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A Fun Day in May

Nana and Bobby (Grandpa Tom) went to visit Skyla

and Ivy. Bobby took Mommy out to buy baseboards at

Home Depot and Nana stayed home with Skyla and Ivy.

When Ivy woke up from her nap Nana changed

Ivy’s diaper and then they all went outside.

Nana put Ivy in the baby carrier and Skyla

rode her bike.

Skyla wore her helmet but Nana

put it on backwards! Oops! After bike riding Nana

and Skyla drew on the ground with chalk.

Then they went back into the house to get Emi to take

her for a walk. They didn’t get very far when Skyla

tripped over Nana’s feet and scraped both knees.

Nana carried Skyla back into the house and they all

had quiet time until Mommy and Bobby came home from

Home Depot. They brought lunch with them.

Skyla and Mommy shared a hamburger and Bobby and

and Nana had a smoked meat sandwich.

After lunch Skyla changed into her bathing suit and played in her pool in the backyard.

After that Skyla and Ivy got in the big red stroller and they went to the

grocery store to buy corn on the cob, lettuce, cucumber

and peppers for the salad and chicken to BBQ on the grill

while Bobby stayed home to put the baseboards in. When they all got home from the store

Skyla and Nana played with Play Doh, stickers and

painted. Skyla also helped Bobby with the baseboards. They

ate on the deck. It was a little cool so Mommy went in

to get Skyla a sweater. Dinner was delicious! Especially

Mommy’s homemade salad dressing. After dinner Ivy and

Skyla had a bath and then Nana helped Skyla put on her

pajamas. Then Nana read “I Already Knew I Loved You”

and then “Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes.” Nana

had not read either book. The “I Already Knew I Loved You”

book made Nana cry. Nana tried to hide it. The “Ten

Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes” book was easier for

Nana to read because it didn’t make her cry. Next

Nana and Skyla brushed their teeth. The next morning

Bobby made breakfast and Nana helped Skyla get dressed.

Skyla didn’t need any help putting on her underwear or

pants but needed a little help to put on her shirt.

Skyla enjoyed when Nana sang the “Hands-up, Baby

Hands-up, Give me Your Heart� song to get Skyla to put

her arms up to get into her shirt. After that Nana and

Bobby left to go back to Victoria where they live with their

dog Murphy.

A Fun Day in May  

Skyla and Ivy spending the day with Bobby and Nana

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