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High Performance Rodeo Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts 2011 Report to the Community “Celebrating 25 years of groundbreaking theatre in 2011, the One Yellow Rabbit theatre company’s High Performance Rodeo isn’t just carrying the bulk of Calgary’s arts and culture scene on its accomplished shoulders [in January],


it’s putting our city on the map ” Kelly Doody, The Calgary Herald


DEFINED BY EXCELLENCE When you come to the Rodeo, you’re looking for the unexpected, for creative thrills and artistic chaos – words that can give an Executive Director nightmares as she tries to harness that wild energy into a festival that’s sustainable, responsible and financially viable. Fortunately, our talented Rodeo team brings the same level of creativity to our business practice as to our programming. We don’t try to control the Rodeo’s chaos; we channel it, so that your festival experience is defined by excellence. This Report to the Community provides a snapshot of the 25th annual High Performance Rodeo, a month-long roller coaster of theatre, dance, music and more. Thank you to everyone who helped make the festival possible – and just wait until you see what we’ve got cookin’ for 2012!

Erin O’Connor Executive Director, One Yellow Rabbit Producer, High Performance Rodeo


The High Performance Rodeo is a cutting-edge performing arts festival with a 25-year history of bringing unparalleled creative excellence to Calgary.

REBELLIOUS, AUDACIOUS AND FUN What is the DNA of the High Performance Rodeo? At first glance, the Rodeo can look like a mash-up of incongruent elements. How can a single festival encompass the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and a gay rap opera, a seminal classic of Canadian theatre and an electrifying outdoor concert? At 25 years, the High Performance Rodeo is Canada’s longest running international arts festival. Calgary has embraced our unique brand of urban adventure, because the Rodeo is cut from the same cloth as our city: rebellious, audacious and fun. And that’s what defines the Rodeo, year after year – art that pushes you past the edge of your seat, into new realms of possibility and imagination.

Michael Green Co-Artistic Director, One Yellow Rabbit Curator, High Performance Rodeo

The High Performance Rodeo is the premier destination in Calgary for cultural explorers in search of bold, progressive and wild experiences in the arts.


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astonishing arts festival

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Brian Eno Musician, composer, artist and one of the greatest thinkers of the modern age,


Brian Eno: An Illustrated Talk

Brian Eno was the Artist-in-Residence of the 25th High Performance Rodeo.

77 Million Paintings

Supported by Glenbow Museum, Cantos Music Foundation and Calgary Economic Development.


The High Performance Rodeo animates downtown Calgary with

free public art.

+15 Chinatown Art Parade Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Calgary’s Chinatown, this exuberant multicultural event paraded through downtown’s +15 system. Supported by The City of Calgary, Calgary Downtown Association and Calgary Chinese Community Services Association.


This mind-blowing mid-winter dance party brought 6,500 revelers to Olympic Plaza, where they danced in -20 degree weather to huge audio by incredible international DJs. Supported by The City of Calgary, Calgary Downtown Association and PK Sound.

Snowblower 10

From the sweeping majesty of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to the exquisite chaos of German absurdist theatre, the High Performance Rodeo brings the world’s best performances to Calgary.


Acres of Dreams

BASH’d: A Gay Rap Opera

Billy Bishop Goes to War


Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres Performs Tom Waits

One Yellow Rabbit’s newest creation,


“The Rodeo embodies art!

It magically enlivens the core of our city. It brings people together in unexpected ways to experience unexpected things. It walks an adventurous tightrope that is quintessentially Calgarian.� Brian Pincott, Calgary Ward 11 Councillor


This Is My City

invited Calgary’s homeless community to participate in the High Performance Rodeo as artists, speakers and audiences. With the support of First Calgary Financial and ConocoPhillips, this powerful program explored the intersection of poverty and creativity as a tool for social change.

The Rodeo Youth Arts Program,

made possible by the RBC Foundation, gave an unforgettable festival experience to a group of youth, with tickets to jaw-dropping performances and post-show encounters with the artists.


The Laycraft Lounge, hosted by Hotel

Arts, is the hub of the High Performance Rodeo where festival-goers congregate for tantalizing cocktails and to rub shoulders with festival artists.


Wine Stage

Sexy, stylish and sophisticated is Calgary’s premier wine and food event, where connoisseurs enjoy fine wines and succulent culinary creations in the elegant ballrooms of Hotel Arts.

The Festival Saloon

was the destination of choice for corporate parties, honoured guests and festival artists, hosted by Domicile Interiors, Enbridge and the Beatniq Jazz & Social Club.



Sources of Income

Fund Development


Marketing & Communications


Earned Revenue


35.3% Artistic Programming

16.8% Sponsorship & Donations

18.9% Production

Public Funding





Areas of Expenditure

Attendance Highlights

21,643 63,398

Household Income

23% $150,000+


$80,000 to $150,000


$35,000 to $50,000


$50,000 to $80,000

37% Female:


ticketed attendees




total attendees

18% Under $35,000



of patrons came from outside of Calgary.

94 of patrons were first-time attendees


of patrons were satisfied with the value of their tickets.


Calgary doesn’t sit still.


It’s a wild-child of a city, whose citizens demand

challenge, adventure and vigorous creativity. The High Performance Rodeo rides the breaking edge of Calgary’s zeitgeist, tapping in to the pulse of the city and acting as a catalyst for cultural innovation. The High Performance Rodeo is Calgary’s festival. It is the cultural lens through which this community of mavericks continues to dream.


“The Rodeo is vital to our sense

of building community in the city. Not only do we attract top artists from around the world, but we give our own citizens permission to love their city, to dream together, and to be inspired in their own lives by the very best in the world.�


Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary


Produced by One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre

High Performance Rodeo #21, 225 8th Ave SE Calgary, AB T2G 0K8 403.294.7411

2011 High Performance Rodeo - Annual Report  

The High Performance Rodeo is Calgary's International Festival of the Arts. This annual report shares the excitement of our 2011 festival!