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Hannah Pinelo Block 3 April 20, 2011 Grade 10 Independence from Technology There is no denying that technology has help society. With new technology come new medical treatments and scientific discoveries that help us understand our world better. But how much is too much? With the internet who needs to leave the house anymore. New smart phone and tablets, touch screen lab tops, and cars that access Facebook, is all of this going too far? Why read a book or go for a walk when you can play X-Box or Play Station? With these new technological advancements life is being made easier and easier making us lazier and lazier. What about what this is doing to our world? We only have on earth and we are polluting it to make the latest toys. It time for us to stop our dependency to technology and doing things the easy way. The internet is a big part of everyday life, used by people everywhere. You need to know something just Google it, you want to know what a friend is going check Facebook. Sure it is handy and helpful but when kids are spending all day just sitting in front of a computer is it really a good thing? Children should spend their time playing, running around, reading painting and being kids not glued to the computer screen or the TV. Some studies have shown that children who spend too much time online have shown anti-social behavior. Some children would rather stay home and get lost in a virtual reality. It’s not only children who spend too much time on the computers. Adult aren’t immune to the allure of the fast and easy was the internet offers.

The internet is a very useful tool, but we need to limit the amount of time we allow ourselves and children to be on it. Microsoft, Sony, Apple Nintendo and Samsung are all major companies when it comes to video games, and phones, tablet and most other technological devices you can think of. New Xbox’s and Play Stations are coming out ever few years or so, and Apple has a new iPhone or iPod touch coming out all the time. These games systems and MP3 player are all fun but they are all at a great expense to our wallets and for what so we can spend more money when a “new improved” version comes out a few month later. People spend hundreds of dollars to have the newest and coolest technology when they should be spending it on other maybe more important things. Making these cool toys also has a negative effect on our environment. The factories that manufacture our phones and iPods emit a large amount of green house gases into our air which is destroying atmosphere and causing climate change. The Shenzhen plant emitted roughly 25 pounds of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. It's even possible that you were aware of the 9-10 pounds of CO2 emitted in transporting the device to you from China (Gardner, 1). Is losing money and our earth all worth having the coolest phone? Technology is fun and makes our life easier, but it is time to decide what and acceptable cost for that is. Are we willing to risk the health and wellbeing of our children? What about our home on earth and the money in our pockets? We can never rid our lives completely of these new technologies and who would want to, but need to find balance. Spend time with real friends instead of virtual ones, go for a walk to the park only spend an hour a day watching TV or on the computer. We need to reduce our time with technology and find other ways to spend our time.

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