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Volume 1, Issue 6

Spring, 2018

The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce

BUSINESS VIEW Your Chamber of Commerce Newsletter President Andy Molina Southeast Churches Services Center

Sr. Vice President Jose Zepeda, Jr. El Aviso Magazine

1st Vice President Martin Nava Oldtimers Housing Development

2nd Vice President Sonia Luz Casa Luz Restaurant

3rd Vice President Gilda Acosta * St. Francis Medical Clinics

Treasurer Don Brabant *

Brabant Realty & Management

Executive Director/CEO Leticia Martinez Greater Huntington Park Area CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

New Chamber Newspaper Direct to HP Residents For many decades the Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce has kept the community informed about new businesses, exciting personalities, local events important to the City, Residents, Shoppers, Workers and Visitors within the Southeast Los Angeles area. The Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of connecting the businesses with its residents and encouraging the “Shop Local” model to support our local economy. It is therefore the Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce and produce an official city-wide business newspaper – “The Magnate”. The newspaper will not only promote our businesses and their services, but it will help contribute to the business growth with the local support of our distribution list. The Chamber of Commerce will also be publicizing the issues on the organization’s website and social media. Said advertisements will assist the organization to publicize the programs, events and activities in the community, and continue the monitoring of laws and/or ordinances that affect small businesses. Advertisements are currently being sold. We encourage businesses to be a part of this new benefit. Please call the Chamber office at (323) 585-1155 or Email us at

DIRECTORS Theresa Bagues * Guerra, Cunningham & Bagues FDR’s

Denise Campos So. California Gas Company

Alfredo Fuentes Wells Fargo Bank

Adrian Garcia So. California Edison

Salvador Garcia Shakey’s Pizza

Ramon Gonzalez Norm’s Restaurants

Lewis Kim Spectrum Business

Leonardo Lopez Leonardo’s Restaurant

Joe Martinez Hub Cities Consortium

Victor Peraza Edge Hardware

Patricia Rives Community Hospital

* Past President

Increase to Public Health Fees A recommendation by the Department of Public Health to increase most public health permit/license and service fees by approximately 15 percent effective FY 2018-19 went before the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors on April 24, 2018. The Board continued the agenda item until June 26, 2018. This is a Board public hearing date that is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, California 90012. With the continuation of this Board item, the Depart-

ment is taking the opportunity to provide additional outreach to public health permit/license holders and stakeholders to discuss and answer questions regarding the proposed public health fee increase. Over the next few weeks, the Department will schedule meetings and post dates, times and locations of the meetings on their web page. As part of its outreach effort, you may also call 626-4305457, and email, where permit/license holders and stakeholders can ask questions or provide their comments.

Chamber President Message by Andy Molina on Page 2. “Meet Me in Huntington Park” Importance on Video Marketing on Page 2. Chamber Benefits Top Reasons to Join on Page 3.


Chamber President’s Message I am honored to serve as your 2018 President of The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. It is indeed a privilege and an honor to serve in this capacity. As a former Mayor of the City, and Chair of various governmental agencies, I pledge to each of you Andy Molina that I will bring the best of my abilities to this position at this critical time. By in constant communication with our CEO Leticia Martinez, the Chamber has three key duties: First, to lead the 18-member Board of Directors in engaging our mission and governance. Second, provide guidance, support and encouragement to our professional staff to better serve you – our members. Third, continue to actively seek dialogue with you on the ideals, promoting your business with our newly

designed Chamber Newspaper “The Magnate,” and other events, activities and programs for your benefit. Our Chamber brings the most fundamental value to our Huntington Park business community. Now in its 112th year, our Chamber is the premier, leading valued organization to help build your business and to help build our community. Our Huntington Park community is a welcoming, loving community, alive with commerce. But it is not perfect. Our Chamber brings a legacy of building a better, more embracing, uplifting community with a thriving economy with opportunity for all our neighbors today and for future generations. It is our work. We are absolutely committed to our work. Now more than ever, we need to strengthen our foundations, such as our Chamber, to help create a more positive business environment for us. Together, with your continued commitment to our Chamber, we can build a better today and tomorrow here in our community. Andy Molina, President

Chamber Video Segments to Help Businesses Market and Sales It is no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise. In previous decades of the 70’s and 80’s, the Huntington Park businesses were advertising in television stations. With their customized commercial production, businesses such as furniture stores, car dealerships, medical clinics and others were featured in various paid network channels. With the modern day technology and free social media outlets, the Chamber of Commerce is in the works of producing a video segment show “Meet Me In Huntington Park” featuring our local Chamber Members. The video segments will showcase the owner or business representative encouraging the viewers to visit their store, and learn about the various services. The Chamber of Commerce wants to make our businesses into “Video Stars” and incorporate them in public outlets such as the City and County Access Channel. Discussions have been made with City and County representatives on the feasibility of featuring our local businesses. Chamber Members will have the first priority on being featured in this worthy opportunity. For further details, please feel free to contact our office at (323) 585-1155 or visit our website and download your application .

