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Imagine Better: A Collaborative Process Last Marc h, The Harr y Potter Alliance ventured into new territory when it launched its first Imagine Better campaign -- Hunger is Not a Game. This was the first time HPA did a campaign surrounding a fandom other than Harry Potter. The Chapters Department decided this was somet hing we wanted to continue and created The Imagine Better Chapters Initiative. This program allows our chapters to create their own unique identities by creating campaigns around the fandoms they are most interested in. First, the Imagine Better Team needed to isolate which fandoms our chapters were the most interested in. We did this with two surveys. The first included the fandoms we thought people were interested in and the second included additional fandoms that multiple people wrote in on the first survey. In the end we came up with the following thirteen fandoms: • The Hunger Games • Doctor Who • The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings • The Chronicles of Narnia • Star Wars • A Song of Ice and Fire • Game of Thrones • Once Upon a Time • Percy Jackson and the Olympians • Sherlock • The Avengers • Glee • The Dark Knight Trilogy

Once the Imagine Better Team had isolated the fandoms, the next step

would consult the PDF for the campaign. These PDFs are available

was to figure out how they related to existing HPA campaigns. We created

on the Chapters Resources site.

a spreadsheet to map this out;

Additionally, we started on a series

however, the Imagine Better Team found there were some areas where

of multi-week discussions for our thirteen series. These curriculums are

our fandom knowledge was a bit lacking. Since our team cannot know

based off of the “Harry Potter as a Tool for Social Change” one that the

every fandom well, we put out a call

Pasadena chapter created with a

for fandom consultants to help us. Fandom consultants are Chapter

new curriculum being released every month. The first one we worked on

Organizers who are experts on a particular fandom. The fandom

was for The Hunger Games. Imagine Better team members met with

consultants helped us to fill out the

fandom consultants to brainstorm

spreadsheet, and the first version launched on December 11, 2012.

discussion topics. Once the topics were chosen, each member of the

The next step was to figure out what

team was assigned one on which to write discussion questions. The

a chapter could actually do with this

Hunger Games curriculum will also

information. To answer this question, members of the Imagine Better Team

be available at the link above.

worked one-on-one with a fandom consultant. Through Skype meetings

Looking to the future, the Imagine Better team is planning to release

and e-mail, they discussed how to

resources for an authors/classics

transform these ideas into an actual event or project and came up with

series which would focus on a particular author or body of work.

even more ideas along the way. These ideas became a series of PDFs

More information to come.

called Event/Project/Campaign Suggestions. These PDFs will be available for each series and for each HPA campaign. So if a chapter wanted to do a campaign on a particular series, the CO would go to the PDF for that series. Alternatively, if a chapter knew it wanted to do a particular campaign with one or more series, that chapter

Imagine Better  
Imagine Better  

This years first newsletter addresses one of the largest projects that the chapters deparment has started.