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Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Cosmetic procedures are gaining momentum with people becoming more and more concerned about their looks. Surgical procedures are a viable option for many, though there are people who would rather prefer procedures that are non-invasive. Aesthetic procedures have statistically proven to be instrumental in improving self-esteem. They require an individual to have a healthy and positive outlook towards life while maintaining realistic expectations. These services are now more accessible to the general public and not restricted to celebrities; you must be well informed before undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery. Following are the cosmetic procedures:


Breast augmentation or reduction

Abdominoplasty/tummy tuck

Rhinoplasty/nose job

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Blepharoplasty/eyelid surgery

Genioplasty/chin surgery

The types of plastic surgeries mentioned above are invasive plastic surgery also labeled as ‘going under the knife’. You should be able to make an informed decision regarding such procedures. Surgical cosmetic procedures offer many benefits. They can produce outstanding results. Technology has evolved enough to make them as risk-free as possible. Certain procedures that took months for complete recovery are now offered as outpatient procedures. There are also a few therapeutic benefits to surgical cosmetic procedures; for instance, reconstructive rhinoplasty is recorded to have cured sleep apnea. Non-surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are often recommended by medical professionals. Even subtle changes to one’s appearance can ensure improved self-esteem.                                   1­713­791­0700

Following are the common non-surgical cosmetic procedures: • Laser hair removal • Facial fillers • Chemical peel • Botox The above mentioned non-surgical cosmetic procedures involve considerably less risk, and they are relatively cheaper. Almost all nonsurgical cosmetic treatments are outpatient procedures, although they may or may not produce results as impressive as the surgical procedures. For instance, Botox injections are not engineered to paralyze muscles forever. Their effect will last four to six months. You may choose to get it redone after the effects wear off. However, sometimes you may end up spending more for repeat procedures than what a single surgical procedure may cost. A single body contouring treatment like a tummy tuck can last for years without having to worry about a follow-up.                                   1­713­791­0700

The decision to go for either surgical or nonsurgical cosmetic procedures is a personal one. You must, however, know your options well before opting for any plastic surgery or other aesthetic enhancement. Objective comparison between surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures is tedious as both have their own pros and cons. Patients are advised on procedures based on their respective circumstances.

Surgical vs non surgical cosmetic procedures  

Cosmetic procedures have statistically proven to be instrumental in improving self-esteem. However, you must be well-informed before undergo...