members included Congressional lobbying and liaison to senior Pentagon decision-makers. Jeff worked as a consultant to the University of California’s Michael D. Palm Center from 2003 through 2005. Jeff currently serves on SLDN’s Board of Directors.


Jeff has appeared as a legal analyst on CNN, C-SPAN, FOX News’ The O’Reilly Factor, MSNBC, and NPR. He has authored opinion pieces advocating for gay and lesbian equality for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Army Times, the Marine Corps Times, the Navy Times, the Air Force Times,, and has also appeared in local television and radio outlets around the country. He has spoken extensively about DADT to military, veterans and academic audiences, to include the United States Army War College, Harvard University, University of Virginia, Hofstra University, and the University of Florida.

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

of the

don’t ask don’t tell repeal

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Leon Allen & Winston Johnson


Community Leadership Award

The Leon Allen and Winston Johnson Community Service Award is named for two longtime leaders of the Atlanta LGBT Community. Leon Allen and Winston Johnson were two of the original committee members for the first two HRC dinners in Atlanta, beginning in 1988. As longtime civic rights activists, they became close friends with Coretta Scott King, and helped her use her high public profile to advocate for the rights of LGBT persons. Because of their efforts, Mrs. King became the keynote speaker at the HRC dinner in New York City in 1986, and one of the communities’ strongest allies for the rest of her days. Leon and Winston were together for 42 years until Leon’s death from Parkinson’s disease in February 2006, two weeks after Mrs. King’s passing. The Human Rights Campaign Atlanta Steering Committee presents this award each year to the individual or group who offers distinguished service and leadership for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. This award recognizes the outstanding efforts of those who dedicate not only substantial time and energy, but also spirit and whole-hearted commitment to advance the fight for our civil rights. Appreciating our current leadership will foster others to follow in their footsteps.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

Past Award Recipients

2010 - Vandy Beth Glenn 2009 - Office Dani Lee Harris 2008 - F  rank Bragg, Metrotainment Café’s 2007 - Kathy Kelly 2006 - Melissa Carter, Q100 2005 - N  an Grogan Orrock, Representative GA House 2004 - E  ric and Nancy Edmondson 2003 - Dr. Jesse Peel, MD 2002 - Kecia Cunningham, Decatur City Commissioner 2001 - Dr. Linda McGehee 2000 - C  athy Woolard, Atlanta City Councilmember 1999 - A  CLU & Lambda Legal Defense and Educ. Fund 1998 - Brooke Glaefke 1997 - Aida Rentas 1996 - Cherry Spencer-Stark 1995 - C  obb Citizens Coalition and Olympics Out of Cobb 1994 - M  ary Davis, Atlanta City Councilmember 1993 - L  inda Bryant and Sherry Emory 1992 - J  udith Colbs and Joan Garner 1991 - LEGAL 1990 - Southern Voice 1989 - T  he Metropolitan Council of Gay/Lesbian Orgs 1988 - T  he Atlanta March on Washington Committee


2011 Leon Allen & Winston Johnson Community Leadership Award Winner

Paul Plate is the executive director and CEO of Positive Impact, the only stand-alone mental health and substance abuse treatment center for people affected by HIV in the country. Plate opened the doors of Positive Impact in April of 1993, and the agency served 135 clients. In 2010, Positive Impact served more than 4,100 clients. Last year, Positive Impact became the only Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities accredited HIV service organization in Georgia. The agency began with $20,000 and now has a budget of approximately $2,200,000 annually. For five years, beginning in 1985, Plate served as the Coordinator of the Child Abuse Recovery Unit at the Bridge Family Center. In 1990, he served as the Director of the Case Management Program for AID Atlanta, increasing the staff from six to 26, designed and implemented programs, secured funding, and managed evaluations and reporting. Plate’s well-recognized collaborative leadership approach has shaped the way Positive Impact functions. For example, the agency provides mental 2011 Award Winner: Paul Plate health staff to seven other Atlanta AIDS Service Organizations. Plate’s CEO, Positive Impact focus on reducing barriers to effective care may be best demonstrated by the culturally competent services provided to Latino and Spanishspeaking clients at the agency. Plate developed the agency’s Cultural Diversity Institute, which educates the city’s mental health and substance abuse treatment providers on culturally appropriate manners of treatment. Another example of Plate’s commitment to collaboration can be witnessed in the agency’s decade-long partnership with the former AIDS Survival Project (ASP) and AIDS Treatment Initiatives (ATI) (now AIDS Alliance for Faith and Health). Because of his acclaimed work in the field of HIV/AIDS and mental health, Plate was selected by The White House to be present at the unveiling of the National AIDS Strategy. Plate received the 2000 John Kappers AIDS Community Service Award, one of Atlanta’s most prestigious awards for HIV-related services, and was awarded a Fellowship to the Center for Social Innovation Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders at Stanford University in 2002. Positive Impact has received recognition by the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta as a finalist for the 1997 Managing for Excellence Award, and the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta presented the agency with the 2000 J.C. Penny Golden Rule Award for volunteer services. Plate earned a master’s degree in counseling and guidance in 1973 and is a licensed professional counselor.

23rd A N N UA L H UM A N RI GH TS C A M PA I GN Gala Dinner


H u m an R ig h t s C a m pa i g n


DONORS Auction Donors Each year, our Gala Dinner auctions contribute approximately one-third of the overall money raised to support the HRC cause. The following businesses, organizations and individuals have generously supported our community’s goals through their donations to tonight’s Auction. *As of April 24, 2011

Silent AuctionDonors 7 Stages Theatre

Atlanta Shakespeare Company

BW Kirchner

Dr. T. Douglas Gurley

About Time for Jazz

Ballacchino Design

Byron Gilstrap

Elizabeth Stockton

Actor's Express Theatre Company

Barefoot Pool Services

Cafe Intermezzo

First Hand Experience

Affairs to Remember

Barking Hound Village

Clara Fryer

Four Seasons Hotel -Atlanta



Concierge Travel/Pineapple Point

Gilbert's Cafe/HOB NOB

Alan Richard

Beau Holland Studio

Custom Coasters by Hazel

Grand Hyatt Atlanta

Alyce Lappin

Bed Down

Daniel Shorr

Grand Hyatt Buckhead

American Airlines

Best Western Ft. Walton Beachfront

Dixie Dog Wear

Hotel Burnham

Doug Sturgess Photography

HRC Atlanta Steering Committee

Dr. Jerry Gardner D.D.S.

HRC National


Aqua Hotels and Resorts

Blue MedSpa

Atlanta Braves

Brooks & Black Framing

LIVE AUCTION DONOR Jet to Sydney in style, with two BusinessElite™ tickets from Delta Air Lines

Mediterranean Cruise for Two out of Barcelona, Spain. July 9-16, 2011 in a Deluxe Verandah Stateroom Value



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

LIVE AUCTION DONOR Travel anywhere in the world in style! Two First Class/Business Elite速 Tickets on Delta Air Lines to anywhere they fly! Value


Silent AuctionDonors Hungry Peach Personal Chef Services Hyatt Regency Atlanta Intercontinental Hotel - New Orleans Island House Key West Resort James Randall Chumbley Jane Hemmer Julia Hawkins

Julie Yarbrough Photography

Marriott Marquis Atlanta

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Kirkwood Bark & Lounge Doggy

Marriott Suites Midtown

Moattar Ltd

Mary Stanley's Young Collector's

Mojito Atlanta Restaurant

Daycare & Boarding Lisa Reilly Photography


Myers Carpet

Loews Vanderbilt Hotel - Nashville

Massage Inspires

Lucinda Bunnen

Melia Hotel Atlanta

Maison Atlanta

Metrotainment Cafes, Inc

Manuel Escuela

Mid City Dentistry

Mark Edge Jewelry Co.

Midtown Life Studio

Myran Allan Chandelier Nike Orbitz Passion Parties by Leah and Allison Pathway360 Consulting LLC

LIVE AUCTION DONOR 7-day/6-night stay in a luxurious vacation home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! This six-bedroom home features state-of-the-art amenities and an infinity pool looking the ocean. Value

-$ H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




Silent AuctionDonors Piedmont Bark Doggie Daycare,


Boarding, & Grooming

Simply Sun Tanning

Regroup Furniture Exchange

Sir Jesse of Decatur

Rep. John Lewis

Six Feet Under

Richie Arpino

Paintings by James Randall Chumbley, renowned artist and author Value

- $10,000

Smart Glass Jewelry

Ritz Carlton - Atlanta

Spirit Airlines

Ritz Carlton - Buckhead

Stonehurst Place Bed

Robert Abbey Inc.

