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The Chapters Chronicles February 2012 ● Issue 1



1. What is the HPA? 2. How do I talk about the HPA? 3. Who is on chapters staff? 4. What is expected of a chapter? 5. What do chapter events look like? 6. What do I do if my chapter is falling apart? 7. What is the Galleon Day? 8. What should I cover in meetings? UPCOMING EVENTS

9. What is the best resource I have?

10. What do I do when my chapter’s information changes?

LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR HELLO CHAPTER ORGANIZERS! You may recognize my tone, if not my name, but I’m Sara Danver, your illustrious leader (a.k.a Chapters Director). I’ve gotten to talk to many of you about exciting things going on in your chapter, as well as issues you’ve been having. But I haven’t gotten to talk to nearly as many of you as I would like. I hope that you all know that you can email me any time at I would love to hear from you! This newsletter represents some exciting things that we’ve got coming up for you from the chapters staff. We want to make sure that you are getting as much information as you need to run your chapter as awesomely as possible. Knowing our CO’s as I do that’s pretty awesome. We’ve got lots of exciting things coming up including the HPA’s Imagine Better Project, our Hunger Games campaign, and chapters fundraising. So, key take-aways: 1. Look for lots of exciting things coming up. Mostly announced via blog and the Galleon Day 2. Email for whatever you want! Success! Questions! Concerns! I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Sincerely, Sara Danver Fearless Chapters Leader and E-mailer extraordinaire!


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 Be clear and concise  Know your audience o Are you talking to an organization or your friend?  Stick to the facts  Bring up past successful campaigns  Introduce themes from Harry Potter that they'll be able to relate to the campaigns  Find your focus o Why are you telling this person or group about the HPA to begin with?  Mention all the press the HPA has received  Perhaps talk about our partnerships and individuals we’ve worked with

 A nonprofit organization  Uses parallels from the Harry Potter for civic engagement.  Uses the positive themes and morals from Harry Potter to fight the Dark Arts in the real world.  Some world issues that are very important to us are literacy, equality, and human rights.  Past campaigns: Magical Acts of Kindness, What Would Dumbledore Do, Wrock 4 Equality, Helping Haiti Heal, Accio Books, and the Deathly Hallows Campaign. To learn more about HPA campaigns, check out this link  Current campaign: Not in Harry’s Name (NIHN) in which we are trying to get WB to switch to Fair Trade chocolate in all of their Harry Potter inspired candy  Raised over $123,000 for Partners in Health for earthquake relief in Haiti, built the Imagine Better Library for a charter school in New York City, and collected over 16,000 signatures on our Not in Harry’s Name petition. See our other accomplishments  Recognized by NPR, NYT, Christian Science Monitor, TIME, and more.  For more on why the philosophy behind the HPA works, check out the Digital Media page of PBS (and see Dr. Henry Jenkins extended interview).

For more, detailed, information on how to talk about the HPA and about your chapter, please check out the notes from yesterday’s livestream here: ogs/did-you-miss-the-livestream-notes



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WHAT IS A CHAPTER? So, what is expected of a chapter?

[If the HPA is a tree, then a chapter is its branches (as so eloquoently quoted by Shrima during a livestream). while participating in hpa’s international campaigns, chapters also get involved within their communities, continually exhibiting the hpa’s core message and values. ]  What do chapter events look like?

Chapter events can be anything you want them to be. It could be something small like getting chapter members together to work on a crafts project for a particular charity, or something large like a book drive or wrock show. Events can also cater to your chapter’s interests. If your chapter likes animals, maybe have a fundraiser for a charity that helps animals. Events do not always have to be related to HPA campaigns, but if there is a campaign you should try to tie it into your event.

Chapters are expected to engage their community in service and education. By using parallels from the Harry Potter series and other works of fiction, chapters should use innovative techniques to inform, help, and grow (much as the HPA does but on a smaller scale). In detail, the text below better exemplifies the three things a chapter should do. It is taken from the Ning so, for the full text, please refer to the Room of Requirement. DIRECT IMPACT: creates some sort of measurable effect on people in need and issues of social justice People falsely assume that this is the core of a chapter. Again, these are important but not necessary when first developing a strong chapter. INNOVATION: uses a contemporary approach to activism by utilizing social media, pop culture, and the arts This is what separates the HPA from your average non-profit. HPA chapters are special because they connect Harry Potter (and other series) to the real world. Take advantage of what we have in this world and use it your benefit. COMMUNITY: builds an educational, inspirational, fun, and empowering community for our members This is the key element of a chapter. Remind yourself of why you started a chapter. It wasn't just to bring the values of the HPA to your community or school, but to connect with others who are like you. Community includes spreading the word, making your voice heard, and finding like minded people who respect your interests. Community based events do not necessarily have to have a service component and may be held simply to have fun and to draw in new members who believe what you do is awesome.

Having a strong community through the use of innovative techniques will result in a greater direct impact.

S.O.S What is the Galleon Day? The Galleon Day is the weekly, mandatory check-in for Chapter Organizers and it is usually on Mondays. Every Monday, there will be a new Galleon Day update on the Room of Requirement and it will allow us to make sure everyone is in the loop. The Galleon Day contains updates on what is going on at the HPA, some useful links, as well as a question for you to answer. We try to make the question as beneficial to both us and you as much as possible. Reading through other responses have proven useful so don’t hesitate to scroll through past Galleon Days.

What should I cover in meetings? When it comes to meetings, you want to create an agenda to keep track of what you want to discuss. If you have a lot of new people, you might want to start with introductions or an ice breaker. Then talk about whatever is currently going on with your chapter. This could include giving your chapter information on HPA’s latest campaign, or talking about something in your community that you would like to get involved in. You also want to give your members a chance to share their ideas. Sharing ideas is a good way to get members to be invested in the chapter and makes them feel more involved. Then if you know about HPA campaigns that are coming up, you can give your members a preview. Always leave time at the end for questions.

What do I do if my chapter information changes? You should email the changes to ASAP. Even if you indicated the change on the Monthly Report, you must email us.

What is my best resource? Each other! (We obviously cannot stress this enough). Whether it is talking to them on the Ning, sitting in on a meeting, messaging them as a pen pal, hitting them up on Skype or Facebook or Twitter or ANYTHING, communicating with another CO is the best way to develop your chapter. See the Ning blog on “Communicating with other CO’s for more information.

What do I do if my chapter is falling apart? First consider why this is happening. Is it a lack of member participation or a lack of members? Is it because you don’t know what to do anymore? Or is it simply a lack of time? Whatever the case, if it is not something you feel like you can solve on your own or with the help of your members, the chapters staff is open for consultation. Consider emailing your prefect or simply contact After all, help will always be given to those who seek it.

10 Things Every CO Should Know  

The February 2012 newsletters for Chapter Organizers and members of The Harry Potter Alliance

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