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1. Dick: In the first scene, he is at home, so I chose comfortable casual dress for him, including a short-sleeve tee with collar, khaki jeans and sandals. A tee with collar and khaki jeans at home suit a middle-aged man. For the other scenes, he wears his general army suit with a hat and badges. In the last scene, he takes his hat out. This suit is used for other generals, too.

2. John: Since he’s young, I chose a normal tee with sweatpants for his at-home dress. When he goes to Afghanistan in later scenes, he wears army uniform with a helmet, armed suit and boots. This costume is also used for other US soldiers. In the last scene at the hospital, he wears patient’s uniform – comfortable green shirt and pants.

3. Others: - Ticket lady wears her uniform, which includes suit and dress. - Terrorists wear masks, armed clothes and boots. Boots are often used in war, especially in desert areas. - Old man, head of terrorists, doesn’t have to wear a mask because he’s an infamous leader. He wears Middle Eastern traditional clothes.

Costumes explanation  
Costumes explanation  

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