& Breakfast

Rosen Hotels and Resorts

Studio B5B

Seth Deitchman / Morgan Stanley

Sweet Surrender Fudge

Smith Barney

LIVE AUCTION DONOR $5,000 Shopping


Comfort and style are two things you are guaranteed to buy with this Shopping Spree!

Swinging Richard's

Tony Kearney

Taste of Atlanta

Urban Body Studios

The Big Gay Supper Club

Urban Pie

The Cook's Warehouse


The Grand Resort & Spa - a


Gay Mens Resort The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa The Highlands Inn The Vortex Bar & Grill Theatrical Outfit


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

W Hotel Atlanta Downtown W Scottsdale Whole World Theater Zoom Vacation

Oh, The Things You’ll See... All-Gay Mediterranean Cruise | July 9–16, 2011

Cruise the best of Europe this summer with your friends from RSVP. We’re sailing the brand new 2100-guest Nieuw Amsterdam from gay-friendly Barcelona to Rome, Florence, Sicily, and more. Featuring RSVP’s stellar entertainment, magical parties, and famously friendly service. We know you’ve never seen Europe like this! Join us on the largest and most exciting Med cruise in our 25-year history. For more information, visit our website, see your travel agent, or call us today at 800-328-RSVP.

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

2011 HRC Atlanta

Steering Committee

Come join us and be a brush stroke in HRC’s “big picture” struggle for equality and fairness for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. Some of the Steering Committee’s goals are: n Support HRC’s national political, financial, and membership goals n Create a strong presence in our state and community n Expand the number of volunteers involved in HRC activities n Build relationships with state and community LGBT and straight leaders and organizations.

The Steering Committee is a large family made up of Board Members and Committee Co-Chairs. Committees include Administration, Communications, Corporate Relations, Dinner, Diversity, Federal Club, Outreach and Community Events, and Political. We come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Some of us have been activists for many years and some have more recently become involved. Most of us started by volunteering at an HRC event. As our knowledge of HRC’s valuable work increased, so did our commitment to a shared cause. Plus, as we have gotten to know one another, we have grown to look forward to seeing each other.

• • • • • •

Ravi Batra Ebonee Bradford-Barnes Ken Britt Mariel Bumgarner Steven Cayton Candi Cross

• • • • • •

Brad DiFiore Charlie Frew Matt Garrett Melinda Greene LeeAnn Jones Jackie Mickle

• • • • • •

Steering Committee Standing (L to R): Ed Westreicher, Matt Garrett, Charlie Frew, Jackie Mickle, Ebonee Bradford-Barnes, LeeAnn Jones, Melinda Greene, Ed Patterson; seated (L to R): Julie Wood, Candi Cross, Ryan Sepanski, Mariel Bumgarner; not pictured: Ravi Batra, Ken Britt (Director), Steven Cayton, Brad DiFiore, Jonathan Russell, Molly Simmons, Chuck Stephens, Tonie Tobias, Chip York

Ed Patterson Jonathan Russell Ryan Sepanski Molly Simmons Chuck Stephens Tonie Tobias

• Ed Westreicher • Julie Wood • Chip York

Atlanta Board of Governors Standing (L to R): Charlie Frew, Ebonee Bradford-Barnes, Ed Westreicher, Ed Patterson; seated (L to R): Julie Wood, LeeAnn Jones (Director); not pictured: Ken Britt (Director), Steven Cayton, Brad DiFiore, Jonathan Russell, Molly Simmons

annual events

The Atlanta HRC Steering Committee proudly supports these annual events: n




Gala Dinner & Auction Her HRC n Federal Club Gala


Bowling for Equality Women’s Final Four n Federal Club Brunch


Gospel & Unity Golf Event n Atlanta Pride Brunch

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual


Federal Club Holiday Party

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




The HRC EQUALITY CIRCLE was established to recognize individuals who have created gifts to the Human Rights Campaign or the Human Rights Campaign Foundation through their estate planning. By making a gift in this way, members demonstrate their long-term commitment to the mission of the Human Rights Campaign and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. The gifts made by HRC Equality Circle members enable the Human Rights Campaign to plan for the long-term — the programs, activities, outreach and general operations that work to achieve and protect equal rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.



• Charitable remainder trusts • Retained life estate






H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n

• Simple bequest in a will • Life insurance



Some of the ways to give as a member of the HRC EQUALITY CIRCLE include:


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

• Gifts of Heritage partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation

For more information about making a planned gift, please contact: Timothy L. Mahoney, Director for Estate Planning or 202-216-1563


HRC Equality Circle

Ensuring the Future of Equality

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for thoughtfully expressing their long-term commitment to the work of the Human Rights Campaign and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation through their planned or deferred gifts. For more information on the HRC Equality Circle or to make additions and corrections to this list, please visit or contact Timothy L. Mahoney, Director for Estate Planning at or (202) 216-1563. John F. Abele*

Kevin Bass


Alex C. Cheng*

Kenneth E. Dietrich*

Jeffrey M. Abramowitz*

Matthew J. Basta

Greg L. Bradley

Mel Cheren*

Daniel A. Dietz*

Michael Abrams

Bruce W. Bastian

Frederick Brahms*

Luana Chilelli

Michael Dillon

Augustine Acevedo, IV

Armand A. Battisti

Daniel F. Brandeberry*

Richard A. Chizmadia

Philip Dinkins

Ellen W. Ackerman*

Mark E. Beall

Jeanne Branson

Marjorie Chorlins

Leonard Disanto

Rick Aishman

Terrence P. Bean

Donald Brantley*

Logan Chrysler

James C. Dixon

James B. Albert*

Todd Beasley

Donald M. Brescia

James A. Clark*

John P. Donohue*

Corey M. Alexander

David Beckwith

William D. Brewer

Paul Coates

Dennis M. Dougherty

Lacey All

Eric Beesemyer

Peter H. Bridge

Daniel C. Cochran

Ronald J. Dovel

Richard J. Allen

Robin Behm

Wade Briggs

Edith Dee Cofrin

Thomas W. Downen

Michael G. Allison

Curtis T. Bell

David B. Brinkerhoff

Jeffrey L. Cohen*

Timothy J. Downing

Kimberly L. Allman

Vanessa Benavides

Kenneth F. Britt

Charles R. Cole

Lisa J. Drapkin

Ezra S. Alvarez

Gretchen Bender

L. Douglas Brooks

Waverly M. Cole*

David W. Dube

Steven B. Amend

Leslie W. Bendtsen

Barbara W. Brown

Stanley R. Coleman

Gary DuBois

Clarence E. Anderson*

Jeffrey L. Benedick

Karen Brown

John R. Cook

Kenneth J. Duchscherer*

Pam Anderson

Charles E. Bennett

Nancy L. Brown-Jamison

David S. Cooley*

James N. Duley

Tal S. Anderson

Richard S. Bennett

David A. Bryan*

Stephen M. Coons

Rita T. Duran

Ormand L. Andrew, Jr.*

Thomas O. Bente*

Kenneth A. Bryant, III

Laurie Cooper

Anita Easland

David K. Angelino

Jeri L. Berc

James H. Bryson

Harold Copeland

S. Michael Edwards

Leon C. Paulus, Jr.

Carol Berman*

P. Thomas Buche

Ernest E. Cordova

Jeffrey L. Eisberg*

Mahmood Anwar

Michael S. Berman

Steven V Buck

Gilbert Corwin*

Cristy F. Elkins

Nicole Apel

Suzanne Bernardo

Joseph J. Bucuzzo

Kathleen A. Cote

William T. Ellington*

Mary B. Appling

Jeffrey J. Berns

Richard K. Buell*

Steven M. Cotner*

Douglas R. Elliott

Brian R. Armstrong

B. Phil Biblehimer*

Judy Buitenkant

Steven K. Cox

Linda Elliott

Carmen M. Arreola*

C. Coleman Billingsley, Jr.

M. Elaine Burgess

Ben Cranefield

Thomas E. England

Joanne R. Artz

Sylva B. Billue*

Philip Burgess

Robert W. Curoe

Debra M. Enneking

Steve Atkinson


Michael F Burke

Brady Curtis

David B. Etherington

Suanne Au

Elizabeth M. Birch

Marla R. Butler

Porter H. Cutler*

Jerome W. Evans

Richard B. Auer*

C. Larry Bishop

Diane M. Butrus

Scott T. Cutright

Robert N. Falk

Ward D. Auerbach

Scott W. Bishop

Thom Cady

Peter Dal Poggetto

Jack Fallin

Paul M. Austin

Charles H. Bittner

Nancy V. Caldwell

Timothy Dambro

William E. Fanelli

Robert D. Austin*

Claudia Bjerre

David W. Callander

Nicholas D'Ambrosio

Lisa Farbstein

Gwendolyn H Baba

David A. Bjork

Ruth Callard

Keith J. Dane

Luke F. Farrell*

Alexander Baer

Nancy Blackwell

Rhonda Camarda

Jane Daroff

Anne C. Fay

Timothy S. Bahr

Michael Blankenship

Lisa L. Campbell

Robert B. Daroff, Sr.

