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Projects Projects for 2010-2011 Hannah

Project One The Crucible Facebook project: Facebook profiles were made for four of the character form this play. Based on the actions and dialect of the characters I was able to write statuses and communicate with the other characters.

Project Two Fahrenheit 451: For this project my group filmed a “trailer� for the movie. We also did a write up telling what actors would play which characters if the book was a movie.

Project Three Sandman Graphic Novel: For this project I created a blog and I did a thematic mixed tape. I choice five songs that described different aspects of the graphic novel, and described way they were relevant.

Project Four The Perks of Being a Wallflower: For this project my partner and I created four thirty second videos describing characters and plot of the novel.

Project Five Poetry Comparison: For this project I read two poems and created a PowerPoint comparing the themes, tones and meanings of the two poems.

Project Six Looking For Alaska: For this project I created four thirty second videos about the two main characters and the two sections of the of the book, before and after.


Lit Circle project and other projects