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WELCOME TO HQMOULD COMPANY H.Q. Mould is a professional plastic mould manufacturer and famous plastic mould company in Zhejiang specialized in making plastic injection mold. But we want to be better and to be one of the top China mould companies and even to be the famous plastic mould company in the world to offer the best service to our customers.

Increasing Use of Combination Material in Vehicles to Make Them Better

Automobile industry and its complexities The automobile industry is changing and so are their needs and specifications. Both from the side of the companies and the buyers, there is a vast change in the last few years. The changing styles of the cars and the increasing luxuries in our lives, all are contributing to this change. The new processes and technology is ruling over the car industry these days. Every company wants to make use of cost effective strategies to bring down their expenditure and increase the profit margin. The basic and major change which has touched this industry is the use of synthetic material than metal. In the past, the vehicles were entirely made with metal, but, now the advancements in research and studies have made synthetic an important component of cars.

The need for new processes

A majority of the car manufacturing companies is using new machines and techniques to produce parts made from synthetic material to be used in making the finished product. Is plastic injection molding a cost effective technique? Many people are of the view that this system can be costly for them as they have to spend a lot of money on installation. But, have you thought of the costs saved by auto parts mould? This technique may seem costly at the initial stage, but, you will soon start reaping profits from it. This system can help you manufacture parts of every size and design. You can win over the market and make your monopoly with this system.


Zhejiang Huangyan H.Q. Plastic Mould Company (H.Q. Mould) was established in 1970 which is located in Huangyan mould town, Taizhou city. It is 135 kilometres from the company to Ningbo international port and 300 kilometers to Shanghai international airport. The company covers an area of 12000 square meters with 80 sets of high technology equipments to make plastic mould. We have more than 300 skilled employees including over 30 engineers in the R&D department. Our capacity is more than 80, 000,000RMB per annum.

H.Q. Mould is a professional China mould manufacturer. We are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of moulds like: PP pipe fitting mould, pallet mould, chair mould, auto parts mould, home appliance mould, crate mould, bottle crate mould, commodity mould etc. We use PRO/UG/CMT software and CAD/CAM/CAE software to design the plastic mould.

CRATE MOULD H.Q. mould offer you various of crate mould. High quality crate moulds must be from good crate mould maker. When we was established we have already make the crate mold no matter the technology and the various type crate mould 20 years experience.

Auto Parts Mould Auto mold is the most important part of the cover mold. Such molds are mainly Die. "Auto mold" in the broad sense is the general term for all parts of the mold manufacturing cars. For example, stamping dies, injection molds, forging dies, casting wax, glass molds. Of course, not only have a car on the car body stamping. 

Inspection Chamber Plastic mold inspection wells can produce a variety of high-strength cement wells with drill roddimensional, bright natural product, color and diverse, widely used in roads, residential, squares and cable television, telecommunications, gas, water and so on.

HQMOULD Company No.818 er huan west road Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China Tel: +86 576 84222089    +86 576 84111683 Fax: +86 576 84115930 E-mail: Skype : hqmould MSN : Web:

HQ Mould- China mould manufacturer Company  

H.Q. Mould is a professional plastic mould manufacturer and famous plastic mould company in Zhejiang specialized in making plastic injection...

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