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A Helping Hand By: Harrison Pelletz

The Animal Shelter

My photojournalism project is about my brother volunteering at the sterling animal shelter. The topic I chose fits the project because max is helping animals.

Saving An animal

This is my brother max who is a volunteer at the Sterling animal shelter. This fits the photojournalism project because it shows Max holding a guinea pig that he adopted from the animal shelter that had been there for a couple years.


This is my brother helping out by taking an older dog for a walk. The shelter rarely ever has older dogs mostly puppies.

Feeding the dogs


This my brother feeding one of the dogs princess who was abused then sent to the shelter. She may look big but she's only 6 months old.

Feeding the dogs


This is my brother feeding the older dog max who was not abused but abandoned and both the photos were the dogs are being fed is in a play area.


Max is now calming princes down because she shakes a lot so max comforts her to get her to stop shaking.


Max is now about to brush Max(dog) because his if he dosnt his fir will become mattet.

Saving An Animal


This is Max with his pet he rescued from the shelter his name is Phineas.

Cleaning The Guinea Pig

Max is now cleaning his guinea pig.


This is a photo of Max playing with Max to make Max(the dog) tired.

A helping hand  
A helping hand