John Feather

Desi Bailey

Robert E. Blizard

William I. Campbell

Robert B. Daroff, Jr.

Laurence D. Fechter

Robert A. Bailey

Stephen Bloom

Todd A. Canon

Robert W. Davidson

Sonny Feldman

Herbert J. Baker

R. Elena Blum

Morris L. Carlisle

Lin Davis

David Feltman

Christopher A. Balestra

Edward Bobo

Lois E. Carlson

Mark C. Davis*

Dennis Ferioli

John T. Barham

J. Jay Boda

Rita M. Carreon

Terry A. Davis

Lele D. Field

Bruce Barishmann

Robert V. Bogosian

Stephanie Carreon

Elizabeth De Caracena

Rachel D. Field

James C. Barrere*

Frank B. Bondurant

W. Lee Carter, III

Michael P. Deffley*

Tracey M. Fink

Joe Barrows

James L. Boone

Stephen H. Carter

Karen Deline

Daniel A. Finken*

John K. Barry

Joseph P. Borgovini*

Ed Casabar

Joseph DeMasi

Araminta J. Finn

Kevin A. Barry

John Bour

Michael D. Cavey

Lawrie E. Demorest

Loren D. Fischer*

Victor J. Basile

Philip Boustani

Jennifer A. Charney

Harry Deutsch*

Robert J. Fisher*

Jonathan B. Baskin*

Douglas A. Bowie

Bruce T. Chemel

Alan D. DeWolf

D. Joseph Fitts

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



Vincent J. Fitzpatrick

Dennis L. Hamilton

Harry E. Jackson

Werner P. Kuhn*

Suzanne M. Marks

Greg Flamer

Hugh B. Hammett

Jo Bess Jackson

John F. Kundtz

Dennis Markus

Robin L. Fletcher*

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H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Thomas G. Neumiller*

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H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

*deceased Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



Our personal pathways to equality are different, but our definitions of equality are the same. Equality is marriage, acceptance and being able to unabashedly hold hands on the subway. It’s education for today’s children and elders alike, and the total absence of intimidation or fear of reprisal in the workplace. Equality stands for adoption, the ability to serve openly in the military and the right to file a joint tax return. Equality is so many things, but most of all, equality is love. Our charge is to nurture, sustain and spread that love both within and with our community, for fulfilling that charge stems the tide of hate and furthers an ongoing cycle of acceptance. Equality flows from acceptance. Acceptance flows from love. Our job is to love.

--Jake Green & Andrew Land

For me, the Human Rights Campaign reflects the changing face of families. As a parent, I want my daughter to enjoy the transitions of life, associations with people and opportunities to build lifelong friendships. I want her to establish connections and build memories to cherish, representing a life well-lived. Family symbolizes shared lives, future hopes and dreams. Most of my cherished memories include adventures experienced while visiting my daughter in Atlanta. These adventures have taught me more about how she wants to be in the world and, in the process, I have learned more about myself. Now, as a mom to two “daughters,” I’ve grown in knowledge regarding how I want to be in the world. Seeing the love and respect they share for each other has increased my understanding of how important establishing equality and basic human rights for non-traditional families truly is. I believe: All people have value. All relationships have value. To love and be loved is invaluable.

--Cheryl Campbell

Equality is freedom to live my life as I see fit and to be protected against persecution from any government or employer. HRC has been instrumental in bringing about change in Washington and moving the dialogue forward 24-7-365. To be honest, since I’ve always been self-employed and single I am less affected by some inequalities; however, the work of HRC has helped all of my non-entrepreneurial friends in the workplace and for those with partners, and that is a wonderful thing. It’s refreshing to know that HRC will be there for me when the time comes, so the fight must continue. It’s a privilege to help such an important organization.

--Mark Edge


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


I’ve been a straight ally to the LGBT community my entire life. I didn’t wake up one day and make this decision. As a child, it was a never a question to embrace and accept all people for who and what they are. I grew up holding this notion very dear to me. Whether it is through protesting, letter-writing campaigns, marching in solidarity, or using the gift I have been given as an actress, I choose in my life to celebrate and be a voice for human beings who have been placed on the fringes of our society. As human beings and citizens of this world, it is an alienable right to be treated just and fair and with respect. People who know me know that I am very passionate and will not quietly move to the side. I can guarantee you that if I witness a disparity amongst my family, friends or anyone I see being mistreated, I have to speak up and use my voice. I’ve sometimes been called “loud,” “stubborn” or “I need to pick my battles.” Well, to this I say, “This is who I am!” I will never change. We must stand up and take care of each other.

--Burgess Byrd

I was a freshman at Michigan State University in 1965 and had no support. I had nobody who really understood [being transgender]. All I knew was that it was part of me. So I would get dressed up, drive down to Detroit and hang out with the hookers, the prostitutes. It was the only place I could find any sort of support and they were supportive; those girls were supportive. They were very, very sweet. …I was a football player and married a cheerleader. I was very popular. …I always had this vision of ending up in one of these beds that goes up and down and bends at the knees and the back goes up and down; sort of an assisted living facility. And I’m looking out the window and I’m going ‘Why in the name of God didn’t you do that? Why didn’t you have the courage to do what you really wanted to do?’ I didn’t want to experience that. So I think it’s true most people don’t regret what they did do so much as what they didn’t do.

There are many children now who are transitioning at younger ages and they have a conference in Seattle. They brought these two transgender girls, eight years old, together who had never met anyone like themselves before. These are children who are going to school, and the parents are supporting them in this as girls. The girls were interviewed and they said all they wanted to be was ‘normal, just a normal person is all I want to be. This is exactly how I feel.’

--Jamie Strand Reprinted with permission by StoryCorp, an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives. H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


OUR STORIES “Alongside countless others who know that true love isn’t a category for someone else’s voter ballot or archaic religious stranglehold, I will continue to fight for my story.”

I never came out as a kid, fearing rejection and retribution. Growing up in a Midwestern city, I did what every other boy did – played sports. This was an important aspect of our community, my family and a rite of passage. My perception of homosexuality was distorted by the snide comments and derogatory statements often heard on the football field. Once I left home and entered college, some wonderful people came into my life that allowed me to be me. It took a huge weight off my shoulders and I felt safe being myself for the first time. No longer did I need to be someone else. This is when I became an advocate for human rights and found myself marching for several causes in downtown Cincinnati. Today, I am marching to help eradicate these fears for the next generation of young gaylings who play sports.

--Brian Moscovitz

I have been active in human rights campaigns since the 60s. Basic human rights and equality for everyone are inspiring truths that are the very fabric of being human. These truths are defended through the ages of human life and continue to this day to be the focus of defense in our political arenas. I have been inspired by Gandhi’s work and writings. I have marched with Martin Luther King. I have worked with the poor. I have marched in many gay pride parades. I have written letters and made countless phone calls to politicians over the years. I will continue to march, to call, to write so all can enjoy basic human rights and live with vibrant joy and love. It is our birthright and not to be denied by other humans to anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, and income levels. Peace, joy and love to all and for all!

--Diana Guy

As a full-time writer, I weave stories for influential people every day. But the most important story I’m yet to write is the one trapped in my head. My own syrupy-sweet romance, a true love story that will tickle every reader’s spine, includes wedding vows. Being legally blocked from offering and receiving love in the highest form possible feels surreal in all its ugliness, absurdity and insanity. This grueling fight for a decision that is inherently mine to make is the cause of my battle scars? I would rather be at the front lines against illiteracy, poverty, domestic violence…the list goes on! Still, alongside countless others who know that true love isn’t a category for someone else’s voter ballot or archaic religious stranglehold, I will continue to fight for my story. I’ll give you a teaser: This romance won’t include a “civil union” or any other diluted version of marriage, and it won’t include a marriage certificate from another state that would be meaningless in my own. I thank the Human Rights Campaign for seeing the beauty in all of our stories and working so feverishly for happy and just endings.

