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Hien Quang Le. Assignment 7, two pages of dialogue for three or more characters. A middle-aged couple and their middle-schooled son eat in the kitchen.

MAN (Asks while reading a newspaper) How is school going, son?

WOMAN (Asks while still looking at the frying pan on the stove)Hey, is it the only question you have?

BOY …(Continues to eat without looking at anyone.)

MAN (Turns to his wife) That’s my business; education is the most important issue. He’s not gonna be anything if he doesn’t concentrate on his study. (Looks at his son) Hey, you haven’t answered my question.

BOY It’s … [Still looks at his dish)

WOMAN He got a C for the midterm science exam. It’s enough, man.

MAN A C? Hell no, it’s not enough. You are his mother, yet you are satisfied with that result? (suddenly stands up with rage)


Hien Quang Le. Assignment 7, two pages of dialogue for three or more characters. Hell yeah I am. It’s me who told him not to study too much.

BOY (Stops eating)The teacher says it will be curved…so…

MAN Here is the thing, son! Your pride and my pride were seriously hurt no matter whether there is a curve or not. And you! (Points at his wife) I knew it from the first start that you would be a bad mother. How could you prevent him from studying?

WOMAN Hey old man, I’m helping him out! He’s only a kid. He’s shortsighted because of you. He’s skinny and short because of you. He doesn’t dare to talk to anyone freaking because of you!

MAN Now you dare to say it out loud. How dare you use that voice to your respected husband?

BOY Cut it! Please! (Runs to his room)

MAN & WOMAN You see? You… [Say at the same time]

WOMAN (Sighs and then turns to the man) You stay here. I will go talk to him. Stay! Please! (Leaves the man alone)

Assignment 7  
Assignment 7  

One 2-page script of only dialogue in which appear at least 3 characters.