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HPA Advisory Brochure 2013



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• We have an outstanding success rate – over 90% of our engagements end in a successful appointment.

Executive and NonExecutive Search

• We only ever work concurrently with two major clients in each sector to ensure there can be no perception of conflicts of interest, • We work at pace and work around our clients requirements – we do not have a ‘one size fits all’ attitude to our work,

Psychometric Testing and Assessment

• We are passionate about search and apply the following principles and practices to all of our work: • A structured and totally transparent process,


Board level advisory and consultancy services

• Maintenance of momentum from start to finish, • Open and honest feedback at every stage – with both clients and candidates • A relentless focus on delivery, • Or consultants are accessible – even at short notice, and; • We go beyond the successful appointment and on- boarding, with regular follow up meetings to ensure placed candidates succeed.

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HPA Advisory Brochure 2013

OUR SERVICES EXECUTIVE AND NON-EXECUTIVE SEARCH Our Search practice, which includes both Executive and Non-Executive search, is headed by Michael Ferndale. We have extensive reach across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors that allows us to draw on wide-ranging contacts and take advantage of potential synergies. On the face of it, the search process is simple .The fundamental process differs little from firm to firm. Where we are different is in our understanding of the subtle dynamics of the process. Factors such as personal chemistry, culture and deep due diligence are what set us apart from the competition. We are not transactional! We have significant experience of working across a wide range of sectors and have hired into many different leadership roles in a wide range of markets, including: •

Business services and outsourcing

Consumer and retail

• Education

Energy & natural resources

Government and public services

• Healthcare

Industry & manufacturing

• Leisure

Media & Entertainment

• Not-for-profit

Professional services

• Technology

Transport & Logistics

Financial services

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HPA Advisory Brochure 2013

OUR SERVICES NON-EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENTS The demands placed on the modern Non-Executive Director have become increasingly onerous. Breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, background, gender and age all play an important part in high performing boards. We are critically aware that there is no single formula - each board has its own unique dynamic. We are sensitive to issues such as chemistry and culture when introducing potential Non-Executives. Some of the qualities we look for in non-executives are: • A leader in their own right who is collaborative and can challenge in a constructive manner, • Highly developed listening skills and proven strong strategic abilities, • The ability to engender a sense of shared purpose in others, • Articulate and persuasive individuals who can construct succinct, intelligent and compelling views, • Quickly able to identify the critical issues and ask the right questions at the right time, • Open, with high ethical standards. We work with clients to help strengthen boards across all sectors and have successfully placed onto publicly quoted companies, pre-IPO Boards, Advisory Boards, Charities and such newly formed organisations as arms length government bodies.

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HPA Advisory Brochure 2013

OUR SERVICES BOARD CONSULTING We advise Boards on the following: • Succession planning, • Building a Board from scratch, • Internationalizing an existing Board, • Up-skilling SME Boards as they work through growing pains,

PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING & ASSESSMENT Using only British Psychological Society (BPS) qualified and registered personnel, we offer a full range of psychometric testing and assessment services including: • Assessment Centres • Objective Testing • Team Dynamics

• Appraising Board performance,

• Development Centres

• Reviewing the work of Board committees,

• Personality Assessment

• Advising on the appointment of Non-Executive Directors for the first time in private or family owned companies,

We have access to a wide range of tests and measures, all of which have been subject to BPS peer review. This means that we can select tests and measures that are fully appropriate to both client needs and the respondent population.

• Building an appropriate Advisory Board, and; • Executive and Non-Executive compensation.

Our consultants provide comprehensive feedback (verbal and written) to both clients and respondents.

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Hpa Advisory information brochure  
Hpa Advisory information brochure