--Candi S. Cross 50

H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

Equality to me means that everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, race, religion, and/or gender, is treated equally.


Each individual’s point of view is considered an important composition to this world. I believe that you can treat a person civil without necessarily agreeing on their lifestyle choices. Being involved in HRC means that I am letting my actions speak louder than my words. To want a change I have to be part of making a change. I support HRC through my volunteer work, along with thousands of other supporters from all over the country, to ensure that we represent several different faces, preferences, and/or views. I hope to achieve equality for everyone and also to make sure that the LGBT community and its supporters are respected and our voices heard.

--Sommer D. Linley

Coming from a time when there was little lobbying going on for LGBT rights, I revere the work of the Human Rights Campaign. I recall being a closeted sophomore at George Washington University in 1969, and ferreting out the phone number of the Mattachine Society. When Frank Kameny - our LGBT movement’s very own George Washington - answered the phone, I blurted out “I’m gay and I feel very bad about it!” His response was, “Why do you feel bad about it?”

In that instant, I got it. I didn’t have to feel bad about being gay! Frank as one of our first leaders had that Eureka moment in the 50s, acted on it with his comrades in picketing the White House and Independence Hall in Philadelphia in the 60s, and passed it on to all of us. The work that HRC is doing today is a direct extension of our LGBT founding mothers and fathers. I am so grateful for HRC laboring on Capitol Hill and in the trenches, and blazing the trail for our essential rights. When I hear the House and the Senate debating our issues - and even passing them with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell - I still have to pinch myself. It’s a new century and new day and new dawn.

--Dave Hayward Equality is something that minorities have struggled with since the beginning of time. I have been out and accepted by my family for my entire adult life. When I was 16 years old, I placed an HRC sticker on my car and that is when I became an activist. The thought is simple. I knew that while I was accepted in my own circles, not everyone is. Equality, in the form of acceptance (not tolerance) comes from education and experience outside of someone’s comfort zone. By living my life as an out gay man, I give everyone I come in contact with the opportunity to personally know someone who is gay and use it as an opportunity to engage them in dialogue. I believe that if everyone were out, people would realize that they know a lot more LGBT individuals than they think and perhaps would view equality differently.

--Justin Ziegler

Being a heterosexual, I don’t believe my ideas of equality are any different than others. When I bought my first house, at the closing, I had to enter on the sale document my name, a comma and the designation, “a single woman.” I asked why and was told, that was what the Alabama law required. Need I say more? I grew up with the beginning of feminism and became a thorn in my manager’s side. Looking back, I was indeed, too much of a thorn, and this hurt my goals at times. It was an evolving time, and looking forward, after traveling a distance, the road is still long and winding. I keep trying to find the balance. I still have hope for myself and others to find the right balance in achieving equality.

--Susan Johnson

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n

Human RigH t s Campaign



24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


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H um an R ight s Campaign


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24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


HRC 2011 Human Rights Campaign Staff Hyacinth Alvaran, Diversity Program Associate

Alison Delpercio, Family Project Manager

Florence Areke, Staff Accountant

Phoebe Duncan, Receptionist

Shivangi Avasthi, Federal Club Coordinator

Robert Falk, General Counsel

Karl Bach, Regional Field Organizer Timothy S. Bahr, Major Gifts & Foundation Giving Director Sandee L. Barnes-Loveday, Financial Reporting & Analysis Supervisor Tricia Benson, Foundation Relations Director Sarah Birnie, Associate Partners & Canvass Director Eric M. Bloem, Deputy Workplace Project Director Joanna Blotner, Religion & Faith Program Coordinator Jason Boone, Action Center & Store Assistant Manager, Washington Lauren Burton, Web Producer Dana Campbell, Member Services Coordinator Sylvia L. Carmichael, Computer Support Specialist Maurice Carter, Network Support Specialist Steven Churchill, Technology Director Ty Cobb, Legislative Counsel Michael Cole, Press Secretary Brian Cook, Online Producer Liz Cooper, Workplace Project Coordinator Ann M. Crowley, Membership & Online Strategy Director Tiffany Dean, Board Relations Manager Steffan Declue, Foundation Grant Writer

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Paul Guequierre, Deputy Press Secretary Zack Hasychak, Membership & Community Events Manager Sascha Heller, Senior Applications Systems Analyst Gabriel Hemphill, Communities Manager Daryl Herrschaft, Workplace Project Director Allison Herwitt, Legislative Director Amy E. Hinze-Pifer, Staff Accountant Trenard Hodge, Senior Membership & Community Events Manager Janice M. Hughes, P ublications Director Darrin Hurwitz, Assistant General Counsel

Jennifer Brooks Miller, Deputy Director of Major Gifts

Don Kiser, Creative Director

Michael Mings, Politial Action Committee Director

Kenneth E. Labombard II, Development Officer, Major Gifts

Anthony Moll, Communications Assistant

John R. Lake, Corporate Development Director

Brian K. Moulton, Chief Legislative Counsel

Susan Lamb, Federal Club Director

Cathy C. Nelson, Vice President of Development & Membership

Jeoffrey R. Lara, Operations Coordinator

Kevin Nix, New Media Director

Kevin Layton, Deputy Federal Club Director

Frank K. November, Volunteer Leadership & Strategic D evelopment Director

Andrea Levario, Senior Public Policy Advocate

Sharon E. Groves, Deputy Religion & Faith Program Director

Bradley Mayer, Senior Product Manager

Mollie Levin, Director of Events

Jessica Osborn, Regional Field Organizer

Shelley Lin, Membership Department Assistant

John Osterholt, Development & Membership Operations Coordinator

Thomas Lodge, Senior Membership & Community Events Manager

Susan Paine, Direct Marketing Director

Jason Lott, Associate Membership Operations Director

Aparna Paladugu, Policy & Strategy Associate

Sandee Loveday, Reporting & Analysis Supervisor

David A. Paul, Deputy Communities & Volunteer Relations Director

Kevin M. Lynch, Action Center & Store General Manager, Washington

Donna R. Payne, Associate Director of Diversity

Timothy L. Mahoney, Estate Planning Director

Jeremy Pittman, Deputy Field Director

Herman Marin, Lead Web Developer

Betsy A. Pursell, Public Education & Outreach Vice President

Adam T. Marquez, Corporate Development Manager Shane Martin, Action Center & Store General Manager, San Francisco


Dan Rafter, Online Content Manager Wendy Reed, Associate Federal Club Operations Director

Issac O. Mason, Major Gifts Associate H um an R ight s Campaign

Karin Quimby, Regional Field Director

24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




Staff Ben Shallenberger, Media Production Manager

Casey Reever, Events Manager Cathy A. Reno, Action Center & Store Senior Manager, Provincetown, Mass.

Victoria B. Shaw, Accounts Payable Supervisor

Kirk A. Rice, Senior Development Officer, Major Gifts

Carolyn Simon, Editorial & Web Content Manager

James M. Rinefierd, Finance & Operations Vice President

Jessica Singleton, Legal Assistant

Allyson Robinson, Associate Diversity Director

Christine Sloane, Regional Field Organizer

Camille Rodriguez, Associate Events Director

David M. Smith, Programs Vice President

Margot Rosen, Membership & Community Events Director

Paul D. Smith, Controller Joseph R. Solmonese, President

Marty Rouse, National Field Director

Christopher Speron, Development Director

Fred Sainz, Communications & Marketing Vice President

Katherine Sprissler, Major Gifts Officer

David Salisbury, E-mail Communications Coordinator

David C. Stacy, Deputy Legislative Director

Susanne Salkind, Managing Director Carl W. Schultz, Associate Human Resources Director

Sarah Streyle, Senior Graphic Design Specialist

Adam Scruggs, Associate Database Acquisition & Analysis Director

Tom G. Sullivan, Deputy Family Project Director

James Servino, Online Fundraising and Advocacy Manager

David A. Swanson, Development & Membership Operations Director

Sultan A. Shakir, Regional Field Director

Joseph Tapp, Major Gifts Officer

Lindsey Taylor, Public Education & Outreach Associate

Serena M. Warner-Williams, Human Resources Generalist

Aaron Teskey, Youth & Campus Outreach Coordinator

Lauren Waters, Diversity Student Assistant

Monchai Thongsawai, Operations & Events Manager

Kim Westheimer, Deputy Family Project/Welcoming Schools Director

Katherine Tomasura, Partners & Sustaining Gifts Coordinator

Joseph Wheelock, Operations Coordinator

David Turley, Field Organizer

Shelena Williams, Operations Coordinator

Lindsey C. Twombly, Associate Social Media & Online Mobilization Director Robert Villaflor, Design Director Cuc Vu, Chief Diversity Officer Anthony Wagner, Regional Field Director Sarah Warbelow, State Legislative Director


