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Creating Your Own Campaigns WHAT IS A CAMPAIGN? • A campaign has a beginning, a middle, and an end and usually goes on for a period of time. Events and projects are part of a campaign.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT TO DO? • Ask your members what issues or charities they're interested in. • Keep the information in a database. Then follow those charities on Twitter and get on their mailing lists to keep up with what they're doing. When you find something that might be good for your chapter, share it. • Decide on something that you like to do, and then invite your members to join you.  • See what's going on in your area that you can get involved in.

Letter from the Director Hey Chapters Organizers & Members! Wow! So much to talk about this newsletter and so little space! There are some extremely exciting things going on with the HPA and chapters with the reboot of Not in Harry’s Name (NiHN) and along with the beginning of the New Year and the HPAImagine Better Chapters Initiative. To say that this has been a busy month for chapters would be an understatement – but I am more than excited to hit the ground running. It’s what we all do best, work under pressure and amazing results come of it. I see that in all of your local campaigns and work in your chapters and reflected in the staff and larger campaigns. We truly are the coolest part of the HPA (like it was a secret)! :) In regards to NiHN, I just wanted to let you all know how much I am looking forward to see all of the signature collections, bake sales, and other events you come up with in order to promote awareness of Child Slavery in cocoa

HOW DO YOU PLAN YOUR CAMPAIGN? • Brainstorm ideas with your members. • Keep a list of what you can do now and what will take more planning. • Keep a list of everything you need to do for your campaign. Make sure you can handle it yourself or you have sufficient helpers.  • Keep a schedule to keep your campaign on track in the time frame you want.  • If you're delegating, keep in contact with your helpers. Make sure they're on track.  • If you're using venues or working with other organizations, keep in contact with them.

production. We want to see everything you do in pictures and in video. Additionally, we want you to take a picture of your chapter or you could have a photo booth at your event with a poster with written on it and send it to us! A HUGE part of this campaign is going to be about getting the issue out to the press and to everyone. Warner Brothers can only hide and ignore us for so long and we will get to see that report. We are the Hermiones on the ground with our S.P.E.W. buttons fighting for the equal rights and fair treatment for everyone. Share all the videos you see, sign the petition, and get others to sign it to. Remember what you are fighting for. The heart of this campaign in trying to change an entire industry that relies on slavery – and that sometimes can seem large and unwielding. But we can and will make a difference. Because the weapon we have is love. Have a great February everyone! Becca Simpson HPA Chapters Director

HOW DO YOU GET THE OTHERS INVOLVED? • Get press coverage to bring attention to your group. • Pair up with local community group or school clubs.

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Imagine Better  
Imagine Better  

This years first newsletter addresses one of the largest projects that the chapters deparment has started.