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Enhance Your Racer With LiPO RC Batteries Skill, the correct batteries and the right car are the three things that serious RC car races understand will win a race. Many hours of practice are necessary to develop skill and there isn't any getting around this. It is simpler to come by the other two sides of the equation. Because of their weight and their high power, LiPO RC batteries are incredibly popular. A common battery has limited power that can be drawn at a time. The power potential improves tremendously when you switch from these traditional bulky batteries to LiPO, allowing you to draw as much power as you can for your car. Your car won't be held back by restricted energy with LiPO batteries. No matter what the racer you drive, the transition from ordinary batteries to LiPO batteries helps. There is no single best style of racing car. The course you want to drive and the terrain you encounter in the race will determine which is the best one. The three primary categories of racers are trucks, street cars and drifters although hybrids also exist that combine attributes from various varieties of cars. When You Need A Truck If you are doing off-road racing, a truck is best. Nothing tears up bumpy ground like a great racing truck. Given that they can provide as much power as it needs during its fight to climb over and around obstacles, LiPO batteries get the most out of your truck. The very same bumpy ground that stops other trucks with their weightier and weaker batteries can be chewed up. Enjoy an increase in your ability to maneuver through mud, weeds, and any other rough ground. When To Select A Street Car They were designed to manage paved roads better than other RCs and so the name street cars. Many people incorrectly test all race cars on uneven ground and therefore underappreciate the street car. The cars don't do as well as trucks off the road, but assuming the same quality, street cars will outperform trucks on paved racetracks all the time. Cars were designed for particular terrain so make sure they are tested on this terrain. A good street car is much better than a truck if you plan to participate in street racing. Street races are entertaining. You can push your steering and control limits by working your way through a course, or you can race a straight course for more speed. LiPO batteries will keep your car light and offer it all the power it can handle, whatever your racing strategy. Drifters Drifters resemble street cars, but they are more difficult to manage because their smooth wheels slide through turns as opposed to gripping the road as street cars do. These cars take longer to master, but they are exciting to drive when your hard work pays off. It takes a high level of talent to drift through turns while maintaining adequate control to avoid other racers, but races with drifters are especially fun. Whether it is your first time behind the controls or you are a pro, LiPO batteries give you the best chance at control. Drifters handle a lot better with light batteries because they are designed to be precisely balanced, and it does not take much change of weight before you will find that your drifter wants to roll.

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Enhance Your Racer With LiPO RC Batteries Upgrade Your Car LiPO RC batteries help you drive whichever race car you possess. LiPO batteries are a fast and affordable upgrade to your car, if you are a serious racer or you just enjoy friendly competition with your friends. It is no wonder that racers everywhere use these batteries for trucks, street cars, and drifters. Skill, the correct batteries and the right car are the three things that serious RC car races understand will win a race...

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Enhance Your Racer With LiPO RC Batteries