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

Monique Wright, Accounts Payable & Payroll Specialist




Nikki Eason – Charlotte, NC

Gwen Migita – Las Vegas, NV

Patty Ellis – Huntington, NY

Patrick Miller – New Orleans, LA

Brian Endicott – Columbus, OH

Tim Morneau – Los Angeles, CA

Jill Federico – Oakland, CA

Kevin Moser – Seattle, WA

Michael Fifield – Salt Lake City, UT

Dyshaun Muhammad – Minneapolis, MN Christine Nelson – Melrose, MA

Board of Directors

Edie Cofrin – Atlanta, GA

Steven Fisher – Los Angeles, CA

Lacey All – Seattle, WA

Lawrie Demorest – Atlanta, GA

Brian Flanagan – South Orange, NJ

George Page – San Antonio, TX

John Barry – Chicago, IL

Anne Fay – Dallas, TX

Randy Floyd – Charlotte, NC

Joseph Palacios – Washington, DC

Kevin Bass – Rancho Mirage, CA

Sandra Hartness – Laguna Beach, CA

Tom Floyd – San Jose, CA

Bryan Parsons – New York, NY

Bruce Bastian – Orem, UT

Garry Kief – Inglewood, CA

Donna Flynn – Houston, TX

Darrell Parsons – San Antonio, TX

Terry Bean – Portland, OR

Andy Linsky – Palm Springs, CA

Jennifer Foster – Orlando, FL

Lester Perryman – New Orleans, LA

David Beckwith – Los Angeles, CA

Hilary Rosen – Washington, DC

Patrick Gamble – Phoenix, AZ

John Piedrahita – Washington, DC

Les Bendtsen – Minneapolis, MN

Judy Shepard – Casper, WY

Jeffery Garofalo – Las Vegas, NV

Hank Provost – Denver, CO

Stephanie Carreon – Dallas, TX

Mary Snider – Washington DC

Sepi Ghafouri – West Hollywood, CA

Anna Prow – Washington, DC

Krystal Gilliam – Austin, TX

Catherine Reid – Laguna Beach, CA Michael Reiser – Saint Louis, MO

Dan Cochran – New York, NY Jane Daroff – Cleveland, OH

Foundation Board of Governors

Madeline Goss – Raleigh, NC

Tim Downing – Beachwood, OH

Robert Abernathy – Oak Brook, IL

Amos Gott – Nashville, TN

Susan Reyes – New Orleans, LA

Linda Elliott – Phoenix, AZ

Rick Aishman – Dallas, TX

Deb Graves – Minneapolis, MN

Brian Rice – Stamford, CT

Anne Fay – Dallas, TX

Steve Amend – Henderson, NV

Cherie Green – Charlotte, NC

Wendy Ringe – Addison, TX

Chris Flynn – Boston, MA

Andrew Arnold – Los Angeles, CA

Deb Guidry – New Orleans, LA

Andy Rubinson – Boston, MA

Jody Gates – New Orleans, LA

Karen Aronoff – Cincinnati, OH

Paul Guillory – Houston, TX

John Ruffier – Orlando, FL

Kirk Hamill – Washington, DC

Varo Asorian – Torrance, CA

Ron Guisinger – Columbus, OH

Terri Rutter – Roslindale, MA

Mike Holloman – Houston, TX

Matthew Bacon – Worcester, MA

Jonathan Gundersen – Philadelphia, PA

Minita Sanghvi – Raleigh, NC

John Isa – Washington, DC

Jessica Bair – West Hollywood, CA

Edward Guzek – Minneapolis, MN

Creg Schumann – Minneapolis, MN

LeeAnn Jones – Atlanta, GA

Phillip Baker – Phoenix, AZ

CM Hall – Portland, OR

Jon Shaffer – Columbus, OH

Barry Karas – Los Angeles, CA

Ian Barrett – Wayland, MA

Suzanne Hamilton – Shaker Heights, OH

Lynn Shepodd – Hollywood, CA

Tom Knabel – Minneapolis, MN

Vanessa Benavides – Dallas, TX

Jim Harrison – Dallas, TX

Mark Shura – Boston, MA

Tom Kovach – Las Vegas, NV

Bob Berry

James Healey – Henderson, NV

Ashley Smith – Arlington, VA

Chris Labonte – Philadelphia, PA

Dana Beyer – Chevy Chase, MD

Jason Held – Chicago, IL

Corey Smith – Minneapolis, MN

Jani Lopez – Houston, TX

Scott Bishop – Charlotte, NC

Katie Hill – Nashville, TN

Michael Smithson – Cleveland, OH

Anton Mack – Los Angeles, CA

Wendy Blenning – Portland, OR

Ron Hirth – Cincinnati, OH

LaRence Snowden – Houston, TX

Joni Madison – Hillsborough, NC

Eric Blomquist – New York, NY

Ted Holmquist – West Hollywood, CA

Steven Spencer-Steigner – San Francisco, CA

Josh Miller – Las Vegas, NV

Patricia Bolton – Issaquah, WA

Miranda Hooker – Cambridge, MA

Colte Suggs – Washington, DC

Michael Palmer – Washington, DC

Chris Boone – Seattle, WA

Brian Irwin – Dallas, TX

Deb Taft – Roslindale, MA

Terry Penrod – Columbus, OH

Daniel Brennan – Austin, TX

Deanne Jockish – Fenton, MO

Dan Tanner – Orlando, FL

Dana Perlman – Los Angeles, CA

Tim Bresnahan – Chicago, IL

Ajit Joshi – Washington, DC

Donna Tarabella – Portland, OR

Henry Robin – New York, NY

Barbara Browning – Jamaica Plain, MA

Eric Kenney – Long Beach, CA

Andrea Torrence – Saint Louis, MO

Mirian Saez – San Francisco, CA

Charlie Buchanan – Houston, TX

John Kerrigan – Austin, TX

Marjorie Troxel-Hellmer – Kansas City, MO

Cathi Scalise – Dallas, TX

Deiadra Burns – Dallas, TX

Sheila Kloefkorn – Tempe, AZ

Ben Waldman – Seattle, WA

Linda Scaparotti – San Francisco, CA

Rory Cahn – Beachwood, OH

Tom Kovach – Henderson, NV

Willis Ward – Raleigh, NC

Elizabeth Schleigh – San Antonio, TX

Nancy Caldwell – Dallas, TX

Jason Lambert – Orlando, FL

Julie Watson – Minneapolis, MN

Meghan Stabler – Houston, TX

Frank Caliguri – Cincinnati, OH

John Leonard – Portland, OR

Pete Webb – New York, NY

Faye Wilson Tate – Denver, CO

Todd Canon – Portland, OR

Tedd Lesch – Long Beach, CA

Bill Weeks – Chicago, IL

Rebecca Tillet – Huntington, NY

Carlos Carbonell – Orlando, FL

Billy Leslie – Nashville, TN

Richard Welch – Worcester, MA

Julius Turman – San Francisco, CA

Christopher Carolan – Brooklyn, NY

Ryan Levy – Houston, TX

Amy White – Seattle, WA

Alan Uphold – Los Angeles, CA

Bill Castellani – Washington, DC

Char Ligo – Shaker Heights, OH

Sharon Wong – Davidsonville, MD

David Wilson – Jamaica Plain, MA

Jeffrey Caywood – Cincinnati, OH

Alex Lindquist – Denver, CO

Kathy Young – Peoria, AZ

Frank Woo – San Francisco, CA

Kevin Cheng – San Francisco, CA

Michael Long – Portland, OR

Lisa Zellner – Columbus, OH

Luana Chilelli – Salt Lake City, UT

Raymond Manci – Palm Springs, CA

Atlanta Board of Governors

Dawn Christensen – Henderson, NV

John Mancuso – Saint Louis, MO

Ebonee Bradford

Foundation Board of Directors

Jeff Coop – Seattle, WA

John Marez – San Francisco, CA

Steven Cayton

Lacey All – Seattle, WA

Thomas Cowley – Rancho Mirage, CA

M. Mason – Columbus, OH

Brad DiFiore

Gwen Baba – Los Angeles, CA

John Cramer – Dallas, TX

Robert Mason – Los Angeles, CA

Charles Frew

Bruce Bastian – Orem, UT

Jeremy Davis – Nashville, TN

Keith McCoy – Chicago, IL

Ed Patterson

Terry Bean – Portland, OR

Fiona Dawson – Houston, TX

Sharlea McMurtry – Denver, Colorado

Jonathan Russell

Ken Britt – Atlanta, GA

Candace DiGirolamo – Columbus, OH

Lori Megown – New York, NY

Molly Simmons

Lee Carter – Summerfield, NC

Robert Dogens – Charlotte, NC

Beth Mejia – Minneapolis, MN

Edward Westreicher

Dan Cochran – New York, NY

Michael Dunning – Saint Louis, MO

Andrew Melissinos – West Hollywood, CA

Julie Wood

– Villa Park, IL

Ryan Messer – Cincinnati, OH H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Macy’s salutes the

Greater Atlanta Human Rights Campaign Macy’s is a proud sponsor of the HRC. Everyday, Macy’s strives to be an example of diversity and inclusion, knowing that much more can be done. Ensuring equality in the workplace and in the communities we serve, is everyone’s responsibility.