GOLD Chamber Members of Over 30 Years THANK YOU to our Dedicated Chamber Members. We are grateful to you!

Brabant Realty & Management 7300 State Street Huntington Park, CA 90255 (323) 587-5156

H.P. Office Supplies 6225 Santa Fe Avenue Huntington Park, CA 90255 (323) 585-1194

S & R Metals Inc. 2070 Randolph St., Huntington Park, CA 90255 (323) 583-8904

Diana’s Mexican Food Restaurants 6035 Pacific Blvd. Huntington Park, CA 90255 (323) 582-9222

Huntington Park Self Storage 5961 Santa Fe Avenue Huntington Park, CA 90255 (323) 580-6471

Watson & Associates Property Owners Huntington Park, CA 90255 (562) 430-0503

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Volume 1, Issue 6

Why Join Your Local Chamber When asked “Are You A Member of the Chamber?” several businesses may answer they are unaware about the benefits of joining a Chamber of Commerce. Others may respond with their busy schedule, they do not have the time to participate or attend any of the Chamber’s activities. With joining the Chamber of Commerce members are informed of the latest trends within the community and local marketplace. It is best to consider the principal action of the Chamber of Commerce is to serve its members. Businesses that belong to the organization are in essence the life-blood that sustains the organization. In addition, its members serve as a support group in helping others become successful. When a business recently opens in the community, the first branch they reach out to is the Chamber of Commerce for visibility and free publicity amongst its members, plus other avenues the organization utilizes to promote a business’ presence. In a nationwide study conducted by The Shapiro Group and Market Street Services found that when consumers know that a small business is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, they are 44% likely to think more favorably of the business and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future. For every business’ consideration, the following are top ten reasons Why You Should Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce:  Membership Brings Credibility to Your Business  Increase your Visibility in the Community  Create Networking Opportunities  Gain A Voice In Government  Make Business Contacts  Receive Chamber Up to Date Information  Acquire Customer Referrals  Chamber Events and Programs  Promotion and Publicity  Access to Members-only Discounts and Services Call Your Chamber of Commerce for your application today at (323) 585-1155.

Community Organization Spotlight This month’s Community Organization Spotlight is our local Huntington Park Kiwanis Club. The Kiwanis Club has been in existence for nearly 100 years in our city, and has dedicated much of their funds to sponsoring the local High School Key Clubs—Huntington Park, South Gate and Linda Marquez. Every year a special raffle is held in mid-June to help fundraise for the scholarships. Tickets are available at the Chamber office for $100 each. Supporters have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cash.

N LOOK FOR OUR UPCOMING BUSINESS ACTIVITIES As a pro-active organization, the Chamber works on creating activities and programs in the sole interest to encourage business participation, and promote their active interest in the community. We encourage you to participate in the following activities that will have media and much advertisement benefits: “Taste of Huntington Park” Restaurant Week August 13-17, 2018 Restaurants can offer special menus, receive a free window decal, plan special activities, and be Promoted. “Senior Citizens Day” August 17, 18 & 19, 2018 Businesses can offer a 15% discount on those days, Receive a free window decal supporting senior citizens and be promoted. Free reusable shopping bags to be delivered to all senior housing complexes in our community.

“Community Prayer Breakfast” Date: TBD A Morning to gather everyone in the community to break bread with elected officials, interfaith organizations, non-profit organizations, businesses, volunteers and community activists. Call Your Chamber of Commerce and make your business count as one of our active members in the community. “Your Business Makes Our Community a Success.”

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The Greater Huntington Park Area

Chamber of Commerce

Your Business Makes Our Community A Success!

Business Spotlight This month’s Business Spotlight is our Proud Chamber Member—Casa Luz Restaurant. The family owned restaurant has been in the community for nearly 40 years. Stop by and visit them.

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Metro West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor Project to run through Huntington Park

Metro’s Open Streets Event—Vernon and Huntington Park

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Business View Newsletter spring 2018  
Business View Newsletter spring 2018