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Archdale-Trinity News Retail Advertising Rates & Data Effective January 1, 2012

210 Church Avenue, PO Box 1010, High Point, NC 27261 • 336-888-3500 • Fax 336-888-3642 1. PERSONNEL Jodi V. Brookshire, Publisher John McClure, Advertising Director

2. REPRESENTATIVES Retail Advertising: Mary Bingle (336) 888-3625

3. TERMS AND CONDITIONS – All local rates are non-commissionable – Rates subject to change upon 30 days written notice. – The advertiser may not lend his/her contract rate to any other organization or individual. – Charges to an account are due and payable within 30 days of billing date.


ADVERTISING - is paid in advance of publication until the advertiser has established credit with the ArchdaleTrinity News. Unfulfilled contracts are subject to a short rate. Contracts are considered to be in force beyond term unless canceled by either party upon 30 days written notice. The current rate cards shall be considered an addendum to all current contracts. ERRORS - the publisher is not liable for slight typographical errors or other minor mistakes that do not lessen the value of the advertisement. The publisher’s liability for other errors is limited to the publication of the advertisement or the refund of money paid for the advertisement. Please check your advertisement on the first day of publication. The Archdale-Trinity News will not give credit after the first insertion. The Archdale-Trinity News will not be held libel for the omission of an advertisement. All make-good ads must run within 7 days of original insertion. All claims for adjustments must be made within 5 business days of insertion of advertisement. INDEMNIFICATION - the advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to defend and indemnify the publisher against any and all liability, loss or expense arising from claims of liable, unfair competition, unfair trade practices, infringement of trademarks, copyrights, trade names, propriety rights or violation of rights of privacy resulting from the publication of any advertisement. POLITICAL ADVERTISING - Political advertisements are subject to State Board of Elections regulations. All political advertising must be paid in advance. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS - advertising is payable in advance. CONTRACT RATES - are not interchangeable between retail, classified or national categories. TAX - Should any tax be levied on advertising charges,

the advertiser or agency assumes responsibility for payment thereof. BROKERED SPACE - The Archdale-Trinity News does not accept brokered space. DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS - must be at least one column wide by one inch deep. Advertisements exceeding 18 inches in depth will be charged for full depth of column (21”). Copy Regulations (a.) The Archdale-Trinity News reserves the right to revise or reject any advertisement. (b.) The Archdale-Trinity News is not responsible for orders, cancellations or other instructions given over the telephone without written confirmation. (c.) The Archdale-Trinity News reserves the right to identify “news-style advertisements” with the word “advertisement”. (d.) Position is not guaranteed but the Archdale-Trinity News will make an effort to accommodate the advertiser’s request. Should the advertiser require a guaranteed position, there will be a surcharge of 15% of the cost of the space.

5. RETAIL ADVERTISING RATES A. OPEN RATE $6.50 per column inch B. PICK-UP RATE $4.75 per column inch Retail advertising run in The High Point Enterprise or Thomasville Times may be run in the Archdale-Trinity News for the above pick-up rate. No copy changes allowed. C. CONTRACT DISCOUNTS 1. WEEKLY SPACE RATES Min. Inches 52 Week 13 Week Per Week Rate Rate 2” $4.38 $4.86 10” $4.00 $4.38 15” $3.65 $3.90 2. ANNUAL DOLLAR RATES annual 12 month volume contract $1,000 $5.34 $2,500 $5.07 $3,800 $4.60 $5,000 $4.27 3. SPECIAL CLASSIFICATIONS a. Church page (per week) $5.74 per block b. Service Directory $5.74 per column inch c. Legal Notices 1. Notice to Creditor $87 2. Legal Liner 73¢ per line/per day 3. All other legal notices $7.09 per column inch 4. PREPRINTS INSERTS

Price for single run full insertion. Insert contract rates available upon request. Single Sheet $40 CPM 2 Standard/4 Tabloid $56 CPM 4 Standard/8 Tabloid $73 CPM 6 Standard/12 Tabloid or larger $85 CPM Reservations and materials must be received at least 10 days prior to publication. Shipping Address for inserts: Durham Herald Sun 2828 Pickett Road, Durham, NC 27705 Drivers may call for directions: 1-800-672-0061 and ask for option #7

7. COLOR 1 color 2 colors 3 colors

$75 $150 $200

8. SPECIAL SERVICES A. Outproofs: Proofs for corrections of originally submitted copy available upon request. B. Tearsheets: Max.10 Tearsheets C. Art Services: Includes Special Layouts, All Newspaper Art Services. D. Co-Op: Complete Dept. Including Separate Co-op Bills & Tearsheets with Regular Statement if Notified When Scheduling Ad.

9. DISPLAY DEADLINES All advertising copy to be released to our representative in time to process for Composing Room by deadline. SPACE RESERVATIONS Friday 5:00 p.m. COPY DEADLINE Tuesday 12:00 Noon SPECIAL SECTIONS - At least seven working days in advance of printing date. Your cooperation in supplying us with copy, headings, illustrations, and prices as they are to appear in the newspaper will be appreciated. Your proof is for correction of originally submitted copy only.

10 Inches or 60 Picas Page Depth: 21 Inches Tabloid Page Size 10” x 10” Ads over 18” in depth will be charged full column depth of 21 inches. RETAIL - 6 column ad format 1 Col. 9p2 1.5278 Inches 2 Col. 19p4 3.222 Inches 3 Col. 29p6 4.9167 Inches 4 Col. 39p8 6.6111 Inches 5 Col. 49p10 8.3056 Inches 6 Col. 60p 10 Inches Double Truck 126p 21 Inches CLASSIFIED - 6 column ad format 1 Col. 9p2 1.5278 Inches 2 Col. 19p4 3.222 Inches 3 Col. 29p6 4.9167 Inches 4 Col. 39p8 6.6111 Inches 5 Col. 49p10 8.3056 Inches 6 Col. 60p 10 Inches Double Truck 126p 21 Inches


Adobe Acrobat PDF files are preferred. We recommend using compression software such as Stuff-lt or Zip-lt to reduce the size of your file. Place all ad elements in one folder, then compress the entire folder before sending. – E-mail is preferred delivery method. Please send to: – CDs are acceptable – TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PSD, and AI files are accepted. – All picture files should be at least 200 dpi (300 dpi for specialty magazines); Line art should be 600 dpi. – AP Adsend, AdTransit or FastChannel. – Acceptable software format for native files: Adobe InDesign CS1 or CS2. – We do not accept file from Pagemaker, Excel, Quark, Powerpoint or Publisher. – Color ads must be CMYK not RGB. For any questions regarding electronic delivery please call your representative.

10. CLASSIFIED RATES Call your representative at 336-888-3555.

11. NATIONAL ADVERTISING RATES Open Rate.......................................$8.05 in. Call for volume contract pricing. Standard agency discount of 15% applies.

12. CIRCULATION Statement of ownership management and circulation

13. MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS 85 LINE SCREEN Screen angles are Cyan-105, Magenta-75, Yellow-90, Black-45 Compensate for 30% dot gain on press Page Width:

The Archdale-Trinity News has served the northwest Randolph County communities of Archdale, Trinity, Sophia, Glenola, Hillsville

atn Rate card 2012  
atn Rate card 2012  

1. PERSONNEL 5. RETAIL ADVERTISING RATES 4. POLICY INFORMATION 210 Church Avenue, PO Box 1010, High Point, NC 27261 • 336-888-3500 • Fax 336...