Macy’s is the proud recipient of the 2010 Trevor Project Commitment Award and a score of 100 on the HRC CEI.

Macy's HRC Half Page BW ad-Atlanta.indd 1

4/8/11 3:42 PM

OUR STORY is about commitment.

I’m there.® We’re all busy meeting life’s deadlines and commitments. As your good neighbor agent, I can lend a hand with your insurance so you can concentrate on the rest of your life. Count on me for all your car, home, life and health insurance needs.

Cleo’s there for all your insurance needs.

Call Cleo Today! Cleo L Meyer, Agent Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce: 2009 Business Woman of the Year Member: Atlanta Executive Network • Community Volunteer • HRC Federal Club Member

1447 Peachtree St NE • Atlanta, GA 30309-3001 404-817-0960 • State Farm agent Cleo Meyer, her partner Donna with their son Conner.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


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Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

which is a separate legal entity. Ernst & Young LLP is a client-serving member firm located in the US.

Ernst & Young refers to a global organization of member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of

© 2011 Ernst & Young LLP.

Better together? Absolutely! Our differences are what energize our culture at Ernst & Young. That’s why it’s important to us to support our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies — creating an environment where all of us can bring our whole selves to work. Because achieving our potential as a firm begins with helping our people realize their potential as individuals. It makes all the difference to our success.

What’s next?

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Work together.




Make a difference.





Human Rights Campaign. HRC has led the way in promoting fairness for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. We commend their efforts and thank them for making the world a better place.

Š 2011 Citigroup Inc. All rights reserved. Arc Design, Citi and Arc Design and Citi Never Sleeps are trademarks and service marks of Citigroup Inc., used and registered throughout the world.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


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Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Be Proud. Be Free. Be You. BV.


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H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n

8/10/2008 11:20:18 PM |

24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

BP is proud to be a National Corporate Silver Partner of the Human Rights Campaign. Thank you to HRC for your commitment and service to the LGBT community.

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Your car already shows your support. Now your car insurance can do the same. Nationwide InsuranceÂŽ is proud to be the newest Platinum National Partner of the Human Rights Campaign. We are as committed to equality as you are. We proved it in 2004 when we received a 100% rating on the HRC Corporate Equality Index. We have held that rating every year since. Nationwide Insurance offers a special discount on car insurance to members and supporters of HRC. Call 1-888-490-1561 or visit to start saving today.

Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Home Office: Columbus, OH 43215. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. Nationwide, Nationwide Insurance, and the Nationwide framemark are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Š2010 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

HRC Explained What We Do


The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against LGBT people and realize fairness and equality for all — at home, at work and in our communities. With a grassroots force of more than 750,000 members and supporters nationwide, we are working every day to make this vision a reality. Equal Families

Military service

Same-sex couples are building families in over 99 percent of U.S. counties, and LGBT people are raising millions of children in this country. The family is a source of financial and emotional security for all of us, but laws and institutions fall short in protecting our families, especially in times of need. The HRC Foundation’s Family Project provides LGBT families and their allies with the most up-to-date information and resources on legal issues related to starting a family, relationship recognition, healthcare rights, raising children and planning for retirement and the loss of a spouse. Through innovative partnerships and programs, the HRC Family Project engages leaders in healthcare, child welfare and education to establish policies and practices that support and affirm our families. Until our families have full legal recognition and equal treatment, HRC will be fighting to achieve these goals.

In the past 17 years, more than 14,000 brave LGBT service members have been discharged from our military under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law. The majority of Americans oppose this discriminatory law, and we have made great strides toward repeal. HRC has developed a nationwide strategy to push “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal over the finish line, including partnering with allied organizations and mobilizing veterans.

Fair Workplaces In 29 states, it is legal to fire an employee based on sexual orientation; in 38 states, it is legal to fire someone based on gender identity. There is no federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, meaning that across most of our nation, LGBT people can be fired without recourse for being who they are. HRC is working to pass a federal law and partnering with state organizations as well. Corporate America is out ahead of state and federal law. The ranks of employers that have established non-discrimination policies have increased rapidly, and over half of Fortune 500 companies also provide equal family benefits for same-sex couples. By working with CEOs, employees, consumers and investors, the HRC Workplace Project has assisted companies in instituting LGBTfriendly policies. More than 337 businesses received perfect scores on our most recent Corporate Equality Index, a national rating system that grades businesses’ workplace policies. Fair-Minded Representation HRC’s Political Action Committee is among the National Journal’s top-rated progressive PACs, with over 90 percent of our endorsees winning their elections. Since 1980, we have helped elect fair-minded candidates across the country, ensuring that the voice of equality is heard in statehouses and on Capitol Hill. HRC provides a range of support, including full-time staff, messaging development and volunteers trained through our Campaign College program.

Equality at the State Level By working with advocacy groups and fair-minded legislators across the country, we are achieving equality state by state. HRC provides legislative strategy, financial support and staff to elected officials and our coalition partners in the states, ensuring our commitment to equality on the ground level. With a full-time state legislative lawyer on staff and expertise in the legislation that matters to LGBT people and families, we are a resource to our partners in the states.

Safety Hate crimes based on sexual orientation still make up the third-highest category of all hate crimes reported yearly, after race and religion. After a decade of work, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. HRC is working to ensure its implementation.

In the Community HRC is committed to making sure that our outreach efforts reflect the diversity of our movement and the communities in which we work and live. We work to unite LGBT people and straight supporters with people of all races and backgrounds to ensure equality for all. HRC’s groundbreaking Equality Forward initiative deepens the understanding of race, sexuality and gender identity; our Historically Black Colleges and Universities program supports LGBT black youth and educates nonLGBT black students and faculty about LGBT issues; and we partner with Ya Es Hora, a national coalition working to incorporate Latino/a immigrants into the U.S. civic life as citizens and voters.

Religion & Faith Religion is too often used as a proxy for discrimination. Knowing that faith is a powerful force for justice, the HRC Religion and Faith Program helps faith leaders, communities and individuals draw upon their faith to be active participants in the call for equality. Our efforts include: working with progressive state clergy coalitions, hosting special townhall events and creating weekly preaching resources.

Healthcare HRC advocates for a robust federal response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which still disproportionately affects the LGBT community. HRC lobbies for the full funding of critical prevention, treatment and research programs grounded in sound science, not narrow ideology. HRC works to ensure that healthcare legislation treats the community fairly by prohibiting discrimination, providing equal coverage and ensuring that policies to benefit families include LGBT people and their children, regardless of the state or federal laws governing their relationships.

Our Country’s Future Thanks in part to decades of work educating the country about who we are, polls show the majority of Americans are shifting toward fair-minded views, with the younger generations being the most supportive. Significant positive change exists in every category we track, including support for workplace non-discrimination laws and legal recognition of all American families. By working with the media, producing groundbreaking publications and finding new ways to communicate about our issues, we are effecting change across America.

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



Make a Difference Every Day

Join the Atlanta Federal Club

What it means to support the Human Rights Campaign’s movement for Equality as a member of the Federal Club The HRC Federal Club is a very important, long-term giving program that starts at a minimum of $100 a month and above. Your sustaining commitment ensures the Human Rights Campaign has the resources to fund our initiatives to elect fair-minded candidates, advance our community’s health and safety, protect and care for our families and create a fair and equitable workplace. Federal Club support ensures our political strength and ability to defend against the discriminatory radical right attacks that are happening on Capitol Hill and all across the country and to leverage the federal and state legislative opportunities in front of us. We hope you will consider what motivated you to be here tonight, and think about what more you can do to help achieve equality. If you are not a Federal Club member, we are asking you to become a member now! To our current dedicated Federal Club members – THANK YOU for your generous support! Our civil rights movement would not be where it is today without the decades of personal support from our Federal Club members. We hope you will consider renewing your commitment and increase your monthly pledge this evening. To members of our families, our friends and straight allies – we ask you to join with us tonight in expanding and diversifying our Federal Club membership. There will never be a better time to join us than right now. Federal Club members are the principle stakeholders and national leaders in the Human Rights Campaign’s fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. Join this extraordinary group whose generous support ensures HRC is a major force for equality! You can contact us at or use our convenient secure online site to become a Federal Club member at

Annual Contribution Levels: n President’s Cabinet Plus ��������������������������������������������$250,000 n President’s Council ��������������������������������� $100,000 - $249,999 n Speaker’s Council ��������������������������������������� $50,000 - $99,999 n Ambassador’s Council��������������������������������� $25,000 - $49,999 n Capital Council ��������������������������������������������� $15,000-$24,999

President’s Cabinet

Steven N. Cayton

($250,000 and above)

Edie D. Cofrin & Laurie L. Sikes

Capitol Council

B. Rodney White & Michael P. Williams

LeeAnn Jones & Rebecca Sherrill

Amanda Bearse & Carrie Schenken

Trippe Davis & Robert Bickerstaff

Gene A. Bennett Jr. & Tom Sands

Clara L. Fryer

Dr. Anna Crawford & Dr. Barbara Thomason

John Berger

Phillip Hoover & Edward Westreicher T. Hunter Jefferson

Robert Annas & Douglas Shaw Kenneth F. Britt

H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n

Alison Brown

Carl H. Anderson Jr. & Jerald M. Byrd

Eric Bymaster & Chad Buckles

Carolyn Appen

Philip J. Cannon, M.D.

William K. Armstrong

Perry A. Cantarutti

Barbara Thwaites & Angela Owens

John Ballard

Jennifer Cheers & Lourdes Delgado

Janice M. Warner MD

John Barbee

Robert A. Chubb

Thomas E. Bat & Rod J. Rusyniak

Danielle Teyla Coates

($1,200 to $2,399)

William W. Brown 66

Ann Blonder

Karen Burns

Chuck Stephens & Daylon Lutzenberger

Kate Amesbury

James Powell & Mitchell Czeh

Carolyn Bibb & Susan Yandel


Arvin Spell III & Joseph Bennett

($5,000 to $9,999)

Trish Jones

Brad Berman

Dan Brown

Sara A. Scott & Elizabeth A. Walton

House Council

Joe Guthridge & David Ritter

Congressional Circle

Lee A. Schreter & Delinda G. Bunnell

Charles S. Mann & William G. Gilmore

Karen Beardslee & Susan McGinnis

Dr. Harold Brody

William E. Long, III & Charles M. Nalbone

($10,000 to $14,999)

Congressional Circle Plus ($2,400 to $4,999)

Michael J. Lappin & John D. West

Senate Council

Senate Council ��������������������������������������������� $10,000-$14,999 House Council������������������������������������������������� $5,000 - $9,999 n Congressional Circle Plus ������������������������������� $2,400 - $4,999 n Congressional Circle ��������������������������������������� $1,200 - $2,399 n Congressional Circle Associate �������������������������� $500 - $1,999 n

Gladys G. Cofrin

Matt Garrett & Chris Holoman

($15,000 to $24,999)


Mike Crandall & Joe Brown

Bernard Colligan |

24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Congressional Circle (cont.) Ben Collins

Harry H. Harkins Jr.

Eileen McClay

Mary C. Roemer & Susan J. Robinson

Bryan Cooke & Bill Musso

M. Jeff Harris & Will B. Peterson

Michael McGaughey & Craig Kettles

Dr. Raymond Rubin & Jeffrey Shelton

Daryl Cowan & Greg Hare

G. Dale Heizler & L. Gene Gandy

Lori Mehleis & Suzanne Oesau

Jonathan D. Russell

Bradley Crowley, Taylor Tisdale & Warren Schmitt

Beth Herndon & Robin Huskey

Steven J. Mengelt & Gregory C. Wilcox

Zachary Sank & John Epps

Lea Cupples Germaine Curtin & Denise Smith Teresa Dau & Amanda McMillan Christopher Davis & Nick Gunnell

Maxine Hicks & Medra Ashmore

Beth Schapiro & Janet Womack

Margaret N. Mermin, M.D. & Susan Kennedy

Drew Huff David M. Hughes Donna Inkster & D. Lynn Russell

Marilyn M. Metzler

Dr. Jason S. Schneider Lawton Shaw Molly E. Simmons

Donna & Cleo Meyer

Terry A. Davis & Gail Hyde

Dr. Robert L. Jacobson & James Borus

Peter DeMartin

Eugenio Jimenez

Jackie Mickle & Megan J. Phillips

Stuart Demma

Michael Milligan & David Lowery

Lawrie Demorest & Lee Kyser

George M. Johnson & Morris P. Steward

Austin Dickson

Lisa A. Johnson & Laura E. Fluehr

Dr. John R. Moore & Jimmy Bryant

Brad DiFiore

Rick Johnson & Garvin Haynes

Eva J. Morgan & Barbara J. Bennett

Kristin Doherty

Wendy Johnson & Jann Blanton

Susan Mormann & Karen Ratts

Dr. Blanca Durand

Winston Johnson

Dr. John Musser & Kerry Patton

David Earle

Karen M. Jones

Bruce & Sue Nelson

Dr. David A. Ecklund & T. Dennis Bickham III

Sonny Jones

Jeff Niemann & Troy Weiland

Lynnette Suawanasri & Erin McElhaney

Teresa Joyce

Dr. Lisa Ortenzi

Jeff Swart & Mark Wade

Wilson Ellis & Tom Woodham

Anna Kindley & Mary Lynn Slattery

Kevin L. Palmer & Thomas Ellicott

Todd A. Tautfest

Brian E. Ettelman & Christopher T. Doyle

Kevin D. Kino

Stephen Pararo & James Moss Jr.

Eugene Taylor

James Knoll & Brian Smooke

Michael B. Parks

Susan Teaster

John B. Knott & Chad L. Hardigree

Sid Parrish & Jerry Morgan

Timothy Tew & Joseph Northington

Christine Koehler

Debbie Parrott & Leah Williams

Shane Thomas & Michael Bishop

Nancy Koeper

Steven Patrick & Curtis Reese

Tom Thomas & Olen Bennett

Beverly Korfin & Andrea Finn

Ed Patterson & Steve Richards

Scott Touchstone

Dr. Jesse Peel

Charles Frew & Steve Cawthon

Drs. Chris J. Krebs & Steve A. Messner

David Tufts

Kevin Phillips & Todd Skelton

Chris Fritsch & Aimee Bragg

Paula Kreissler & Terri Galloway

Margaret Underwood & Jackie Jones

Alex Gallagher

Karla L. Kreitner & Donna C. Grindle

James Farris & Chad Johnson Robin Ferguson Marti Fessenden & Suzanne Schultz Jeff Fisher & Don Bearden Dusty Folds

E. Bruce Garner

Melissa C. Sisson & Carol E. Hayes

Mark Meyerdirk

John Mills & John Skinner

Madeleine Ponder, M.D. & Trina Queen

Daniel Kew Skwarek Mitchell L. Smith & Michael Edwards John Stegall Jr. & Robert Thompson Jr. Darrell Stokes Jackquelyn Strickland & Zanita King George B. Strode Katherine Strong & Beth Linton

Laura C. Vansant

Clayton Powell

Lauren Vogel & Barbara Murrin

Katherine Pringle

Alex Wan & Joe Bechely

Tony Pruitt & Albert Cortina

K. Renee Weese

Stacey Quance & Shelly McLemore

Diane Whitman & Dawn Ginnaty

Drs. David Quinn & Jason Liebzeit Mary Raines

James Wildermuth & Larry Hoskins

Kathy Rasmussen & Trish Sutterfield

Dr. Michael Wilson

Robert M. Lewis Jr. & Jeff Thomas

Michael Reischman

Russell Winch

Gayle P. Lloyd & Susan Joseph

John L. Remsen Jr.

Dan Winship & Mark Taylor

Paul-Angelo Logiudice

R. Kirk Rich & Todd Higginbotham

Dr. Richard Wolitski & Robert Neis

Rodney D. Mason

Dana Richens

Mark L. Woods

Noel Gregg

James Masters

Jeffrey Riley & Doug Sturgess

Tom Woodward & Dana Williams

Michael Grover

Bob Mathis

Dr. Michael J. Riley

Cathy Woolard & Karen Geney

Dr. T. Douglas Gurley & Joel Bulit

Joey Mayson

Angie Robbins, M.D.

Thomas Wright & William E. Titman

Dr. James M. Gerhart & Rev. Todd D. Smelser

John Ladky

Robyn Gibson Kelly Gilstrap

Dr. J. Bancroft Lesesne & Randolph Henning

Robert J. Glascock & Michael I. Wright

Hart A. Levy & William G. Yount

Deneen E. Goddard & Lisa Dickerson

Dr. Fulton D. Lewis III & S. Neal Rhoney

Ranjan Goswami & Philip Lowe Jeffery Scott Gray & Rodney Rogers Melinda Greene Dean Greeson & Richard Vanden Heuvel

Shawn Lanier & Kenneth Newberg

Michael York H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

American Airlines is proud to support the community that supports us. That’s why we’re the first and only airline to score 100% on the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index every year since 2001.

AmericanAirlines, and are marks of American Airlines, Inc. oneworld is a mark of the oneworld Alliance, LLC. © 2011 American Airlines, Inc. All rights reserved.

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


The HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN FOUNDATION salutes our Foundation Partners with our heartfelt thanks. BBVA Compass Foundation The Black Tie Dinner, Inc. Caesars Entertainment David Bohnett Foundation E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation John Burton Harter Charitable Trust John C. Kish Foundation Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Trust MetLife Microsoft Corporation The Morningstar Foundation Pfizer Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Alex Shulman Family Foundation UPS Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

THANK YOU The Human Rights Campaign Foundation works to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to care for their families, earn a living, serve their country and live open, honest and safe lives at home, at work and in the community. The HRC Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. For more information about our work, visit HRC Foundation Partners contribute $25,000 or more annually to HRC Foundation. List current as of April 1, 2011.


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24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

Dr. Daryl r. K Cosmetic istry & Sports Dent imche

Proud to SuPPort the human rightS CamPaign

t Road 2921 Piedmon Suite E 0305 Atlanta, GA 3 404.262.0806


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much more than the typical pet store, the Pet Set is atlanta’s most unique dog and cat wonder store since 1982. We specialize in only all natural dog and cat products and foods. our staff, all pet owners, are well trained to know what dogs and cats need. our stores are pet friendly – we welcome you and your pet to shop with us at anytime. from the newest unique pet accessories in our boutique, our grooming day spa environment, our day care loft play areas, luxury overnight to extended boarding, your pets will be pampered by a pet loving staff.

Buckhead • 404-633-8755

grooming, boarding, daycare, boutique 2480 Briarcliff road, atlanta, Ga 30329

Midtown • 404-249-6668

opening June 2010 • grooming & boutique 976 Piedmont avenue, atlanta, Ga 30309 a l l n at u r a l f o o d | u n i q u e p e t ac c e s s o r i e s | g r o o m i n g day s pa | day c a r e | lo f t p l ay a r e a | lu x u r y o v e r n i g h t b oa r d i n g | e x t e n d e d b oa r d i n g

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


Your Story is Our Story For five years, Cox Enterprises has proudly served as a presenting sponsor of the Atlanta HRC Gala Dinner. We continue to support the HRC and share your story through our people and media.

Š 2011 Cox Enterprises, Inc.


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

• Financial planning • Investment management • Experienced financial professionals • Fee-only, unbiased advice

Renée Weese Financial Planning Consultant


Business Woman of the Year Award for 2010-11

404.816.6688 krweese@ For more information visit

Providing Financial Peace Of Mind At Minerva Planning Group, our success is directly linked with yours. We are here to help you make better financial decisions, devise a clear path to your financial goals and plan for the unexpected.

Minerva is a fee-only planning firm. That means we don’t sell any products, and we’re only working for you, our client. Our unbiased advice is solely aligned with your interests at all times.

We pride ourselves on our experience and training. Minerva was founded in 1989 and we’ve assisted hundreds of clients in meeting their goals.

Let us help you find your financial peace of mind. H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




We help leaders accelerate their results through consulting, coaching and training. Contact us for more information on how we can help you and your organization “excelerate” your success!

Marty Murphy, Senior Partner 404-817-3685 74

H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


The Home Depot Foundation IS COMMITTED TO building healthy communities AND WE PROUDLY SUPPORT THE 24th Annual Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner


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24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



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24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




6:29 PM









H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



BH/A 1/7/11 Job No:


Job Name Program A

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Live: 8.5 x Trim/Bleed:

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Prepared by

Prudential Adve

213 Washington Newark NJ, (973) 802-7361

Fax (973) 367-6

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For more than 130 years, Prudential’s talented and diverse people have made our company Rock Solid®. Visit us online to learn more about the ways diversity is ingrained in all we do, and to see how your unique talents can help strengthen The Rock®. Prudential Financial, Inc., Newark, NJ 0164434-00001-00


H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

DEDICATED TO THE LAW. DEVOTED TO DIVERSITY. EVERY DAY. Kilpatrick Stockton is pleased to support the 23rd Annual Atlanta HRC Gala Dinner & Silent Auction and congratulates the 2010 Award Recipients for their efforts towards ending discrimination against LGBT citizens and realizing a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all. We are proud to work with and support organizations who, like us, are seeking to improve the lives of LGBT Americans by advocating for equal rights through innovative advocacy, education and outreach programs. To learn more about our commiment to diversity and inclusion, visit




Human RigH ts Campa i gn



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24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


4/24/10 10:17:20 AM

Simply having diversity is interesting. Doing something with it is powerful. We embrace the power of a diverse workforce and provide an inclusive and collaborative workplace — one that unleashes the talents of all its employees. We believe diversity creates better value, delivers superior client experiences and develops innovative solutions for the markets and communities we serve.

RBC Bank is proud to support the Human Rights Campaign. Call 1-877-RBC BANK (722-2265) or visit a nearby banking center |



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

individuals create diversity

At Seyfarth Shaw, we believe that diversity—in terms of people, perspectives and experiences—can create more innovative solutions and greater contributions from everyone. We are proud to support HRC Atlanta in its efforts to achieve LGBT equality.

About Seyfarth Shaw Seyfarth Shaw was founded in 1945 by three lawyers and has grown to more than 750 lawyers across ten offices. We handle issues for our clients in all key areas including labor and employment, commercial litigation, construction, corporate and finance, employee benefits, environmental, government contracts, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, securities litigation, trusts and estates, workouts and bankruptcy, and trade secrets, among others. Our success is the result of a constant, unrelenting focus on the needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and our belief in the strength of a team-based approach to the delivery of our services offers an atmosphere of creative and innovative thinking. H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



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24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



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24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

“Everybody Needs Health Care” Everyone Should Have Health Care

Give to Grady Text “GRADY” to 50555 to Contribute $5

Lisa Borders President, Grady Health Foundation

HRC Supporter

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction




Human RigHts Campaign



H u m a n R i g h t s C a mpa i g n


24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction

70 LENox PoINtE At L A N tA , G A 3 0 3 2 4 (404) 240-0007

EVERY DAY at our house... we work to take care of yours. For over 20 years the lawyers and staff of the Fryer Law Firm have supported HRC and our great community. If you need real estate closing services in Georgia, Florida or North Carolina, count on our energy, care and competency... now, as always. H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



At Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP, our commitment to diversity allows us to attract the widest possible array of talent. Which enhances our ability to serve our clients and our community. Who are also a diverse group of companies and individuals. All of which enriches us as professionals. And as people. Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP. What can we do for you?

For more information, contact: Dana Richens, Diversity Partner 404.815.3659

Smith,Gambrell Russell, llp

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Attorneys at Law

A24TH N N U AA L nnua H UMAN r IG H TS Gala CA MPAI GN GALA dI NNe r l Atlanta Dinner & Auction

Atlanta Frankfurt Jacksonville New York Washington, D.C.

H um an R ight s Campaign


24TH Annual

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction



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24TH A nnua l

Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction


BROADCASTING SYSTEM, INC. Is Proud to Support the

Human Rights Campaign











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2 011. Tu r n e r B r o a d c as t i ng S ys t em , I nc. A

C om p a ny. Al l R i ght s R es er v ed .


proudly supports the

Atlanta Human Rights Campaign

2011 Atlanta Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Gala Dinner & Auction Program Book  

The program book from the 2011 Atlanta Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner & Auction. Thank you to all of our sponsors for your support.